Sun.Mar 18, 2012

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Guest Article, Sales Lead Brownouts Produce Sales Dips Wihin Three Months, Leading to Pipeleine Failure, by James Obermayer

Sales and Management Blog

Sales Lead Brownouts Produce Sales Dips Within Three Months, Leading to Pipeline Failure. 1. by James Obermayer. Companies often decide to curtail lead generation spending because cash flow slows and sales stagnate.”. Please reread that last sentence.  Of course, I can understand caution when cash is short, but slowing down lead generation is not the way out of the morass.  This is how it works.

Do You Prep for the Call? You Should!

The Sales Hunter

Guest post Monday and we have Ken Thoreson of Acumen Management Group sharing why it is so important to be prepared for that important sales call. Ken makes several valuable points in this post, so don’t miss the opportunity to strengthen your selling skills. Back then, a sales manager and I once drove 45 miles to see one of my early-stage prospects. ” “How will you open the call?”

Improve Your Attitude with a Negativity Fast

The Sales Blog

Improve Your Attitude with a Negativity Fast is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. Anthony Iannarino. Despite all of our challenges, we humans continue on our relentless upward trajectory. Things just continue to get better and better. That’s not suggest to that there haven’t been missteps along the way or that there won’t be many more. Surely there will be. But this isn’t the story that you find told on the news, regardless of the source. There is no “fair and balanced” reporting when the only things reported are negative, and sensationalized at that. Avoiding Negative News. No CNN. No Fox News.

Are You Really Selling or Simply Telling?

Jonathan Farrington

Here is today’s reality: Most prospects at the sales stage have come to expect that a salesperson will probably talk at them, for too long, and about very little - especially their needs. This fact was highlighted in an interview conducted by Linda Richardson last week with Forrester’s Brian Lambert. Why the major disconnect? You cannot create needs — but you can uncover them. Learn more ….

The Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract

Find and engage customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

Lead Nurturing: 9 questions answered on lead qualification, nurturing, and Marketing-Sales alignment

B2B Lead Blog

Tweet A couple of weeks ago, I presented an American Marketing Association webcast , “ The One-Two Punch of Effective Lead Engagement: Accurate Lists and Powerful Content” (a replay of the webcast is posted below). The nearly 500 attendees had so many excellent questions that my webcast could have easily been an hour longer. That’s why I decided to answer nine of the most pertinent questions here today and another 12 in a post on the MarketingSherpa blog tomorrow. These questions hit on key challenges in lead nurturing today. Map out the process. Do you have additional questions?

Stop Spending So Much Time Coaching The Bottom Of The Funnel

Partners in Excellence

It’s approaching the end of the month and quarter.  Everywhere I turn, people are focused on closing deals– focused on making the quarterly numbers.  I sit in lot of reviews, managers and sales people are focused on deals at the bottom of the funnel.  “How do we close this deal, what do we have to do to win, how do we get it this month?”  ”  The focus seems to be exclusively at the bottom of the funnel.  It’s as though no other opportunity exists. This month will pass, we’ll enter a new month.  Performance Management Friday — Funnel Churn.

The Check Has Been Written

A Sales Guy

Ok, it was a PayPal transaction. Regardless, yesterday I happily transferred $1,800 dollars to Reeces Rainbow  to support the Sader family efforts in adopting Charity. It was a great feeling and I’m so proud of this community. As I said before, I’ve never met the Saders, but I felt their cause was a noble one and a selfless one. They are almost there. You guys rock! Sales Action Group.