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The Worst Sales Call of 2012

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In 2012 our consultants attended 438 live sales calls. Our research shows that real estate developers chose who to bank with based on how long it takes for loans to get approved. Two weeks ago, we participated in the worst sales call of the year. thought I would share this story with you. hope to help you avoid some mistakes. The story begins with the EVP of Sales of a large technology company. He hired our firm. The purpose of the engagement was to understand why The Challenger Sale was not working. We asked the EVP which rep best represented the model. Erick is our test case.

Top Sales Books To Read in 2012

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My list of top sales books to read in 2012 consists of books that were published during 2011 and contain innovative, fresh ideas about selling, customer expectations, and how to improve your ability to win new business customers. ” These are some of the common quotes heard early on in the research done by authors Chip and Dan Heath into change. © MASP -

Cold Calls Warm With Research in Advance

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The question I was asked: “Would you rather make 100 cold calls or 20 well-researched calls to b2b sales prospects?” In fact those days of calling anyone without research are long O-V-E-R. Pre-Research Tools to look into: Our #1 “go-to” is LinkedIn for research. Don’t forget free tools like Google Alerts and Twitter for research.

“Our Research Indicates …”

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But research by our team in CEB’s Sales practice suggests that the best ones operate quite differently today: They facilitate idea exchange across their teams, use collective brainstorming to figure out how to unstick stuck deals, and borrow effective approaches to talent management and rep development from peers in other areas of the business. Tomorrow, the third “issue” It would appear, that through more “extensive research” CEB have discovered that the days of the “lone ranger” salesperson are over! ” For goodness sake! By whom? Where?

ResponseAudit Research – AA-ISP 2012

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Since 2007, we at have published research on the best practices around how and when to response to marketing-generated leads.  In October 2007, we presented early findings at both the Boston and San Francisco Marketing Sherpa B2B Demand Generation Summits. Since Read more. Lead Response Lead Response Management Selling Strategy aa-isp Immediate Response Inside Sales Best Practices Response Audit

PowerPoint In Your Pocket – SlideShark Now On iPhone

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Original article: PowerPoint In Your Pocket – SlideShark Now On iPhone ©2012 Fill the Funnel. 20 Web Tools 2012 Presentation Tools Web Tools iPhone powerpoint SlideSharkBrainshark announced early this morning the immediate availability of the free SlideShark iPhone App. SlideShark for iPhone now available here. Set auto-play with looping for self-running presentations.

Mike Kunkle on Driving Sales Training Results

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ES Research worked with Mike on a special project for his last company, so we got to know him a bit better. Our research indicates that 85% of sales training doesn’t impact performance for long. Hiring Interview Measurement Methodology Presentations Research sales process social mediaWhat’s been your approach to get those results? But done well, it can have a major impact.

My 2012 ASTD Conference Visit and (Downloadable) Presentation

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Monday I attended and presented at ASTD’s (American Society of Training and Development) 2012 International Conference and Exposition. Thanks to Mike Galvin for inviting me to contribute to the Sales Enablement track. Another smart guy. learned a lot just from talking with smart sales training buyers and sellers during the course of the day.

17 Seconds, Brain Research and Increase Sales – Friday’s Editorial

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During a mastermind discussion this past week, one of the members shared the first step for cognitive retention is a window of 17 seconds according to ongoing brain research.  The world of brain research is fascinating when it comes to marketing, selling, the sales process and overall productivity.  In the book Buyology by Martin Lindstrom he shared a wealth of brain research specific to how the brain works within the buying decision process.  Sales brain research business to business networking buying decision process increase sales mobile relationship management

Achieve Greater Sales Success in 2012

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Achieve Greater Sales Success in 2012. Posted by Tony Cole on Thu, Jan 05, 2012. What are the key focus areas for sales success in 2012? In the research we do prior to engaging with a new client we find the following: 1. Join Tony for the Cincinnati Chambers 2012 Sales Team in Training Series! © 2012 Fix Your Problem Now.

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Small Business Sales Prospecting Just Got Much Easier

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Close Deals Faster - Save time researching sales leads and businesses. Original article: Small Business Sales Prospecting Just Got Much Easier ©2012 Fill the Funnel. 20 Web Tools 2012 Web Tools Jigsaw Radius sales intelligence small business smb social web tooleconomy – that is currently underserved.” small business. ”   Miles Austin. All Rights Reserved.

7 Things Salespeople Should NOT do in 2012 | Sales Motivation.

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Things Salespeople Should NOT do in 2012. We’ve all seen list after list of things we need to do to increase our sales in 2012. Interesting how when you spend endless amounts of time researching and profiling those you feel you should prospect, you never really get around to actually calling on them. The research you are doing is really good stuff, even if it never results in a sale.  At least that’s what you tell yourself. 4. 2012 is right around the corner. to “7 Things Salespeople Should NOT do in 2012” Leave a Comment. About.

The Pipeline ? Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2012

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RTV - High Execution TV Archive Select Month March 2012. February 2012. January 2012. Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2012. One great thing about this time of year is the research done by others to help you kick-start your year.  B2B sales is not different, the good folks over at OpenView Labs , have put together a list of Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2012

Sean McPheat’s 6 Sales Predictions For 2012

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It’s that time of the year again when everyone is second guessing what’s going to happen in 2012 so I thought I’d put together my top 10 predictions for the sales industry. 1. 2012 will the be the year where the adoption of these sites gathers momentum and this will snowball as more and more success stories are made “public” and the return on investment finally filters through. 3.

Taking the lead with lead quality insights


This new infographic, based on recent Leads360 research , sheds light on attributes that make one lead more likely than the next to convert. Not all leads are equal, but too often we treat them that way. How significant are the findings? With the high cost of generating and responding to leads, the ability to recognize quality leads can make a big difference in the bottom line.

How to Increase Sales Tips & Snippets #19 Research

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The last of the how to increase sales tips for 2011 is research.  In marketing, investing the time to do your research is critical to how effective are your marketing strategies and tactics (think conversions). In this morning’s email I received the following unsolicited email with at least four marketing mistakes because of poor research. May 2012 Be a Year Filled with.

Top 5 Must Haves for Sales Strategy Development

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On top of finishing out 2012, you need to determine which Sales Strategy initiatives to prioritize in order to make the 2013 number. Harvard Business Review research suggests that companies on average deliver only 63% of the financial performance their strategies promise. Here it comes, the 2013 budgeting process. Can you live on or keep your job meeting only 63% of your goals?

The 5 Essential To-Dos for Every Inside Sales Leader

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With the Inside Sales industry (often referred to now, as “remote selling”) growing at the speed-of-light, more and more research is available to help sales leaders identify and adopt best practices.  Tweet AA-ISP Inside Sales Summit. Four hundred Inside Sales leaders attended the 2-day American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) Summit last week in Dallas. Anneke Seley).

Why we shouldn’t demand (or want) marketing to give us sales-ready leads

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When this happens, Sales has two choices: they can either call and qualify the prospect for suitability over the phone, or they can conduct the research necessary to determine suitability via online services like OneSource. Tweet Sales-ready leads. Marketers, as we all know and understand, are responsible for many critical business tasks. This seems like an ideal situation!

The 6 Worst Decisions Sales Leaders Make

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As we conduct research across 19 different industries, patterns emerge. They do research online and are less inclined to agree to a F2F appointment. Without researching how customers make a purchase decision, your sales force could be misaligned. And yet, as we conduct our research, we still see companies who pretend otherwise. Think of this article as a holiday gift.

The State of Sales Training 2012 | Part 2: Some of the Sales Training Leaders

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(Note:  This post was updated on February 14, 2012.). Through this formal research, ESR provides a unique perspective and authoritative advice to corporations evaluating sales training company alternatives. I’m only highlighting a partial list of names for each category.  2012 — ES Research Group, Inc. — All Rights Reserved. We see it all the time.  Innovation. Imparta.

The State of Sales Training 2012 | Part 2: Some of the Sales Training Leaders

Dave Stein's Blog

(Note:  This post was updated on February 14, 2012.). Through this formal research, ESR provides a unique perspective and authoritative advice to corporations evaluating sales training company alternatives. I’m only highlighting a partial list of names for each category.  2012 — ES Research Group, Inc. — All Rights Reserved. We see it all the time.  Innovation. Imparta.

The Achilles Heel of CRM Adoption (and 2 Ways to Overcome it)

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Some of these tasks, like creating proposals, sending and responding to emails, and conducting pre-call research are recognized by reps as valuable expenditures of their time because they result in sales. I was recently reminded of two very important and strategically crucial data points while attending Sales2.0. Nevertheless, it’s the double-edged “bad news, good news” thing. Here’s why.

Book Review: 52 Sales Management Tips

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Selling is getting tougher and more complicated as the number of sources buyers have to research issues and their potential solutions expand and to then choose from the tremendous variety of solution delivery methods available in the today’s marketplace.  Be a more effective coach. 2. Handle their boss. 3. Hire sales STARS. 4. Drive sales performance and. 5. Manage different types of people.

How Social Technologies Contribute to a Better Customer Experience

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Each year, Forrester Research compiles their Customer Experience Index , where consumers are asked about their preferences and experiences with brands. Other research suggests that growing numbers of senior executives and boards are placing customer experience as a top strategic priority. technology priority for 2012, according to a global survey of CIOs by Gartner, Inc.’s

Top Sales Books to Read in 2013

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consists of books that were published between October 2011 and December 2012. If you are interested in reviewing the entire selection of books on Sales, I recommend the website:   Top Sales Books  as the place to begin or even last years Top Sales Books to Read in 2012. We lost one of my all time sales and motivational guru’s at the end of 2012 – Zig Ziglar.

Sales 3.0: The End of The Road for The Autonomous Sales Rep

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Studies now reveal startling findings: that “buyers conduct 75% of their research before talking to a vendor” and that “the majority of buyers claim they were the ones who found the vendor, not the other way around.” Photo documentation and easy-entry forms are powerful research methods. ” Thankfully, I did, and they didn’t. Sales2.0 bring? Sales3.0

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Trust: It matters (more than you think) ? Value Creator.

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March 9, 2012. January 25, 2012 By brianvellmure 20 Comments. In the 2012 edition, released this week, we see who the general population views as credible spokespeople – people they can trust. 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer: Global Deck. Constellation Research Blog. Posts. Comments. Topics. All Posts. Customer Experience, Acquisition, and Retention. Resources.

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Get on the Podium in 2012

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Based on SEC research, managers consistently underperform in the area of sales coaching. guess you are doomed not to climb the stairs to the podium in 2012. To become a great coach and get to the podium in 2012 you may want to consider the Focused Coaching Program. Once upon a time, all sales managers were sales people. What sales management activity drives sales performance?

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Come On In, The Water’s Lovely! LinkedIn Is Not Just For Businesses It’s For Sales Professionals Too!

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Today’s buyers are a lot more sales savvy; they conduct research online about your products and services, your company and your competitors all with a few clicks of a mouse. The internet and social media in particular are now your buyers’ best friends, as it puts them in control of the modern day sales process, so what are you doing to redress this balance of power? Happy Selling!

5 New Rules for Selling to Prospects Late in the Buying Cycle

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they’ve researched. Remember, they’ve done their research. Tweet Up until 15-20 years ago, and out of necessity, buyers would rely on salespeople to get information on products and services of interest to them. The Internet has forever altered the balance of power, to the buyer’s advantage. more significant factor than convenience is at the heart of this statistic, however. You can’t.

Six Things Customers Want ? Value Creator (

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March 9, 2012. January 18, 2012 By brianvellmure 19 Comments. ” What’s the biggest priority in 2012? Constellation Research Blog. Return to top of page Copyright © 2012 · Genesis Framework · WordPress · Log in Posts. Comments. Topics. All Posts. Customer Experience, Acquisition, and Retention. Social Business. World Impact.

4 Buyer Trends That Will Shake Marketing in 2013

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In recent qualitative research I have conducted, I am noticing a shift from education thinking to insight thinking. To some, it is becoming a chore to research. If you believe buyer behavior would stand pat for a short while, you better let go of this belief. Technology interruption, good and bad, continues to alter buyer behavior and disrupt marketing. Turn off the fire hose please!

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3 Crucial Steps to Help Stop Chasing Bad Prospects

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Well for starters: Call prep time (include research or prospecting time). There should be specific time allotments for research, prep, call time , etc. Five weeks ago I shadowed a sales rep on a series of calls during a typical day. The day was extremely productive…until we landed on a prospect he had been calling for 6 months. This call was brief, and matter of fact. He didn’t know.

Crocodoc Brings Online Commenting and Markup to Any Document

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Crocodoc was founded by the same group of MIT entrepreneurs behind WebNotes , an acclaimed research management tool used by academics and professionals around the world to collect, organize, and share information online. What creative uses will you put Crocodoc to work on? ©2012 Fill the Funnel. You are also able to share and embed these files anywhere you desire online.

Sales VP: Four Ways to Increase Turnover on Your Sales Team

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Click here to view that research) When we asked that question they answered: ‘My boss cares only about himself.’. The number one reason someone voluntarily leaves a company is their boss. But you asked what that really means. Last year we surveyed over 12,500 sales reps and 4,500 sales leaders. But after a while the competition is recruiting me and their cash is just the same. mercenaries).

The Digitization of Human Interactions: From Long Tail to Mass.

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March 9, 2012. February 13, 2012 By brianvellmure 16 Comments. According to a 2012 study by the Content Marketing Institute ; 90% of B2B marketers do some kind of content marketing whether they realize it or not, and. Constellation Research Blog. Return to top of page Copyright © 2012 · Genesis Framework · WordPress · Log in Posts. Lists.

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The Evolution of Sales Tools and the Efficiency Paradox

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Slashes the amount of time needed to research and compile lists. Think about the most recent communication you sent to a prospect. Picture who the prospect was, what you wrote, and what your objective was. Do you have it in your mind? OK then. Let me ask you a few questions. Did you dip a feather into an ink-pot to pen the letter? Did you seal the envelope with a wax stamp? Yes, it helps.

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39% of Marketers Do Not Have a Defined Content Marketing Strategy

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While 57%, plan to do more buyer research. Q: Which of the following best describes your and your organization's understanding of customers/buyers to inform your content marketing strategy? This data is an indicator organizations need to continue investing in buyer research. advocate the point of view here buyer personas are a means for communicating your buyer research.

Is Your Content Marketing Keeping Pace with Buyers?

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There are four key elements to consider: Understanding of your buyers : insight into the knowledge level of your buyers is best obtained from third party buyer research. My point of view: take time to formulate a content strategy based on buyer research – do not make it up. Do you remember Moore’s Law? Something similar is going on in the world of content marketing. This is profound.

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