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6 Mistakes Salespeople Make and 7 Sales Strategies to Stop Making Them


When she held steadfast to the policy I laughed and asked her if she knew how many companies sell the exact same product her company does? Like it or not people have expectations of how we should look, act and talk when we are selling our products. I was training a sales team whose product was solar energy and solar panels. When it comes to sales I am obsessed with learning.

Are You Suffering from Marketing Malaise?

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Yet you cannot place your finger on the exact cause. Think how you can infuse some of that energy into your own marketing actions. Marketing can become quite routine, almost boring especially for small business owners.  Soon you feel you are tired and marketing becomes difficult.  You have a general sense of discomfort and uneasiness.  Change your routine if possible. Read a book.

Reasons Cold Calling Is No Good for Account-Based Sellers

No More Cold Calling

They know exactly the people to meet, and their prospects welcome their calls. How much time and energy do your sales reps typically spend getting in front of the right people? Can one call generate leads better than ten? You already know my point of view on cold calling.  No salesperson should ever have to cold call to generate sales leads. They’ve done their research. Wrong!

Dumbing it Down: 5 Secrets to Getting Smart People to Buy

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Rationality requires a more focused analysis, and effective analysis requires both time and energy. Time and energy, along with patience and attention span, are limited resources and can be depleted quicker than a smartphone’s battery. Your buyer needs to be ‘plugged-in’ to an energy source strong enough to sustain them all the way through to the end.

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Take Action Now to Create the Success You Want this Year

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We all have “prospects” in our pipeline that take up time and energy but that we know in our hearts will never buy. Many waste a great deal of time chasing unqualified prospects because they haven’t taken the time to define for themselves exactly who their real prospects are. 4. You have a choice–you can either take control of your time, energy, and sales business or you can go from crisis to crisis putting out fires while desperately trying to get a sale here and another there. Get them out of your system now. Get organized.

In the End, There Is No Better Strategy

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Enough time and energy leveraged against any obstacle, and the obstacle eventually yields. There is no list of prospects that your company can buy that will tell you exactly who is dissatisfied enough to change right now. Read this article by James Clear. In the end, there is no better strategy than this. Pick up the phone, dial a number. Most of your calls will go to voice mail.

How to Avoid the Need to Defend Your Price

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Tell your dream client you are going to cost more and spend your time and energy showing them how much more they are going to get for their money. Remind the stakeholders exactly how you are going to help them produce the outcomes they need. Explain exactly how the greater investment is necessary to producing the greater outcomes. I’ve written a lot about defending your price.

4 Reasons Dumbing it Down is the Smartest Way to Sell

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They don’t wake up one day and say, “I know the exact extent of my challenges, who I should talk with, and what I need to know in order to solve them.” Rational analysis requires time and energy. Rationality requires focused analysis which requires an abundance of both time and energy. It was one of our most popular posts breaking the 100 tweet barrier.

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Five Tips to Work Productively from Home: Whether You Telecommute Occasionally or Always

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You won’t feel like working after a day of playing, and your energy will be low. To work productively from home, treat your work exactly like what it is—work. “On the fourth day of telecommuting, I realized that clothes are totally unnecessary.”—Scott ”—Scott Adams, American cartoonist. Maintain a dedicated work area. Stick to a regular schedule. It Is What It Is.

Guest Article: “Dumbing it Down: 5 Secrets to Getting Smart People to Buy,” by Nancy Nardin

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Rationality requires a more focused analysis, and effective analysis requires both time and energy. Time and energy, along with patience and attention span, are limited resources and can be depleted quicker than a smartphone’s battery. Not because your buyers aren’t smart, or capable, or far-sighted enough, but because they are human and incredibly busy, with a limited capacity of time and energy. Your buyer needs to be ‘plugged-in’ to an energy source strong enough to sustain them all the way through to the end. And when that happens, your buyer goes radio-silent!

1% Improvement Every Day Grows Sales

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In sales, you cannot assume that other reps and teammates know exactly what to do and say at every moment to grow revenues. Within the messaging you create, how you say something is critically important – your tone, your energy, and genuine curiousness. Did you ever learn about compound interest? Sooner than later you’ll close more business. Increase Opportunities.

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Will Yourself To Do the Work

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In fact, right now there are people producing the exact result you want. They focus their time, their attention, and their energy on producing those results. Most people struggle to produce the results that they want not because they can’t do the work, but because they won’t do the work. You are capable of producing better results than you are right now.

How To Help Buyers Shift Their Status Quo

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The status quo itself must know exactly how it will be effected by anything new, and if it’s worth it to spend the energy mitigating itself to adopt. I’ve recently heard sales folks complain that the status quo was the ‘enemy’ of buyers buying. Nonsense. Let’s consider the, um, status quo: When does a buyer buy? When they’re ready – regardless of their need. It’s just ‘what is’.

Simple Strategy to Turn Lost Sales Into Sales Success

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That''s exactly what happens.”. With their creative energies ignited, new options and alternatives emerge. The other day I was at the Olive Garden talking to a prospective client over lunch. He was telling me about all the challenges his sales organization was facing. Setting up appointments with new prospects was a nightmare. Decisions were taking longer and longer to make. Right?”.

Are You Suffering from Soul Starvation?

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Our brains are control centers with a designed purpose to function using the least amount of energy.  That stored energy is for those fight or flight moments still embedded into our DNA. Then later in life many of us return to those spiritual roots seeking nourishment.  Of course we probably don’t think our soul has been starving, yet my sense is that is exactly what has happened.

5 Goals Every Millennial Should Have

No More Cold Calling

Because you can so easily communicate with people from around the world, you can offer services to people who live in faraway places, creating value for exactly the people who need you. They people fail to recognize that they are not making a difference, and that their energies directed in some other way could produce real change. There is nothing stopping you from creating. Do it.

Lead Progression: The first element of the Sales Cycle Triad

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would like to offer an exercise you can accomplish in an afternoon’s time that will help to surface and illuminate areas in need of improvement, and ideas for exactly how to improve them, which will ultimately reveal the emerging components of success you can build on. The first step in the exercise is to define “just what exactly is a lead?” Lead Progression.

Email Communication and Etiquette: How to Use Email Productively with Your Team

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Simply drag the email from the Inbox to the Sent Items, where it’s the exact same record and search, showing it was sent to you. Pithy, concise emails save time, focus, and energy.  . “ One look at an email can rob you of 15 minutes of focus.” ” – Jacqueline Leo, American magazine editor and media producer. Living in the Future. Turn off email alerts! messages.

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Should You Promote Your Best Salespeople to Management?

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They know exactly where they rank against the rest of the salespeople in your organization. They should be attuned to how the energy of their team ebbs and flows in correlation with those lifecycles. Ideally, these six traits should make it clear in your mind exactly which salespeople on your team would perform well as a sales manager. They get promoted. Team Oriented Approach.

The Hustler’s Playbook: Two Problems You Have Generating Results

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Would some impartial party know exactly what you were trying to accomplish by looking at the actions you are taking, believing it to be an extraordinary effort? Even when they are not,  with enough energy and effort applied consistently over time, the obstacle will yield. There are two main reasons you aren’t producing the results you want now. Not Enough Activity. The first reason you aren’t producing the results you want right now is because you aren’t taking enough action to produce them. There is no harvest in the Fall if you do not plant in the Spring. Not The Right Activity.

Embracing Accountability

Paul Cherry's Top Sales Techniques

Ever seen a new employee come aboard with lots of energy, only to run out of gas? Indeed, how can you hold them accountable unless they know exactly what they’re being held accountable for? What’s the point of trying to be a cut above when you’re held accountable to the exact same standards as the people who consistently do as little as they can get away with? More Free Stuff | Email Us | Get Started Now! Sales Training & Management Workshops | 302-478-4443. About Us. The Company. Our Training Approach. Paul Cherry. Patrick Connor News & Events.

Poor Sales Traction: 15 Questions to Identify the Root Causes

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As you can readily imagine, it is difficult in these situations to pinpoint exactly where to start. There are certainly additional,industry-specific questions that can provide clues to where you should focus your attention, energies, and resources. They are all experiencing just as broad a spectrum of success, and at everymeasurable or quantifiable degree. Purpose. 1.

Guest Post: 4 Reasons Dumbing it Down is the Smartest Way to Sell

Jonathan Farrington

They don’t wake up one day and say, “I know the exact extent of my challenges, who I should talk with, and what I need to know in order to solve them.”. Help them discover it. 3) Analysis = Paralysis Rational analysis requires time and energy. Rationality requires focused analysis which requires an abundance of both time and energy. Don’t tell buyers what they need to know.

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A Sad Farewell

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Ken always – ALWAYS – had time to talk with me, and during those brilliantly stimulating conversations, his boundless energy and sheer enthusiasm for life and for his business left me with the absolute conviction that whatever I set my heart and mind on I could achieve. Tweet A sad farewell. The Internet and social media have changed the world of business and sales forever.

Sales Checklist: 10 Ways to Keep Yourself in Check Each Quarter

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To dial in on this energy, you need to do assess yourself to determine what you’re doing well and poorly. You’ve identified the key areas that you need to work on, and there’s reassurance in knowing exactly what you need to do. Author: Chris Gillespie Have you ever photocopied a piece of paper so many times that the copies faded and became hard to read? Goals. 1. Pricing.

3 Critical Sales Leadership Lessons You Can Learn from Kitchen Nightmares

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After watching a few episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, you will realize that Chef Ramsay follows the same recipe to serve up a consistently tasty creation of drama that unfolds in exactly the same way: Step 1 : Chef Ramsay meets with the owners, and discovers they are defiantly in denial, and therefore bizarrely desperate for some solution to magically appear on their menu. Lots of food.

5 Ways to Get Better at Handling Objections

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tell them all the same thing: “If you just do exactly as I’ll teach you to do, then in 60 days, you will know exactly how to handle objections, and you will no longer be scared when your prospect or client brings one up. In fact, you’ll even remember the exact inflection and pacing as well, so make your recording a confident one! Or less energy? So what’s the secret?

Sales Tips: Best Practices for Collecting B2B Research Data

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While no survey taker likes long surveys, B2B respondents are generally more willing than B2C respondents to answer a longer set of questions, due in large part to the longer timeframes, higher purchase prices and greater energy they’ve invested during the evaluation process. Be mindful of respondents’ time and energy levels. Look for themes in the feedback.

The Self Improvement Mindset, How’s Yours?

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In the process, he has more energy, a different attitude toward clients and colleagues. Download this PDF of  Personal-Professional-Wheels and determine exactly where you are. Ah, Saturday a day of relaxation for some or a day of organized chaos for others. However for the forward thinking leaders, Saturday is another day of self improvement. One of my colleagues, Rick Gosser , has been on a  self improvement quest since he lost over 130 pounds.  Life for him is much better and business has never been better. have developed this eight(8) section Life Wheel: Purpose. Mental.

How to Get That Salesrep with ADHD to Be More Effective

Dave Stein's Blog

told him I thought we should keep it short, considering the topic… Here’s the interview: Dave Stein: What exactly is  ADD/ADHD and why are people in sales so interested in it? They’re high-energy (to get customers and sales teams excited), smart, creative, and really at their best under pressure. loved working with Steve. very good thing. SC: A lot. Following structure?

What Olympic Athletes can Teach Sales Teams about Performance

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They know exactly what their numbers are, down to the fraction. What good is expending all that time and energy if you are not even in the race?And Tweet Olympic athletes train hard, and they are certainly among the ranks of the most dedicated in the world of competitive sports. That’s right. They know where they are, where they need to be, and whether they are progressing on target.

Have You Recognized Your Company’s “Moments of Truth?”

Jonathan Farrington

We are all involved in some form of business acquisition for our respective companies and hopefully, we all know that winning business often requires a significant investment in time, resources and energy and that the thrill of the chase is an exciting one. But it doesn’t need to be that way. So what is the value of good customer service?

Inspire Sales Confidence: a job for sales leadership

Your Sales Management Guru

It also gives the salesperson the swagger to think clearly, communicate exactly and close effectively. Sales Leadership: Inspire Sales Confidence. During the many years of sales management and the past 14 as a consultant to hundreds of firms the hardest element I see executives and sales managers struggle with is inspiring sales confidence. What do I mean by this? 3f4qb8v9ge.

Where You End Up.

Dan Waldschmidt

While you still have time and energy, dreams, ambition, and drive. Will you make the choice to become the person of your dreams or will you be in the exact same place when the sun rises tomorrow? Now is the time to take that risk. Now is the time to move — to step out of your comfort zone. Now is the time to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Now Now is the time to make your dream a reality. Now is the time for you to break free of the emotions that hold you back from greatness. Now is the time to stand up for something — to step out and change the world.

Why Specificity Matters for Lead Generation

No More Cold Calling

Sales teams also know exactly what they want in their ideal clients, but they rarely get this specific. Let’s take a look at another way to give energy to a flat sentence: EXAMPLE:  Our software can help users find files fast. Whether you’re crafting a strong headline or asking for referrals, it pays to be specific. Lead generation is personal … very personal. Imagine you’re looking for a long-term romantic relationship. You don’t just want anyone “single and good-looking.” You want someone who is smart, hardworking, honest, and loves theater and concerts. That’s O.K.,

A Four Letter Word Every Seller Should Learn – Sales eXecution 318

The Pipeline

The also-rans, spend time and energy building up calluses to protect their egos from constructive input, and change. Exactly, only the proverbial 20%. By  Tibor Shanto  –  . In case you are wondering, the purpose is usually a balance of helping the customers and their employers achieve their objectives, while ensuring their own success. Tibor Shanto.

Beliefs and Their Impact on Sales Success

Anthony Cole Training

Whenever I exercise – spend energy – I feel more energetic. believe people pay exactly what they think the solution is worth. I had no idea about beliefs and the relationship between my beliefs and how I executed as a sales person until I was introduced to the Objective Management Group Sales Person Evaluation Tool. That was about 21 years ago. believe in the law of cause and effect.

Winning Large Clients

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Your results will follow your effort and energy. You may have to bend your solution to fit your prospective clients’ exact needs. If you are going to win large clients, you have to start by targeting large clients. Without targeting large accounts you are leaving their acquisition to chance. It’s nice to get lucky, but that isn’t a long-term strategy. Luck loves a hustler.

When It Comes to SMB Competition Do Not Confuse Awareness with Obsession

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The end result is a lot of wasted time, energy, money and emotions.  I always encourage executive coaching clients to direct their attention to what they can control and influence. Even if you and your SMB competition offer the exactly same solutions, there is still a difference.  Now being obsessed with your competition is foolhardy. People buy from people they know and trust. 

Taking ATS to New Levels: A Bullhorn & DiscoverOrg Partnership

DiscoverOrg Sales

We’re guessing your current book of business is quite extensive, and who has the time (or energy) to make sure all those records are updated on a regular basis? In addition to the ever-important org chart, is the intel that reveals exactly what technologies and initiatives your target companies are deploying, allowing you to make the connection with a quick search and click of a button.