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Alternative for Google Alerts

Fill the Funnel

The demise of Google Reader has gotten all the attention over the last two weeks but for those in sales and marketing, another favorite web tool also appears to be on it last legs – Google Alerts. Users have relied on Google Alerts to notify them every time new information from search results appear on the web for specific keywords important to them. Sound familiar.

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Enabling Better Decision Making: The greatest Big Data challenge

Brian Vellmure

In the era of Big Data, I believe that we all represent that woman to a certain extent. When we type something into Google, we don’t want 4,456,761 results. When we are making purchasing decisions, Google found in 2011 that the average shopper uses 10.4 Big Data brings with it a whole set of opportunities, but also challenges. We’re increasingly overwhelmed.

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How to Get Star Ratings for Your Site in the Google Search Results

Ian Brodie

Ever done a Google search and noticed that some sites have star ratings next to their listings, while most don’t? And although Google don’t release details of their algorithm, many SEO experts believe that having good star ratings and reviews can help you move up the search results. Or it could be Google’s own “My Business” section. to 17.00

5 Ways to Maximize Google Webmaster Tools for Better SEO

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Google Webmaster Tools is a powerful resource for website owners, webmasters and SEOs alike. Once you’ve set up Google Webmaster Tools , you might be wondering what to do next. If you need basic tips, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Google Webmaster Tools. These groupings are called sitelinks and are considered shortcuts to enable users to navigate a site quickly.

Google Analytics 101: What Every Small Business Owner Should Know about the Powerful Website Analysis Tool

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Google Analytics is one powerful — and free — website analysis tool that can help you better understand your current and potential customers. It’s easy to see why Google Analytics is one of the most popular website analysis tools — it’s easy to use. You don’t need to be a digital genius to work with this most useful of Google’s website tools.

The Digitization of Everything: Wearables Rising

Brian Vellmure

Most of our lives will happen on digital networks by default, each of us generating terabytes of data, and leaving a permanently recorded, constantly evolving trail of digital exhaust in our wake. Google Glass provides a great example. All Posts Future & Innovation cisco digitization of everything Google Glass healthcare innovatethink technology wearable tech wearables

The Leads Are Weak: An Intro to Finding & Working Good Leads

DiscoverOrg Sales

There’s a famous quote from that seminal 1992 movie about sales, Glengarry Glen Ross , in which Jack Lemmon’s character, Shelley, contemptuously dismisses the contact data he’s been given: “The leads are weak!” But a key characteristic of a good lead is that they have the potential to benefit from your solution – this characteristic is commonly known as “fit” – so the latter group, although interested, are bad fit leads. Now, imagine you have several reliable data points on an interested call-in lead. Get A Free Sample of Our Data.

LinkedIn, Tear Down This Wall!

Fill the Funnel

The wall that is being built around your data within LinkedIn. This is my data, this is your data folks.You created the connections with these people. While legally not accurate most likely, I do believe that it is NOT LinkedIn’s data and yet that is exactly how it is being treated. The days of LinkedIn Groups being of value are a distant memory in most cases.

Why Sales Is Like a Taco

DiscoverOrg Sales

For example, If I’m going to make tacos for a group of people with gluten sensitivity, then I’m definitely going to use a corn tortilla. If I’m entertaining a group of foodies, I might go for the blue corn tortilla. Sure, you could spend hours googling various Mexican restaurants to understand the unique demographics and taco offerings of each establishment. Get Free Data.

LinkedIn Steps Up Their Game Across the Board

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Groups within LinkedIn have changed quite a bit, both on the member side as well as the group management side. Lots to cover on this topic on another post specifically on Groups. Group owners now have the option of making their Group “open”, allowing the conversations to be visible and active across the entire web, not just restricted to the walls within the group.

Brent's Social CRM Blog: Is Your Midsize Business Ready to.

Social CRM

  In conjunction with IBM's  Smarter Commerce initiative , the SMB Group and CRM Essentials are working on a series of posts discussing how technology is empowering today's customer, and why companies have to change their approach in order to build strong relationships with them. google. google quotient. google test. Beagle Research Group.

Do You Know Your Target Market? How to Find Out…

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They’ve also got data from the 2012 Economic Census, which is the U.S. Google Analytics provides a depth of knowledge about who’s visiting your website, how they got there (by keyword, referring site, etc), how much time they spend and so much more. Do you know who your target market is? We mean, really know? So, how do you figure out who your target market is? Website?

Email Deliverability: Is Gmail’s tabbed inbox a B2B challenge?

B2B Lead Blog

Google’s new email feature automatically classifies users’ email messages into categorized tabs, including: Primary: friends, family, highly valued messages. Forums: online groups, discussion boards, mailing lists. Email Marketing B2B email marketing email sends Gmail Google messaging tabbed inbox This time, it’s in the form of Gmail’s tabbed inbox. Promotions: deals, offers.

Brent's Social CRM Blog: Are You Ready? Transforming Your.

Social CRM

In conjunction with IBM's  Smarter Commerce initiative , the SMB Group and CRM Essentials are working on a series of posts discussing how technology is empowering today's customer, and why companies have to change their approach in order to build strong relationships with them. This is the second post in the series authored by SMB Group's Laurie McCabe. Businesses need to get the data in a way they can use it, say to run a marketing campaign, close deals or better manage inventory. google. google quotient. google test. Are You Ready?

3 Steps to Combining Social Media & Competitive Intelligence

Sales Benchmark Index

Seeking Alpha/Yahoo/Google/MSN News. LinkedIn Groups and Connections allow for: Following Specific Trade Groups (ie: Sales / Marketing Executives ). The 3 Things you must know about Social Media competitive intelligence: 1) Social Data Collection: The act of gathering data about your competitors. a. Data you should be collecting includes: i. Wikipedia).

Asperger’s put to work: an essay on coding choice and decision making

Sharon Drew Morgan

From 1957 – 1963 I filled notebooks with ideas, drawings and doodles, and fantasized possibilities. [No Google, no computers, no neuroscience or behavioral science or Daniel Kahneman. One of my persistent bewilderments was why people behaved in destructive ways even when they had relevant data suggesting they try something else. when it’s such a personal question.). But I did. Really?

Why New Sales Leads Aren’t All that Matter in Sales

No More Cold Calling

There’s plenty of hard data proving that current clients are far more profitable than new sales leads. Follow Joanne on  Google+  or Twitter  @ReferralSales , or connect on  LinkedIn  and Facebook. Is your team too busy drumming up new business to focus on existing customers? “I’m scared.” This might sound dramatic, but it’s true. Do you see the gap here?

Don’t Confuse “Target Market” with “Ideal Client”

No More Cold Calling

But within that targeted group is a smaller, much more important group—your ideal clients. But it doesn’t tell you which people within this group would actually be ideal mates for you. Fine Tune Your Marketing Data Every company has its ideal clients. Sales and marketing play different roles in lead generation. Your marketing colleagues can certainly help.

10 Ways to Edge Out Your Competitors in 2015

No More Cold Calling

Between mobile, social, and big data, the sheer volume of information we handle on a daily basis is more than human beings had to manage even a few years ago. Dave Kurlan, Objective Management Group: “Pay attention to metrics. Connect with No More Cold Calling Follow Joanne on  Google+  or Twitter  @ReferralSales , or connect on  LinkedIn  and  Facebook. Do the math.”

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Brent's Social CRM Blog: Swimming with the Smarter Customer: The.

Social CRM

The following post was written by Laurie McCabe of SMB Group.   More important, Beer advised us, was that “all the data is in one place and we have a common interface across the 12 Coremetrics modules we use. In turn, this gives Speedo more data to feed back to the business, turn top customers into advocates, and generate more business.  This is the fifth of a six-part series by SMB Group and CRM Essentials that examines the evolution of the smarter customer and smarter commerce, and IBM’s Smarter Commerce solutions.  google. google quotient.

Project 10K: Getting More Website Traffic

Ian Brodie

And for traffic sources we’ve not used ourselves, we can use what data we can find from others as clues to what might work. If we can see their data, great. So make sure there’s data to back up any recommendations you follow. SEO is much trickier and potentially risky these days after recent google changes. Get Clients Online google analytics website traffi

LinkedIn Study Women In Sales

Score More Sales

It’s pretty simple for them to do accurate research – they have all the data of 275 million (or more) business professionals in their system. They searched for female vs. male names and parsed the data to see how many LinkedIn members were female and in sales vs. male and in sales by industry.  email | View My LinkedIn Profile | twitter |Visit us on google+.

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Brent's Social CRM Blog: Smarter Commerce for the Mid-Market: An.

Social CRM

In conjunction with IBM's  Smarter Commerce initiative , the SMB Group and CRM Essentials are working on a series of posts discussing how technology is empowering today's customer, and why companies have to change their approach in order to build strong relationships with them. Here’s an edited transcript of the podcast series that SMB Group's Sanjeev Aggarwal and I recorded with Ron Kline, director of marketing for IBM’s mid-market division, about IBM’s Smarter Commerce solutions for SMBs. google. google quotient. google test. TrackBack.

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Call Him, Email Me, Text Her: The Many Methods of Business Communication

The Productivity Pro

Document sharing such as Google docs, SharePoint, or OneDrive. Group meetings. On the positive side, multiple communication channels provide more ways than ever to contact people and share data. “ The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said. “ – Peter F. Drucker, Father of Management Theory. Less than 30 years ago, we had just a few. The Methods.

10 Tips for Great Keynotes and Better Sales Presentations

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Recently I was searching Google for a Keynote Speaker for Objective Management Group''s (OMG) upcoming International Conference in April. thought I would share some tips that you could incorporate into your group sales presentations, lunch and learns, conference talks and appearances to make them more effective. Example. Example.

Brent's Social CRM Blog: Becoming a Smarter Customer

Social CRM

In conjunction with IBM's  Smarter Commerce iniative ,I'm working with Laurie McCabe and Sanjeev Arggawal of SMB Group on a series of posts discussing how technology is empowering today's customer, and why companies have to change their approach in order to build strong relationships with them. google. google quotient. google test. October 31, 2011.

A New Way to Work Helps Productivity

Score More Sales

The great thing about the #reimaginework session was that it was a very small group in a low-key environment with little fanfare – just everyone rolling up their sleeves and sharing ideas. 230 people at IBM participated in “The Design Thinking” process, looking at data points to see how people really do interact in a people-focused manner to accomplish more. IBM Verse.

5 Best Insights I Picked Up from Sales Leaders at Dreamforce

No More Cold Calling

They shared hard data that proves diversity of opinions creates new opportunities for sales teams, and makes everyone more successful. Trish Bertuzzi, president of The Bridge Group, said learning is the new coin of the realm. Connect with No More Cold Calling Follow Joanne on  Google+  or Twitter  @ReferralSales , or connect on  LinkedIn  and  Facebook. Dreamforce?

Brent's Social CRM Blog: Collaborative Conundrum Part II - Google.

Social CRM

Collaborative Conundrum Part II - Google Apps. Continuing on with the collaboration theme (see Collaborative Conundrum ) I spoke last month to Jonathan Rochelle - Google product manager for Google Docs and Google Sites. Jonathan touched on a number of different ways businesses are using Google applications to collaborate more efficiently and effectively - internally within the company or with customers. He also shares how Google Video, Google Talk and GMail can be used to create easy collaborative opportunities to deepen and extend relationships.

Salespeople are Lazy – and other Musings from Sales 20 Boston

Score More Sales

Session there, and he was most impressed by something Google is doing causing tremendous success. “We are eliminating phone calls since we are much more focused and more productive using video calls” – David Keene, Head of Enterprise Marketing, Google, UK. Data is the doctor – analyze your data for better sales results. Only 59% are good at opportunity creation.

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How To Hire the Right Sales Rep

Score More Sales

The data scientists at Roundpegg can prove how better culture fits make better revenues for your organization. Assessment Tool: Objective Management Group Sales Candidate Assessment. I’ve followed OMG’s Dave Kurlan for a number of years and finally got to meet him at INBOUND 2014 in Boston this year. First, a couple of tools, then a book. Assessment Tool: Roundpegg.

Five Important Microsoft Dynamics Themes From Convergence 2014

Brian Vellmure

This increased focus and elevation of the Microsoft Business Solutions group was further amplified by the on-stage presence of Microsoft North American President Judson Althoff, who demonstrated on an 80 inch touchscreen his use of Dynamics to manage all of Microsoft’s North American Sales and Marketing efforts. In general, the event was well executed. Major Themes. billion and 2.25

[Message to Management]: Top Earners Deserve More of Your Time

No More Cold Calling

When it comes to coaching, are we focusing on the wrong group? In “Why Top Sales Performers Need You the Most,” Andrew Urteaga of Sales Benchmark Index shares some surprising data about sales coaching. Connect with No More Cold Calling Follow Joanne on Google+ or Twitter @ReferralSales , or connect on LinkedIn and Facebook. Drum roll, please. Want Proof?

Sales Excellence Studies Propagate Mediocrity

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan If you conduct a Google search for "sales excellence studies" , you'll find more than 20,000 results. Let me give you an example: At Objective Management Group (OMG), we've assessed (not surveyed) 650,000 salespeople and sales managers. But there are not. They survey anyone who wishes to participate. That's what happens with surveys.

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Hanging Out Where Our Customers Hang Out

Partners in Excellence

”  There was a lot of interesting data there, but several one category captured me. suspect the data may not be too different for non Fortune 500 CEO’s.  Likewise, I suspect the data may not be very different for many C-Level or senior execs. They wanted to assess the social media activity of the Fortune 500 CEO’s.  How are we engaging?  No related posts.

Successful Sales Offsite Tips

Score More Sales

Give attendees time for small group discussion. The great thing about this is that people will often share more in a small group than they might in a large room. For more detail and data, check out the Annual Sales Kickoff Meeting Research e-book. email | My LinkedIn Profile | twitter | Visit us on google+. Image courtesy of Vorsight.

In search of: A meaningful measure of Influence ? Value Creator.

Brian Vellmure

While Klout started with Twitter, it has since expanded to Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and a host of other social sharing sites. It’s also important to know that they are monetizing their service by providing social data to large consumer brands. Google. March 9, 2012. Posts. Comments. Topics. All Posts. Customer Experience, Acquisition, and Retention. World Impact.

Importance of Capturing PPC Keywords through Analytics.

Software Business Blog

Meaning the data capture starts from an impression and goes all the way to the final sale. This article’s focus is to showcase the important of capturing paid search (PPC) keyword data through analytics. Google Analytics (GA) has been considered for this discussion. Importance of Keyword Data through GA. Keyword level data can be obtained from GA in multiple ways.

4 Company Culture “Must Haves” to Create a Great Sales Process

The Pipeline

Mandate CRM Data-Entry – if you want to be a hard-ass, now is the time. Insider tip: hopefully you’ve built trust with your team, if so, then it is important to communicate that entering data in the CRM helps identify their weakness and places focus on areas where you can coach them to improve. You can find him on Twitter and Google +. Some are amazing. These are good.

“The Modern Buyer Is Digitally Driven, Socially Connected….”

Partners in Excellence

We’re inundated with words liked Digitally Driven, Socially Connected… Out of curiosity, I decided to try to figure out what that really meant and to put some numbers to it.  As usual, I navigated to one of my favorite sites, Google, and started doing some queries. Read Craig’s article, but here are a few pieces of data I found interesting: Total Number of LinkedIn users:  More than 350M as of 4/30/2015. Using appears to be actually signing on and looking at profiles, engaging in groups, reading content. But I’m not really clear about this.).