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How To L.E.A.D By Example For Successful Sales Management

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Most people in  sales management or with a title that is responsible for leading a sales team, speak about leading by example. Many think that to lead your team by example, is to sell as much or as more as each member of the sales team. In some sales organisations, this may be practical. So how can you lead by example? MTD Sales Training.

Sales Management: Importance of Leading and Lagging Indicators


Much of the time, sales management is conducted through what are called lagging indicators. Examples of lagging indicators: Sales # of units sold Gross margin # of different products sold Market share Gross revenue # of deals […]. The post Sales Management: Importance of Leading and Lagging Indicators appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog.

Sales management – balancing micromanaging and abandoning

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When asked about his early management challenges, Roger Ferguson – CEO at TIAA-CREF – shared: “You have to get the balance right between leaving them alone and micromanaging.” Regardless of the management area these reactions lead to reduction in performance and in sales the results can be truly telling. 2015 Sales Momentum, LLC. So where is the balance? 

The 7 KPIs for Sales Managers Dashboard

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Sales managers face increased responsibility and accountability. Research continues to show sales teams do not meet sales goals while margins shrink due to the dynamics of market forces as well as government compliance. How much time elapses from the first contact to the earned sales or closed deal. How many contacts must take place before the sale is earned? 

Leading By Example

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Every manager knows this, it’s Leadership 101, we must Lead By Example.  What much of the literature misses, is that we are always Leading By Example, whether we do so consciously or unconsciously. So the issue isn’t about Leading By Example, but Are We Setting The Right Example? attend a lot of sales meetings.  We are always Leading By Example

“Sales Management” Is Not a Dirty Word

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Great sales leaders must also be great managers. The problem was that sales management had their heads in the sand. So, they neglected the strategies, sales metrics , and processes that could have kept their businesses strong, or at least afloat, when the going got rough. Unless sales leaders get out of their own way, they will get hit in the head again.

Sales managers and the story of the “super salesperson syndrome”

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Sales Manager. Well, a sales manager with the “super salesperson syndrome ” will probably exhibited some of these 6 characteristics : Sell rather than coach.  When push comes to shove, S 3 sales managers will spend their time selling rather than sales coaching.  Downplay the importance of sales training. Take over sales calls. 

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5 Sales Management Myths Debunked

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I sat across the desk from Mike, the new VP of Sales. Before his promotion Mike was the can’t-miss Sales Manager. Now he was just another VP of Sales in the crosshairs. After a quick conversation, we found he was committing 3 of the sales myths below. The majority of Sales VPs are guilty of at least one. Sales Leadership doesn''t know how to follow through.

Should Sales Managers Coach?

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Perusing my news feeds this morning, an article entitled, “Should Sales Managers Coach” caught my eye.  My knee jerk reaction was , “Duugggh, isn’t the answer obvious?”  Is it a super closer/sales person? The job of the front line sales manager is to maximize the performance of each person on the team!  Is it a coach/teacher?

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Sales managers – a new pathway to leadership

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Sales Leaders. Although Ibaraan was writing about business in general, we thought her message held particular insight for the world of sales.  In industry after industry companies are going through disruptive changes.  So let’s translate this message to sales management.  What could our sales manager do to action Ibaraarn’s message?

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Sales management across generations – similarities not differences

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Multi-generational sales teams. There has been much written and many perceptions about Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y – what they want and how to manage them. Likewise there has been a temptation to paint the generations with a broad brush – for example: Gen Y has a sense of entitlement – they expect too much for too little. 2014 Sales Momentum ®. Broad Generalizations.

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Sales managers – tips to fix the time sieve

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Sales managers and the time sieve. Sales managers universally tell us that time is their most valuable asset – and they also tell us they are continuously “running out of time.”. So let’s look at some of ingredients that make up the modern-day sales manager time sieve: Those things you’re doing that you know you should not be doing but you have to – okay fair enough.

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Sales managers with new sales teams – first things first – focus!

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New sales managers. When front-line sales managers take over a new sales team, the natural tendency is to get things moving – make a mark. While For example, it is not uncommon that the “what” turns out to be a bunch of stuff that choruses of those on your sales team are complaining about.  2014 Sales Momentum, LLC.

Hacking Sales Management

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I’ve been writing a short series on Hacking Selling–( Hacking Selling , Hacking Selling Part 2 ).  As with the prior articles, I get huge numbers of requests from sales manager to help Hack their jobs.  “What are the short cuts?”  ”  “How do I manage my time better?”  Managing up the food chain:  Great managers manage their managers

Do You Have the Right Sales Managers?

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Sales Manager dashboards have been updated. the Sales VP asks. Download the Sales Manager Execution Guide. It will: Provide you 10 Sales Manager actions you must take immediately to save the year. Test your Sales Managers to determine if they are involved with making the number. Tell you if you need to upgrade your manager.

Sales management coaching – the power of the positive

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Sales coaching. Good sales coaching is a balance – a mix of feedback on things that go right, as well as, things that don’t.  Instead, be on the lookout for good sales performance and immediately provide some positive feedback – if you are the one on the other side of the table the difference is absolutely dramatic. 2016 Sales Momentum, LLC. Leverage the win.

Why Great Sales Managers Must Lead by Example

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We spent a few moments digging into the things great sales managers must do to be successful with their team. Blog leadership Professional Selling Skills andy paul leader sales leader sales leadership sales management Recently I had a discussion with my friend and fellow speaker Andy Paul about leadership. We

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How Sales Management for Many is Really Managing by Ambiguity

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Out of the mouths from clients come sometimes the most revealing sales management beliefs and behaviors.  Yesterday one of my executive coaching clients shared the words of his sales manager. “I believe in managing by ambiguity when it comes to the sales team.” The results included: Duplication of efforts by the sales tam.

New sales managers – 6 questions to help avoid the granular trap!

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New sales managers. New sales managers face a lot of new challenges.  As they seek to develop the skills to work through new challenges, there is a tendency to gravitate back to what they know how to do – in the case of new sales managers , it’s usually selling. When this happens what are these new sales managers doing? They’re going granular!

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7 Steps to Success for Sales Managers

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7 Steps to Success for Sales Managers. -A book review-. After being a VP of Sales, consulting on sales management for 19 years and after writing four books on sales management, Max Cates, author of 7 Steps caught my attention in the first five pages. This emotional connection can only come first when the sales manager is under personal control.

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Sales Managers Are Killing The Sales Organization!

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or maybe I’m just more aware of it, but it seems that too many sales managers are focused on killing the sales organization. Researchers constantly remind us that buying is changing, that buyers prefer to minimize contact with sales, reducing it to the last 20-43% of their buying process.  The inevitable conclusion of these reports is that buying is changing, customers have better and more alternatives to learn about our products, and the need for sales people is declining.  Unfortunately there are too few good sales leaders. No related posts.

Sales management and the tyranny the clock

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Sales managers and the time trap. For sales managers Public Enemy # 1 is time.  The more successful a sales manager, the more demands on their time. One simple answer is enough is enough when there is not enough time left to manage and coach your sales team. How can sales coaching be scaled to minimize time constraints? Team coaching.

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Sales Management Review Cadence

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I’m not sure anyone looks forward to the Sales Management Review (sometimes these are called QBR’s, but there are other reviews).  It’s unfortunate, because there’s a huge amount of value in the review process–both for sales people and managers. No or poor coaching.  No value to the sales person. Mixed confusing objectives.

Sales managers – it’s what you say and how you say it

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Sales Managers – it’s what you say and how you say it. hallmark of a great sales manager is being a good communicator.  It matters what you say and how you say it. For example,  front-line sales managers are the critical screens through which messages travel from top management to the sales team.  2013 Sales Momentum ®.

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If You Want to Increase Sales, Stop with the Rotten Sales Management

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People especially top sales performers leave rotten sales management more than money from my 30 plus years of experience.  It is truly hard to believe with all the books, workshops, seminars, sales training and sales coaching, rotten sales management still exists, but it does and appears to be growing. Yes rotten sales management still exists.

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The Examples We Set, Our People Are Watching

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As managers and leaders, we create (consciously or unconsciously) dozens of “training” moments for our people, every day. It’s so simple, yet we make so many mistakes: We want our sales people to use the tools and systems we’ve invested in—but we still ask our admins to print out a report, or send us the updated Excel report. No related posts.

Finding the Right Sales and Sales Management Candidates

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan I read this terrific post from our friends at about the best sources for candidates in general. It certainly applies to sales candidates as well. For example, just 7 years ago, a company may have needed salespeople who could hunt and/or close. That represents two major sourcing shifts in just 5 years.

5 Takeaways from a Sales Management Training

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I spent last week at a Sales Management training event with a client. As a Sales Operations leader, you must be allocating the right resources to training. Turn managers into leaders. Demand Sales Force Automation adoption. This One-on-One Coaching Tool was customized by sales managers facilitating the training. Turn managers into leaders.

How Sales Managers Fast Track Their Promotion

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As a Sales Manager, you have great results and outstanding performance reviews. Examples are lack of backfill, big company bureaucracy, poor reviews, change in leadership, etc. Ask your organization for a sales manager scorecard. Spend Time- Statistics show that most managers spend 80% of their time with low performers. Why did you get passed over?

Why You Can't Fill Your Open Sales Manager Positions

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A post for Sales and HR Leaders to find root causes of Sales Manager (SM) vacancies. The Sales Manager position is the fulcrum between sales leadership strategy and sales force execution. Teams without effective sales managers lack morale and discipline. Included in this you will receive the Causes of Sales Manager Vacancies tool.

Is Your Sales Management Relevant?

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Imagine for a moment you, as a member of a sales team, receives a message from sales management asking if you are “relevant to the company?” ” Then the message lists the  3 top sales performers and their accomplishments to date with a closing sentence of “So and So is relevant.” Would you like me to make joint sales calls with you?

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Hiring a Sales Manager - External or Internal?

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"Should we hire an external Sales Manager or promote from within?". Open Sales Management positions are bad for sales organizations. Having the wrong Sales Manager (SM) is worse. This post helps you decide between hiring an internal or external Sales Manager. Let''s say Hanna, Sale''s HR Business Partner, must find a new Sales Manager.

Do You Have a Recipe for Sales Management Success?

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I’ve been trying to find a way to tie cooking to sales management. love to cook (and eat) and I love selling and coaching sales management. often tie sports stories, analogies and themes to sales and sales management, and I generally have at least one in the crowd that doesn’t/cannot relate because they have not played sports or are just simply not into sports.

Guest Post: Insight for More Excellent Sales Management in 2013

Jonathan Farrington

This week announced that bad managers cost the economy $360 billion in lost productivity annually. Hopefully, your sales managers aren’t making any personal contributions to this statistic. Either way, we thought it couldn’t hurt to assemble some collective insight for better sales management as we move into 2013. In a Sales 2.0

The Best Top 10 Lists for Sales and Sales Management

Understanding the Sales Force

Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan During the past 9 years I have written the occasional Top 5, Top 10 and Top 20 Articles and we have now put them into a series of their own. In no particular order they are: Top 10 Sales Competencies. Top 10 Sales Management Functions. Top 10 Indicators That You Have a Trustworthy Sales Prospect. Top 10 Tips for Hiring Salespeople for Your Sales Force. Top 5 Reasons You Don''t Get More Strong Sales Candidates. Top 20 Reasons Why Sales Managers Suck at Coaching. 10 Sales Coaching Examples.

Seven Steps to Success for Sales Managers – Book Review

The Pipeline

If sales and selling is the last of the black arts, then sales management lurks in its darkest corners. As with other aspects of sales, there is no shortage of advice, ensuring no shortage of fluff. Seven Steps to Success for Sales Managers: A Strategic Guide to Creating a Winning Sales Team Through Collaboration , by Max F. Winning Teams. Join Now!

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Is it Time to Fire Your Sales Manager?

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It’s a tough question that every sales leader faces. Losing a sales manager can disrupt your sales organization. As a sales leader, you need to focus on getting to your number. Keeping a mediocre sales manager because you don’t have a replacement hurts you. Senior management is looking to you as a leader. Forecast accuracy. Employee turnover.

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Removing Risk from Your Next Sales Manager Promotion

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"I had no idea Dave was going to struggle so much as a Sales Manager. This post is written for the VP of Sales who wants to eliminate promoting the wrong rep to sales manager. The Answer: Implement a Sales Leadership Council (SLC). Sales Leadership Council is the top 10% of your sales force that has expressed an interest in sales management. Potential sales managers acquire knowledge of the role before pursuing it. Yet, you are reading this thinking about your new sales manager productivity problem.

New sales managers – pitfalls and perils of off-the-cuff comments

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Sales managers and off-the-cuff comments. Everyone speaks off-the-cuff, but the impact of these comment varies based upon who’s talking.  We’ve noticed that one of many adjustments new sales managers must make is thinking about the impact of off-the-cuff comments. Because they are now in sales management, what the new sales manager says is taken more seriously.

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Dave Brock on Sales Manager Success and His new Book, “The Sales Manager’s Survival Guide” – Episode #59

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The Sales Manager’s Survival Guide is the book Anthony has been looking for – over 400 pages and worth every second it takes you to read. You can get some insights into Dave’s brilliant sales mind and why you should grab a copy of this book, on this episode. Sales Managers focus on what they do 4 the team, but the business expects something different Click To Tweet. Dave Brock has known for many years that he’s a sales leader. Over the course of a few months, his 400+ page book, “The Sales Manager’s Survival Guide” was birthed.

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5 Star Model Is Your Best Sales Management Friend

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Chaos sometimes appears to reign supreme especially for those in executive leadership,  sales management and even more so for the solo entrepreneur (SOHO). The ability to increase sales is critical and yet the more sales, the more chaos and suddenly you feel like the hamster in the wheel, running and running without forward progress. Strategy. Structure. Processes.

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Do the best sales people make the best sales managers?

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Sales Management. Ask this question to a group of senior sales managers and almost unanimously you’ll get the same answer – “Not Necessarily.” Yet, when companies review their sales force and identify those with high potential the assumed next step is first-line sales management. These “super” sales people tend to fall into traps. 

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Big Ego Sales Managers and Small Business Owners Are Still Too Many

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As I listened to her, I realized that even today with all the management and sales training; the countless books and webinars; and the availability of small business coaches and consultants, there are far too many short sighted sales managers and small business owners. as per your existing sales agreements.  Does this behavior really make sense? Share on Facebook.

Reduce the Risks of Hiring Sales Managers

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“How can I be sure I''m hiring the right sales leader?”. This post is for those who are recruiting and hiring sales leaders. It provides an overview of how to conduct a competency assessment specifically for Sales. But they are lacking in 3 ways: Not specific to Sales. Open-ended - asking for an example rather than directing the interview. See the example below.

Band Aid Management Or Sales Management Operating System?

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The job of the sales leader is to maximize the performance of the organization.  It’s the leader’s responsibility to make sense of the various pieces/parts that impact individual and organizational performance.  The sales leader has to make sure the organization is working as effectively and efficiently as possible, executing the corporate strategy with the customers.

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