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3 Sales Tips from an Engineer Turned Saleswoman

No More Cold Calling

What do women in sales and engineers have in common? An engineer who sells? She is off-the-charts bright, with degrees in both statistics and physics, so engineering was a natural career choice. Every year or two, she switched roles—from product development, to test engineering, to design. Engineers look for solutions to problems. Engineers see patterns.

Datahug. A Relationship Search Engine for Your Business.

Dave Stein's Blog

The analytics engine monitors this to build up a dynamic database and applies a powerful relationship algorithm to make the connections and undercover who knows who and how well they know them right across the company’s entire network of connections. Prior to Datahug, Connor worked as a Management Consultant with PA Consulting Group in New York, Washington DC and London. CM: Sure.

Datahug. A Relationship Search Engine for Your Business.

Dave Stein's Blog

The analytics engine monitors this to build up a dynamic database and applies a powerful relationship algorithm to make the connections and undercover who knows who and how well they know them right across the company’s entire network of connections. Prior to Datahug, Connor worked as a Management Consultant with PA Consulting Group in New York, Washington DC and London. CM: Sure.

How to Start an Awesome LinkedIn Group

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One excellent way to establish credibility organically is to launch a LinkedIn Group. million groups running the gamut from a few members to thousands. Duke Long, a commercial real estate agent in Indianapolis , has been engaging colleagues nationwide with a LinkedIn group focused on social networking. But as a group manager, you’ll discover that’s a good thing.

The Potential Engine (A Note to Sales Leadership)

The Sales Blog

The Potential Engine (A Note to Sales Leadership) is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. sales organization is an engine. Your job in leadership is to get the very highest performance from that engine. But the real question is, “Are you getting the most from the engine? Or are some woefully behind while one or two outperform their peer groups? Anthony Iannarino.

Using LinkedIn Groups To Network And Engage With Key Decision Makers

MTD Sales Training

Recent statistics released by the LinkedIn Ads group showed that nearly 50% of LinkedIn members are in a key decision maker role such as Manager, Director, Owner, Chief Officer or Vice President – once again proving that LinkedIn really is the biggest and best decision maker search engine in the world! That’s all for now folks, see you again soon for another Techy Tuesday.

Toxic Teams impact Customer Success

Babette Ten Haken

Are you a member of a toxic sales team, engineering team, customer service team, you-name-it-workplace-team? It takes hard work to turn a group of individuals into a team. That type of hard work takes more than group growth activities and going out for drinks. She is the Founder and President of Sales Aerobics for Engineers®, LLC. Babette has could write a book, huh?

Reinventing Sales Wheels or Just Spinning Them?

Babette Ten Haken

Keith Sawyer’s seminal book, Group Genius: The Creative Power of Collaboration details the steps major organizations undertook to alter the workplace and the way in which employees work together in order to achieve breakthrough growth, expansion and sustainability. She serves manufacturing- and engineering- intensive companies, focusing teams on creating enduring business outcomes.

The Three Stakeholder Groups Your Sales Process Serves

The Sales Blog

The Three Stakeholder Groups Your Sales Process Serves is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. If it is designed and executed well, it will serve all three of these stakeholder groups. Your process should be a reverse engineering of all of the activities you must take, as well as the commitments you must gain, as you move forward from target to close. Anthony Iannarino. good sales process can help you to win your opportunities—and faster, too. But a good sales process has three different sets of stakeholders. Your Dream Client’s Stakeholders. You, Your Deal, and Your Quota.

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Guest Post: Are Your Referrals Real Ones?

Jonathan Farrington

She gets people together who are often on opposite sides of the table, like engineers and sales people or entrepreneurs and investors. Her company, Sales Aerobics for Engineers®, LLC ,  works with entrepreneurs, start-ups & investors, as well as small businesses and manufacturers, focusing on revenue-generating and portfolio-building business development strategies. Register now.

Manage Your Churn or Pay the Consequences – Why Churn is Part of Your Sales Engine

A Sales Guy

One of the first things that new Ford CEO Alan Mulally did was  take a small group of executives to Consumer Reports  to get an assessment of their vehicles and understand the weaknesses. I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about selling and making new sales. What I haven’t talked a lot about is protecting the base or preventing churn. By Zach Bulygo  from Kiss Metrics. Myspace.

“Hello, My Name is Jonathan, and I am a Salesman”

Jonathan Farrington

Earlier this year, my good chum, Dave Kurlan, he of Kurlan & Associates and Objective Management Group , conducted a survey with the primary objective of trying to discover whether levels of trust in the sales profession were increasing or decreasing. General Dave Kurlan Objective Management Group OMGare thought to be amongst the best salespeople in the world. Strange but true!

Google Adwords Changes You Want to Know

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Per , “The key difference is that desktop and tablet device bids will be grouped and mobile devices bids will be based on a percentage of the desktop and tablet bid.” But now with Enhanced Campaigns, you can have more granular control over each extension and also at an “ad group” level. What does this mean for you and your business? All rights reserved.

7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Google Adwords

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Google Adwords is a very powerful tool packed with lots of features to help you get the most out of your search engine marketing efforts. As Google sums it up, “Flexible bid strategies automatically set bids to optimize for your performance goals across specific campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.” Having trouble reaching or maintaining certain acquisition goals? All rights reserved.

How to Write a Winning Pay Per Click Ad

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According to David Jaeger in the Search Engine Watch article, “ How to Write the Best PPC Ad Copy …” Jaeger suggests that researching and noting what your competitors are doing is a great place to start when writing pay per click ads. For example, if you offer a product that only serves a niche group, it’s good to include that info within your ad. Qualify Customers.

Does My (non-sales) Department Need Sales Training?

Empowered Sales

But what about the engineering, accounting or shipping departments; why should you care to provide sales training to those folks? If you’re accounting or engineering department doesn’t understand how to get along well with other groups, chances are you’re making life more difficult for your entire company. But you know what? Sales Training.

Are You Ready for SEO Marketing?

Increase Sales

For many in mid-size to small businesses, search engine optimization marketing.  No engagement on LinkedIn groups is also a turn off. Hopefully, your small business will react better than the majority of small businesses who still lack a website less alone a search engine friendly one. Hear the acronym SEO along with marketing and what comes to mind? They want to be engaged.

What You Stand For: Building a Team Philosophy and Code of Conduct

The Productivity Pro

While most of us aren’t engineers, we understand the basics of their work. Coworkers can’t succeed as a team, much less excel, if we can’t construct a solid foundation upon which to erect the framework that supports and strengthens us, both as individuals and a group. The best work groups in both categories begin by establishing a solid foundation as a team.

Google’s New Enhanced Campaigns for Display Advertising

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According to Search Engine Watch and Google, most of these differences are around Bid Adjustments and Targeting. Additionally, you can use bid adjustments and separate targeting for each separate ad group instead of just on a campaign level. Sources: Search Engine Watch. Let’s dive into the new features and differences: Search vs. Display. Bid Adjustments. Targeting.

What the Sales World Can Learn from Marathon Participants

Understanding the Sales Force

If you’ve been reading my Blog for the past 8 years and 1,150 articles, then you have no doubt read that salespeople can be categorized into 3 groups. According to the data amassed by Objective Management Group’s (OMG) assessments of nearly 750,000 salespeople: There is an elite group of salespeople but it represents only 6% of the sales population. This is a hobby.

LinkedIn Training for B2B Social Selling

Fill the Funnel

Over the last year I realized that I cannot serve all of my requests for individual, group or corporate training on LinkedIn for sales, while maintaining my speaking and writing goals without a new approach. In this training series, you’ll learn how to create a professional profile and optimize it so that search engines find it easily. She IS my LinkedIn trainer! All Rights Reserved.

Does Your Customer Want An Expert or a Resource?

Fill the Funnel

Are you working overtime in LinkedIn Groups, answering dozens of questions via LinkedIn Answers, or responding to questions on or Quora ? How about being a resource that can bring in the finance “expert” or the engineering “expert” when needed, rather than attempting to be the expert in all those things yourself? How is that working for you?

10 Secrets to Delivering a Great Product Demo

Modern B2B Sales

Four years and hundreds of product demos later, I am a laser-focused Solutions Consultant (or Sales Engineer at some organizations). And more recently, our Executive Vice President shared this feedback with me on a demo I’d just completed for a group of executives. I now keep these steps front and center in every presentation: Tell them what you’re going to tell them. Tell them.

LinkedIn Study Women In Sales

Score More Sales

Although the conference is not still in existence, he group of women sales experts still meet annually – we are called Sales Shebang® and I’m honored to be leading this group now. Over at The Bridge Group, Inc , colleague Trish Bertuzzi wrote about Hiring More Women in Technology Sales  with some great insight, such as: On the topic of assertiveness –. Read his post here.

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3 Reasons Why Thinking-Outside-the-Box is Harmful to Sales Productivity

Smart Selling Tools

It’s when your idea isn’t overly creative, it’s simply over-engineered. Think outside the box. Outmaneuver and outsmart. Outfox and outwit. In our zeal to out -shine the competition there’s a lot of pressure to outdo yourself. If you can come up with that magic bullet or learn the secret tips and techniques, you’ll have a competitive advantage – yes? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

What’s The Problem With Demos

Partners in Excellence

The sales team was speaking to a group of design engineer at GM.  The engineers shared the way they currently did it, the problems it created, how much time it took, the errors, the “do-overs,” and the challenges of translating the design into a drawing.  They sat down, with the engineers watching, and they designed the part.  They did in a few hours, what had taken the engineers weeks.  They had a lot more to do to win the deal, but in that demo, they won those engineers. My suspicions were confirmed.  And then the demo would be over.

3 Reasons Why Thinking-Outside-the-Box is Harmful to Sales Productivity

Smart Selling Tools

It’s when your idea isn’t overly creative, it’s simply over-engineered. Think outside the box. Outmaneuver and outsmart. Outfox and outwit. In our zeal to  out -shine the competition there’s a lot of pressure to outdo yourself. If you can come up with that magic bullet or learn the secret tips and techniques, you’ll have a competitive advantage – yes? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

The Myth of Selling as a Highly Paid Profession

Sales and Management Blog

We in sales work in what we like to claim is one of the highest paid professions, yet statistics indicate we are, in fact, employed in one of the lowest paying professions.  In fact, we are engaged in a business that is unevenly divided between a relatively small group of highly skilled professionals, earning some of the highest wages in the world, and a huge group of unskilled and semi-skilled laborers, earning unskilled and semi-skilled wages. Engineer: Less than one-year experience:    $55,011. One of the Lowest Paid Professions. Notice something?  And sales? 

Sign Of A Healthy Sales Team Is An Empty Conference Room

Fill the Funnel

Use them to get that face-time with each other one-on-one or in groups from two to two hundred and more. Have a question arise about a tech challenge, add in your system engineer or manufacturing team. Conference rooms and weekly sales meetings are relics of a time without the internet, webcams, smartphones and powerful web tools. How long do your weekly sales meetings usually last?


Empowered Sales

Engineers and accountants may travel in packs, but rare is a group of sales leaders. Imagine if you could find a group of like-minded, success-minded, developing professionals that all just happen to be sales leaders? It’s a selective group and there is a cost to participate. Many blessings to the newly developed Orange County Sales Manager Group!

7 Steps to Build Your Lead Gen Machine

Sales Benchmark Index

Leads fuel the revenue engine. Don’t skip this step or you’ll build your lead gen engine in the dark. Most complex purchasing decisions are made by a group. The group or Buying Decision Team typically consists of: Ultimate Decision Make r – Final approval of the decision. I have never spoken to a sales leader who didn’t ask for more qualified leads. Don’t skimp.

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Enabling Better Decision Making: The greatest Big Data challenge

Brian Vellmure

According to Iyengar, “when humans are given 10 or more choices, they make bad decisions” Perhaps that’s why marketers have been trying for so long to get on the first page of search engines. Social Media, Collaboration, and Customer Insights with an elite group of experts: April 4-6, 2011. It was more of an adventure than you might imagine. 30% of those bought some.

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The 14 Best Marketing Infographics of 2014

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Snapchat for Brands ; The Website Marketing Group. Search Engine Optimization aka SEO. Everyone loves a good infographic. They combine visually attractive design with useful tips, fascinating statistics, and other information that’s actionable and easy to digest. What’s more, they’re tailor-made to be shared, forwarded, tweeted and pinned! Retail.

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Improved Communication: 3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Team’s Productivity

The Productivity Pro

Small-group communication in particular has become easier, especially when one includes texting, instant messaging, and similar tools in the mix. Believe it or not, clever engineers have figured out how to tap into the “ ambient backscatter ” energy of our electronic communications, using small devices with strong filament antennas. Peter F. Embrace Technology. The result?

Sales Checklist: 10 Ways to Keep Yourself in Check Each Quarter

Modern B2B Sales

Team building is crucial to building and developing relationships with your peers, but when things get busy, group activities are typically the first thing on the chopping block. It’s extremely important for your success in sales to be aligned with departments beyond your own; you never know when you’re going to have to approach engineering or support with a question.

Example of a Sales Pitch Style Prospects Can't Stand

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

Example of their sales pitch: “We do process re-engineering with the various department, divisions, business units and subsidiaries from organizations as well as the numerous contractors that provide products and services that go into the development of your own branded and unbranded products. We initially start by doing a comprehensive assessment of the multiple groups involved in the process, covering questions such as …”. Answering the question "What do you do?" Here''s one common sales pitch example that will send prospects running for the hills. The Rambler Sales Pitch.

Why Your Reps Ignore Sales Improvement Projects

Sales Benchmark Index

Field Validation —Have a small group of reps and managers use the generic prototype. This solves over engineered approaches when somebody in training design a new process. Encourage the group of reps and manager to put their fingerprints on it. Plan to have this group assist in the training at sales kickoff. You are looking back wondering if you got a return. Crickets.

Principled Selling: Winning Clients Without Selling Your Soul

Ian Brodie

Author of “Principled Selling”, David Tovey talks about some of the key principles and strategies you can use in face to face marketing and selling to win more clients without having to “sell your soul” David Tovey is a director of the Principled Group and author of the recently published Principled Selling: How to Win More Business Without Selling Your Soul.

[Message to Management]: 74 Percent of Salespeople Are Failing

No More Cold Calling

Dan Lyons explores this issue and shares research from the Objective Management Group in his Hubspot post, “ Study: 3 of 4 Sales Reps Have No Idea What They’re Doing.” He writes: At first glance it seems shocking that there could be a profession in which three-quarters of practitioners are inept. Engineers study engineering. Did you learn to sell in school? didn’t.

The Big Eight for Social Sellers on LinkedIn

Score More Sales

Do a search for their name on your favorite search engine. Groups. Leverage the power of groups on LinkedIn to learn what is important in your customers’ industries and also to connect with like-minded people. Most sellers don’t understand the power of groups. This is for sales professionals everywhere. You can also see the original post here. Profile Heading. Yikes!

How to use PPC for lead generation - About Leads, BuyerZone's.

Buyer Zone's Lead Generation Blog

Search engine marketing, as the name suggests, is marketing via search engines - like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. Review each engines guideline policy for the most up-to-date policies before. Ad group advice. per ad group - although three to four versions are recommended. make sure that the ad copy is hyper relevant to the ad group as well as. About Leads. BuyerZones About Leads blog is your chance to learn from the experts in online lead generation. Well talk about lead sources, sales techniques, lead nurturing, online marketing, and more.

Sales managers and the story of the “super salesperson syndrome”

Sales Training Connection

They need to be able leverage support from other organizational groups like Marketing, Engineering and Technical Support.  Sales Manager. How can we diagnose someone with “super salesperson syndrome”(S3)? Well, a sales manager with the “super salesperson syndrome ” will probably exhibited some of these 6 characteristics : Sell rather than coach.  Take over sales calls. 

How To Be Social In Sales – Relationship Building

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For some of us it is easy to be social in sales, for others it is an effort, and for a third group, a confusing idea. have been meeting more and more leaders in mid-market companies who are simply confused about the value of having their sales reps focused on social selling because they don’t see the payoff. I was one of LinkedIn’s first 30,000 members way back in the early 2000’s.

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The Incredible Power of Connection Using Three Lists to Grow Business

Score More Sales

The best part is that instead of belonging to many leads or networking groups, you can do this from your desk, on your schedule, and on your own terms. This means that in your CRM system, you have tagged them so that at any time you can pull up a list of any of these three groups. Mindful means that it is thought out, and planned for. Imagine that sales team I mentioned earlier.

Five Sales Metrics You're Not Tracking

Sales Benchmark Index

You can now enable your team to send focused messages to targeted groups. Content is the engine of Social Selling. Planning for 2014 requires a fresh look at the metrics that will determine success. As noted by my colleague Vince Koehler, Marketing has adopted new capabilities. These capabilities force Marketing to transition to new metrics for determining effectiveness. Social Reach.