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Are You Too Busy to Succeed?

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . While it may not always seem that way, sales is not that complicated, notwithstanding what pundits and also rans will tell you. That’s not to say it is easy to execute, and we all know that success in sales is all about execution, everything else is just talk, but in terms of complexity, not that much. Like prospecting. Say your number was.

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Buy My Crap – Please!

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Many sellers forget just how many sales situations buyers are involved with, most sellers have tunnel vision in the way they view the world, a very narrow tunnel, just big enough for their product to go through. Those words are just the tip of the iceberg. Just under the surface they are bracing themselves for the assault. Grab A Free Copy Of Our.

Lean Communication for Sales – Book Review

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Communication is central to sales success; we have all seen brilliant people with vast knowledge who are challenged in sharing their knowledge due to an inability to communicate.  Closer to home, we have all seen how the quality of communication can make or break a deal.  Jack how and why to make the answer affirmative every time.  Join Now!

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Prospecting For Pearls

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Regardless of what some might tell you, there are elements of sales that are quite organic, and as a result there are lessons we can take from nature. One is that not all things that lead to real value start smoothly or simply, but as the process unfolds, the end result can be both a thing of beauty and value. Join Now!

The Complete Guide to Lead Nurturing

Download this guide to learn more about how nurturing can benefit your sales and marketing teams, plus get some campaign inspiration.

Priorities vs. Objectives

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . If you read this blog regularly (and why wouldn’t you), you know that I put a lot of emphasis on understanding and selling to a prospect’s Objectives, a much better area of focus than pains or needs.  One of the positive elements of Objectives is that they are generally long term, and they continuously evolve.  Well maybe. Join Now!

Is Sales A Winter Sport?

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . This post makes most sense read on Labour Day, on a deck with a cold one in hand, which is where you should be today! Next time between calls, check Macbeth or The Tempest. You can see similar things unfold in sales, or at least those of us observing the drama, often the characters, you the sellers, are too close to see what the audience sees.

The Difference Between Sales Pros and Amateurs – Is The Silence

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Everyone knows that the prospect should be doing most of the talking during a sales call. Knowing it and doing it, well you know. That is one of the big challenges in sales, everyone knows what they have to do, but do they do it? It’s not just the listening, it’s what you do with it. Then as soon as the prospects stops, bam, jump on the next thing.

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A One > Two Combination That Still Delivers Sales

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Much of the discussion around social selling vs. traditional selling, or even old school selling like cold calling, has distracted many from the central issue, successful selling. When was the last time someone congratulated you on landing a big account and asked you “BTW, Ann, did you use social or other selling to win this deal?”

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The Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract

Find and engage customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

What Is Your Customer Buying?

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Most sales people are good at telling you what they sell, not necessarily communicating how the customer will be ahead as a result, but they are good at telling. Regularly scheduled role play in team meeting will usually help you get ahead of that. The version they run with will be determined by which camp of the ever popular ‘80/20’ they are in.

The Rejection Reflex

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Tibor Shanto  – We are all familiar with a gag reflex, a hypersensitive response to a stimulus, if you ever want a live demo, just offer me some fish.  The hypersensitivity is generally a conditioned response, usually a result of previous experiences. There is no less rejection, they just don’t have to deal with it directly, and can pretend that it didn’t happen.

Why sales reps are always “Just touching-base”!

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The Pipeline Guest Post –  Gerald Vanderpuye. Just Touching Base! In baseball, a player who is touching base is not in danger of being put out. In sales, we must continue to touch-base or follow-up as it’s also known to stay in the game of sales. When your rep loses a real opportunity, it’s because of a poor follow up. Time kills deals! The Follow-up challenge! Know when to Follow up!

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Leveraging The “Nice To Haves”

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Sales people are good at looking for prospects or buyers with “pain” or “needs”, those ready for the seller’s “solution”.  I get it, these are more immediate sales, more cooperative buyers even when the motivation is rooted in “pain”, but is that enough.  Wants. Nice to haves. Having two allies you brought together on a personal level can’t hurt.

Are Your Sales Relationships Painful?

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . People ask me why I focus so much on prospects’ objectives, after all if you can find a pain and play to it, you are bound to get a sale.  Well maybe.  I always find it amusing that when I ask people what do they want to know about a potential buyer, too many say “I want to know what their pain point is, their needs, the problem”.   Primer.

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Winning Consensus-Based Sales

Learn how progressive companies refine their commercial strategy to overcome buyer dysfunction and guide customers to consensus.

Beyond the Sales Process – Book Review

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . In this book, Dave and Steve articulate (with confidence and conviction) an approach that is clearly grounded in their combined, extensive understanding of what B2B customers want and value, and how they buy. Specific and Actionable. Comes with success built in. Are you absorbing and putting their strategies to work? Join Now!

3 Things To Leave Out Of Your Prospecting Call

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Not only do I get to listen to a lot of outbound calls, but I get a fair bit of cold calls, ( I guess they did not get the memo that cold calling is dead ), and there are a number of things that if people would just stop doing, they would be so much more successful. Who Is In Charge Of…? What you or your company does. Your Title (or lot in life).

Sales Productivity is more Than Just Technology

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . There is no shortage of productivity or enablement tools available to sales people and sales organizations. Many may be useful, fun to use, and allow sales people to do things they may not have been able to do in the past, not everyone gets the same level of productivity improvement, if any. Increase outputs while maintaining inputs the same.

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3 Must Have Attributes of a Real “NEXT STEP”

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . One common example is “Value”, it is part of almost every sales conversation, yet there are numerous, at times conflicting definitions.  I ask a group of five also rans to define value, and you’ll end up with seven different definitions, because the first two will change their mind based on what the next three say. Rep: “Sure do!”. Tibor Shanto.

Secrets to Successful Inside Sales Management

Learn a variety of best practices, techniques and ideas to both tactically and strategically increase the efficacy, success and impact of your inside sales organization.

3 Things You Won’t Hear Great Sellers Say

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . It has always been said that to succeed you should follow and mimic those who excel. But given the popular 80/20 myth in sales, and the fact that less than 60% of B2B reps make quota, you may be challenged to find someone to imitate. Fear not, there is hope, just flip the coin and work on avoiding what the also-rans and duds do. Never. Join Now!

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5 Proven Ways To Blow A Sales Meeting – Part 1

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . There is nothing worse than finally getting a meeting with a buyer you have been chasing for some time, only to completely blow the meeting. No one goes in with the intent of blowing, but it happens, even when you prepare in advance. Interrupting – While it may seem obvious, you’d be surprised. Your normal notes can go in the wide column. Join Now!

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Einstein Selling – The Most Popular Form Of B2B Selling Today

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Tibor Shanto  – Earlier this year I attended an interesting presentation examining barriers to sales people “hitting” quota, personally I like to exceed quota, but I can understand why for many “hitting” it is a great objective. enjoyed the presentation, very credible, and in expected fashion, it started out with a big bold revelation to engage the audience. Join Now!

2 Serious Mistakes To Avoid In Prospecting

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Most see selling and prospecting as two different things, as evidenced by the fact that while apply themselves to the former, but save their real creativity to avoiding the latter. But the fact remains that you can’t sell without prospecting, but sadder still, you can prospect a lot without selling. Thing 1 – “Gatekeeper”. Thing 2 – Decision Maker.

Successful Selling

Matt Heinz explains how to attract, manage, close and keep more business in a buyer-centric world.

The Complete Salesperson?

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . witnessed an interesting exchange the other day, two Sales VP’s were exchanging views on hiring, on=boarding and development of sales people. One offered up that he only wants to hire A players, “people who do not want to prospect all their career”. For context, this VP had a team of SDR’s and account managers. The Turn. Join Now!

A Sweeter Approach To Prospecting Success

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . As we head in to the second half of the year you realize you need to prospect and get some more opportunities in your pipeline. As you seek advice from your peers, one veteran tells you “You gotta buckle down and make more calls”, sage advice from someone who is under quota. But looking at the leader board, she is not making quota either. Join Now!

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Don’t Talk Yourself Out Of It

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Tibor Shanto  – People have an amazing ability to convince themselves of almost anything. This is great when they are facing a challenge and they reach inside and not only conceive a means of addressing the challenge, but taking extraordinary action and successfully hitting it head on and overcoming it. Let Your Process Do The Talking. Objectivity Rules. Join Now!

A Sales Viewpoint – Sales eXecution 325

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . With the election cycle in full swing in the USA, many (some) are reflecting on what their point of view is on key aspects of life to be impacted by the outcome of the election. This includes things like economic viewpoint, free market or centrally controlled economy; global viewpoint vs. protectionist, and more.

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Sales Blind

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . The sale goes on and on, things look good, but never materialize, and then you discover another vendor won the opportunity.  I find this happens with a couple of types of reps, who are two side of the same coin. The Forever Seller. First are those sales people who are really great at selling and love the discovery process to no end, literally.

How To Get A Meeting With Anyone – Book Review

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . One of the most common things I hear sales people say is “Get me in front of the right person, and I can sell them.” An added challenge is that often the person they need to get in front of is an executive surrounded by layers of people making it that much more difficult to contact them. The other must-read and must-live chapter is chapter 15.

Leveraging the Inverse Relationship Between Price and Risk

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . I was reading a piece recently where the author was making the case for a specific buyer behaviour. He suggested that people prefer not to take a risk over getting better barging. Which gets one to think about price and risk, and the ultimate risk in using price as a sales tool, as many do.

3 Words to Ditch To Improve Your Sales – Sales eXecution 304

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Words are a big part of selling, seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how little attention some in sales pay to the words they choose. Words impact not only what your prospects hear and their reactions to them, but almost as important is the effect they have on you as the seller. Prospect offers up a random time, and the rest is just painful.

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Give Your Buyers The Gift of Time – Sales eXecution 319

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . have written several times about the importance of time in sales, how time really is the currency of sales; while everything else in sales may be variable, success will be determined by a number of unique and individual factors. Time is the only standard element we all share, what we do with it is the differentiator. Tibor Shanto.

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Achieving Prospecting Success by Segmentation – 1

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . As we start a new quarter, it makes sense to step back a second and think about how you are prospecting f. Few aspects of sales are one size fits all, which makes it a challenge for those who are looking for that one secret to success in sales. These are the buyers you read about, having completed 57% of their journey. What You Need To Know.

Darwin Comes To Sales – Hunt or Perish

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . While people may debate the exact quote or misquote from Darwin, the core concept stands, survival is more likely a question of a species’ ability to adapt than anything else. For the sake of this piece we’ll look at B2B sales people as a species consisting of various subspecies. In sales that subspecies has always been the Hunter. million.

Show Them You Can Think – Sales eXecution 327

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . recently sat through a demo for a product that potentially could have been of interest. The rep had just the right amount of enthusiasm, mix of personality based small talk, right down to the obligatory question asked by Americans of Canadians in January “How cold is it up there?” ” The igloo is holding up I said. Join Now!

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Tomorrow Is Today – Sales eXecution 324

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . common discussion among sales people, or more accurately, sales people willing to make cold calls, that is complete sales people, is when is the best time to cold call ? have added my two cents on this in past. This can be good and bad at the same time. If you develop bad habits, well then, you have some work to do. Tibor Shanto.

Checking Not Doing Will Give You More Sales #video

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Time is the currency of sales, your most precious resource – how you spend it will determine your success, or…. The video below provides a great way to spend your time better, and save for things that will make you more productive and earn you more sales and success. Check it out, and let me know what you think. hairy porn girlies pics. Join Now! Sales Success Selling to Executives Time Waters

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