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Top Software Verticals to Promote in 2017

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There are several reasons why the Software and Digital Goods category has long been among the top choices for affiliates when choosing what products to promote: An “evergreen” perception. Software products are updated frequently and new companies come out with winning products all the time. But not all software products sell as well as others. High payouts. Constant cash flow.

What will CRM look like over the next 5 years? Software Advice Interview Highlights

Brian Vellmure

Ashley: : You wrote an article about optimizing the full spectrum of customer interactions. Ashley Verrill – a expert with CRM reviewer – interviewed me recently for the second edition of CRM’s Next 5 in 5. This report was an update from predictions five of my industry cohorts made about technologies that will change CRM in the next five years. From your perspective, are there any products or services out there that have actually made real innovation and change to how we use CRM systems? More and more of our lives are moving into the digital realm. Where we are.

Guest Article: “TEAM SELLING–Lone Wolfs no longer reign supreme,” by Dr. Richard Ruff

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Today, salespeople have available easy-to-use and powerful CRM systems and software applications that allow them to share information and insights to a degree that was hard to image even 5 years ago. Team selling – lone wolfs no longer reign supreme by Richard Ruff. Team selling continues to be on the rise. We’ve heard this from clients and colleagues – and now from the research front. According to a recent Corporate Executive Board (CEB) study , the individual salesperson “no longer reigns supreme”. Why is this team selling collaborative approach emerging to the forefront today?

Day With 60 Software CEOs … It’s Still All About Growth

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I recently had the pleasure of spending a day with 60 Software and Online Services CEOs as part of SIIA’s Deciphering the CEO event. The day was filled with peer / panel discussions, each with valuable points, but I thought I would share a couple thoughts that rose above the rest as common themes. Show the facts, and lead the horse to water.

Guest Article: “The Five Golden Rules of Boosting Sales Rep Productivity,” by Nancy Nardin

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Sales software tools can transform the means and methods by which a sales rep’s productivity is not only measured, but calibrated. The focal point of this article is not to examine or suggest possible changes that reps must make. Five Golden Rules for Boosting Sales Rep Productivity. by Nancy Nardin. However, sales leaders should not be quick to take hold of the misguided notion that tools alone will provide all the right answers. A paradigm shift in thinking, and a modification in behavior, must also be considered. Don’t misuse their valuable time, or yours. Take-aways.

Top 10 Sales Articles

HeavyHitter Sales

Here are the TOP 10 Heavy Hitter Sales Blog Articles as measured by number of times viewed. IT Sales Strategy: Software, SaaS & Hardware Sales. Click Here for 25 More Articles. ENJOY!     1. Personality Study of 1,000 Top Salespeople. Are Top Salespeople Born or Made? Seven Fascinating Facts About the Salesperson’s Mind. Why Did I Lose the Sale? Take the Test!

Sales Article about Maintaining Access to Key Players

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Training Article: Maintaining Access to Key Players. If a seller''s offering were CRM software, a reasonable approach would be to call on someone in finance by leading with the potential issues of missed earnings caused by over-optimistic sales forecasts. Check out our article from last week about the Human Element in Sales. Buying lunch? Need some help to increase sales?

Sales Training Article about Ignoring Evolution

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Sales Training Article: Ignoring Evolution. A new approach was needed to sell the 4th generation of ERP software than was used to sell a company''s initial MRP system 30 years prior. Read more sales training articles from CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company. By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company.

Do You Live or Die by the Big Deal?

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PGi is the world’s largest provider of collaboration software and services to business, hosting millions of users collaborating each day. Article Marketing Strategy ABM Account Based Marketing b2b marketing b2b sales Chief Marketing Officer Demand Generation leo tuckerSBI recently spoke with Leo Tucker, the Chief Marketing Officer at PGi. Today’s.

Is There a Sales Enablement Bubble and Will it Burst?

Smart Selling Tools

Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, Scott Santucci of Forrester Research, published an article entitled, “ Is the Sales Enablement Space a Growth Market or a Hype Bubble? ” I wanted to know what drove him to write the article and I talked with him last week. He’s concerned that Vendors are ignoring the basic fundamentals which comprise a healthy market (as outlined in his article ).

Heavy Hitter Sales Blog: Top 10 Sales Articles by Steve W. Martin

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IT Sales Strategy: Software, SaaS & Hardware Sales. Martin: The Real Story of Informix Software and Phil White: Lessons in Business and Leadership for the Executive Team. « Top 20 Sales Articles By Steve W. Top 10 Sales Articles by Steve W. Here’s a countdown of my Top 10 favorite articles…. Click Here to see here to see my favorite articles countown 20 – 11! Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Top 10 Sales Articles by Steve W. Heavy Hitter Sales Blog. Recent Posts. A Salespersons Most Important Competitive Weapon.

Heavy Hitter Sales Blog: Top 20 Sales Articles By Steve W. Martin.

HeavyHitter Sales

IT Sales Strategy: Software, SaaS & Hardware Sales. Martin: The Real Story of Informix Software and Phil White: Lessons in Business and Leadership for the Executive Team. Top 10 Sales Articles by Steve W. Top 20 Sales Articles By Steve W.   Here's a countdown of my favorite articles. Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Top 20 Sales Articles By Steve W. Heavy Hitter Sales Blog. Recent Posts. A Salespersons Most Important Competitive Weapon. Closing Techniques Using Sales Linguistics. Top 7 Critical Sales Trends for 2012. Steve W.

Industry Buzz – October 2016

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We’re excited to bring you the monthly Industry Buzz , with information about trends in the software and online services industry, as well as tons of great links to articles about the global software market, new approaches for go-to-market and on how to protect your software against piracy. Hi sellers!

How to visualize data, boost motivation and surpass your sales goals

The Science and Art of Selling

Through their partnership, NASTC will expand the reach of SalesScreen’s sales motivation software throughout Canada. “As With a proven track record of introducing groundbreaking motivation and management tools to sales leaders throughout North America, NASTC is an ideal distribution partner to provide the network and support we need to expand the reach of our software,” said Sindre Haaland, the company’s CEO. Articles Headline North American Sales Training sales goals sales motivation visualizatin softwareToday I would love to share a huge news with my readers!

5 tools to boost software sales in 2011 | Avangate Blog - Software.

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Software Business Blog. for software submission. 5 Must Have Actions for Affiliates in 2011 » 5 tools to boost software sales in 2011. Welcome to the Avangate Blog, the place to hang out if you have a software business. When it comes to selling software online, conversion rate is probably the metric with the highest impact on sales. So, to get you started I want to share with you a list of 5 tools that I have tested both with the Avangate team, as well as during my recent period as software vendor. Software Business (64). Blog |. Website.

Will Artificial Creativity Trump Human Creativity?

Mukesh Gupta

You can watch the film below: It is already known that many media sources, including Yahoo, have been using AI to write articles for their websites. For Doctors, Lawyers, accountants, software engineers and kind: Most white collar jobs can be and will be replaced by AI systems. Artificial Creativity on the Rise. AI at Google has attempted its hand at poetry and with good result.

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Adapting Software Affiliate Models to SaaS

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Like traditional installed software vendors, software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers are often interested in selling their products through a network of affiliates. This article explores that question in depth. Software as a service (SaaS) is a “software delivery method that provides access to software and its functions remotely as a web-based service.”

How Many Calls Do I Need to Make?

Cold Calling Results

That’s often where I get ideas for these articles. You do, however, need to be using some type of software to track these numbers. Articles I often get emails from subscribers to this newsletter asking me very relevant questions. Keep your questions coming!)Here Here is a question from a subscriber who asks: Wendy, do you have any cold calling metrics? We would like to know how many cold calls a sales representative should make per day? This is a great question – and a relevant question. This is not a one-size-fits-all answer. The value? Priceless. Yours, free. Click here.

Convert more Software Trials to Purchases | Avangate Blog.

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Software Business Blog. for software submission. « Software Piracy – A Business Development Indicator? Increasing software conversions Part 1: Auto-open after installation » Five tested ways to convert more software trials to purchases. Welcome to the Avangate Blog, the place to hang out if you have a software business. What if I told you that five changes to your software could increase revenue 25-50%? But the abandon rate on software trials is astonishingly high. A link to my software download [link]. Blog |.

Industry Buzz – August 2016

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Software is now an integral piece of many traditional products. Learn why more and more companies are attempting to embrace software models. Selling software? Here are more tips on how to make software sales less “salesy” Customer churn rates could be considered great for one business and atrocious for another. There are some tweaks you can make to boost your conversion rates , check them out in Sujan Patel’s insightful article. Hi sellers! Take advantage of these resources to help you win in this rapidly changing market. Tweet.

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Six SaaS Growth Hacks For Customer Renewals

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Your customer relationship management software is key to tracking the renewal process. The article explained, “focusing your best salespeople on new account growth and your customer success team on existing customers aligns the best resources on your team with two very different types of prospect/customer activity.” You know it’s critical. Get your CRM involved.

Is Automation the Key to Modern Selling?

Smart Selling Tools

The article that follows is a reprint from my column in the July Top Sales World magazine, the one online magazine I never miss. Selling automation software allows sales reps to run their own interactive campaigns at a more personalized and direct level. Top Sales World will soon be published as a smaller, weekly periodical which will make it all the more timely and manageable.

Sales Training Article: Time for a Post-Q1 Wakeup Call

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Sales Training Article: 2014 - So Far, So Good? Estimate your close rates (or use actual numbers from your CRM software) and apply them to your current pipeline. Read more sales training articles from CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company Here''s Your Post-Q1 Wakeup Call. Image courtesy of BPlanet at Miss your Q1 target?

Industry Buzz – May 2015

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Hi sellers, To give you a little summer reading, we’ve compiled articles we’ve been reading for the marketer and eCommerce nerd in you – mobile round-up, making money in financial services to the ever-popular areas of pricing strategies and conversion optimization tips. Find out by reading this thoughtful article.

Guest Article: “Identify and Develop the Competencies that Lead to Success in Sales,” by Sean Conrad

Sales and Management Blog

What book, articles, blogs, conferences or courses zero in on them? Sean Conrad is a Certified Human Capital Strategist and Senior Product Analyst at Halogen Software, one of the leading providers of performance appraisal software. For more of his insights on talent management, read his posts on the Halogen Software blog. Identify and Develop the Competencies that Lead to Success in Sales. by Sean Conrad. . One of the questions sales managers often ask themselves is how they can get their entire team to produce like their star performers do. Build a list.

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Guest Article: Are You Client Focused or a Client Vulture?, by Charles H. Green

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Client relationship management” software is sold on the basis of its ability to create client profitability analyses (to the software owner, that is, not to the client). Much has been written about client focus. We hear about sophisticated clients who will leave if we don’t focus on their needs. We hear about the virtues of client loyalty, and the virtues of measurements like client profitability. The key to competitive success is to do a better job serving clients than the next guy. And so on. But there’s a dark side to that theme. And that changes everything. Charles H.

Business of Software: What Heads of Sales and Marketing Need to Think About To Grow? … Hint: Keep Your Channels Close

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Knee-Jerk Reaction: Online Commerce Leads to Software Channel Disintermediation. The popular press has been filled with articles about the ongoing disintermediation of channels coupled with the rise of direct vendor to end-consumer relationships. The Cloud Accelerates Software and SaaS Business Model Changes. The rise of the cloud has ushered in a rapid change of how software is being delivered — shifting from just over 33% in 2010 to over 71% in 2014 being delivered online. Publishers Increasingly Need Channels to Reach New and Fragmented Markets.

How To Effectively Cross-Sell With A Subscription Model

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Remember, when cross-selling you should position your new software as a solution to a customer’s problem or limitation, not simply another service that costs more. Another way to incentivize your current customers to subscribe to additional software is to bundle your prices. Your subscription for Software A may be $50/month, while Software B costs users $65/month.

Plagiarism Goes Beyond Intellectual Dishonesty

Increase Sales

Yesterday a colleague, Mark Hunter , came across one of his articles being plagiarized by a fairly well connected LinkedIn member. The group responded and not even 24 hours later, this particular article as well as all other articles under this person’s name were removed. Software programs can find duplicate content with the stroke of a few keys.

Avangate Affiliate Success Story – Anand Khanse ( Interview

Software Business Blog

My site was affiliated with another software company since the beginning, but started selling TweakBit software via Avangate in February this year. This speaks volumes about the quality of software they make. The best part about selling their software is its pedigree. It comes to you from the house of Auslogics, which is a pretty well-respected software maker.

B2B and B2C are Dead, Long Live B2i

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New technologies are changing how we develop and deliver software, making these processes more agile and responsive. The same technology advances have combined to place power in the hands of a demanding new software buyer who expects personalized attention as she considers, buys and consumes a product or service. But what about buying? It’s all about the Individual.

Industry Buzz – April 2015

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Subscribe to our newsletter and be updated on new blogposts, whitepapers and webinars on how to grow your software and services business. Save the date: June 11 2015, for Avangate’s CommerceNOW , only event dedicated to bringing together digital commerce peers in software, SaaS, and online services. Read this great article to learn how. Hi partners! trillion in 2020.

Celebrating 10 Years of the Avangate Affiliate Network

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Back then, the network was described as ”a sales and marketing tool benefiting shareware and software authors and publishers looking to expand their online sales and take advantage of new markets. This article was our first educational resource for affiliate marketers. Visit our Resources section and the Avangate blog and browse the affiliate articles for more helpful tips.

The Salesperson Mindset: Speed of Technology Adoption


A very interesting article in ERE details the fact that, for roughly the first 20 years of the heavy investment in computers and software (1970s to early 1990s), production didn’t increase at all. Another very interesting article in Harvard Business Review shows how technology adoption is speeding up. For sales today, a mindset is at least as important as a skillset.

A Crucial CRM Solution ROI Factor: Compatibility


In recent articles we have been discussing the depth to which the ROI of any potential CRM solution purchase must be explored. CRM Sales Software Sales Effectiveness We have emphasized the importance of surveying everyone in the company who will be interacting with it, with special attention being given to measuring the impact on and empowerment of your sales force. [.]

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Negative Churn, and Why It Should Be Your Goal as a SaaS Business

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As this article illustrates, implementing a strategy that looks to achieve negative churn starts as early as your pricing model. Avangate powers modern Digital Commerce, solving the complexity of online commerce, subscription billing, and global payments for Software, SaaS and Online Services companies. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Achieving Negative Churn.

Increase Upgrades By Improving Customer Support

Software Business Blog

According to the article, some SaaS niches experience 70 to 95 percent of their revenue from upgrades and renewals. Avangate powers modern Digital Commerce, solving the complexity of online commerce, subscription billing, and global payments for Software, SaaS and Online Services companies. SaaS companies are typically staffed by some pretty brilliant people. A Top Priority .

The July Edition of Top Sales Magazine is Published

Jonathan Farrington

Also in this issue we have guest articles from Dr. Tony Alessandra, Gerhard Gschwandtner, Dan McDade, Diane Helbig and Jason Dobbs. As usual we also announce this month’s Top Sales Article and Top Sales Blog Post, and you will find all the details on nominating your favorites for the 2013 Top Sales & Marketing Awards . Here is a taster for you . “We They see opportunity.

Why Staff Training is so important

The Science and Art of Selling

Investing in training software like that sold by is well worth considering. This kind of software will help your HR team to work with your management team to create tailored courses for your personnel and administer them. ArticlesMost firms realize the importance of investing in their business. They are more than happy to buy new equipment for the shop floor and to pay for marketing and branding. Despite this when it comes to their biggest asset, their staff, many firms are reluctant to invest. There are many reasons to invest in your people.

How to Boost Conversion Rates: What Your SaaS Business Needs To Know About Omnichannnel Commerce

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Econtent Magazine recently wrote an article where they described the difference between omnichannel and multichannel by saying that omnichannel commerce “looks more similar to a spiderweb than a racetrack.” Avangate powers modern Digital Commerce, solving the complexity of online commerce, subscription billing, and global payments for Software, SaaS and Online Services companies.