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Want Qualified Sales Leads? Stop Your Team from Cold Calling

No More Cold Calling

Lead generation shouldn’t be that tough. Let’s be honest. Cold calling is bottom-of-the-barrel prospecting. It can take eight to 14 touches to just to reach a prospect who isn’t expecting a call from your sales rep. He’s “dialing for dollars” (read: “wasting time”), and who has time to waste? There has to be an easier way to score qualified sales leads! Yes, bothersome. But it’s not their fault.

Your Best Prospecting Tool is Literally Staring You in the Face


Editor’s Note: This post is part of our special 1-week series on sales prospecting, from experts on the subject. Prospecting is hard enough at the best of times but how often is the best prospecting tool available to us left under-utilized? In fact, how often is it literally staring us in the face and we stare vacantly back at it? Source: Nielsen. Source: DaleCarnegie. Source: IDC. invites.

The Hard Thing About “Digital Transformation”

Mukesh Gupta

The Hard thing about Digital Transformation by Mukesh Gupta. Premise : Everywhere you go on the internet, there is one thing that is prevalent. No, I am not talking about Donald Trump, though he seems to be prevalent almost everywhere as well. I am referring to “Digital Transformation” I have been reading about digital transformation everywhere i go on the internet for sometime now and yet, I don’t yet see true success story of a brand or a business that has actually successfully gone through and transformed, in the true sense of transformation. The question is why is this so?

Who Owns Sales Enablement – Sales or Marketing?

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The Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract

Find and engage customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

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Conversations vs. Combat

Sell More and Work Less

Does your sales team know the difference between conversation and combat? Far too often, salespeople will get into verbal hostilities with their potential buyers. They hear a question or an objection and automatically go on the defensive! Sales Coaching motivating employees optimizing sales Pipeline Management sales quota selling The Sales Leader

The Greatest Disservice We Can Do To Our Customers, Waiting For Them To Buy!

Partners in Excellence

There are just too many stupid conversations about the digitally savvy customer going on. Yes, we know customers are self educating, yes we know they are self diagnosing (that by itself is a frightening prospect), yes we know they don’t want to talk to sales people who simply parrot what they already find thought Google. You might guess I struggle with a world that assumes 100% inbound.).

Crush Your Number with the Right Compensation Plan

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Joining us for today’s show is Eric Schwab, a Chief Revenue Officer who knows a thing or two about revenue growth. Today’s topic is incentive compensation planning to hit your revenue goal. To follow along download our 10th annual workbook, How. Corporate Strategy Sales Strategy SBI on Demand Video sales leader

Who Owns Leads? Sales or Marketing

The Sales Hunter

It’s time we challenge conventional thinking with regard to who owns the lead generation process. In the last several years, a lot has been written about how Sales and Marketing need to come together if we ever expect to resolve the issue of generating leads. In keeping with my habit of challenging the norm, let […]. Blog Professional Selling Skills Prospecting lead generation leads marketing prospect prospecting sales prospecting

Secrets to Successful Inside Sales Management

Learn a variety of best practices, techniques and ideas to both tactically and strategically increase the efficacy, success and impact of your inside sales organization.

Impeccable With What You Do Control

The Sales Blog

You have no control over the economic environment in which you find yourself. The Age of Accelerating Disruption is going to do whatever it is going to do, and it is leveling industries and reshaping the economy. You need to be impeccable by maintaining an awareness of what is going on in your economic environment, and ensuring that you have the mindset and skill sets to succeed in the new economy.

When You Talk About Wanting To Achieve Greatness.

Dan Waldschmidt

Greatness isn’t a status. It’s an attitude. It’s not one particular thing you achieve. It’s the consistency with which you maintain momentum heading towards your goal. It is measured by the focus you apply to perfecting the details. It’s magnified by the speed and sincerity with which you apologize for your mistakes along the way. Great men do not usually achieve greatness. It is the small and insignificant person, unwilling to give up on his ideals, who is most likely to achieve that status. Greatness demands hunger and resolve. Ego is a limitation. Attitude


How To Become A Trusted Sales Advisor & The New Sales Imperative, with Nick Toman and Brent Adamson – Episode #83

The Sales Blog

In their work at CEB Global, Nick Toman and Brent Adamson are on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the sales arena. They also do studies to determine what their observations really mean. New times require a new approach and the guys cover what they think that new approach should look like, including the necessity of becoming a trusted sales advisor, on this episode. Why is that? Why is that?

From easy to expert | Email list segmentation 101 [Infographic]

Vertical Response

You already know that email marketing is a fantastic marketing tool, with 72 percent of consumers saying they prefer email over other methods of communication from companies they do business with. To capitalize even more on the power of email marketing, consider segmenting your email lists – a smart and relatively simple way to boost your open and click-through rates. Start for Free. ©

Successful Selling

Matt Heinz explains how to attract, manage, close and keep more business in a buyer-centric world.

The Curse No Salesperson Said They Suffer From – Ever!

Bernadette McClelland

My family always plays games on Christmas Day and one of our favourites is Charades. Not only do we find it massively amusing, but the person who is up front generally gets so bemused and frustrated at why their simple label cannot be guessed in such a relatively short time-frame, especially considering all the clues they are giving. You now can’t un-see it! Use simple language or lay terms.

It’s All About Your Buyer’s Situation

Sales and Marketing

Issue Date: 2017-03-01. Author: Tim Riesterer. Teaser: The reality of having more decision-makers involved in B2B deals only complicates the job of any marketer or sales pro trying to disrupt their prospects’ current situation and drive consensus among disparate stakeholders. read more

Invitation to OutBound Atlanta 2017 – Episode 67

The Sales Blog

Join me in Atlanta, Georgia on April 13th for the first ever OutBound Conference! Go to The post Invitation to OutBound Atlanta 2017 – Episode 67 appeared first on The Sales Blog. Video

5 Golden Strategies to Bring Luck to Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Inside Campaigner

For many brands, targeting customers effectively can be a challenge that takes more luck than skill to master. The five tips for successful email marketing campaigns in this St. Patrick’s Day Infographic from Campaigner can help you to channel the luck of the Irish! For more information on Campaigner please visit, Patrick's Day St. Patrick's Day Infographic Targeting Customers

Presentations Lack Energy? Let Your Bad Actor Out!

Performance Sales and Training

Many salespeople don’t speak with as much energy or personality in business as they do in their personal lives—we tend to flatten things out, pull them in, tone them down. Because they’ve been conditioned to go into “business mode.” What’s business mode, you ask? Think of the soothing voice of an NPR host, a golf announcer or a flight attendant. The very intent of business mode is not to rile, disrupt or stand out. It’s background noise. Our clients and prospects have dozens of people every day droning on to them in business mode. In business mode you do not stand out. Gesture dramatically.


Sales & Marketing Graduates Deliver Real Value


On the 26th January 2017 Klozers , in partnership with Genoa Black and fatBuzz , launched their new Sales & Marketing Academy to help reduce Graduate unemployment in Scotland. As a 30 year plus sales veteran I am constantly surprised at the quality of young Graduates, with their fresh thinking and different perspectives that they bring to every business. Sales Academy Sales Management