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4 Handy Enhancements of Pipeliner CRM Management Reports


As many companies have all-too-recently discovered—CRM is not just what you put into it. Therefore, at Pipeliner CRM, we are always focusing on enhancing the user experience for our Management Reports. With the latest release of Pipeliner CRM Collection, we are delivering a lot of small but powerful enhancements. Here are the four handy enhancements you […]. Tips and Tricks

Are You Suffering from the Sales Entitlement Virus?

Increase Sales

Have you heard about the sales entitlement virus?  Probably not even though this sales virus has always been present. Where this virus started is within customer loyalty.  From the executive leadership team to the sales team, loyal customers were expected to continue to buy from the organization.  I saw this over 30 years ago when I worked in the corporate sales world. Share on Facebook.

Stop Sabotaging Your Prospecting

The Pipeline

By  Tibor Shanto  –  . We have all heard the expression that people make decisions based on emotion, then spend time rationalizing the decision. This interplay between our primal instinct and our later developed intellect, impacts sales success in other key ways. Take telephone prospecting, yes cold calling, certainly a real and often emotional thing for all involved.

How To Close In The 21st Century

A Sales Guy

For years we’ve looked at “closing” as a thing you do to someone. We’ve looked at it like an event that happens at the end of the sales cycle. Closing is not something you do to someone, is a journey you take with someone. participated in HubSpots Inbound Sales Day where I did this video on how to close in the 21st-Century. Learn to close on the journey.

The Complete Guide to Lead Nurturing

Download this guide to learn more about how nurturing can benefit your sales and marketing teams, plus get some campaign inspiration.

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Lessons in Marketing and Customer Engaement from A Hilarious TED Talk

Mukesh Gupta

I recently stumbled on to this hilarious TED talk by a British comedian – James Veitch. Firstly, I would urge you to watch the TED Talk below: Lessons from this TED Talk: 1. Unsubscribe. First and the most obvious lesson for marketers is for us to honour our subscribers wish to unsubscribe, by actually taking them off the list. How We Write to Our Customers. Being Personal.

Email Marketing Best Practices: Testing Your Emails Before Hitting Send

Vertical Response

Editor’s note: What does it take to put together an email? How do you take all the components we write about week after week, and put them together to create a thoughtful, well-executed campaign? We asked our in-house email marketing specialist, Reid Yoshimoto, for a breakdown on his process creating our bi-weekly newsletter, the VR Buzz, to share his expertise. Twice a month I put together the VR Buzz newsletter, and each time I treat it as if it were the first email I’ve ever sent. ” We all have some experience with email not working the way it was supposed to.

September Referral Selling Insights—Get Started for $47

No More Cold Calling

Here’s what you might have missed from No More Cold Calling this month. “I don’t discount, and I don’t run fire sales.” ” That’s what I’ve always said. But sometimes, even when a program has helped people, it’s time to retire it and make room for new programs. will no longer be offering this package after midnight Pacific on Thursday, October 6.

What is Your Company’s Prospecting Culture?

The Sales Hunter

Quit blaming salespeople for bad prospecting habits when you the sales manager have prospecting habits that are just as bad! Culture starts at the top, and if you want your team focused on prospecting, you too must make it a priority. Your role as a sales manager/leader is not to be the best prospecting […]. Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting high-profit prospecting prospect prospecting sales prospect sales prospecting

The Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract

Find and engage customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

Why You Need A Sales Strategy? 5 Simple Strategies To Help You Build One


In the last two weeks I have visited with four different companies, meet with a number of leaders, only to discover while all have rock solid strategic plans not a single leader has a sales strategy. Not one of these organizations has a plan, a defined way of saying how they are going to acquire […]. The post Why You Need A Sales Strategy? Sales Strategies sales strategies

Keep It Clean: The Importance of Contact List Hygiene

Inside Campaigner

Your email database is the foundation of your email marketing strategy and, as an email marketer, it is crucial that you have a clean list of contacts that are likely to interact with your email campaigns. Read on for some best practices from Campaigner Email Marketing on how to slim down contact lists and remove stubborn, unwanted contacts.

Marketing Strategy: How New CMOs Achieve Revenue Contribution

Sales Benchmark Index

Generating marketing revenue contribution presents challenges for new CMOs. The traditional handoff of leads from marketing to sales is not working. Demand Generation must be integrated into the buyer’s journey from inception to a closed sale. We recently spoke with Mark. Marketing Strategy Video

Variability in Performance – Let’s Talk Recruiting

Anthony Cole Training

Earlier, I stated that eliminating the variability of performance all starts with people, right? And then, I proceeded to tell you that I thought that eliminating variability starts with systems and process. Now, it’s time to talk about people and that means talking about recruiting. Here are the big ideas about recruiting: You don’t have to like it; you just have to do it. Last year, you won 2.

Winning Consensus-Based Sales

Learn how progressive companies refine their commercial strategy to overcome buyer dysfunction and guide customers to consensus.

In Sales Thinking You Are Different Does Not Mean You Are Different

Increase Sales

Sales differentiation is not an easy task.  With the Internet and all the experts in marketing (branding), having a unique message requires considerable work as well as having the ability to change as the market changes. Credit Yesterday I received a handwritten postcard from a realtor.  I was impressed by this direct mail marketing effort. Share on Facebook.

The Importance of Investing in Sales Productivity


A very interesting report, called State of Sales Productivity Report, has just been released by Docurated. Compiled from anonymized data from the Docurated sales productivity solution and a survey of 127 sales and marketing executives, the report examines the state of sales productivity from both the sales rep and sales management perspectives. In our first […].

Capital Equipment Customer Retention Strategy leverages IT Alliances

Babette Ten Haken

Smart capital equipment customer retention strategy leverages collaborative alliances within a smarter IT organization. Capital equipment lifecycles can average least 5 – 10 years or more. That seems like a long time. However, the pace of change in the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) ecosystem is relentless, unforgiving and dynamic. The The IIoT waits for no one to play catch up. The outcome?

Where Does Sales Enablement Belong?

Sales Benchmark Index

Sales Enablement is the new kid on the block for many organizations. The question has become, who owns Sales Enablement? The The answer is stunningly simple: Sales. Sales Enablement needs to be a centralized function within sales for a number of reasons. Here’s. Article Sales Strategy

Secrets to Successful Inside Sales Management

Learn a variety of best practices, techniques and ideas to both tactically and strategically increase the efficacy, success and impact of your inside sales organization.

Lesson in Leadership I Learnt While Teaching My Son Math

Mukesh Gupta

The Situation: I have a 12 year old son and it is my responsibility to teach him Math at home. Well, I was trying to teach him the concepts of algebra and Ratios and was having a tough time getting through to him and was getting frustrated at my inability to teach him the concepts and his unwillingness to learn (or at least that is what I thought). This was such a different approach to take. Idea

Top 14 Truths About Managing Salespeople & Increasing Sales

Anthony Cole Training

If you’ve followed my blog for any period of time, you know that there are several phrases that I use when discussing sales outcomes, sales management, recruitment and talent development: sales management managing salespeople

Know This One Thing to Help Your Customers Buy


We can’t ignore the fact that we’re all motivated by something. The neuroscience and decision making of customers we know popularised by books like ‘Chimp Paradox’, ‘the brain audit’ and Cialdini book ‘Influence’. Buying motivation is both a wide and deep subject with many views and it fascinates me. I don’t confess to be an […]. Entrepreneurs

Better Selling in Under 5 Minutes: “How to Handle the ‘I need to speak to someone’ stall.”

Inside Sales Training Blog

Welcome to our new video series: “Better Selling in Under 5 Minutes.” ”  We’re launching this series today to help inside sales reps and teams handle selling situations more effectively. Today’s topic is, “How to Handle the ‘I need to speak to someone’ stall.” Please click on the YouTube link to watch. ZWtZyf_3bl0.

Successful Selling

Matt Heinz explains how to attract, manage, close and keep more business in a buyer-centric world.

How Newly Appointed Sales Leaders Can Get Their Sales Strategy Right

Sales Benchmark Index

On this week’s SBI Insider Video Podcast we take a look at newly appointed sales leaders. How can you be sure you make the most of your honeymoon period? The first 90 days are critical to your success. Watch as. Sales Strategy Video

Will Artificial Creativity Trump Human Creativity?

Mukesh Gupta

Artificial Creativity on the Rise. Sony recently released two songs composed by AI and French composer Benoît Carré arranged, produced the songs, and wrote the lyrics. You can listen to both the songs below: Sony has also announced a full album made by their AI to be released in 2017. Earlier, AI had written the screenplay for a short film (though it doesnt make too much sense, for now). You

Now There Is No Excuse to Not Have Your Own Website

Fill the Funnel

I hear excuses every day from many of you that you do not have a personal and.or business website because of…pick an excuse…cost, time, knowledge and others. There is no longer any excuse. For the next two days – September 26 and 27th – you can get a website set up for as low as $2.95/month. hear excuses every day from many of you that you do not have a personal and.or

The Perfect Close

Your Sales Management Guru

The Perfect Close. -A book review-. The quality of new sales related books coming out is amazing and The Perfect Close by James Muir is another high quality book to add to your library. James writing style along with his content makes his book contemporary and a complete book to take an average performer to the next level. You can find it on Amazon. Do you have a Plan?-A Checklist to Validate it.

Slaughterhouse Questions and Customer Discovery

Babette Ten Haken

Slaughterhouse questions might not sound like much, initially. However, they are lifesavers when you get yourself in a new business situation that makes you feel uncomfortable. Slaughterhouse questions resulted from a visit I made to a slaughterhouse over 25 years ago. I was a sales newbie: a product manager for a national plant sanitation company. So there I was, walking along the catwalk.

Six Simple Workload Tips Managing Maximum Performance Without Making Work Your Life

The Productivity Pro

Ever since the Millennial generation entered the workforce, we’re seen a resurgence in the idea that “work” and “life” represent two distinct things: i.e., that we can excel at our jobs and still have an enjoyable life outside the office. You can be super-efficient without chaining yourself to your desk, no matter how you may sometimes feel (. Embrace flexibility.

Injecting Buyer Behavior into Your Product Strategy

Sales Benchmark Index

Podcast Product Strategy

Write with Care in Your Sales Presentations

Increase Sales

Sales presentations can earn the sale or sink it.  These written documents can build trust or erode trust. There are some costs that are fixed and understood by the buyer.  As another example, I would never include “office rent” as part of my deliverable cost. In thinking of my past corporate sales management life, I would have love to have charged for sales meetings. 

3 Key Characteristics of Good Business Metrics

Mukesh Gupta

I recently read a HBR article titled,  Don’t Be Tyrannized by Old Metrics. The post talks about the importance of having the right kind of metrics for your business. In my opinion, metrics are like the dashboard you have on the car. They do have some value but are of no use if you are going in the wrong direction. They are as below: Good Metrics are not necessarily easy to measure.