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Should Prospects Decide Whether or Not they are Going to Talk to You?


I posted a question on LinkedIn’s Sales and Marketing VP’s Group and the results have been fascinating. First, here is the question as posted: “What is the minimum acceptable close rate for leads provided to sales in a complex selling situation (long sales cycle and multiple decision-makers)?” ” One thing I like about LinkedIn is that […].

10 Things Salespeople Need to Do to Save Time

The Sales Hunter

The most valuable asset any salesperson has is their time. It’s not what they sell or the customers they sell to; it’s their time. How How we use our time is what will make a much bigger impact on our success than nearly anything else. Below are 10 things you must be doing to help save your […]. Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills sales leadership time management

Sustainable Sales Success - Tip 06 - Cold Calling Etiquette

Increase Sales

With caller ID, many SMB people are reluctant to answer their phones. For me, if I want sustainable sales success, I answer all calls. What I have noticed is many who engage in cold calling have failed this important aspect – etiquette. Cold calling interrupts the sales leads from doing what they are doing.  In this instance, it was the later. Autonomy is the most important element.

Hiring the Wrong VPs of Sales, Over and Over

Dave Stein's Blog

I’ve written a lot recently about salespeople. Key in “hiring” into the search box on my blog or look at my recent posts on LinkedIn.) Sales managers and VPs, and the people that hire them, are the subject of this discussion. Just a note. love salespeople, sales managers, and their bosses, the VPs of sales. It’s a tough job. Hiring

Understand the Hidden Costs of Salesforce Before It's Too Late

Don't get stuck in a dysfunctional CRM relationship

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Transitioning to sales manager – a rubicon moment

Sales Training Connection

New sales managers. Congratulations! You’ve done it! You have crossed over! You are now a sales manager.  So, what do you do now?  Even after some initial guidance from colleagues, most new sales managers find themselves struggling to figure out how to balance the requirements of the position. Let’s take a look at four overarching principles that can help get things going in the right direction. 1.

You Are a “Generalist” – Unless of Course You Are a “Specialist?”

Jonathan Farrington

I have been thinking a lot about this recently – the differences between so called “specialists” and the alternative, which must logically be “generalists” It is easy to imagine what a specialist is; someone who is perceived to be if not an expert, then certainly someone who is focused; has chosen to focus on one […]. General Sales

What Sales Managers Do That Make Them So Ineffective

Understanding the Sales Force

Earlier this week I wrote an article on why so many sales managers are so bad. In today's article, I'll share what makes them so ineffective. The easiest way to explain this is to start with a baseball analogy. Our son, who is now 14, is a very talented baseball player. Some were very good, and some were very bad. Here is an example of a bad coach from when our son was 12 years old.

Why Use Sales Training to Take Your Business to the Next Level?


The sales industry in the United Kingdom is huge, with Crown Statistics showing that one in every six workers in the country is employed either directly or indirectly in sales. Meanwhile, according to an Aaron Wallis Recruitment and Training survey, 55 percent of businesses believe sales is their most important department. What these two pieces […]. appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog.

The Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract

Find and engage customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

Website Security – Have You Been Hacked or Blacklisted?

Fill the Funnel

Every website is at risk of attack. The bigger it gets, the more likely it will be a target. Website security is a major concern and should not be ignored.Clearly no one is completely protected, just ask the Democratic National Committee. Now, here’s a useful little free tool that everyone with a website should run monthly: Been hacked. 2. All Rights Reserved.

The Impact of Brand Positioning on Revenue Growth

Sales Benchmark Index

Marketing Strategy Podcast

Wow I Never Thought of Those Sales Questions

Increase Sales

One of the results of this blog and my LinkedIn Pulse postings is the request to do podcasts from other sales experts to entrepreneurs.  These interactions usually are around specific sales questions that the listeners may find of interest. Credit Through observation, I then find a question that is pertinent and yet uncommon. You meet someone who recognizes your name.

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Do Women in Sales Lack Confidence?

No More Cold Calling

The greatest challenge for many women leaders isn’t gender discrimination; it’s self-doubt. Women in sales don’t have to think or act like men to become rainmakers; we have the natural-born skills and grit it takes to be top-tier sellers. We know how to build relationships. We are hardwired to be nurturers, connectors, and collaborators. Yet, many saleswomen fail to climb the career ladder.

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Winning Consensus-Based Sales

Learn how progressive companies refine their commercial strategy to overcome buyer dysfunction and guide customers to consensus.

Toward Greater Decentralization: Results from the 2015 American Time Use Survey

The Productivity Pro

“ 38 percent of workers in management, business, and financial operations occupations, and 35 percent of those employed in professional and related occupations, did some or all of their work from home on days they worked. “—2015 American Time Use Survey, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2015, the U.S. hours on average. This percentage has risen steadily from 19% in 2003. hours.

Introducing Accounts Hierarchy, Part 2 : Accounts Relations


This is the second part in our series about how to use Accounts Hierarchy within Pipeliner CRM. With the release of Pipeliner CRM Collection we introduced the ability to associate two and more accounts to each other. In our last blog post we learned how to build the accounts hierarchy within Pipeliner CRM’s Org Chart. In this blog post we focus on […]. Tips and Tricks pipeliner crm

The 5 Why Questions Sales Prospects Ask

Anthony Cole Training

answering prospect questions sales prospects the why sales questions

The Impact of Conflict Avoidance on Sales Teams

Increase Sales

In reading some research by VitalSmarts, the impact of conflict avoidance suggested employees (and sales teams are made up of employees) waste an average of $1,500 and an eight hour workday for every crucial conversation they avoid. Can you hear the cash register just ringing away? Credit Instead they engage in complaining, anger, avoidance to passive, aggressive behaviors. 

Sales 33

Successful Selling

Matt Heinz explains how to attract, manage, close and keep more business in a buyer-centric world.

Angela Duckworth Author of the Best Selling Book GRIT, LIVE Today at 1:00 EST

A Sales Guy

Author of grit, Ted speaker, and University of Pennsylvania Professor Angela Duckworth is going will be live on The Word today, via blab. If you want to understand the psychology to success and what truly separates the successful from the unsuccessful, you don’t want to miss this. Register here: . The Word

Meeting 31

An Inside Look at Implementing a Hunter-Farmer Sales Organizational Structure

Sales Benchmark Index

SBI recently spoke with Todd Skiles, the senior vice president of sales at Ryder. Ryder is a Fortune 500 company in the commercial fleet management and supply chain solutions business with approximately $6.5 billion in annual revenue. Todd leads the. Article Sales Strategy

4 Signs That You Are Perceived as a Commodity

The Sales Blog

There are signs that warn you that your prospective client believes you are really a commodity. When this is true, you have to work very hard to change this perception, make yourself stand out from the pack, and prove that you have a compelling, differentiated, unmatched offering. Your first call comes from purchasing. In larger companies, purchasing plays an outsized role in the buying process.

An Early Warning Sign for a Bad Sales Job

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

Anyone who has ever taken a nightmare sales job can, in retrospect, detect some warning signs. But they didn’t pay attention to them. Or, they hoped they were wrong. Or, they were scared to not have a paycheck. Desperation and seduction can easily override good sense

Sales 32
Sales 32

The Old Gray Mare, Your Sales Funnel, Ain't What She Used to Be

Increase Sales

The sales funnel has dramatically changed because of the Internet and technology.  New research from McKinsey Decision Surveys revealed consumers are moving outside of the marketing and sales funnel with its traditional touch points. The findings reaffirm the marketing goal to reach sales leads at the moments that most influence their decision to buy. This is true for both B2C and B2b sales leads.

Einstein Selling – The Most Popular Form Of B2B Selling Today

The Pipeline

Tibor Shanto  – Earlier this year I attended an interesting presentation examining barriers to sales people “hitting” quota, personally I like to exceed quota, but I can understand why for many “hitting” it is a great objective. enjoyed the presentation, very credible, and in expected fashion, it started out with a big bold revelation to engage the audience. Join Now!

The Mental Place You Need to Get Your Prospect If You Want to Win the Sale

A Sales Guy

In this video, I talk about the place your prospect or customer need to get mentally before you can make a sale. We don’t talk about this much, but it’s hard to sell if you can’t get your customer to do this. Selling is a relationship, and key to a relationship is working together. Learn how to get your prospect to this place and you’ll see your sales processes turn around.

Your Hustle Starts On Sunday

The Sales Blog

Sitting down to plan your week on Monday morning is a poor strategy. It’s a bad way to plan your day, too. It leaves you vulnerable to starting your week in reactive mode. By Tuesday, you’ve lost a day, and you have have lost the week. Your hustle starts on Sunday. Here’s how to make sure you own your week. Do you owe someone a phone call? Do you need to send someone a thank you letter?

Sales Tips: Death of Product Differentiators

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: Death of Product Differentiators. By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling®. agree with her premise and feel it is a continuing trend. The concept was unsettling for people in Product Development, Product Marketing, Marketing and Sales. There certainly were instances where selling against competitors took precedent over selling our own offerings. from executives.

How to Use Trigger Events for More and Better Leads

B2B Lead Blog

People aren’t ready to buy when we want to sell. Think about it. . This common statement has big implications if you’re doing account-based marketing (ABM) and lead generation. Why doing more lead generation activity doesn’t help  . CEB discovered that a typical for B2B customer is 57% into their purchase process before they directly engage a sales rep or talk to a supplier. Conclusion.

What You Need to Know About Sales Enablement

Sales Benchmark Index

Article Sales Strategy

Your Customers Have Problems, But Do They Know?

Partners in Excellence

Not long ago, I got a call from a frustrated sales person.  He had a huge opportunity with a customer, but just couldn’t get traction.  He reviewed things with me. “I’ve been talking to them about our solutions.   ” He went on to review the problems.  He had done a pretty good job of research.  “What happens when you discuss these with the customer?” Teaches Coding in Support of Women in Technology

The Sales Insider

In July, 43 girls, ages 8-12, descended on’s Provo campus to learn how to code. InsideSales hosted its annual Girls Code — an event designed to introduce young girls to computer programming and get them excited about the possibilities of technology. In true princess fashion, the girls were welcomed to the coding camp by [.]. Do Good Foundation Do Good Girls Code Women in Tech

Five Reasons Your Sales Team Should Be Cross-Trained

The Pipeline

The Pipeline Guest Post – Chase Hughes. As small companies grow, they often see a specialization emerge in their salesforce which only grows to increase its segmentation from one another. The sales department grows to become independent from the customer service, marketing, and other areas of the business. They have a deeper understanding of the customer. About Chase Hughes. Join Now!