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Billion Dollar Agricultural Biotechnology Company Learns PBR.

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Blog Home < Billion Dollar Agricultural Biotechnology Com… Sales & Management Tips. Billion Dollar Agricultural Biotechnology Company Learns PBR Value Selling Skills. In today’s highly competitive agricultural biotechnology sales industry, value selling is one of the more important selling skills needed by top level sales professionals. Asking the right questions and utilizing value-added selling techniques can help biotechnology sales pros satisfy their customers without getting themselves cornered on price issues. About Us. The Company. Overview.

Medical sales – there is no back to the future

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Superimposed on these changes will be significant technological innovations in health care delivery from do-it-yourself biotechnology, to a new generation of surgical robots, to telemedicine and remote healthcare via wearable devices. MedTech Sales. Yet, from time to time the scale and speed of the changes are so large and so fast that they can only be described as disruptive.

Where to Look For A New Job? Check Out These Industry Recession Winners

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Biotechnology 10.3 Top 10 Biggest Recession Winners. IBIS World Announces Industries To Perform Best in 2009. The recession is crippling businesses across the nation, but several industries will remain unscathed by the current economic strife, according to recent Recession Updates published by industry research firm IBIS World. As one of the nation’s most respected independent publishers of business intelligence research reports, IBIS World today announced the top 10 industries expected to have the largest revenue growth in 2009: INDUSTRY AND REVENUE GROWTH 2009. percent. percent.