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Salespeople Have a Higher Meaning

Increase Sales

This past week I attended a “Power Breakfast” sponsored by Pipeliner CRM where the CEO Nikolaus Kimla made the following statement: “Salespeople have a higher meaning.” ” “Salespeople produce wealth and peace.” ” His two statements gave me pause.  I had never thought of sales in those connected terms. Your Purpose Statement and Higher Meaning.

The Benefits of Completely Bashing Your Competition

Understanding the Sales Force

meowu%20/ 123RF Stock Photo">Image Copyright: 123RF Stock Photo. The circus will be coming to an end in just under 2 weeks. Everyone has seen at least some of the show and some have seen the entire production, including reruns, reviews, commentary and highlight videos. In the past 60 days I'm certain that even if you don't live in the United States, you've seen at least part of the circus.

Sales Prospecting: Are You Doing It Right?


Condensed from a Pipeliner SalesChats Interview with Dan McDade Interview by John Golden Dan McDade is certainly qualified to talk about leads. He founded PointClear in 1997, and for over 20 years he’s been instrumental in developing strategies that assure that 100% of the leads delivered to his company’s client sales organizations are fully qualified […].

Every Day Remember You Do What You Are

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Action is what people see and what you see. In the movie Along Came a Spider , Dr. Alex Cross makes this statement “You do what you are.”  ”  Your doing is what counts; it is what others see. If you are not making those sales calls, then that suggests you are not committed to increasing sales to actually being afraid of rejection, failure. You can learn to be: Better communicator.

CSO Insights: Sales Enablement Optimization Study

This year's report reveals a picture of sales organizations in dire need of support.

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How B2B Marketing Automation Produces Dependable Lead Generation Results


Based on a recent study by Regalix, the top three goals for B2B marketing automation are improving lead quality, improving lead nurturing and increasing lead generation. In the end, it revolves around enhancing the customer experience by utilizing the channels customers interact with the most. Yet, most marketers understand how difficult it can be to […]. All About CRM

Possible To Automate Content Creation?

Fill the Funnel

You can automate nearly any aspect of your business. Once you get started looking at automation options, it’s pretty incredible what you can do. But there’s one area of marketing that’s essential and usually time consuming – content creation. Can you automate content creation? Is it wise to do so? The simple answer is, “Yes.” Generating Ideas. Typing.

The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need – Book Review

The Pipeline

By  Tibor Shanto  –  . There is no shortage of sales books available to consume by anyone willing to commit to their own success. Which leaves one wondering why are so many professional sales people continue to underperform and consistently missing quota? Anthony brings a complete approach to the topic, rather than focusing on some elements of sales without context.

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Mining Legacy Data allows CIOs to extract Business Insights

Babette Ten Haken

Mining legacy data to extract business insights about the connected customer sounds like digital transformation heresy. Think about it. Who else but your CIO has the best understanding of the trove of legacy data currently residing in data kingdoms? By turning to back to basics and looking at already-existing data, the transformational CIO helps the enterprise mine for gold that’s been hiding in plain sight. Focused on connecting analytics back to business value creation. Harness “what’s old” with “what’s new.”. The “right people asking the right questions” were not yet employees.

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The Metrics of Bad Sales Interactions: A Sales Experience Benchmark Report

What is the impact of a bad sales meeting?

Sustainable Sales Success - Tip #12 Disqualification

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One would think disqualifying sales leads would be something most salespeople would do especially if they want sales success. However from my experience with SMB owners and sales professionals, this simple step of sales lead disqualification as well as sales leads qualification is one often overlooked. Most of the reason for not qualifying sales leads returns to the lack of a strategic plan. 

How Quickly Do You Get Uncomfortable

A Sales Guy

Seth Godin wrote a fantastic post the other day. In it, he talks about our alertness for differences. For as long as we’ve been keeping records, human beings have been on alert for the differences that divide us. Then we fixate on those differences, amplifying them, ascribing all sorts of irrelevant behaviors to them. Until, love this post and agree. However, I think there is more.

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10 Strategies to Close More Business at Year End

The Sales Hunter

We’re fast approaching the end of the year and that makes planning even more important. Plan today so tomorrow you don’t panic! Below are 10 strategies you can set up now to allow you to close more business at year end: 1. First off, review your calendar and find out now what days your company […]. Blog Consultative Selling Professional Selling Skills Prospecting prospecting sales prospecting sales strategies sales tips

Seven Productivity Boosting Foods and Drinks: Improving Brain Power Though Biology

The Productivity Pro

“You are what you eat.”—Traditional ”—Traditional English-language axiom. You probably know by now that staying hydrated and eating well are excellent ways to ensure high levels of productivity, because the better you feel, the easier it is to be productive. Some of the items on the productivity list make intuitive sense, but you might be surprised by a few of them. Salmon.

6 Best Practices for Optimizing Salesforce Orgs After Mergers or Acquisitions

Considerations When Merging Disparate Sales Organizations and Salesforce Instances

5 Questions to Guarantee Qualified Lead Generation

No More Cold Calling

Are your sales reps having trouble closing? The problem might be a lack of qualified leads. “ We chose someone else.” ” “We’re staying with our current vendor.” ” “We’re not adding any new solutions this year.” ” We’ve all heard those words. Devastating. What happened? Now what should sales reps do? Don’t Get Stuck on Hold.

Closed Ended Questions Are Not to Be Ignored

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In sales, the emphasis on asking open ended questions continues.  Salespeople are discouraged from asking closed ended questions as this type of questioning fails to provide additional fact finding information. But is that really true? All of these skills centered around sales prospecting from the one word equity to the question sales pitch to the Pixar Story. ”   I agreed with them.

#Heykeenan Take 28: Coaching Sales People and Preparing for a Discovery Call

A Sales Guy

#heykeenan Take 28 is FINALLY done. Getting this take done was the biggest pain in the ass. It took 4 takes. We never do more than one take. heykeenan is unedited and unscripted. But in this case, the mic kept going out and we didn’t know. We’d get to the end, upload and no sound. It happened 4 times before we finally go it to work. also talk about how I research for a discovery call.

No Pain – No Game?

The Pipeline

By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Despite all the tools available, both for sales people to execute their craft, and for companies to “enable” them, the narrative for many in sales has remained woefully unchanged over the last thirty years. While it is easy to point at sales people, the pundits have to take credit, or blame. Join Now! The post No Pain – No Game?

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Are Your Sellers Ready to Sell?

A quick read on how video technology can help your sales team realize its full potential.

Customer Experience Foresight requires Organizational Collaboration

Babette Ten Haken

Customer experience foresight requires a deep dive into organizational hindsight. The result? Providing 20-20 strategic insights. Start looking for patterns in current as well as legacy data. Make decisions on how to better serve customers today and in the future. However, to successfully execute this strategy, an organization must collaborate across departmental silos and legacy mindset. How realistic is executing this strategy within your organization? Deploying company-wide actions from historical customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) insights takes guts. And then what happens?

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What’s Your End Game for Social Media?

The Sales Hunter

What’s your strategy when it comes to how you use social media? We’re all challenged with how we use our time and, at the same time, we’re challenged to use social media more. We’ve all reached a breaking point, and as a result we have to ask ourselves if we’re being smart. The end game […]. Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting high-profit prospecting prospect prospecting sales prospecting social media

Your Greatest SMB Asset Is.?

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What is the greatest SMB asset?  Your solutions (products or services)? Your building or location? Your customer base?  Your bank balance? Yes, these are all great assets. However, your greatest SMB asset should be your people. Too often SMBs fail to protect this greatest asset.  For people are not view as capital, but as liabilities.  Remember, your people will make or break your company.

Four Proven Techniques For Phone Sales Success


Phone sales – neither the salesperson nor the prospect enjoys them thanks to recent trends of telemarketers and phone scammers. People’s level of trust with cold phone calls seems to be at an all-time low. With that in mind, there are some proven methods that can help ease the pain for all involved. #1: Tone […]. All About CRM

The Complete Guide to Lead Nurturing

Download this guide to learn more about how nurturing can benefit your sales and marketing teams, plus get some campaign inspiration.

Will the Lack of Sales Talent Get You Fired in 2017?

Sales Benchmark Index

Podcast Sales Strategy competency review People Planning personal improvement plan sales strategy sales talent talent assessment talent development talent strategy

4 Ways to Reduce Seller Burden and Grow Sales

Score More Sales

At the CEB Sales and Marketing Summit many dimensions and directions of growing revenues were discussed, as was roadblocks to seller success. B2B sales strategy

Announcing the next course in Laura Stack’s Productivity University Series!

The Productivity Pro

Become a Microsoft Outlook Email Cracker-Jack with Laura Stack! Managing Your Workflow and Keeping Your Inbox Empty. Start 2017 with an empty inbox! Participate in five one-hour training sessions with Laura and then complete assignments in between. Don’t worry if you can’t attend the sessions live or miss one, because you can watch the recording any time you wish. 11/14. 11/21. 11/28. 12/12.

Are You Sales Prospecting in All the Wrong Places?

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Do you remember the song “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places?” ” Many SMB owners and sales professionals may have this as their theme song because they are sales prospecting in all the wrong places. These three gaps appear quite frequently. #1 – No Ideal Customer Profile Gap. Part of the reason for this misdirected activity is the lack of an ideal customer. 

The Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract

Find and engage customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

You Become What You Think About

The Sales Blog

It was a few weeks after my brain surgeries, and I was sitting in my neurologist’s office filling out paperwork. Before the surgeries I was living in Los Angeles, where I was mandated by the state to pay for disability insurance. This was something I would not have done voluntarily at 22 years old, my age when I arrived in California. The application I was filling out had two boxes.

Get Actionable Insights from Industry Experts at International Ecommerce Day – November Edition

Software Business Blog

Today is the best day to lead in eCommerce. There are many opportunities provided by technology vendors to business owners, and also, the environment is very friendly. You can meet the right persons who can help you grow your business easier than 10 years ago. To become a leader in the eCommerce market, you should know that every decision you make will affect your results. Prioritization. Testing.

7 Ways to Prospect Better

The Sales Hunter

Recently, I was interviewed by Mark Di Somma about my new book, High-Profit Prospecting, and what it takes to be effective in sales today. Here are some highlights from our conversation: 1. Salespeople are increasingly frightened of being rejected. That’s why you see them opting for social media, email and other forms of communication that […]. Blog Prospecting high-profit prospecting prospect prospecting sales prospecting

The Apollo Program, Accomplishing the Impossible and The Real Commitment


I just released a new ebook entitled Accomplishing the Impossible: Lessons from the Apollo Space Program. For this book, I did a considerable amount of research on the Apollo space program—the incredible program that put man on the moon. In addition to the famous Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969, the Apollo program was responsible […]. Leadership leadership pipeliner crm

eBook 23

Winning Consensus-Based Sales

Learn how progressive companies refine their commercial strategy to overcome buyer dysfunction and guide customers to consensus.