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Aligning Sales and Marketing: 4 Major Benefits


In today’s business environment, Sales and Marketing are often divorced. Marketing says that Sales isn’t taking advantage of the leads they have, and is wasting them. Sales, on the other hand, is grumbling that the leads Marketing provides just don’t convert into opportunities. There are companies today, though, that are realizing that this isn’t a modern approach and their progress is being hampered by this situation. With a permanent communication block on the subject, there are leads falling into a “black hole” between sales and marketing.

7 Benefits of a Prescriptive Sales Process

Your Sales Management Guru

7 Benefits of a Prescriptive Sales Process. By spelling out the steps that great sales performers use intuitively, you can develop the rest of your sales staff. By taking the time to document what each salesperson should at each step of the sales process you will ensure higher levels of performance. Let me know what has worked for you on creating a sales process.

7 Benefits of a Prescriptive Sales Process

Your Sales Management Guru

7 Benefits of a Prescriptive Sales Process. By spelling out the steps that great sales performers use intuitively, you can develop the rest of your sales staff. In most sales organizations, the majority of salespeople are B or C performers. One of the best ways to help B and C performers improve is to write out a prescriptive sales process. HQNHTN8GWN7Q.

Sales Tips: Benefits of a Defined Sales Process

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: Benefits of a Defined Sales Process. By Gary Walker, EVP of Channel Sales & Operations, CustomerCentric Selling®. Are there any benefits to following a defined sales process?”. Would you agree that most salespeople typically hate to be held to a documented/prescribed sales process? Improved personal sales effectiveness.

New Company Launches – Sales People Need Not Apply

Fill the Funnel

If you are like many in the sales profession you probably thought – “that’s not possible in my industry.” ” Unfortunately I have come to believe that the headline is actually a new reality for a large and ever-expanding list of companies and industries. ” We all enjoy the benefits of technology in making things easier in our daily lives.

Guide to Autoresponders Part 1: Benefits and Welcome Emails

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We’ve put together a three-part guide on the benefits of autoresponders and explore the various kinds of trigger-based emails and when to use them. In part one, we cover the following: The Benefits of Autoresponders. The Benefits of Autoresponders. Here are five ways your business can benefit from using email autoresponders: 1. The high ROI is unrivaled. ” 2.

5 Cost Benefits of a Cloud CRM Solution


Since data hosting costs comprise a significant portion of any company’s budget, it well behooves an organization to research this point thoroughly and learn the whole truth of the matter: is it more cost-effective to retain data resources on-site, or [.] The post 5 Cost Benefits of a Cloud CRM Solution appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog.

How to Kill Social Selling at Your Company

Sales Benchmark Index

Social selling is a technique being adopted by many B2B sales organizations. However, company policies against social media are hampering many a sales team. I even provide a sample Social Media Policy for Sales. HR Business Partners to sales should help drive the creation of a policy. The Sales Force Effectiveness blog has many posts on this topic.

An S.O.S. From Sales Ops to Company Leadership

Sales Benchmark Index

Listen up Chief Sales Officer. It’s time that Sales Operations gets your undivided attention. Download the Leaders Guide to Sales Ops Enablement by clicking here. Find out if your company is maximizing the benefits this team can deliver. There are multiple reasons why Sales Ops needs your attention now. Well-designed sales dashboards for reps and leaders.

14 Marketing Automation Benefits for 2014


Many agencies, firms and CRM solution providers already understand the importance of partnering with a MA Company. The question now shifts from, if you should partner with a company, to who you should partner with. You may first partner with us because we offer the best partner compensation and benefits in the industry. [one_half valign="middle"] Partner Portal.

Sales Tips: How to Optimize Your CRM for the Full Benefits

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: How to Optimize Your CRM for the Full Benefits. By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company. Virtually any company using CRM has either implemented generic pipeline milestones or ideally customized them to mesh with their sales processes. CRM offers many advantages to companies.

Still Selling Features & Benefits – or Genuine Value?

Jonathan Farrington

Most salespeople in most industries have now grasped the difference between features and benefits – hallelujah, I hear you mutter in undisguised relief. Good sales people are able to paint a graphic picture of what is at stake, quantify the value, and help the prospect understand how it will make them feel. Example: “ And you can enjoy all those benefits for just $200 a week.”

Sales Tips: The Benefits of Starting As "Column A"

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: The Benefits of Starting As "Column A". Pre-Internet, it was common for mid-level managers to work with a seller from a vendor to get far enough into the sales cycle to generate a bid or proposal. The benefits of starting at Key Player levels are significant: Sellers have the ability to target companies that fit desirable profiles.

Sales Tips: Responding to "What Does Your Company Do?"

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: How Sellers Should Respond to "What Does Your Company Do?". Companies are intensely focused on their offerings/products. Buyers, sellers and vendors would be better served if: Companies and sellers viewed each offering as a potential means to an end. The way sellers answer a simple question can go a long way toward determining the outcome of a sales call.

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Is a Cloud CRM Solution Right for Your Company?


What would be the benefits? Will it impact our sales process and pipeline management? The post Is a Cloud CRM Solution Right for Your Company? CRM Sales Software Salespreneurs With regard to a CRM solution, it is a question on the minds of many businesses these days: should we move to cloud CRM, or “stay on the ground?” What are the risks? Is it safe? Cloud CRM [.]

When Features and Benefits Don’t Get It Done (an interview with Alen Mayer)

The Science and Art of Selling

Few weeks ago I was interviewed by the GiveGetWin Charity and I provided a sales training session with all the proceeds going to charity. Here is a transcript of my interview: The New Rules For Sales — When Features and Benefits Don’t Get It Done . Sales wisdom from Alen Mayer, as told to Chiara Cokieng. Alen Mayer is a veteran salesman and sales trainer. With over two decades of experience, he’s able to deliver results quickly and has powerful mental models for understanding sales. Alen: I am a sales trainer. Be loud. Pacing.

Sales Tips: The Benefits to Having an "Enterprise" View

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: The Potential Benefits to an "Enterprise" View. By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company. A Sales Benchmark Index (SBI) study showed over 50% of sales cycles that end with sellers involved, result in buyers making “no decision.” Need some help to increase sales?

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Cool Company Interview Series: SnapFashun

Software Business Blog

SnapFushun is just the next step of the evolution, where we allow people to leverage the tools they are already using to share their creations and benefit from the designs and talents of the fashion community. Software is omnipresent in today’s world and clearly the fashion industry couldn’t stay away from this transformation. The design possibilities are endless!

How to Sell to Big Companies


If you are new to sales at some stage you will want to learn how to sell to big companies. It’s common for most ambitious sales people and businesses, yet this can be a challenging or even, a near impossible experience. How to Sell to Big Companies. 3. Once you know the person or persons you need to target, create and plan a sales campaign to target them.

5 Ways to Support Extraordinary Workers from a Company’s Perspective


If the all-encompassing Pareto principle has something to say about it, around 80% of the work that goes around in any given company is done by just 20% of its employees. This makes those hard-working employees, especially sales personnel, the true secret asset of any business, and is the main motive why certain firms manage to rise above their competition and excel. Of course, it stands to reason that such people should be supported by their companies in order to ensure the mutual benefit of all parties involved. Leadership Sales Management

Business Benefits of Using Jigsaw

Smart Selling Tools

Nucleus Research recently conducted a study to explore the business benefits of Jigsaw. For the study, they interviewed multiple contacts at six businesses that use the Jigsaw solution in their sales, marketing and customer relationship management operations. Jigsaw is a community driven online directory of business contacts and companies that anyone can access. vs. IBM, Inc.)

Features and Benefits versus Knowing How to Sell

Inside Sales Training Blog

I told him I was a sales trainer (this is the easiest answer as for some reason as soon as I add “inside sales” to anyone out of the industry, they have no idea what I’m talking about). He immediately made the mistake that most companies and managers and even sales reps make when he next said, “Product knowledge is what it’s all about. You have to know your products.”.

Profit Builders Named a Top 20 Training Company for 2013

Keith Rosen

Keith Rosen’s company, Profit Builders, was named one of Selling Power’s Top 20 Training Companies for 2013. Feedback from each company’s clients played a much greater role in this year’s selection process than in previous years. I’m truly honored to have my company named to Selling Power’s Top 20 Training Companies list for the 3rd year in a row.

3 Hidden Benefits of Self-Service

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We’ve learned why online self-service is the answer to the modern software sales dilemma. But while self-service has the obvious benefit of increasing customer satisfaction, it also has some unexpected ripple effects. These include a new boost for sales and marketing, valuable data for everyone in the organization, and better alignment between channels. Here’s a little more about each benefit. Sales and Marketing Shine in New Ways. But self-service allows companies to link customer activity more closely to marketing efforts.

Cool Companies Interview Series – About Big Content with Treparel  

Software Business Blog

For example, you watch your sales drop in a certain region – it’s good that you’re tracking, but the next more important step is to understand why they dropped, and – even more importantly – what you are going to do about it. This is where Big Content comes in, helping you understand patterns and connections between complaints and the sales drop. How do you monetize it?

Clients Deal With Companies

The Pipeline

We are all familiar with the battle cry of many in sales: People Buy From People. Specifically for sales people who believe they have such a tight relationship with their buyers that they tend to ignore things that can cost them revenue and clients. We have seen companies hire sales reps less for their superior selling skills, and more for their “book”. Tibor Shanto.

How Procurement Can Fail Their Company

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This procurement professional suggests that when you call him that you should tell him what you are selling, how you are different from your competitors, and specifically why you think his company would benefit from what you sell. One could argue that this procurement person isn’t creating enough value for his company. Sales 3.0 No Value Created. And None Accepted.

Sales Tips: Who Owns the Pipeline?

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: Who Owns the Pipeline? The people most willing to embrace change are those that derive benefit. You can graphically show this by plotting benefit on the y-axis and disruption of the x-axis. Slightly more to the right would be Sales VP’s as they are more involved in the implementation. By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling®.

How Crucial are Benefit Statements?

The Sales Hunter

We are digging deeper into the 6 secrets of sales prospecting success and now we have arrived at the role of benefit statements. . The answer is in leaving what I refer to as a strong “benefit statement.” The benefit statement is typically a single sentence and it is something the customer would find of value, thus it’s a called a “benefit statement.” If you don’t believe with 100% certainty they will find value in it, then it’s not a benefit statement. Copyright 2012, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.”

[Webinar Wrap-Up] Incentive Compensation in Retail: 5 Bottom-Line Benefits


With the holiday season just around the corner, there is no better time to ensure your company will earn its share of the retail market pie. With consumer options growing and a constantly increasing number of products, services, and purchasing methods, customer service is the edge your company needs to create a competitive advantage. IT Products Focused on Solutions .

Sales Tips: Tread Carefully with ROI Calculators

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: Tread Carefully with ROI Calculators. By Gary Walker, EVP of Channel Sales & Operations, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company. The potential value to a company of changing how they operate can often be the logic they need in order to help them make a purchase or subscription decision. Need some help to increase sales?

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Sales Tips: BANT

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: Revisiting the BANT Approach. By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company. For years many sales organizations have used the BANT approach (Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline) to qualify opportunities. Sales managers ask sellers to commit that all four of these criteria are in place.

Profit Builders Named Top 20 Sales Training & Coaching Company for 4th Consecutive Year

Keith Rosen

Selling Power Features Keith Rosen’s company, Profit Builders on the 2014 Top 20 Sales Training Companies List. Profit Builders is honored to announce that on June 18, 2014 they were included on the 2014 list of the Top 20 Sales Training Companies that excel in helping sales leaders improve the performance of their sales teams. Sales Training

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Sales Tips: Which Language Are You Using?

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: Which Language Are You Using - Your Key Player's or Yours ? By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company. As a new hire sales trainee at IBM it was confusing and discouraging to attend the monthly Branch Office Meetings that were held. Need some help to increase sales? Player: our software.

Sales Tips: Handling Inbound Opportunities

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: Best Practices for Handling Inbound Opportunities. By John Holland, Chief Content Officer, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company. A large part of gaining access is to make a shift from product evaluations to potential business decisions based upon potential value (cost vs. benefit). Need some help to increase sales?

Three Words that Will Fuel Growth for Your Company and Your People: Do Hard Things

DiscoverOrg Sales

The study revealed that doing hard things is just as relevant to the performance of teams and companies as it is to individuals. The Fastest Growing Companies Do Hard Things. At the end of 2016, we set out to study what drives growth at the fastest growing companies in the world. We wanted to uncover the characteristics that distinguish companies like those on the Inc. What do Sales and Marketing teams do differently that results in more leads, meetings, opportunities, wins and revenue? Today, we’re talking about the fastest growing companies. But, 4.2

Why Selling Product Features Doesn’t Work

The Sales Hunter

After changing the password, I went into the company’s website to see what it said about having to change the password every 90 days. Looking at this site got me thinking about product features and benefits. The software company that goes by the name of “Microsoft” (oops, I just said who it was) seems to know better than me what I want and need. Got that?

Sales Tips: Quality Control and Seller Productivity

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: Determining "Forecast" vs. "Sunshine Pump". For decades, companies have strived to improve productivity and reduce costs through the use of technology. Looking forward, you can see Uber, Lyft and other companies utilizing self-driving cars to eliminate the cost of drivers. Creating cost vs. benefits with buyers to determine if product evaluations are warranted.

Rehearsal Is the Work in Sales Presentations


Imagine my surprise when the national sales manager said to 60 of his top associates, “At lunch the sales team and I decided we have no idea how we managed to sell anything before we met Patricia.” He told me, “It takes a year for us to have the opportunity to deliver an hour presentation to a small group of executives from the company of one of our prospects. At that point a new relationship is worth between $5 and 10 million dollars to our company.”. Here are the 4 more common mistakes that I see on the sales stage and what you can do to avoid them: 1.

Find Your Company’s Hidden Marketer

Vertical Response

As you become more aware of the value of your own time, you’ll want to hand off some activities to motivated and capable employees; and marketing—a time-consuming but essential activity that always benefits from diverse personalities and perspectives—may well be at the top the list. You just have to give everyone the opportunity,” explains Stella Fayman, CEO and co-founder of Matchist , a startup that connects freelance web and mobile developers with companies looking for talent. The post Find Your Company’s Hidden Marketer appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.