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3 Top Sales Tips That Will Help Keep Your Sales Focus

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Paying attention to growing sales and revenues is a challenge for many sales reps and leaders. It takes amazing, ongoing focus on the activities that lead to new revenues in order to grow business and ultimately succeed as a professional seller. Here are three ideas you can implement. Sales Tips B2B

Should Women in B2B Sales Sound Overly-Friendly to Succeed

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Recently, my good friend and sales prospecting expert to SaaS companies, John Barrows looped me in on a conversation he had with a woman who attended one of his recent sales prospecting sessions. I’ve changed some of the Q&A a bit, but wanted to share the main points of the conversation around how successful women need to “be” in order to be a successful BDR, AE, SDR, or other sales position.

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The Deal Stalled for Months Now They Say No

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It’s frustrating being a newer sales rep and falling for what I call the “buddy effect”. It’s even worse when you are a veteran seller and this happens to you. It happened to me more than once, until I learned how to qualify. Here is an example of what the buddy effect is –. Sales Skills B2B sales strategy

Sell More with Client Conversations

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It is always good to see great sales skills in action. While in the Concierge Level Lounge of a Marriott hotel recently, I saw a woman from the Marriott walking around and striking up conversations with guests. She was polite and friendly, getting everyone she approached to interact with her. Sales Tips B2B

The Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract

Find and engage customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

Sales Reps Succeed When Leaders Lead

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If you are a typical sales team you have a top percentage of sellers who will do great things no matter what is going on in the organization and with leadership. But after that small percentage, everyone else is affected by the structure and consistency of sales leadership. B2B sales leadership

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Woman Shaves Head for Client Fundraiser

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Yes, it’s true. On Monday, March 3, I will be shaving my head for cancer research. Salespeople love a great sales pitch. Granite CEO Rob Hale will be the first in line with 280+  employees to have his head shaved. With everyone involved, it should raise close to $1M in the coming days. It’s one of the reasons I love working with them. How could I resist? Now I Need Your Help with Hats.

Is Cognitive Distortion Keeping You from Succeeding in Sales?

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It might be nice to put a fancy label around why your Q1 sales did not top the charts as you had planned, and it is true that an affliction called Cognitive Distortions may be partially to blame. But before I give you some wording for what you’ll tell your boss at your next pipeline review, know that this is just ONE aspect of your ability to succeed in professional selling.

Sales Prospecting in Beast Mode

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As the year draws to a close, it can be challenging to find inspiration to be productive when there are so many distractions going on. Want to make the most of your days through the end of the year? Just think Beast Mode. Former Seattle Seahawk Steve Raible gives a fantastic play-by-play account here. It is worth the listen. But when he played, he gave it all he’s got. Increase Opportunities.

Winning Consensus-Based Sales

Learn how progressive companies refine their commercial strategy to overcome buyer dysfunction and guide customers to consensus.

3 Ways to Grow Sales in 2015

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It is a new year and a fresh start for many in the B2B sales world. Having had a monthly or a quarterly sales quota over the course of 15 years or so, I know that good feeling of have a blank slate – but it also can be a tough feeling to start back at zero. If you are working on a calendar year, than January 5 th is a fresh start. Doesn’t it feel good to get a fresh start? Is this your situation?

How Valuable is Your Value Proposition?

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How many times have you heard someone describing their company’s value proposition only to hear them spew out features and benefits of their services or products? Having a strong value prop is one key to making the “short list” when companies are searching online and need to narrow down their search before engaging. B2B value proposition

4 Ways To Grow Revenue with Win Loss Analysis

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I spoke with Ken Allred , CEO of Primary Intelligence , about Win Loss programs and how they help Sales teams win more deals. Below is an excerpt from our discussion. B2B sales strategy

Salespeople are AWESOME

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Yes, professional sellers, salespeople are awesome and amazing in many cases. Sales professionals are what make the business world go around. Have you ever heard the following statement: Nothing happens until somebody sells something. Many people have great ideas, but they cannot execute in a way that generates revenues to support the venture. They close. this slide deck is a doozy. ” .

Different People Hear Differently

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At the Sales Machine 16 conference this morning it was inspiring to hear from both Seth Godin and then Simon Sinek. Many takeaways will be in future posts. For now the big one Seth talked about that really struck home for those in sales and sales leadership is this post’s focus.

Secrets to Successful Inside Sales Management

Learn a variety of best practices, techniques and ideas to both tactically and strategically increase the efficacy, success and impact of your inside sales organization.

5 Ingredients To Win In Sales

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To win in sales you, and your company, need a recipe for success. The ingredients to win in sales must be pure and of high quality to create a great, high-end, finished product. Here is what we believe it takes to compete with a strong solid sales team that closes the right deals with great sales velocity. Keep it Simple – the very best repeatable recipes are the ones that are simple to make.

What It Means To Be Social In Sales and Business

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Social is a state of mind, not a platform. Social is a way of doing business, not a trend to jump on the bandwagon with. Social is how we did business years ago. My grandmother was a larger-than-life social figure in the geographic community she lived in. She was my role model. We called her Mimi, and I’ve written about her over the years because she was such a big influence on me in business.

4 Steps to Score More Referrals

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Do you have a specific plan among your sales team for referral business? This means that the idea of setting the stage for referral business and in asking for referrals is incorporated into your sales process. For most companies, referrals are done by the very few sellers who understand their great value. Sales Tips B2B sales process

12 Sales Time Hacks so You Can Sell More

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Want to know some of the top time hacks that sales reps can use to get more done? recently did a webinar on being more productive in sales with Velocify. The recording , geared toward sales leaders but helpful for anyone in selling will give you even more ideas than what I’m listing here. Below are 12 of the top time hacks you can put in place to grow sales. learned from the best. How did you do?

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Successful Selling

Matt Heinz explains how to attract, manage, close and keep more business in a buyer-centric world.

Three Cold Calling Mistakes to Avoid

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Conventional wisdom says that cold calling doesn’t work anymore. Many “experts” sit around and preach about how you must add researched insight into every prospective interaction with a potential buyer. Warm every call up. After all, buyers are 70% through their buying process before you even find out about them, right? Hold on a minute. The big issue is this -. Are you doing it?

Top Predictions for Sales Leaders 2015

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How are B2B sales leaders planning for their teams in 2015? Top 20 sales experts weigh in on this, including me. I was pleased to be a part of this e-book (download here) created by Velocify which addresses a number of issues that are on the minds of sales leaders everywhere. note: there is a form to fill out on the Velocify website.). Koka Sexton , Leader of #SocialSelling Movement , LinkedIn.

What is Wrong with the Telephone in Sales

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It started innocently enough when I replied to my industry colleague and social selling advocate Jill Rowley via Twitter to something she asked me. said, “let’s talk – by telephone” She responded by saying, What’s wrong with Skype or a Google Hangout? . Three years later, the phone is still in use in every company in North America with the exception of only a few.

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How to Work a Trade Show or Sales Conference

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This week I’m attending in and participating in LS16 – a Leadership Summit hosted by the AA-ISP, American Association of Inside Sales Professionals. This is a big annual event, and yesterday I met many people who were there for the first time and feeling a bit overwhelmed. Here are 5 tips for making the most of your time at an industry event. If that is you, you’re leaving money on the table.

Powerful Questions to Qualify Sales Opportunities

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Looking back, I remember thinking that Ron had some sort of memory problem. He was my sales colleague. We both were account managers selling millions of dollars worth of technology to a major aircraft company. Between us, we sold more than $30M a year of items selling for $20 or $100 or $5000 each. Ron would always ask the same questions –. Eventually It Hit Me. Get More Answers. Get those answers.

The Best Way to Get a Prospect to Reply to Your Email

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People are working at a frenetic pace at most companies. If they are a small or medium sized business (SMB) people always are doing two or more jobs. In a major corporation, when someone leaves the company often their duties are delegated to others. Sales rep left or got let go? The accounts and prospects get distributed too. Sales Tips B2B sales strategy

Understand The Power of Social Sales

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Midmarket companies and larger SMBs seem to fall into three camps: the ones who understand the power of social sales and actively work to build a plan of action, the ones who are coming around to this idea but not doing much yet, and those who are turning a blind eye and are missing a great window of opportunity. The search engine changed everything, and so has the company. Increase Opportunities.

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Top Sales Lessons from #Rainmaker16

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What an amazing two days in Atlanta for Rainmaker16. This was the big event for those working in B2B sales development roles – the sales reps and sales leaders making initial contact with buyers – inbound and outbound. Sales Tips B2B

Money Monday Sales Reps Guard Your Time

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Guard your time – a bit of advice given to me years ago  by a wise sales manager that I’ve always worked to remember. In In a world of distractions, sound bytes, lists of important things to accomplish, and “noise” — you need to focus on activities that lead to revenue before you do anything else. Lost time is never found again. Proverb. Think about it? Henry David Thoreau.

How Salespeople Goof Up on LinkedIn Part 1

Score More Sales used with permission. Sometimes I accept a connect request on LinkedIn with people I don’t know but others in my network do. When this request happens, I look to see who has connected, then I go to view this person’s profile to see if it is someone I may be able to refer or if they just seem interesting enough to connect with. Anyone Else. Think About It.

How To Love Your Sales Role

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When you love being a sales rep, or a business development rep, or a regional account rep, or a national account rep, you know it. This Valentine’s Day week let’s talk about loving your career and why it is so important to you and others around you. You get it. Nothing happens until someone sells something.  You are a student of learning. The best sellers are. You refine. Don’t be a downer to them.

5 Sales Prospecting Lessons from Super Bowl XLIX

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It seemed like Super Bowl Sunday would never arrive, remember? Now it has come and gone. What 5 sales prospecting lessons can we take away from the big event? 1) Inbound Gets Your Interest. It is critical to pique your buyer’s curiosity in advance of an actual conversation when possible.  It is no different with a big event – all the hype leading up to game day kept everyone talking. Learn from it.

Embrace The Gatekeeper

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For years I have worked with sales professionals who strive to get around the Gatekeeper – that person at your prospective customer’s company who guards their executive from unnecessary time with all sorts of things but most notably from salespeople. The EA or AA usually controls their boss’ calendar. In addition, you can learn: What your executive is focused on. Close More Deals.

How To Be Social In Sales – Relationship Building

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For some of us it is easy to be social in sales, for others it is an effort, and for a third group, a confusing idea. have been meeting more and more leaders in mid-market companies who are simply confused about the value of having their sales reps focused on social selling because they don’t see the payoff. I was one of LinkedIn’s first 30,000 members way back in the early 2000’s.

3 Ways to Increase Revenues with CRM

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There are SMB and mid-market sales organizations who have not embraced a cloud-based, customer relationship management system, better known as CRM or SCRM. The “S” stands for social, and indicates that a CRM system has the capability to interact with and bring in social media content right into customer and prospect records. So how can we increase revenues with CRM? COMPLICATIONS. Close More Deals.

30 Ways to Reach Prospects

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With this being the end of the month and 2/3 through Q2, I thought it might be helpful to post a lot of ideas to help you or those on your sales team reach B2B decision makers, influencers, and strategic partners. Not all of these work for all situations, so please view in the framework of looking for one tip or two that might be helpful in your world. Get an external referral to an executive. 6.

How To Be Social In Sales – Listening

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We have written about social sales relationship building  and social sales research. Let’s stop and think for a minute about the most simple form of integrating social into your selling with listening. It sounds so simple, yet good social listening is an art and science. Social listening is an art because of nuances you are looking for, and patterns to see. Create some social listening goals.

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Social Selling Success Stories

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Many who work for companies – especially mid-sized ones selling to other businesses – get stuck in doing the same old things year after year to build sales. What if you could break out from being unstuck, and catapult your company and maybe even yourself to higher visibility and more revenues? My goal now is to encourage you to take more steps to make this happen. Expand Your Pipeline.

1% Improvement Every Day Grows Sales

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In sales, you cannot assume that other reps and teammates know exactly what to do and say at every moment to grow revenues. Did you ever learn about compound interest? It is the concept that interest paid on principal and interest vs. simple interest which is only paid on the principal amount. Sooner than later you’ll close more business. What you say needs to be buyer-focused.