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5 Tips for Lead Nurturing to Grow Your Sales Funnel ? Score More.

Score More Sales

As a seller you are working hard to create a full pipeline (funnel) and now that you have all of these companies and some actual sales opportunities on your radar, how will you bring them to closure? Here are 5

Sales Software Purchases & the Jenga Effect

Smart Selling Tools

Jenga is a Hasbro game that’s basically just a pile of wooden blocks. To begin the game, the blocks are stacked in rows of 3, each row in alternating orientation. The rules are simple: players take turns removing one block from the stack, and returning it to the top of the stack. The Jenga effect. It causes people to make sales software purchases slowly and in some cases, not at all.

Web Tool Matches Your Expertise With Questions on Twitter

Fill the Funnel

You are an expert in something. Now you can match your expertise with people asking for help on Twitter. A new web tool called InboxQ creates an automated way for you to view all of those questions, comments and requests for help on Twitter, on the topic of your expertise and guide those questions directly to you to answer. They also have an InboxQ for iPhone app available in the Apple Store.

3 Important Actions To Take When You Really Mess Up

MTD Sales Training

Let’s face it, you are human and you will make mistakes. Also, your company and other people you work with have flaws and are prone to err once in a while as well. So what do you do when you or your company screws up , costing the customer time, money, headaches or worse? #1. Acknowledge and Inform as Soon as Possible. Let the customer know immediately! You are there, providing constant service.

The Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract

Find and engage customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

How to Generate New Leads? Try This! | Sales Motivation and Sales.

The Sales Hunter

Generating sales leads is not the sole responsibility of the marketing department. For many salespeople, if they had to wait for marketing to generate leads, they would wind up suffering a slow death. The problem is how to

Sales managers – assess your performance last year and adapt!

Sales Training Connection

High Performing Sales Manager Puzzle. Sales managers are starting the new year, making plans to meet (and hopefully exceed) sales goals and reviewing their territory for sales opportunities. While these activities definitely are necessary, top performing sales managers share there’s an additional piece to the top performing sales manager puzzle. This is short-sighted. least time?

The 12 Dysfunctional Personal Productivity Personalities

The Productivity Pro

Everyone has a productivity personality. It’s the collection of strengths, weaknesses, and day-to-day habits that come together to determine how a person works best. I’ve written often about how important it is to get a handle on your own personal productivity personality, but it’s important that you don’t stop there. After all, most of us depend on others at some point in our day and the individual work styles and attitudes of those around us can have a huge impact on our own ability to get things done. So here they are, in no particular order: 1. Scrappers. Pilers. Multi-taskers. Socializers.

Jonathan Farrington's Blog ? So, Which Type of Networker Are You.

Jonathan Farrington

It is obvious that with the arrival of social networking venues we have all  well, most of us  become fixed on reaching out to people who would have previously been inaccessible to us: Facebook wiped out MySpace and

3 Ways to Know if You Should Stop Being a Salesperson | Sales.

The Sales Hunter

I know you won't find this shocking, but I regularly meet people who have no business being in sales. Many of them wandered into the position for all the wrong reasons

4 Myths to Identifying “A” Players in an Interview and What You Should Really be Looking For.

A Sales Guy

Hiring “A” players is without  a doubt critical in building and maintaining successful sales teams. We all want the absolute best talent we can get.  In the end, our job is to build teams, not find the best talent. But, finding the best people for your team is critical. There are a lot of misconceptions about what an “A” player or superstar looks like and how to spot them in an interview. Following these myths can bury your team with under performers and bad hires. They run around in a million directions ready to do what ever they can to make you happy. She rocks!”

The Best B2B Customer Service I’ve Ever Seen

Dave Stein's Blog

Great teams of any sort are rarely great without great leadership. When I think of great team leaders, I think of Kristi Fox, Second Vice President of Group Client Relationships, at Minnesota Life, a Securian Company. The Client Relationship Department at Minnesota Life includes 24 associates who manage group life insurance relationships nationwide. Many of those clients are Fortune 1000 companies.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kristi Fox and her team, and have seen them in action.  Their commitment, quality of service, and performance is the best I have ever seen.  The result?

Winning Consensus-Based Sales

Learn how progressive companies refine their commercial strategy to overcome buyer dysfunction and guide customers to consensus.

Sales rep’s nightmare – selling the solution and losing the sale

Sales Training Connection

Selling the solution, but losing the sale. The last couple of years have produced a number of challenges for those engaged in the B2B market.  Some of the problems will be temporary and as the economy improves the challenge will fade – while others will become new permanent fixtures on the landscape.  Let’s examine a scenario that highlights one that falls into the latter category.

Sales Managers Have the Hardest Job in Sales | Sales Motivation.

The Sales Hunter

Guest post Monday brings us Jeb Blount, author of People Follow You: The Real Secret to What Matters Most in Leadership. As a sales manager, you owe it to yourself to pay close attention to Jeb's keen insights on

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Eight Ways Taking Notes Boosts Your Sales

The Sales Heretic

When I conduct sales training seminars, I nearly always discuss listening skills, because effective listening is vital for improving your sales. And one of the most important elements of what I call “Dynamic Listening” is taking notes. Because note-taking helps you in several ways: 1. It provides visual proof you’re listening. Prospects want to be heard and [.]. Sales follow up listening professional prospct seminar training

Sales 31

The Best B2B Customer Service I’ve Ever Seen

Dave Stein's Blog

Great teams of any sort are rarely great without great leadership. When I think of great team leaders, I think of Kristi Fox, Second Vice President of Group Client Relationships, at Minnesota Life, a Securian Company. The Client Relationship Department at Minnesota Life includes 24 associates who manage group life insurance relationships nationwide. Many of those clients are Fortune 1000 companies.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kristi Fox and her team, and have seen them in action.  Their commitment, quality of service, and performance is the best I have ever seen.  The result?

Why Sales Hates Marketing: 9 Reasons

No More Cold Calling

Here’s why your marketing team and your sales team can’t get along. . Journalist Geoffrey James tackles the debate about sales and marketing alignment, and who owns the client: “The war between Sales and Marketing is both legendary and debilitating. And yet it’s probably fair to say that the future of your company lies in your ability to make the two work better together.

ACT 30

Successful Selling

Matt Heinz explains how to attract, manage, close and keep more business in a buyer-centric world.

20 "Must Have" Leadership Traits if You Want to Succeed | Sales.

The Sales Hunter

Do you want to be a leader and not just a manager? These are 20 must have leadership traits you need: 1. Although managers are concerned about a result, leaders are also concerned about why a result occurred

Sales 33

Take These 2 Steps To Stay Positive When Everything Is Falling Apart

MTD Sales Training

I believe in the power of positive thinking as much as anyone does, and in fact, more than most people. However, the truth is that sometimes, even if it is only on rare occasion, the proverbial bottom falls out, and thinking yourself into a positive attitude , just isn’t going to happen. Try these two simple, yet effective action items. #1 – Short Term Work Ethic Goals. Happy Selling! Sean McPheat.

Sales performance – leveraging the potential of disruptive trends

Sales Training Connection

Sales Performance. If you are a VP of Sales, adjusting to constant changes in the marketplace is the new normal.  Fortunately most of the changes are minor and require only fine-tuning tactical adjustments. On the other hand, from time to time disruptive trends emerge that upend the market in ways that few ever imagine.  Financial Expectations. Hospital–Physician Relationships. Growth Strategies.

My Odd Job Man: Marketing Genius

Ian Brodie

email print We have a guy called James who comes round to our house and offers to do odd jobs every now and then. Youngish guy, big grin, looks like he’s had an interesting life. When he came round last week it struck me that in many ways he’s a great role model for marketing. We first met James a year or so ago when he knocked on our door offering to clean our gutters for £20.

Where Does the Sales Process Really Start?

Increase Sales

Many sales trainers, sales coaching programs and even sales books answer this question: Where does the sales process really start?  Their answers usually begin with the the infamous “developing rapport” or even the most simplistic one of “attracting attention.”  ”  However, if we peeled away the onion so to speak, we would find the start of the sales process begins within each salesperson. Credit For when we ask where does the sales process really start what we are actually asking is where does sales success start? Answer:  Between your ears!

Should You EVER Make Small Talk On A Cold Call?

MTD Sales Training

Small talk : That warm up is always a good thing in a face-to-face sales interaction. It’s that short period of time you have to create some rapport and chitchat a bit to ease into the sales presentation. However, should you ever attempt to initiate such a warm up in a cold call ? In fact, on this subject, I believe that EVERYONE is right. Here is why… NO! No Chit-Chit At All! Warm Up, Chat!

Never Fall In Love with Your Own Product/Service

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

Today's never-ever sales post is from Anthony Iannarino , writer of the popular & CEO of Solution Staffing. He shares how he learned firsthand what happens when you're so excited about what you're selling and totally believe it's the best choice for your prospects. My first real job in sales was for a 4 billion dollar international staffing firm. read the prospect the binder.

eBook 23

You Don’t Just Hire a Sales Team: you build it

Your Sales Management Guru

You Don’t Just Hire a Sales Team–You Build It. Developing a great sales organization involves more than just bringing the right people on board. It requires providing the right opportunities and creating the right culture.   By Ken Thoreson. This is an excerpt from my latest book: Your Sales Management Guru’s Guide to:  “Leading High Performance Sales Teams” )  . Recently, in speaking to two prospective clients, I heard the same complaint that I hear over and over from sales executives: “My turnover rate is huge.” ” They’re not alone in their concerns.

Jonathan Farrington's Blog ? Can You Identify the Four Personality.

Jonathan Farrington

The reality is that we are constantly looking for an edge  to steal a march on the competition  and whilst it is true that professional selling is becoming de-personalized, our ability to quickly get on the same wave length as

Try This Last Effort When You Have Lost The Sale And You Are Walking Out Of The Door

MTD Sales Training

You have gone through the entire sales presentation. You have closed a dozen times. You faced and, you thought, you overcame, what seems like a thousand objections ; and still the prospect will not buy. It’s all over and it’s time to leave. Try this last ditch effort. Hey, you have nothing to lose! Apologise! No scripts or magic words here. Does that make sense? So apologise for your ineptness.

You Have No Control. At Best, You Have Influence (A Note to Sales Leaders)

The Sales Blog

You Have No Control. At Best, You Have Influence (A Note to Sales Leaders) is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. Anthony Iannarino. You can tell your people what to do. You can tell them that they have to do it. You can even give them a goal and a quota. Ultimately, you have no control over the people that work for you. This is true even if you have absolute, formal authority. At best, you have influence. They Don’t Have to Follow. If you are a sales manager, you role is one of leadership. Leading well begins with an acknowledgement that no one has to follow you. Sure you can fire them. Buffer.

Sales 20

The Poor Me Sales Syndrome – Friday’s Editorial

Increase Sales

Is it just me or is the poor me sales syndrome appears to be spreading its insidious infection even further and further? Credit This morning I clicked on another potentially good discussion over at a  LinkedIn sales group and then clicked on the link to learn more. What did I read? . Another sales landing page! . Give me a freaking break! Rick was in attendance there to support her. 

How to Get the CEO to Support Your Next Marketing Plan

B2B Lead Blog

Tweet On the way home from the MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Summit, I caught up with one our clinic coaches, Craig Mullenbach.  A Program Manager for MECLABS, Craig used his decade-plus years of experience in lead-generation and content strategy to help attendees at the event. But he often felt like his hands were tied. ” I feel his pain. They could care less about clicks or responses.

Still Confused About Modern Day Selling? Watch Sean McPheat In Action At The ISMM

MTD Sales Training

Sales 2.0 and modern day selling are hot topics right now, as more and more sales professionals and business owners are seeing the benefits of applying these concepts within their day-to-day sales processes. Enjoy! Regards, Louise. Louise Denny. Marketing Manager. Stop scratching around for sales and learn how to sell the modern way with Sean McPheat’s  FREE 40 minute online training session.

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Are You Investing Enough in Yourself?

The Sales Blog

Are You Investing Enough in Yourself? is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. Anthony Iannarino. I can’t imagine that anyone reading this blog doesn’t have an investment account with some brokerage firm. We know we have to make investments in our future, and we make regular contributions to our chosen investment vehicles. We take the asset that is money, and we invest it so that it will grow. In doing so, we make choices about how and where to invest our money, and we check in regularly to see how are investments are doing. Your Relationships. Make a list of the people that matter most to you.

The Science and Art of Selling by Alen Mayer ? Blog Archive.

The Science and Art of Selling

The best way to handle any objection is to anticipate it and, if possible, make sure that it never intrudes into the sales discussion. Once a thought has been expressed by a prospect it becomes harder to eradicate. This is

Sales 18

Shock and Awe of Business to Business Networking Costs

Increase Sales

Does $38,900 shock and awe you specific to business to business networking costs? What would you say if I said that was probably more on target than you may care to believe? Business to business networking is a significant business building activity.  If you disbelieve this $38,900 or more annual investment, let me share how I arrived at this significant and often overlooked investment.

How To Make A Podcast

Ian Brodie

email print Podcasts can be a great marketing approach. They help you engage with your audience (hearing your voice is that bit more personal than reading your blog). They’re often more intimate (people listen while jogging or in their car so you get more of their attention than if they’re speed-surfing). Just click on the video below to watch. Robert Craven Interview.

Video 17

Death of a Salesman (Revisited). An Interview with Mike Sabin of D&B

The Sales Blog

Death of a Salesman (Revisited). An Interview with Mike Sabin of D&B is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. Anthony Iannarino. In this podcast, I interview Mike Sabin , Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Solutions for Dun & Bradstreet. D&B, as you know, also owns Hoovers. Mike and I were brought together over the continued conversation that, in the very near future, the number of salespeople will decline significantly. We both believe that the rumor of the death of salespeople is greatly exaggerated. Buffer. Mr. Sales Manager, Tear Down This Sign! is a post. Sales 3.0

What's the Secret to Customer-Centric Success? - Think customers.

The 1to1 Media Blog

What's the Secret to Customer-Centric Success? When it comes to using customer centricity to improve business performance, there is no one secret formula for success. Customers, companies, and the relationships between

The Sales Training Coaching Reality Is Bad Sales Talents Top Good Talents

Increase Sales

Many of the sales training coaching programs focus on bad sales talents or sales skills (what people do not do well) instead of good talents (what people do well). Part of the reason for these misdirected actions are due to the lack of using a proven performance appraisal diagnostic assessment focusing on talents, on assessing actual awareness of each salesperson. Don’t speak to strangers.

The Rain Maker is DEAD!

A Sales Guy

The Rain Maker is a dinosaur. The days of the kick-ass, lonewolf, rainmaking sales person is done. Sales has become too complex and too customer centric for a single sales person to make rain. Back in the day, selling supported a rain making person. Armed with determination, creativity, information, (lots’ of information) customers, prospects AND other sales people didn’t have, the rain maker was the king of sales. They were called rain makers because they were able to drive astonishing amounts of revenue on their own. It requires pursuit teams. Sales is far more complex today.

Sales 15

You Don’t Need More Information. More Action.

The Sales Blog

You Don’t Need More Information. More Action. is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. Anthony Iannarino. Leave this blog now. You don’t need to be here right now. You don’t need another new idea. You don’t need a new insight. You don’t need a new tool, a new technique, or a new strategy. You don’t need to do any more research. You don’t need to do any more reading (today, anyway). The gap between your present results and the results that you need can only be filled by your taking massive action on all that you already know. You know who needs your help. You know who you need to help. Questions.

Why Higher Profits Keep Alluding You | Sales Motivation and Sales.

The Sales Hunter

Do you really understand what your customer wants and/or needs? Seems like an obvious question, doesn't it? What I've discovered, though, is that whether a salesperson can command high profits usually boils down to this

The Key Characteristics of the Successful CCO - Think customers.

The 1to1 Media Blog

The Key Characteristics of the Successful CCO. CEOs and boards of directors often feel daunted when it comes time to hire a chief customer officer. The two main reasons: There is a lack of a standard definition of the roles

Making Sense of the Changing Business Conversation.

Dan Waldschmidt

Business is changing. But that’s always been the case. In the early 1800′s, American adventurers traveled by foot and covered wagon to the West in search of new opportunity. They left their families in New England with the understanding that they would likely never again speak to them. But then technology changed the conversation. The Pony Express allowed people living thousands of miles apart to stay in touch. Even though it would take as long as 6-8 weeks for a single letter to travel from coast to coast, the increased communication had a noticeable impact on social interaction.

Guest Article: Meet Them Where They Are, by Diane Helbig

Sales and Management Blog

Meet Them Where They Are. by Diane Helbig. Salespeole are as individual as snowflakes. The way they communicate, sell, and build relationships is equally unique. If you want to lead them, you have to meet them where they are. Here’s what often happens in sales departments all over the world. The sales manager picks a goal, picks a process, and shares it with the sales team. It’s a ‘do this’ mentality. This process is usually one that served the sales manager well when she was a sales person. She believes that since it worked for her, it’ll work for everyone. And, they are wrong.