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New LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

Fill the Funnel

By now, most LinkedIn users have received the highly anticipated and debated “new user interface” As with most major updates, many are complaining, some are praising and most are just lost and confused. think you will find the LinkedIn cheat sheet below to be helpful. If you have not noticed already, the feeding frenzy […]. Social Selling Social Web Training Web Tools LinkedIn

21,000 People Agree That These are the Top 5 Traits of the Best Salespeople

Understanding the Sales Force

Image Copyright BeeBright. Readers are always referring me to articles that list top sales traits, that discuss what makes salespeople great, that name the most important selling skills, or that otherwise contradict the science-based findings and statistics that I share in my articles. As a matter of fact, I actually found the article refreshing. Nice job Bill Golder!

How Do You Perfect the Art of Sales Conversation?


What are the mechanics of delivering an effective sales pitch? It’s the wrong question; no one should aspire to be great at delivering a pitch. pitch is one-sided. pitch is about the salesperson and what they have to sell. The benefits of the pitch are asymmetric and favor the salesperson. The appropriate question is “How do you perfect the art of sales conversation?” PERIOD.

To Engage or Not to Engage, that Is the LinkedIn Quandary

Increase Sales

LinkedIn for B2B professionals does matter.  For the last few years I have been conducting my own private research and learned, at least for me, the top 5 reasons why people ask to be connected. #1 Engagement. The super majority of people (nearly 60%) send me invitations because I have engaged with them or with one of their connections.  Since LinkedIn changed its groups policies, these engagements are overwhelmingly from update posts.  Prior to this change, the invitation outreach was through groups. Additionally within this reason for connection, I have included those profiles I have visited. 

What Salespeople Can Learn from Classic Songs

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Veteran's Great Quote Makes News and Has Terrific Lessons for the Sales Profession

Understanding the Sales Force

On my way to the office, I was listening to FOX News when they cut to a diner in Jacksonville, Florida to interview some of the patrons there. One of the people interviewed was Stanley, a Veteran who said he had two messages he wanted to share. He said, "To the media, don't make in-depth assumptions from shallow observations. And to the obstructionist democrats, we have a saying in the military.

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Always Remember Customer Service Is SALES!

Increase Sales

How many times do those in B2B or even B2C industries fail to understand customer service is sales.  A new report just released by Astound Commerce through secret shoppers recognized seven retailers who excel in customer service through: Must have website. Visibility. Overall customer service. Speed of delivery. Efficiency of checkout. One of the top seven performers was The Home Depot. Selling.

Skills, Attitudes and Habits that Make Us Better Leaders

Mukesh Gupta

We all know (either by experience or by research) that people who like us and trust us are much more likely to work with us or refer us or our services to their peers, friends and social circles. In his book “ Top of Mind “, John Hall talks about some rules, skills and habits that can help us become more likeable, trust worthy and top-of-mind, as he calls.

ACT 59

The Perfect Sales Presentation with Victor Antonio

Igniting Sales Transformation

I talked with Victor Antonio about sales presentations and how you can perfect a pitch that leads deals forward. Victor shared his perspective on why your sales presentation matters so much, the elements of a great presentation, and the best way to engage buyers in a way that leads them to say yes to meeting with you. Enjoy the interview! About Victor Antonio. Connect with Victor on LinkedIn.

The Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract

Can Sales and Marketing Evolve? A Psychological Perspective


Are sales and marketing equipped to evolve and change? Let’s take a look at this through the lens of psychology. In a very interesting 2003 Journal of Applied Psychology piece on Resistance to Change, Shaul Oreg of Cornell University reviewed the literature around the topic, including the different traits associated with it. routine seeking. 2. emotional reaction to imposed change. 3.

Why Make The Call

The Pipeline

By  Tibor Shanto  –  . One reason many give me for not wanting to prospect, is the fact that fewer people are answering their phones, and as a result it is not as effective as other forms of prospecting. But I believe the conclusion many draw from this, i.e. “telephone prospecting is ineffective”, is flat out wrong. So don’t blame the technology, blame the user.

Great Salespeople Make Selling Look Easy

Increase Sales

Ever wonder why so many people are venturing into being solo entrepreneurs or SMB owners?  Beyond the obvious advantage of being your own boss, my sense is these folks have witnessed great salespeople who make selling look easy. Just hop over to LinkedIn and scan a few profile summaries.  Sales is simple.  Pretty easy, well not so much so. People buy from people they know and trust.

PBTO52: Good Marketing Opens Minds and Good Sales Closes Deals – Krishnan Chatterjee

Mukesh Gupta

Who is on the show: . In this episode, we host Krishnan Chatterjee. He is a musician and a marketer. He heads marketing for SAP Indian sub-continent. He stumbled his way through IIM-A into the corporate jungle. Became the Head of Marketing for a large IT Company-a journey in which he used his voice in keynote speeches and such like. Why is he on the show: . What do we talk about: .

SAP 56

Winning Consensus-Based Sales

Executive Sales Leader Briefing: Leadership is a Lifestyle Lived with Passion

The Sales Hunter

Leadership is the desire to succeed and the passion to serve. Leadership is not a job. It’s a lifestyle. Leadership is about making an impact on others. Leadership is not what you do in public, but rather what you think in private. Leadership without passion is management. Leadership is having the drive to achieve […]. Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills executive sales leader briefing leader sales leader sales leadership

Kurt Shaver “The New LinkedIn and Gaining Competitive Advantage”


Kurt Shaver spoke at our Power Breakfast in Santa Monica about how Microsoft’s $26.2B acquisition of LinkedIn is clear evidence that social networks will play an increasingly important role in business. Just as the deal closed, LinkedIn started rolling out the biggest design change in its 14-year history. These changes create the opportunity for “first-movers” to gain a competitive advantage in their markets. Learn the LinkedIn actions you should be taking now to fully leverage the new LinkedIn. For Sales Pros Sales Management Salespreneur

Why a Good Economy Can Be Bad for Sales Teams

No More Cold Calling

A strong stock market often makes salespeople lazy. Will the Dow Jones index hit 20,000? That’s the question I asked myself as we welcomed in 2017. remembered when it first hit 10,000 in 1999 and then continued to rise. And I remembered early 2009, when it dropped by more than 6,000 points. That’s the thing about the economy. It goes up and down. hope not, but history tends to repeat itself.

What Makes for a Great Sales Attitude?

Increase Sales

Noted sales expert Zig Ziglar said an “attitude is a habit of thought.” ”   If we apply his definition to what makes a great sales attitude, the response will be various habits of thought. Top sales performers have more than one habit of thought, more than one attitude when it comes to selling. When these talents are combined, they turn into sales skills. Would you increase sales?

Secrets to Successful Inside Sales Management

Empathy and Sympathy

Mukesh Gupta

Empathy & Sympathy by Mukesh Gupta. One of the most difficult things for me when it comes to building strong bonds with people I constantly interact with, is the ability to empathise. always was capable of intellectually understanding what the other person was going through but always found it extremely difficult to feel what they were feeling. never quite understood why that was the case. After watching this video from Brene Brown , I think I now know why I always found it difficult. This is scary and painful. It is meant to be scary and painful. myself support James Victore as a patron.

How to Build Future Sales Leaders

Sales Benchmark Index

Article Corporate Strategy Sales Strategy build future leaders leadership sales leader bootbamp sales leadership sales leadership curriculum sales manager sales training curriculum sales training program

The WHAT, WHY, & HOW of Personal Brand Building


The pervasive nature of the web and social media has changed the game for every company’s sales, marketing, and PR efforts. Every person on your staff – INCLUDING YOU – can be searched and researched. Have you ever googled yourself? Do you know what Google says about you? Do you surface on the first page (if not, you may have a real problem!). In the modern world, you are who Google says you are. Every member of your sales team, no matter how junior or senior, needs to understand the importance of their own personal brand and why it matters. For Sales Pros Sales Management

EP92. David Barnett: How to Sell My Own Business

Tony Durso

Three-Time Amazon bestselling author David Barnett returns after writing another bombshell: How To Sell My Own Business. An educator in the field of local investing and small business transactions, David is achieving his big dream by having multiple income streams. Now, he shares how you can privately sell your own business David Barnett: Speaker, educator, Podcast business entrepreneur money

Successful Selling

When Catch-Up Time Becomes Ketch-Up Time

Increase Sales

Weekends for many have become catch-up time for all those weekly things you didn’t have time to finish stuff.  Sound familiar? Yet how many times does this catch-up time becomes truly red much like ketchup.  The emotions overtake logic.  Hands go up in frustration and sometimes in despair. At the end of Sunday night you are exhausted and wondering where did the time go? Imagine for a moment what would happen if twice each day, you would look at your calendar, your schedule for less than 30 minutes. Review in the morning in 5-10 minutes what needs to be accomplished that day. 

Listening – the forgotten twin of sales success

Sales Training Connection

Listening in sales calls. While most salespeople have come to agree that asking questions is a key skill, many still underestimate the contribution of good listening to achieving top 
performance. It is the forgotten twin in the proposition – ask, listen and then talk. For them, the first step is awareness. The second step is actually becoming more skilled. Listen actively. Think back.

Rejection In Your Face

The Pipeline

By  Tibor Shanto  –  . In the late 1990’s or early part of the last decade, I remember reading a piece about a study in one of the Scandinavian countries, who were early adopters of text messaging, SMS. The rate of rejection or acceptance did not change much, may have even gone up as it is easier to ignore a text message. Not so for many in sales. So why not go direct?

Study 35

How to Recognize and Sell to Your Niche Audience!


With the advance of Social Media to new dizzying heights, today’s sales world brings many new challenges to sales people. Salespeople must understand social media, and more importantly, how to prospect within it. That means a salesperson must become an expert on who the buyer is exactly for the product or service they are selling that will place them ahead of their competition. No matter! Like You!

How to Get Better at Working Remotely #FutureOfWork

Mukesh Gupta

How to Get Better At working REmotely by Mukesh Gupta. We are entering an era where more and more of our work is going to be done not in office but elsewhere, either because commuting to office is getting worse due to traffic or because a lot of the people who work are not full-time employees but individual service providers or because of ubiquitous availability of connectivity. My work involves a lot of travel for me and which in turn means that I am working out of cabs or airports, Starbuck’s or hotel rooms. must say that I found it tough to work remotely. Stay hydrated. Click To Tweet.

Losing Track of a Buyer Not Yet Ready to Buy

Score More Sales

Recently we shared a post 5 Ways – Don’t Leave Money on the Table and this week we break it down by one item at a time. Losing track of a prospect is one of the biggest ways to lose a sales opportunity because research shows that only 3% of buyers are ready to buy at any given time. The remaining 97% is either not going to buy or will buy at a later time. It’s the latter group, who will buy at a later time, that you need to be thinking about as a seller. Sales Tips B2B sales strategy

Make Buying Easier!

Partners in Excellence

As sales people, we want to make it easy for our customers to buy.  We have endless amounts of data sheets, cases studies, presentations, and information about our products.  We seek to be super responsive to our customers informational needs, immediately burying them with information, conducting endless demos to respond to their questions. in their buying/problem solving journey.

What ‘A’ Players Want From You

Sales Benchmark Index

Losing an ‘A’ Player causes significant pain and disruption for you. As a VP of Sales, you pride yourself on taking care of your best. SBI’s annual research survey received insights from over 2,200 ‘A’ Player Sales Reps.  They told us what. Article Corporate Strategy Sales Strategy "A-Player" keep a players retain a players sales talent talent strategy

#SalesChats Ep. 23: Sales Manager Enablement with Mike Kunkle


You’ve heard of “Sales Enablement” but what about “Sales Manager Enablement”? Mike Kunkle joins us for this #SalesChats to discuss this often overlooked subject. The post #SalesChats Ep. 23: Sales Manager Enablement with Mike Kunkle appeared first on SalesPOP