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The Lie You’ve Been Told About Advertising


That was what one of our GKIC copywriters, Cindy Cyr, was told by her sales manager back when she sold advertising for a regional magazine. Cindy says this was the training given to all of the ad sales people—that they were instructed to tell business owners that what they should be doing with their ad dollars is creating ads to build their brand. in the area.

Sales Management – Top 4 Essentials


Sales Management has only one goal, which is improving sales effectiveness within the organization. Although there is only one goal, there are many different areas a sales manager can help increase sales performance and choosing the right ones and prioritizing is obviously important. Business Management

Sales Process in a New Sales Leadership Model

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Given over 97% of all businesses within the US are under 20 employees, many lack a simple sales process. By not having a process impacts the ability to determine where there are gaps limiting increase sales and ultimately the overall sales culture. SMB owners today cannot afford to have separate marketing and sales departments. Share on Facebook.

How to Recognize and Sell to Your Niche Audience!


With the advance of Social Media to new dizzying heights, today’s sales world brings many new challenges to sales people. Making sale after sale is the ultimate target of any salesperson. It is the major factor in getting abundant sales, because “IF” the right customers aren’t targeted, then the right customers won’t buy the product. No matter! Like You!

Big Deals and High Heels: Why Women Are Naturals at Selling

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And that’s a good thing in sales. Men still outnumber women in the upper echelons of sales. Success in sales is about building and nurturing relationships. We delight in enlisting multiple generations in our sales efforts. Successful sales organizations in the 21st century will facilitate teams that leverage the strengths of both men and women. wasn’t that person.

Build Predictable Revenue

Your Sales Management Guru

CEOs have strengthened their balance sheets with better asset management, reduced their inventory and cost levels with just-in-time methodologies, and increased direct mail and advertising effectiveness through thorough testing and reporting methods. But one area where additional improvements still can be made is the sales organization. Need more sales management resources?

[Message to Management]: 4 Reasons Your Sales Team Isn’t Getting Referrals

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Referral selling is a disciplined process sales leaders need to learn. Or do you unequivocally believe and trust that you have a referral process in place to drive revenue, save your job, and position your company for sales success? Yes, occasionally a well-served client will mention your company to another buyer and you’ll magically get a sale. Rubbish! We’ve all been there.

4 Ways to Get Past the Gatekeeper (No Tricks Required)

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These “gatekeeper” tactics are insincere, duplicitous, unprofessional, offensive, and a waste of sales time. Dump the Script We’ve all had to make calls from a script at some point in our sales career. Consider the opposite sales approach. But until you qualify them, names are not sales leads. Stop Cold Calling A sales call is either cold or hot. Think again.

Trigger Events, Value Selling and a Little Weekend Project Involving a Power Sander

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Summer is the time for people to catch up on their reading and to compile their favorites into “Summer Reading Lists.” I personally like a variety of business, sales, design, and psychology (neuro-science particularly) books and have a stack of recent reads and another stack of books on my to-read list. Value-gaps are what keep opportunities from closing and lengthen sales cycles.

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Forget the Shiny Toys and Wondrous Bobbles

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Don’t let technology wreck your sales pipeline. Our relationships are actually what seal deals —and keep our sales pipelines full of hot leads. Technology provides valuable tools for advertising, marketing, and sales research. Associations Enterprise Sales Management Salespeople Small Business Really? Gen Xer:  You’re wrong. Our society is sedentary.

Managers and Teams – United We Stand, Divided We Fail?

Jonathan Farrington

have also been frequently quoted as saying “Show me an underperforming sales team and I‘ll show you an unqualified and ill-equipped sales manager”. If you are a manager, here are some words of advice you may want to digest as a matter of urgency –after all, the average tenure for someone in your position is now just 18 months! Project management. Understandable.

In Sales What Worked Yesterday May Not Work Today in the Same Way

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Believe it or not, advertising spending in newspapers is down 4% in the first Quarter of 2013 compared to the first quarter of 2012.  Source Kantar Media June 2013) Yet in that same time frame Outdoor advertising is up 4.3%. Sales is changing yet remaining the same. Salespeople truly must become far more innovative in their sales solutions. Share on Facebook.

61 Awesome B2B Sales Jargon Busters


If you are new to Business to Business Sales then sometimes the sales jargon, buzz words, phrases and acronyms Sales Professionals use can be quite confusing. Furthermore without any standard definitions these words and phrases continue to confuse and mislead Sales People. 20) Ears  where Sales People hang sunglasses. Sales Management

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Win with Social Selling

Igniting Sales Transformation

After all, it takes more than a well written social profile or a few connections, clicks and likes to achieve sales objectives. Like all aspects of being good in sales, how you utilize social channels as part of your sales process takes work. Patience, planning, the right mindset and sales and technology skills all factor into the success equation too. Make time.

How to Get More Referrals Now

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Now imagine a sales world where you only meet with clients who want to meet with you —a world where you never have to cold call, send prospecting letters, pester strangers on social media, or entice clients with special offers. The focus of most sales efforts is conducting sales calls, asking probing questions, proposing, presenting, and closing. Consider the gym. Yuck! 2.

How This Unknown Factor in Social Media Affects the B2B Sales Cycle

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Social media is a marketing strategy and tactic that has become embedded within many business to business (B2B) sales cycle.  Yet to effectively manage the sales cycle (meaning to potentially reduce its time frame when possible), social media presents this unknown factor: The time identification of the first contact. Just be prepared for a non-descriptive response.

Use Personal Recruiting To Build Your Sales Team

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Yet finding top sales people , especially those who will become long-term loyal assets to your firm, remains a difficult task. . However, with all of our advanced technology, word-of-mouth is still a powerful and effective tool, not only in selling, but in recruiting sales people as well.   Offer some incentives for those who refer other sales people for a position with your firm. 

Sales Recruiting: Scoring Your Interviews

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Sales Recruiting: Scoring your Interviews. In every book on sales management, especially those that are focused on recruiting and interviewing salespeople there are always tools, sample questions, salesperson assessments and descriptions on various techniques used during the process. Examples might include: 4 years of sales experience in your industry. Competitive.

Marketing—How Everything (and Nothing) Has Changed

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With new, sophisticated Web applications, social media, the cloud, and the skyrocketing adoption of mobility, marketers and advertisers alike have been scrambling to figure out how rapidly-evolving technologies impact the way we engage customers. Plus, for more on how relationships drive sales , check out my new book, Pick Up the Damn Phone!: The future of marketing is happening now.

Mark Zuckerberg Redefines Value

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In the sales world, we equate value with ROI. Interestingly, WhatsApp co-founder, Jan Koum, who has written damning posts on advertising, will now join the Facebook board. What’s the message for those of us in sales? In the future, sales professionals who fail to do so will be out of jobs. Associations Enterprise Sales Management Salespeople Small Business

[Sales Alchemy]: Turning a “No” into a “Yes”

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” That’s a wise observation from an astute manager I worked for early on in my sales career. Others say prospects use objections to test your sales savvy or to see how you respond. Either way, moving qualified buyers into your forecast and increasing your sales pipeline means addressing objections—without being defensive. “Every objection can be anticipated.”

60,000 Unique Visitors Sales Pitch Means Nothing Part 3

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You are in sales and work for a print and digital newspaper. Your sales script emphasizes your site secures 60,000 unique visitors because you have been told unique visitors matter to your ideal customers who are small business owners. So you scour the local chambers of commerce and compile your sales leads. You do some cursory research respective to these sales leads.

What Is The Best Way To Grow Your Prospect List?

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sales management team may be able to help determine the best strategies for their representatives, but when it comes down to it, salespeople need to do the ground work. You can cold call on the phone, work face-to-face, use networking, attend seminars or executive briefings, use email blasts, newsletters, advertising, SEO, referrals or user groups. Sales Coaching Sales Management Sales Training building prospect list sales leads sales management training sales people sales prospectsthink the secret Learn More.

Sales Leadership: Be Prepared!

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Sales Leadership; Be  Prepared. Sales leaders face challenges every day and being prepared as much as you can be is critical success factor/CSF. So what can a sales manager do to help themselves? 1)      Create a 90 day sales training plan, with dates, times, topics planned in advance. 2)      Use an effective “to-do” list to maintain priorities. Every 60 days place advertisements and interview constantly. One of the most exciting events…            The  Worlds Sales Success Conference. In the end, it all worked, thank fully.  link].

Think Robots Will Replace B2B Sales Reps?

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Eliot Burdett, CEO of Peak Sales Recruiting, explains why in this month’s guest post. Have B2B sales reps gone the way of CD players, the Rolodex, and analog radio—replaced by technology that gets the job done faster and better? Some take this to mean that our prospects and clients don’t really need us anymore—that the automation of selling has made B2B sales reps irrelevant.

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Sales Management and Company Culture

The Sales Insider

bring this up because I think all of us in sales have had the experience of closing a deal, all the while having a nagging feeling in the back of our minds that we may actually have just cost the company money by making the close. Obviously I’m not saying that a sales rep should reject a sale because “it just doesn’t feel right.” ” But I am saying not to ignore that feeling, because it can be a sign of things to come, if differences in company culture aren’t carefully managed and negotiated.

Leads are Making Salespeople Lazier Than Old Golden Retrievers

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan N ot too long ago, before the advent of Social Selling, if a salesperson needed to add new opportunities to the pipeline there were basically two options: Make Cold Calls; or. Most salespeople are the beneficiaries of a nice supply of leads from their company''s marketing, advertising and online efforts. know who I would rather call.

Lies You Want to Believe

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Every day I watch the social media advertisements roll by on Facebook and LinkedIn. Today I saw no less than three advertisements on LinkedIn, all of which began with the headline: “ Cold Calling Is Dead.” If you have learned to hate cold calling, this advertisement is aimed directly at you. Instead, this advertisement preys on sales managers and sales leaders who don’t know how to produce the results they want from their sales force and who wish there were a cheaper sales force they could employ. Sales 3.0

The Truth Behind Failed Sales Training Coaching

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The truth behind failed sales training coaching is the curriculum, the process, the methodology call it what you will  has been designed for the 1.8% of businesses and does not necessarily translate to the reality of 98.2% of all businesses (SMB).  Most, probably 95% of all sales training coaching has been developed to work with these three presumptions: Strategic plan exists.

How to Reach Today's Buyers with Modern Prospecting

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Face-to-face sales interactions are typically viewed as the most valuable activity by Sales Leaders. Today, getting in the door is more difficult than executing face-to-face sales calls. Today your sales people have multiple product specialists, overlays, and management support. The primary differentiator of today''s top Sales Rep is the ability to prospect.

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Overcoming Rejection is a Key to Success in Selling

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How we handle the “no” is one of the keys to succeeding in sales. . Finally, someone has his checkbook out and is ready to go, all you need is a little help from your sales manager.  Your sales manager says NO.  You managed to get your manager on board?  There certainly is not anything intrinsically wrong with marketing via direct mail, advertising, emails, and such-as long as the object is not to avoid prospect contact.  Uncategorized rejection sales sales psychology sales success selling You get your no. 

How To Determine Whether Or Not To Put A Price On Your Product

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A sales management team always has to determine whether or not they want to advertise the price of the product or service they are offering, and many managers will struggle with making a decision regarding the availability of the information. Read full story → Sales Management

Sales Training: Three Key Benefits for Using an Instructional Designer

Dave Stein's Blog

We all know there are no silver bullets to sales training. But there is a critical component to designing excellent sales training and it’s one that often gets overlooked. We have made the point again and again: “ESR recommends employing an instructional designer on a contract basis for the development of all sales training materials. sales training

The Man Who Sold Hot Dogs!

Your Sales Management Guru

As sales leaders  we have 3 aspects to our job.  We must focus on the “role&#   we play, we must focus on the “strategic&# side of our job and we must focus on  the day to day “tactics&# , the story below describes what the “role&# of our jobs are, that is the culture and motivational aspects of sales leadership.  I believe  the story below helps every salesperson fight though the tough times and mental challenges we face  in everyday  life. Sales fell fast, almost overnight. Acumen Management Group, Ltd. The Man Who Sold Hot Dogs.

The Top Ten Changes In Sales Over The Past Ten Years

Bernadette McClelland

Very much like the sales profession. On my return home, I was asked to prepare for an interview and one of the questions was whether I had seen any changes over the past few years in the B2B sales space and if so, what were those changes? You could call on a business manager whose role was fairly simple and straightforward – it was finance and function focused.


Delicious Sales

Sales (12918). Sales Management (2614). Inside Sales (849). Advertising (694). Outside Sales (81). Sales Process (1775). Advertising (694). THE SALES HUNTER AUGUST 12, 2013 Is Your Sales Process Slow or Fast? Is your sales process slow or fast? In 2009, there were 800,000 inside sales departments. sales

What Happened When Sales & Marketing Got Married?

Jonathan Farrington

And not unnaturally, few marketers will question the value of sales leads however they are generated, but the reality is that a poorly integrated lead generation program can actually reduce the overall productivity of a salesforce. Nevertheless, about two years ago, Newco began to seriously question the role of sales lead generation in their marketing mix. The case of Newco & Co.

Start with Social Marketing in B2B, Stop with Social Selling

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Now social marketing specific to B2B is a subset of marketing just as direct mail, advertising, business to business networking and promotional items all are. For some social marketing is considered inbound marketing activities where the more traditional marketing of advertising,  direct mail, B2B networking, etc. are now considered outbound. Prospecting. LinkedIn. Email. Cold calls.

The Sales Association: Industry Trade Shows: Pot of Gold or Money.

The Sales Association

Sharing best practices in sales and sales management Is the only reason you are there because you want to support your local sales rep or because you fear your ‘noticed absence’ will hurt your reputation? Pre-Show Advertising Pre-Show advertising is not cheap (you can do a lot of direct mail for the price or one ad) but if you have the budget, many trade journals have pre-show issues where if you advertise you can get a free product spotlight. On your ad you will also have your booth number advertised.

You Are a “Generalist” – Unless of Course You Are a “Specialist?”

Jonathan Farrington

When I think about the sales space, and some of my acquaintances, colleagues and friends, it is very easy – well for me anyway – to categorize most of them: Linda Richardson, Dr. News: Congratulations to Mark Hunter, last week’s Top Sales Blog Post  and also to this week’s ten nominees. So who is better, the generalist or the specialist? Highlight of my week?