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Google Analytics 101: What Every Small Business Owner Should Know about the Powerful Website Analysis Tool

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Google Analytics is one powerful — and free — website analysis tool that can help you better understand your current and potential customers. It’s easy to see why Google Analytics is one of the most popular website analysis tools — it’s easy to use. Google says you can do this in two ways: Use Google Tag Manager to add Google Analytics tags.

Facebook Releases Smart Content Tools & Improves Analytics

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Facebook just introduced a new set of “publisher” tools that could help get your content in front of the right people. Based on feedback from users, the social media giant released four new tools to allow business pages to reach specific people, interpret social media metrics and find content to share. Facebook has also beefed up its analytics page, Insights.

Pinterest Analytics

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That’s where Pinterest analytics comes in. By understanding the analytics on your Pinterest business account, you can watch your website visits and sales grow. Bank of America is a great example of using Pinterest Analytics to identify top-performing pins and topics that users find most helpful. Pinterest Analytics can also help you understand your own impact. To maximize the insight this tool provides, you’ll need to organize your boards strategically. The post Pinterest Analytics appeared first on Vertical Response Blog. Interests.

6 Handy Tools to Monitor Social Media Success

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Many social media sites offer businesses tools to help you monitor your success – Are you taking advantage of them? Here’s a recap of the tools you can use to ensure your social media efforts are working: Instagram Business Tools. Twitter Analytics. Twitter also has an updated analytic dashboard for marketers, verified users and Twitter Card publishers.

Instagram Rolls out New Tools for Businesses

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This week, the image-based social site with more than 200 million users worldwide, has announced a new suite of tools and real-time campaign data “to help brands better understand the performance of their paid and organic content on Instagram.” ” The tools available for businesses will include: Account insights – Impressions, reach and engagement analytics.

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Campaigner Partners with Longstreet Solutions to Provide Intelligent, Individualized Email Campaigns

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Campaigner is pleased to announce that we are now partnering with Longstreet Solutions to enable you to use customer purchase data to predict relevant products, email response data to predict optimal send times, and humans to design beautiful emails! Their complex predictive analytics and machine learning tools, aka "fancy computer stuff," take the guesswork out of analytics, and a dedicated team of account managers ensures top-notch creative and campaign execution. For more information on Campaigner Email Marketing visit Predictive.

4 Ways Real Companies Sell Smarter with Sales Analytics

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paltry 15 percent of organizations use analytics to drive objectives. Investing in analytics isn’t just a nice idea if you have the time and money to make it work. Sales analytics is a time-tested way to get more from the employees and customers you already have and uncover opportunities you may have missed. Analytics can turn traditional methods into sure-fire outreach.

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Busted, Plausible or Confirmed: Campaigner Investigates 5 Common Email Marketing Myths

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All too often, marketers fall victim to email marketing myths, leading to ineffective campaigns and sub-optimal results. Take a look at these five common myths that the Campaigner ’s experts have identified, analyzed and labeled as “busted, plausible, or confirmed”: Myth #1: Email Marketing is Dead. An infographic of Campaigner''s email marketing myths can be found at: [link].

Campaigner Announces Integration with The Magazine Manager

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Campaigner ® is pleased to announce that it is now integrated with The Magazine Manager ® , a world-leading, publishing-specific software that integrates critical sales, production and billing across all departments, streamlines workflows, reduces systems, and eliminates duplicate data entry. Get Detailed Analytics on Email Campaign Sends to Qualify Leads and Close Sales. The Magazine Manager empowers sales reps with easy to use tools to better organize their daily activities and keep them doing what they do best, selling! Use responsive design templates.

5 Tips for Email Marketers to Leverage the Right Data

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Data analytics. Though these are integral metrics to analyze throughout any email campaign, they are not the end-all-be-all. When aptly leveraged, the right metrics will serve the purpose of improving an email marketing campaign, from encouraging users to engage with your brand to increasing the ultimate ROI. Email campaigns are not about spraying and praying. Big data.

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Make Marketing More Efficient by Embedding Analytics on Top KPIs


Frank Donny is founder and CEO of Marseli , a marketing and sales analytics and performance software company. Embedded analytics can deliver intuitive performance reports right where you need them—within your CRM system. Embedded analytics can make marketing more efficient by providing timely new insights with previously unknown information about how your leads perform once they enter the sales pipeline as opportunities. Having analytics right in your work stream eliminates the "real view mirror" assessment of your marketing.

Inside Campaigner: Campaigner Helps East Bank Club Get into.

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Campaigner Helps East Bank Club Get into Shape with its Customers. Campaigner Helps East Bank Club Get into Shape with its Customers. Extreme targeting work out through email marketing with Campaigner breaks records with open rates of 70% + percent and remarkable click through rates of up to 35%. Email marketing with Campaigner’s segmentation capabilities proved to be a great solution to distribute targeted campaigns based on their membership’s preferences and profiles. Campaigner Home. Campaigner Email Marketing. campaigner. (5).

Inside Campaigner: Announcing Campaigner Free Forever!

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Announcing Campaigner Free Forever! If this problem sounds all to familiar, Campaigner Free was designed with you in mind. Campaigner Free allows anyone with a list smaller than 500 contacts to send an UNLIMITED amount of emails every month. In addition, youll have access to hundreds of amazing templates as well as our robust analytics tools. Check out more information by visiting the Campaigner Free page. New to Campaigner and need to learn how to get up and running? Check out our tutorials on the Campaigner YouTube page. Campaigner Home.

Campaign Aspects to Monitor: Conversion Rate and Goal Completion

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Unfortunately, with this approach, campaigns can soon become simply a numbers game. This can show marketers that their campaigns are either going well and nothing should be changed, or that something is off and they need to go back to the drawing board. The source said this can best be identified using the free Google Analytics tool. What metrics are important to you?

Email Spike Drives Conversions

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Email Spike is a combination of two powerful tools for email marketing : Video Spike and Timer Spike. With the release of this new tool, you can add embedded videos & animated GIFs to any email campaign. Add Embedded Videos & Animated GIFs to Any Email Campaign. Add Embedded Countdown Timers to Any Email Campaign. Marketing Tool tips Web Tools email Vide

The Best Sales Tools to Skyrocket Your Revenue


This is especially true for small businesses where having the best sales tools can help skyrocket your revenue. Some social media experts say that a successful campaign should have two or more social media posts per business day. Using this tool, you can manage multiple accounts simultaneously. Improving revenue growth is an important part of the job for everyone in business.

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Email Marketing: Dead or Alive?

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27% of marketers reported an excellent ROI and 46% reported good ROI from their email marketing campaigns. 22% said they saw average results from their campaign, and only 5% were not happy with their email marketing ROI. To put this in perspective for you, with paid search, only 59% of marketers are happy with the outcome of their paid search campaigns.

How To Create Smarter Sales Communication

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Tellwise has created a sales tool that provides an elegant, powerful and easy to implement solution that is easy for sellers and enjoyable for buyers. When I talked with Conrad Bayer, CEO and Co-founder of Tellwise, I asked him why he created the sales tool and his answer told me what I needed to want to explore more. The analytics of Google Analytics. Web Tools

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Inside Campaigner: Add Visual Appeal to Your Email Marketing

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Recently Campaigner surveyed its customers about 2011 email marketing plans. Simply adding individual campaigns to an email marketing program, however, is not necessarily the best option. good email marketing service should include tools that allow you to search, resize, crop and rotate photos and images without leaving your email template. Campaigner Home. at 5:47 AM.

Inside Campaigner: Campaigner Helps Bobby's Bike Hike Pedal the.

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Campaigner Helps Bobby’s Bike Hike Pedal the Distance with Customers. Email marketing would allow the company to easily create highly targeted campaigns and promotions for new tours, offers and other events throughout the season. This year the company used Campaigner to send out their very first email campaign about the sale. Campaigner Home. The Solution.

Important LinkedIn Action To Take Now

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You might have additional storage areas like Email contacts, your CRM tool, and your smartphone, but the largest collection is typically LinkedIn. LinkedIn recently pulled the plug on companies that were importing your contacts into tools like CRM and email. LinkedIn is now integrating with only two CRM tools- Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. You may be prompted to sign in.

Email Spike Drives Conversions

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Email Spike is a combination of two powerful tools for email marketing : Video Spike and Timer Spike. With the release of this new tool, you can add embedded videos & animated GIFs to any email campaign. Add Embedded Videos & Animated GIFs to Any Email Campaign. Add Embedded Countdown Timers to Any Email Campaign. Marketing Tool tips Web Tools email Vide

Inside Campaigner: Ana Silver Co. Finds a Jewel with Campaigner

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Finds a Jewel with Campaigner. Top jewelry seller on eBay relies on Campaigner to keep Customers informed of new products and discounts Ecommerce has become an important and thriving industry as more and more retailers are offering their products online. ” Ana Silver wanted a cost effective marketing tool to not only drive traffic to its new ecommerce store, but keep customers informed about their products. Email marketing would allow the company to easily create personalized campaigns to showcase its one of a kind jewelry to a large audience. Campaigner Home.

What A/B Testing Can’t Do for Your Email Marketing

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The digital marketing world sports dizzying array of metrics, automation tools and analytics platforms—so much so that many marketers rely entirely on them to guide their marketing decisions.   A/B testing can certainly improve an email campaign but there are some things that it can’t do, and experts say we should remember that imagination is as important as being tech savvy. ” Analytics are a great tool for honing a marketing campaign or message, Young says, but they can’t do the heavy lifting of creating that voice or appeal.

Top 20 Sales & Marketing Vendors to Follow on Twitter @Dreamforce ’14

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Act-On’s streamlined user interface puts first-rate marketing tools at your fingertips, making campaigns and programs easier and faster. Use Act-On for all your online marketing campaigns.   Act-On ToolSkool. Of course Smart Selling Tools will also be there covering the event and reporting on what we see and hear. That’s me with Sassy. Act-On Software. Video. 2.

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Inside Campaigner: Calling all Affiliates! Campaigner Affiliate.

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Campaigner Affiliate Program Announces Commission Increase. Did you know that you can get paid for referring new customers to Campaigner? Check back here often, as we are working hard this year to bring you more tools and resources so you can be successful and earn more revenue with us. When customers click through your links and sign up for Campaigner, you will get paid! Until next time, The Campaigner Affiliate Management Team. Campaigner Home. Campaigner Email Marketing. campaigner. (5). google analytics. (1). Its true! Share.

Trick or Treat? Dreamforce Goodies for B2B Marketers

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Note from Nancy: In case you missed it, we sent our a Dreamforce wrap-up and cool tool report in our newsletter this Sunday. Analyst for Smart Selling Tools and advises executives in SaaS MarTech companies and interactive marketing agencies who seek a competitive advantage in meeting the needs of marketers. -. The analytics calculate what’s working well and what isn’t. 

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Inside Campaigner: Introducing Online Image Editing Goodness

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Anyone who has ever created an email campaign will know that getting your images just right can be the biggest time sink when it comes to getting exactly the look you’re after. In the olden days, resizing, cropping, or rotating an image for using in an email campaign would require the use of intimidating, not to mention expensive, image editing software outside of Campaigner.

Why Your Business Should be on Google+

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Google Plus integrates with other online tools you may be using for your business. Analytical Insights. Analytical insights allow you to see key stats from your Google Plus dashboard including how many views your business listing has received, how many times you’ve been viewed in local search and how many people are engaging with you. Curious how Google Plus can help you?

Analytics E-Book for Software Vendors v2.0 | Avangate Blog.

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Keys to Social Monitoring, Analytics and Reporting Importance of Capturing PPC Keywords through Analytics How Tos for Affiliate Program Managers. Check out our Free Tools. PAD Promoter, is an exclusive free tool. » Analytics Minibible for Software Vendors v2.0. It seems the interest for analytics in the software vendors community increases more and more, according to the requests I get by email. believe in actionable metrics, so I decided to act and publish an updated version of the Analytics miniBible for Software Vendors. Blog |. Thanks!

Choice – It Is What Your Customers Want

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The challenge in using this as a business tool has been how to manage the process in a way that meets governmental guidelines and keeps the recipient in full control of the experience. In addition, you can enjoy integration with your email service, analytics, keyword campaigns as well as an easy “subscribe” process for your customers. Your customers expect choices.

Make Customers Go Nuts for Your Offers

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Email marketing and loyalty programs are powerful tools to accomplish this goal. However, building (or improving upon) an effective loyalty campaign doesn’t have to drive you nutty. This information, in conjunction with email marketing tools like segmentation and A/B split testing , will help you improve customer experience, brand loyalty and bottom line results.

Keys to Social Monitoring, Analytics and Reporting | Avangate Blog.

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Keys to Social Monitoring, Analytics and Reporting Importance of Capturing PPC Keywords through Analytics How Tos for Affiliate Program Managers. Check out our Free Tools. PAD Promoter, is an exclusive free tool. « Importance of Capturing PPC Keywords through Analytics. Keys to Social Monitoring, Analytics and Reporting. Choosing the right tool. Each one of the great number of social media analytics tools available today is somewhat different in its approach, metrics, measured channels, reports, depth of analysis etc. Blog |.

Inside Campaigner: The Results Are In!

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As you know, the Campaigner team is absolutely obsessed with you, our customers! We want to know why youre using Campaigner, how youre using it, whats helped and what we can add. 35% of you are on Facebook as a marketing tool - a trend we expect to grow over time. Campaigner Home. Campaigner Email Marketing. campaigner. (5). google analytics. (1).

A Definitive Guide to Using Facebook Insights for Your Business

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Facebook has multiple metrics and analytics to help you with your marketing efforts. The tool can help you better track the overall performance of your page. Now, Facebook is rolling out its Audience Insights tool. It will be available under the “Ads Manager” tool. How do you use these tools? Who has access? What data is available? People. Boost posts.

Escalating CMO Turnover: Thrive or Dive

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But as CMOs are under the gun to shift their focus to the use of analytics and personalization tools to deliver highly-targeted campaigns across a growing assortment of digital channels, this may be widening the divide between CMOs who are in demand and those who are struggling to keep pace.

Inside Campaigner: Internet Marketing Company Boosts Client.

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Internet Marketing Company Boosts Client Satisfaction with Campaigner. Without the proper marketing tools in place, it’s difficult to be successful. Email marketing is a valuable tool to build your clientele list and enhance relationships with prospective clients. “We do everything for our customers from setting up their campaigns to distributing messages on their behalf,” adds James. After six months, Halogen Designs made the decision to work with Campaigner. “That’s how I knew Campaigner was great,” says James.

Sales Acceleration: Email Tracking and Sales Collateral Analytics Answer the Prospect Engagement Question

The Science and Art of Selling

LiveHive has developed a sales collateral analytics tool designed to measure if the buying and selling cycle is aligned.  utm_source=alenmayer&utm_medium=blogpost&utm_campaign=Alen%20Mayer%20Blog%20Post. The post Sales Acceleration: Email Tracking and Sales Collateral Analytics Answer the Prospect Engagement Question appeared first on The Missing Piece to Sales Success - sales blog by Alen Mayer. B2B selling today has completely changed, notably because customers just don’t need you the way they used to.  Articles Headline

Inside Campaigner: Campaigner is going to the 30th ASBDC Annual.

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Campaigner is going to the 30th ASBDC Annual Conference in San Antonio! We’re even more excited about announcing some spectacular offers on small business communications tools for SBDC centers and their clients. 30-day free trials plus 10% off monthly fees on MyFax , My1Voice and Campaigner email marketing for SBDC clients! Campaigner Home. campaigner. (5).

Brent's Social CRM Blog: Hearsay Social Integrates Campaigns.

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Hearsay Social Integrates Campaigns, Goes Rogue and Raises $18 Million.   Today’s announcement included the ability to create and manage integrated social marketing campaigns.    This allows for centralized marketing departments to package up Facebook tabs, posts, and ads into a single integrated campaign.    They can than push the campaign down to the local representatives, can launch with a click of the mouse to their local audiences. Hearsay Social Integrates Campaigns, Goes Rogue and Raises $18 Million. predictive analytics.