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Sales Management Simplified Good Advice for Entrepreneurs

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businesses are managed by single office/home office entrepreneurs (SOHO), these crazy busy small business owners might think this book Sales Management Simplified by Mike Weinberg is not for them. What a huge mistake they would be making if they passed up this excellent book on sales written for them as well as those officially in sales management.

What Defines a Truly Great Sales Manager?

Jonathan Farrington

Management, and particularly sales management, operates on and obtains its results from the staff that are managed. To enable the staff that are managed to develop their abilities profitably for themselves and their company – good human relations alone are not enough. The manager has to define tasks, set proper objectives and maintain firm control.

10 questions to help sales managers assess their performance and adapt! – An STC Classic

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The same is true of sales managers. If you believe front-line sales managers are the key to a team’s sales success – and we do – the end of Q1 is a good time to look at what’s working, what isn’t working and why. Good managers are always asking themselves and others about what they could do better or differently. 2015 Sales Momentum, LLC.

Sales managers – it’s time to assess your performance and adapt!

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Sales managers. A few years ago we published a blog on the importance of sales managers assessing their prior year’s performance and incorporating the results of that self-assessment into their plans for the new year. If you believe front-line sales managers are still the key to a team’s sales success, as we do, then the points raised in that post are as important today as when they were first posted and are worthy of another look. Sales managers are starting the new year setting sales goals and reviewing their territories for opportunities.

[Message to Management]: 14 Things Top Sales Managers Do

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The Sales Hunter tells you what it takes to lead a winning sales team. How often do sales managers generate opportunities and support their teams in customer conversations? Under constant pressure to deliver sales, they focus on reports and not on the critical sales activities that generate revenue. What separates a great sales manager from the rest?

Sales managers – assess your performance last year and adapt!

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High Performing Sales Manager Puzzle. Sales managers are starting the new year, making plans to meet (and hopefully exceed) sales goals and reviewing their territory for sales opportunities. While these activities definitely are necessary, top performing sales managers share there’s an additional piece to the top performing sales manager puzzle.

Does Your Inside Sales Manager Have a High C-IQ?

Productivity and Motivational Tips for Inside Sale

A new study on the chemistry of conversations advised sales managers to be more mindful about interactions with their team members. As the war for talent continues, many managers are being hired off the sales team prematurely. They often don’t get the management training they need, and many lack bold leadership abilities. Does anything you say matter?

Why Great Sales Managers are Almost Impossible to Find?

A Sales Guy

This question was posed over at the small business question and answer forum yesterday; What are the essentials to become a great sales manager? Here are a few excerpts from the some of the answers: A great sales manager understands that her salespeople are unique individuals. A mistake sales managers make is trying to force a process on their sales people; a process they can’t do effectively. Great managers make sure they equip their people with the right strategies, processes, systems, tools, training, and resources to succeed.

Imagine This Truly Forward Thinking Sales Kick Off Meeting

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Sales managers and SMB owners are scrambling to schedule their next Sales Kick Off meeting. One the screen is the predetermined annual sales goal broken down into quarterly goals based upon the last five years of sales per quarter. Note: This is a working sales kick off meeting. A new quarter is quickly approaching. Credit

There are Too Many Bad Sales Managers [Yeah, and Sales Leaders Too]

A Sales Guy

It’s a follow up to my post which, in a nutshell, I said sales people suck. ——————– “I agree sales people’s performance is not what it should be. I’m a big fan of training, it’s true that most sales people wing it; they need structure and discipline in how to go about organizing their work. ” .

Top 10 Sales Coaching Quotes

Steven Rosen

Sales is a team sport and like in any sport, a sales team without a great coach is a team that will never win, regardless of the talent and skill of its individual members. Effective sales coaching is about helping your sales people get better at what they do. Below you will find 10 Sales Coaching Quotes that I find insightful and inspirational. What do you coach?

Technology-Dependence: The GPS and the Slide Deck


Where is the construction? For Sales Pros Leadership Sales ManagementLast week I had a speaking engagement four hours from home. Rather than take public transportation and then rent a car to get to my destination, I decided to drive. I hadn’t driven this long a trip by myself since I was in college. A “boomer,” that was a while ago and I must admit I was not feeling very confident. But equipped with my cell phone and my GPS app, I knew that all I needed to do was listen and follow Waze’s lead. The morning after my speech, I set out to drive home. Which route?

Coaching for Performance

Steven Rosen

Many of my clients are now in the process of doing midyear reviews with their sales people. Whether you are doing a midyear or year end review it is important to provide constructive feedback to help your sales reps improve. Some sales managers struggle when they have to highlight areas of skill improvement with their reps. By Steven Rosen. Not team players.

Sales Leadership The Talent of Realistic Personal Goal Setting

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Sales leadership is truly about leading yourself first. This inconsistency helps to account for the inability to increase sales. When working with clients, I use the Results Tool (as constructed by myself and Laura Novakowski ). P.S. Each remaining Tuesday in 2012, one sales leadership talent will be featured based upon the past blog “ Selling Is Not the Problem.”

Are Behavioral Assessments a Pseudo Science?

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A recent blog post on behavioral assessments, Learn How to Increase Sales with These 5 Assessments, sparked a somewhat curious response by one person who suggested these performance (including sales) diagnostic tools were a pseudo science. 85 coefficients because they are constructed from an inductive and subjective perspective. are also inductive and subjective. or higher).

What Ever Happened to the Can with the String?

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We had lots of fun constructing them with our friends, and then seeing how far apart we could get and still hear each other. Your Sales Career Is at Risk Technology addiction isn’t just bad for your personal relationships. It can also kill your sales career. Associations Enterprise Sales Management Salespeople Small Business But we’ve lost the art of conversation.

Sales And The Zombie Apocalypse

Partners in Excellence

Recently, I was having a conversation with Robert Racine about the state of sales management. During the discussion, he mentioned, almost in passing, that too many Sales Managers are becoming Zombies–that is acting purely on autopilot, rather than thinking, evaluating, engaging. But something has changed in selling. Engagement with customers is plummeting.

Dispatching sales coaching myths and best practices – A STC Classic

Sales Training Connection

As the Sales Training Connection readership grows, we decided to reprint some of our most popular posts. In this post we combined two posts: Dispatching Three Myths of Sales Coaching and Best Practices for addressing them. Here goes … Many agree that sales coaching is a critical piece of the puzzle in developing a world-class sales team.

Managers and Teams – United We Stand, Divided We Fail?

Jonathan Farrington

I have also been frequently quoted as saying “Show me an underperforming sales team and I‘ll show you an unqualified and ill-equipped sales manager”. If you are a manager, here are some words of advice you may want to digest as a matter of urgency –after all, the average tenure for someone in your position is now just 18 months! Project management. Understandable.

Coaching sales reps to shelve their poor practices

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Successful sales peopleSales coaching. Heretofore, when we designed sales coaching programs for our clients, we have customized the “what to coach” portion of the program around the core selling skills and best practices relevant for that individual client. Thirty five (35) percent of the decision makers rated too much contact as the most destructive sales rep behavior.

Are There Too Many Salespeople in the World?

Jonathan Farrington

Unfortunately, like those poor medical practitioners who are regaled with requests for advice on everything from ingrowing toenails to cosmetic surgery, I have kind of accepted that if any of my fellow guests have a beef about sales-related issues, then I am going to be in the firing line. What we do know is that there are too many under-performing salespeople on the planet – about 52% of the current sales population according to most trusted analysts. Closing – are they constructing successful campaigns and closing business? That is pretty frightening isn’t it?

7 Signs Your Sales Rep Should Be Promoted

Sales Benchmark Index

As a Sales VP, putting the best people in the correct positions is critical. Making your number next year means promoting, keeping and terminating certain sales reps. Download our Sales Rep Promotability Scale. 7 Signs Your Sales Rep Should Be Promoted: Making the Number Properly : Ultimately, fulfilling your sales job description is exceeding your quota.

Inside Sales Managers: 4 Ways to Motivate Your Team

Green Lead's B2B Blog

Part of any manager's role is to make the people around them better. Whether it's mentoring someone to take over your role when you ascend the corporate ladder, or taking a rep with just enough potential under your wing, ultimately, the job of a manager is to improve his or her team. The Sales Manager is always looking for better performance from a team, and in order to get that, you've got to give a little. Here are four things you, as a Sales Manager, need to give your team if you want to get more production out of them: 1. Believe me, it works!

What Salespeople Can Learn from Sandcastles

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And no one enjoys seeing carefully constructed business deals ebb away before their very eyes. He sets up the story of two architects—a child constructing a sandcastle and an adult building his business. The Lesson for Sales Sometimes you’ll win deals, and sometimes you’ll lose them —even when you’ve invested everything you have into closing them. There is no sorrow. No fear.

Manage Like the Godfather

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Sales managers can take a few lessons from Don Corleone’s leadership style. What if we could use some of his insights to manage our sales teams? So how do you encourage constructive conflict among your sales team? ” Read the rest of this article for more contrarian management strategies. Associations Enterprise Sales Management Small Business

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Use Personal Recruiting To Build Your Sales Team

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Yet finding top sales people , especially those who will become long-term loyal assets to your firm, remains a difficult task. . However, with all of our advanced technology, word-of-mouth is still a powerful and effective tool, not only in selling, but in recruiting sales people as well. Below are a few thoughts to help you focus more on personal recruiting to build your sales team.

Simply Speaking Bad Hires Cost Small Business Sales – Part 2

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Today if I was employed as someone in sales management, I would create and modify a hiring process that would include this one sales talent assessment tool – The Attribute Index to ensure the hiring would not cost small business sales. The Attribute Index is one of the very few deductive and objective in its construction like mathematics, biology or physics.

What’s The ROI Of Stupidity?

Partners in Excellence

” I think it’s an awesome question, I think unconsciously, that may be in the minds of many business and sales leaders as they look for solutions to help improve the performance of sales people. In fact we see billions of dollars a year done though ecommerce, shopping cart sales, electronic trading networks. Companies like Amazon have changed the face of B2C selling, innovating (Hmmm, sounds like critical thinking), and destroying whole categories of Bricks and Mortar sales outlets, not to mention eliminating 10′s of thousands of sales jobs.

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Need to Succeed? Embrace Fear and Become Unstoppable

Keith Rosen

If you stop and think about it for a moment, they are both visions and pictures of a future that we have constructed or visualized in our mind’s eye. This way, you can best manage the fear in your life and make it your ally. Fears and dreams are only possibilities that are constructed in your imagination. What you fear is never real. How can this be true? ” Click.

3 Things Sales Leaders Must do to Stay in Sync with Their Sales Team

A Sales Guy

You have a sales process in place, but the sales manager and sales people are using separate spread sheets with additional stages, because the current sales process doesn’t meet their needs. You’ve built a killer sales portal the sales team never seems to visit. Hold yourself accountable TO the sales team: . Build Feedback Loops:

9 Steps to Kicking Fear in the Teeth & Making it Your Ally

Keith Rosen

If you stop and think about it for a moment, they are both visions and pictures of a future that we have constructed or visualized in our mind’s eye. ” Just doing this will enable you to start taking action which will remove the overwhelm and make the task more manageable. Ironically, most of our fears are not based on logic or reality. They are not real. Breathe! Learn.

Determining a Successful Sales Incentive Plan

Sales Tips & Techniques

A sales management team needs to consider what the point of a sales incentive plan actually is prior to constructing one, as many leaders tend to forget why this type of system is implemented in the first place. The idea behind a sales incentive plan is that representatives may need motivation to increase their productivity and raise the number of outgoing calls that they make each day. When the sales management team sits down and identifies what they are trying to implement in Learn More.

Don’t Trust Your Sales Process, Challenge It, Break It!

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Anthony Iannarino wrote a post, “Trust The Sales Process.” Sales people shouldn’t trust the sales process–they should challenge it and try to prove that it’s wrong! The idea being, they could probably construct endless experiments proving it, but the most rigorous way to prove it is to try to break it. So perhaps the toughest test of our sales process is not declaring it right, but trying to prove it isn’t representative of the collective best practice — at least conceptually. They whine about the sales process.

Sales role plays – do them right then they work

Sales Training Connection

Sales role plays. From time to time we hear disparaging words about the use of role-plays in sales training programs. Here are some fundamentals for designing sales role-plays that will create an experience that will be well received by salespeople and sales managers – provide a platform for real behavior change. Who are these top sales performers?

[Missed Connections]: November Referral Selling Insights

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Referral selling is by far the most effective sales strategy out there. Sale s has always been social. Or you can make the connections you already have stronger—a strategy that’s much more likely to grow your referral network and fill your sales pipeline with hot leads. Join me and Barb Giamanco for a Top Sales World webinar you won’t want to miss. Learn more.)

The Six Skills of Great Sales VPs

Sales Benchmark Index

Not all “A” Player sales reps were meant to be managers. If you’ve been in sales long enough, you’ve seen this mistake unfold. The newly promoted manager repeats behavior that made him successful as a rep. He neglects his skill development and sales initiatives. This role confusion doesn’t stop at the manager level. They trust their managers to execute.

Improving sales coaching feedback – the importance of pronouns

Sales Training Connection

Sales Coaching. People knowledgeable and experienced in sales know sales coaching is worthwhile; it can make a difference and it should be a priority. The pros agree coaching is a critical piece of the puzzle in developing a world-class sales team. If you found this post helpful, you might want to join the conversation and subscribe to the Sales Training Connection.

Results of the 2011 Richardson/McCord Training Social Media in Marketing and Sales Survey

Sales and Management Blog

It has taken a bit of time and a lot of effort, but we finally have the 2011 Richardson/McCord Training Social Media in Marketing and Sales Survey results. The lesson here: be extremely careful as there are many who know little more than how to construct a tweet who are anxious to take your money. To date, social media has been pretty useless in generating actual sales. By far the most use salespeople and companies are getting from social media is in the area of prospecting–finding new prospects to contact using traditional means, not in making sales.

Hiring High Performance Sales Teams #1 of 2

Your Sales Management Guru

Hiring High Performance Sales Teams Strive for high competency and high commitment (first installment of a two-part series on sales recruiting). You’ve got sales quotas, plans and deadlines. That adds expense, disrupts your sales team and, potentially, creates a customer service disaster. It is one thing to need sales training. to your offer.

Sales Leadership Temperament of Collaborator Part 14

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In sales today, being a collaborator is far more rewarding personally, professionally and financially than being the overhearing, always be closing salesperson of the past. Through the Innermetrix Attribute Index , this sales leadership temperament can be uncovered. What this means for those in sales is you are very “involved with people in business and social context” because of the positive Empathy (feeling). This may result in this salesperson being somewhat difficult to manage. Neutral Practical Thinking. Negative Systems Judgment. This is good news.