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What’s The Difference Between A Cold Call and Warm Call?

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . The simple answer is that one is scheduled, and the other is not. Some may add that in a warm call the recipient may be aware of the person calling and the reason for the call, usually in the form of a referral. But the reality is that the difference is in your head. Download your copy of the Objection Handling Handbook.

It’s The Revenue, Stupid

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . recently had a conversation with a VP of sales who asked me what I thought of social selling. Not sure where he stood on the topic, I shared my view that for me selling is selling, I don’t have the need like many marketers, to categorize or qualify things. We all know the answer is NO! Revenue is not hyphenated, revenue is not Social. Join Now!

3 Reasons Your Voice Mails Fail

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Voice mail is not going away, mostly because people will have to answer their phones rather than being able to screen calls and preserve their time and sanity for things other than bad prospecting calls. Leaving you to make one of two choices: Not to telephone prospect, thereby avoiding the dreaded voicemail. Intent. Be Counter Intuitive.

What If Prospecting Were Cancer?

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Not to be overly dramatic, but most people who find out they have caner or any terminal disease, will immediately seek a cure, take steps to change their lifestyle or habits to alter their fate. Rarely or ever would they ignore it or make changes to unrelated things as a means of healing the illness. Or just not wanting to do it at all. Join Now!

What Salespeople Can Learn from Classic Songs

Closing Is Easy

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . One of the most common things I hear from sellers is “Get me in front of the right guy, and I can close them”. Big deal, so could any monkey dressed in the right suit, that’s why the big money in B2B sales is made by those who can actually get in front of the right guy long before the closing monkeys show up, those who can OPEN. Back To The Start.

Prospecting? – “Not As Much As I’d Like To”

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Why Not? never understood why sales people and sales leaders who have anaemic pipelines and matching sales results, think they solve their issues by focusing on everything but. They need to stop symptoms, and work on curing the cause. Success in prospecting starts with fully committing to it, and then actually executing. How do I know? Like what?

5 Keys to shortening the selling process

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . What if you could shorten the sales cycle, easily? One common topic that comes up in conversation with sales leaders is how to shorten their sales cycles. At first glance it seems logical, shorter cycles seem to offer a number of benefits, but it’s not always as it seems. Discover the number one way to shrink your sales cycle now. Join Now!

Can We Stop Accepting Average? Please!

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Something has changed over the last few years, and it needs to be reversed. There is too much celebrating of average, everywhere, but especially sales. Let me remind everyone that average = typical; common; ordinary. Not something one would use to describe themselves or loved ones, yet, we seem to celebrate it almost daily. Please!

The Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract

Make Voice Mail Work For You In Prospecting

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Sales people are strange when it comes to prospecting, specifically telephone prospecting. Many find all kinds of reasons (excuses) to rationalize (excuse) why they fail to make call in order to engage with prospects to fill the gap in their pipelines. Some tell me they do not want to phone people because no one ever answers the phone these days.

There Are No Rules In Sales

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . It’s hard not to laugh sometimes when I hear sales people say something like “Well, it’s supposed to go like this…”, or “I was told to do it that way, cause when we do that the prospects do…” But instead I am empathetic to their plight and innocence. You know what else they have access to, sales and sales related info. There are no secrets.

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Or – You’re Just A Boring Prospector

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . I get to listen to a lot of phone calls made by a whole lot of B2B sales people. Some are selling bleeding edge services to prospects with bleeding edge expectations, others are selling traditional products that are as exciting as watching paint dry, or listening to call recordings. zeal for success, not just your own, but that of your prospect.

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A Rep’s Scream For Help

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . While not daily, on a regular basis over the last 12 years I have been called by VP’s of Sales who were extremely disappointed in the training delivered to their team by another provider. (It is entirely possible that some of my former clients have had similar discussions about me; possible, but nah). Don’t torture your reps, improve them.

The Easiest Person To Lie To Is Yourself

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . hear a lot of talk in sales about lying, not so much about how they may lie to win business, but in broader terms. We have all heard the use of “buyers are liars”, or its popular cousin “sellers are liars”. While not limited to sales people, the worst lie sales people tell, are the ones they tell themselves. Join Now!

Winning Consensus-Based Sales

The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need – Book Review

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . There is no shortage of sales books available to consume by anyone willing to commit to their own success. Which leaves one wondering why are so many professional sales people continue to underperform and consistently missing quota? Anthony brings a complete approach to the topic, rather than focusing on some elements of sales without context.

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Crash and Learn

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . While we are all caught up in the cheer of the season, it is important to remember that sales is not always peace, love and joy. In fact, when you consider closing averages in B2B sales, it is most likely that we are bound to have more disappointments than joys as measured by that figure. Use someone from marketing or Customer Success.

The Perfect Close – Book Review

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Years ago, I read a stat that suggested most sales people do not read even one sales book a year, and that was before access to sales blogs and curators of blogs, and a host of other sources (of dubious quality). Sellers are looking for real world, practical executable insights, by real world practitioner. It picks up where many others leave off.

More Sales, Less Time: by Jill Konrath – Book Review

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . In her latest book, More Sales, Less Time: Surprisingly Simple Strategies for Today’s Crazy-Busy Sellers , continues what one describe as her journey through sales. Starting by conquering “ Big Companies ”, then in “SNAP Selling” helping sellers understand and appreciate the world of “crazy-busy buyers”. Join Now!

Secrets to Successful Inside Sales Management

Phone Prospecting – Cool and Not Cool

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . People talk about prospecting as though it is open to interpretation, it should not be.  Prospecting is the act of engaging with someone with the purpose of initiating a sales cycle.  It is not about trying to sell, qualify, or any of the things that will never happen if you do not engage.  Cool: Leaving a voice mail.  WHO CARES!  Join Now!

Changing Your Path To #Prospecting #Success

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . No one says telephone prospecting is easy, which is why I am always puzzled as to why many sales people make it even more difficult than it already is. Many don’t set out to sabotage themselves, some are not even aware they are doing it, and many are just sadly following the advice of pundits who talk about but don’t actually telephone prospect.

Time To Get Over Your Funnel Vision

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Many sales people I work have Funnel Vision, they focus more on the state of their pipeline or funnel than the specific opportunities in their pipeline. It is yet another example of quantity being more important to sales people than quality of the opportunities in their pipeline, and as result they underperform in a number of ways. Click To Tweet.

No Pain – No Game?

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Despite all the tools available, both for sales people to execute their craft, and for companies to “enable” them, the narrative for many in sales has remained woefully unchanged over the last thirty years. While it is easy to point at sales people, the pundits have to take credit, or blame. Join Now! The post No Pain – No Game?

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Successful Selling

Pain Leads To No Gain In Prospecting!

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A few weeks ago, I posted a piece titled “No Pain – No Game?” ” , playing off the old weight exercise motto. In case you didn’t bother rushing to read the piece, it suggests that if you can only sell to buyers who have a self-declared pain or need, you will be in trouble, as 70% of the market, the Status Quo, is immune to the pain argument. Click To Tweet. Join Now!

Are You Too Busy to Succeed?

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . While it may not always seem that way, sales is not that complicated, notwithstanding what pundits and also rans will tell you. That’s not to say it is easy to execute, and we all know that success in sales is all about execution, everything else is just talk, but in terms of complexity, not that much. Like prospecting. Say your number was.

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Getting Time On Your Side

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . If you manage hang on for another week, I assure you that there is life after the election, and what is waiting on the other side is not the end of the world, but the end of your sales year. We’ve all heard that knowledge is power, and in this case, it truly is. then you have the data on which you can build knowledge and success. Join Now!

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Stop Sabotaging Your Prospecting

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . We have all heard the expression that people make decisions based on emotion, then spend time rationalizing the decision. This interplay between our primal instinct and our later developed intellect, impacts sales success in other key ways. Take telephone prospecting, yes cold calling, certainly a real and often emotional thing for all involved.

The Difference Between Sales Pros and Amateurs – Is The Silence

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Everyone knows that the prospect should be doing most of the talking during a sales call. Knowing it and doing it, well you know. That is one of the big challenges in sales, everyone knows what they have to do, but do they do it? It’s not just the listening, it’s what you do with it. Then as soon as the prospects stops, bam, jump on the next thing.

The Power of Denial

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Wanting to understand “why” and “how” are a curiosity we are all born with. Just look at infants and toddlers, they are always asking “why” and “how” questions, something may be mundane or old hat to me, is brand new and completely unimagined to them until they see or experience it. Make a difficult, but important change. Join Now!

Prospects Object Less To What They Want

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . In the past I, have highlighted how many sellers are limiting if not sabotaging their opportunities while telephone prospecting. The main reason for that is that they are approaching things from a deficit, they are casting a small and porous net, one that only captures a small set of buyers, those with a defined need. So now we are down to message.

How Productive Is Your Sales Stack?

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . It’s Monday, a great day for great sellers, the week is ripe with possibilities and opportunities, and how it turns out Friday, is almost entirely up to you and the decisions you make, and the actions you’re willing to execute, or choose to avoid; it’s what makes sales great. But quota attainment is just a symptom, not the cause. Join Now!

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3 Things To Not Say In Prospecting Calls

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Many sellers ask me what they should add to or say in an initial telephone prospecting call.  Having listed to and analyzed thousands of calls, I have come to the conclusion that most sales would make great strides if they first focused on what to leave out of their calls.  Is this a good time? – No! Selling to Executives Tibor Shanto

Just Do It?

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . No, I am not questioning the message behind Nike’s well known slogan or mantra, nothing to do with Nike at all. I am talking to and about sales people who regularly fail to follow through on expectations they set for people they work with, but most importantly, prospects and customers. There are some simple things we can do. The post Just Do It?

Get Over It

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . As an outsider, I find watching the reaction to the elections in the States on Tuesday interesting from a sales point of view. Sometimes obvious facts and realities are lost on the “80%”, because they spend most of their time “taking orders” from self-motivated buyers. But the reaction is worth exploring. Instead on Monday they’re Sales 2.0,

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Resolve to be a Contender Not Column Fodder

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . If you are in B2B sales, you have, knowingly or not, been column fodder. often ask sales people if they know what that means, and for the most part most do not. While some of you may know what I mean, others may not so let’s define. It is a situation where a buyer has decided that they will give the business to a specific, usually favoured, vendor.

Lean Communication for Sales – Book Review

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Communication is central to sales success; we have all seen brilliant people with vast knowledge who are challenged in sharing their knowledge due to an inability to communicate.  Closer to home, we have all seen how the quality of communication can make or break a deal.  Jack how and why to make the answer affirmative every time.  Join Now!

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Pipeline Insurance

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By  Tibor Shanto  –  . Insurance is one of those things that everyone has but nobody really wants. In some ways, we feel that we are throwing money away, until that rainy day or unforeseen event arrives, and we are all too happy to have the insurance. But oh we like prospect when we have them, there is nothing like a full pipeline brimming with opportunities. Join Now!