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Selling In A “Knowledge Based” Economy

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The days of product, even solution based differentiation are long passed. Ultimately, the differentiator is the knowledge and experience we bring–both in the selling process and as our customers implement and use our solutions. It’s the knowledge and experience sales teams (not just sales people) bring to customers that become the ultimate differentiator. So knowledge and experience become critical assets to our own success and growth. Not just the knowledge that exists in our labs, development teams, factories, and back offices.

Why Sales Managers Need Street Smarts

No More Cold Calling

For this month’s guest post, I asked Dr. Tony Alessandra to clear up the definition of formal knowledge versus street smarts, and explain which is better for sales managers. The latter, intelligence within a context, Sternberg also calls street smarts, practical intelligence, or tacit knowledge. “I In any pursuit in life there is a formal knowledge base and an informal knowledge base.

Our Behaviors Mirror Our Beliefs

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In the behavior model, this concept is captured in the term “Knowledge.” Knowledge is the sum total what we know to be true, as we perceive it (perceptions). When we observe the behaviors of another person in any given situation, our perceptions of what happened is added to our knowledge base of that person. Our thought processes determine what we do, how we behave.

Target Continuous Win Loss Insights for Customer Retention

Babette Ten Haken

Capturing individual client’s voices creates the Voice of your Customer Base. Share insights gleaned from similar conversations across your customer base. This broad-based knowledge sharing strategy is valuable. You are looking at trends and common issues across your entire, diverse customer base. Continuous win loss insights captures your clients’ voices.

Certification Does Not Make for Ethical Leadership

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The premise is “certification” will improve the industry because of certain knowledge standards have been maintained. These industries are highly regulated and individuals are supposed to demonstrate a high level of knowledge, expertise along with ethical leadership. My knowledge base is far more extensive than many “certified coaches.”

The What of How: ‘Why’ and ‘What’ are inadequate to enable action

Sharon Drew Morgan

Too many of us – coaches, sellers, doctors, leaders, parents, to name a few – base our connections on offering and gathering information (which accesses conscious behavioral data) causing us to succeed only with CPs whose unconscious beliefs are aligned. Facilitative Questions : These questions engage unconscious systems and are NOT inquiry-based. TOOLS FOR HOW. WHAT TO DO?

Practical Decision Making: getting it righter

Sharon Drew Morgan

We’ve studied decision making for millennia, with a consistent focus on a ‘rational’ outcome based on ‘facts’. When we think something is missing or incomplete and seek a different outcome, we weight and consider facts or givens against our personal criteria (beliefs, values, history, knowledge, assumptions). Every decision, after all, is a change management problem. they face. Sale

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What Career Paths Do You Offer Your Sales People?

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Every time we do this, we lose all that we have invested in developing them, we lose all that knowledge of what it takes to be successful selling our products/solutions, or what it takes to be successful engaging our customers. We try to capture a very small part of that knowledge in our CRM systems, but we can never capture much, we never capture the relationship or situational knowledge.

Sales training and national sales meetings – an odd couple

Sales Training Connection

It is particularly effective for conducting any type of knowledge based learning such as: product, marketplace, and technical training. Sales training and. national sales meetings. Over the years we have attended a number of our clients’ national sales meetings. Great events! Lots of good things usually happen. We would suggest that in most cases this is not a good idea. And why not?

Online sales training – it’s time for a second look

Sales Training Connection

They expect sales reps to be knowledgeable about their industry, company, and issues at a higher level of proficiency than ever before. Do knowledge-based product training and sales fundamentals online. Online Sales Training. Recent years have seen tremendous disruption in how customers buy. And if buyers change how they buy – salespeople need to change how they sell.

The 3 Types of Content All Good ABM Strategies Need

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If your content marketing and account based marketing content aren’t doing the above, you don’t have lead generating content; you have a lot of documents. Good disruptive content adds information to their current knowledge base. Have you noticed? Most content sucks. Yup, I said it. Sorry, in too many cases it is true. Exactly! Most content today is average at best.

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Leverage sales expertise – advice from Dr. Oz

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A vast majority of the top sales managers identify the pockets of specialty knowledge residing inside their sales team. Some of the knowledge may be solution-specific based upon what the sales reps sell. While other areas of knowledge are internal to the company, such as how to get a contract through or value adds that can be offered. But what about sales?

Sales training and national sales meetings – an odd couple – An STC Classic

Sales Training Connection

It is particularly effective for conducting any type of knowledge based learning such as: product, marketplace, and technical training. A Classic – ’63 Corvette. As the fourth quarter begins, many VPs of Sales and Sales Training Directors will be focusing on closing Q4 strong and positioning their sales teams for success in 2016. Great events! And why not? Timing problems.

Why Hustle Isn’t What’s Most Important

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Knowledge: Take note people, not many of you are going to like what I say here, but the truth hurts. Few of you hustle in the knowledge department. They spend so much time doing, running on the hamster wheel, that they don’t expand their understanding and knowledge of what they’re doing. Knowledge is the most important and dominant trait of the successful.

Proactive Customer Retention Strategy captures Voice of the Customer

Babette Ten Haken

Your VoC knowledge base enables teams to create value for current and future employees. Create a solid base of retained customers who look forward to doing business with your company for a long time. Is your organization leveraging a proactive customer retention strategy or reacting to customer “surprises?”. 5) Make your customers more successful. ~ Babette Ten Haken.

Up Your Social Selling Game

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I’ll be breaking from the pack and talking about social learning and how you can use social to increase your knowledge base around your customers, your competitors, the industry, your business acumen, trends, your product and more. As if you didn’t already know, social selling makes a difference in sales. Social can be used for more than funnel development.

The Most Critical Decisions Sales Leaders Face Today

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By unifying data that was once spread across spreadsheets, databases, and systems, decision makers can now create a single, searchable hub for your entire knowledge base. If you’ve turned your attention away from business evolution for a minute, you’ve likely lost a mile of ground. It’s a system that you might imagine to be unsustainable, but that’s where you’d be wrong. The result?

Why It’s a Must to be a Renaissance (sales) Man

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a man/woman knowledgeable or proficient in more than one field. The have wide, deep, robust knowledge in a myriad of fields and interests. Renaissance sales people leverage their broad intellectual knowledge to solve problems, dissect complex challenges and create opportunities. Their broad knowledge is a force multiplier. Knowledge is critical in selling.

Sales People, We Have A PR Problem

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Managers and people who know what they should be doing, who’ve been involved in sales training, who are using the best tools, who know we can’t be pitching, that we have to understand our customer problems, that we have to be prepared, knowledgeable… But too many sales people are too busy or too lazy to do this. We’ve all been there, heard that, seen that.

How Bad Do You Want It?

The Sales Blog

Do you want it that bad enough to go back to square one and start over with a different knowledge base? How Bad Do You Want It? is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. Anthony Iannarino. Do you want what you want so much that you will get up in the lonely hours of the morning to work on it? Are you willing to stop hitting the snooze button on your life to have what you want? Do you want it so badly that you will stay up late into the evening doing the work it takes to have what it is you want? Does your desire to get what you want keep you up at night? Are you willing to unlearn ?

Please Stop the Ongoing Insanity in Bank Sales Training

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Training is for the initial new information or knowledge. Development takes that knowledge to that next level of application and further strengthens it. Assess for talents, learning styles and knowledge base to build What’s In It For Me (WIIFM) and deliver positive ROI. Development is for the long term; training is for short term (knowledge).

Selling Real Estate - The Door Opener Sales Syndrome

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Having sold industrial pipe, valves and fittings, my product knowledge base was extensive. Not many industries or organizations devote their time and dollars to determining what problems exist. The National Association of Realtors did just that. Their Danger Report released over a year ago revealed the number one problem with those selling real estate is their overall incompetence. Having recently engaged in selling our home, I can attest the majority of real estate agents (over 50%) are door openers not real salespeople. Due diligence is required for all salespeople. ” .

Why All the Wasted Time in Small Business Sales Webinars?

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“If you found this information helpful and need more in depth knowledge about one or more than one of the key learning objectives from today’s presentation, the last slide has information for registering for future webinars.” Staying ahead of the flow is a little easier with the business and sales webinars. Have you also found these wastes from your webinar experiences?

What Every Great Sales Person Must Have in 2014

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In your effort to deliver a high-quality blog, you obtain tremendous amounts of knowledge about your space, the industry, your products, your solutions, the competition, etc. You expand your knowledge base exponentially and inevitably acquire more knowledge and information than your prospects and customers. A BLOG! Why a blog? Everyone else is looking up. .

Top Performers: Obsessive Learning And Relentless Execution

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They know that their power lies in their knowledge (and their ability to apply that in the situation, but I’ll come to that in a moment). They use their daily experience to build on their knowledge base, refining their approach to learning and building their knowledge, and re-applying it. It’s part of their “system” for obsessively learning and collecting knowledge they can apply in achieving their goals. Their goal is not just to be the most knowledgeable person in the room/conversation, but to achieve something.

8 Must Read Books to Become a Bad Ass Sales Person

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You need to expand you knowledge base. Becoming a bad ass sales person requires a complex understanding of core and peripheral sales knowledge. It require a broader knowledge of things like human behavior, psychology, what it takes to get things done, knowledge of todays selling environments and more. Success is not static. Execution will change that! Enjoy!

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You have a lot of knowledge. Don’t keep all of that knowledge to yourself. Inventory Your Knowledge Base. Provide real value around your years of accumulated knowledge and you can attract more leads and build all-important trust with prospects, even before they become customers. Education Marketing educate Educational Marketing Educational Selling KnowledgeRunning a business has made you a specialist at what you do. Use it as a tool to bring in even more income. I am a big fan of educational marketing (or selling). The concept is simple. Twitter.

Who Cares About “Outstanding Customer Service Experience?”

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It ended up being a very simple fix, but I had spent time on the vendor’s web site searching their “knowledge base,” called the support center–agreed to a $99 fee, got into all sorts of queues, described my problem to all sorts of people, and when I got to the final person, re-described my problem a final time, it took us a few minutes to solve. Then the inconvenience I went through–not being able to find the answer at the knowledge base, talking to person after person after person. Sometimes, I think we get customer service wrong.

Yearning to Be Free: The Importance of Information Sharing

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The secreting or hoarding of knowledge or information may be an act of tyranny camouflaged as humility.” – Robin Morgan, American political theorist. Even if you don’t lead the team yourself, you can still encourage free and open exchange of information by making your knowledge and data available to anyone who needs them. How has your team simplified knowledge management?

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Attrition Is A Leadership Problem

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They believe they are being treated as commodities, they see the company has no respect for individuals or don’t see the company valuing the knowledge/experience of its people as a differentiator. They are setting goals that are unrealistic–based both on past performance, investments, and a realistic assessment of future opportunity. Attrition is a leadership problem.

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30 Ways to use Value Selling


Knowledge Base – educate your customers so they can find their own valuable answers. FAQs – allow your prospects and customers to serve themselves whilst demonstrating your knowledge and expertise through your FAQ page or guide. Exclusivity – creating a limited offer and scarcity are well documented emotional buying triggers that is not based on the lowest price.

10,000 Hours in Sales

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That requires getting coaching, reading regularly, trying new approaches, extending your knowledge base and more. I was riding the lift today in my teaching blues when a visitor from NY asked how long I had been skiing. During the conversation the concept of 10,000 hours came up. My gut reaction was I was getting close. I skied about 40 days before I moved to Vail in 1989.

Brand You: The Basics of Personal Branding

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In addition to your skill-set and knowledge base, which must constantly evolve, your personal brand must also include your appearance, attitude, and an active positioning strategy. “Life is one big pitch, so you’d better start practicing.” ” — Dan Shawbel, personal branding expert. “What’s a brand? We are CEOs of our own companies: Me, Inc.

Heavy Hitter Sales Blog: Are Top Salespeople Born or Made?

HeavyHitter Sales

  My last article on the " Seven Personality Traits of Top Salespeople" was based on personality tests administered to 1,000 top business-to-business salespeople. Based upon my research, experience, and observations, I estimate over 70 percent of top salespeople are born with "natural" instincts that play a critical role in determining their sales success.

Brent's Social CRM Blog: The Cloud, The Drugstore and The Social.

Social CRM

The first step into this was the knowledge base. At this time we have 20 sites, back then I believe we had four websites that we needed to personalize and crate a knowledge base for each of our customer care units. Lisa Larson: The tool that we purchased allowed us to customize it to our customers needs, based on how they are using it. We decreased over thirty percent of our email contacts by using the On-Demand knowledge base and thats huge. The CSRs perspective, they love it, mainly because they own and they actually manage the knowledge base.

All Your Help Is Killing Me!!

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To be successful engaging our customers and prospects, we have to be knowledgeable about them, their businesses, their markets, industries, their customers, and competition. It’s no longer sufficient to be experts in one product line, but we may have dozens of solutions and hundreds of products that we mush have some level of knowledge about. But it doesn’t stop there.

What I learned at Dreamforce 2011


With Chatter Service, customers will be able to ask their question once in a familiar social feed, and have the answer come to them in an instant--whether it's from the knowledge base, the community of experts or a service agent. Jason shared with us his key takeaways from Dreamforce 2011. completed the performance. That inspired us to create Salesforce Chatter.”

Looking For Ideas In All The Wrong Places

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We restrict ourselves to the familiar, to the known, to our experience base. If you live in a box/product solution world, look at services, subscriptions, knowledge based industries. Top performers–whether they are individual contributors, managers, or executives are always looking for new ideas. They are driven for improvement and innovation. But too often, our efforts are stymied. It’s hard to improve or innovate. Often, I think it’s a result of looking in the wrong places. ” Often, the response are, “We look at our competition!”

It’s time to academically legitimatize Sales

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The recruits would have a better sense that they are making the right career choice hence reduced turnover and they would have a better knowledge base right out of the gate. College Students and Sales. It’s time for an informal poll of all those 2011 college graduates out there. Would all those who took jobs in sales please stand up.” Why is that? First, there is good news.

The Two Things the Head of Sales Must Do in Q4 [Hey SVP, VP Sales Don't Screw This Up]

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With a clear understanding of what the sales team will be responsible for in 2013 and the knowledge of the current environment the gap should be clear. Does the team have the right knowledge base? The 4th quarter is the most critical quarter for sales. S**t, I’d argue it’s the most critical quarter for business in general. The 4th quarter is the last chance to make the number and ensure success. Like sports, fail in the fourth quarter and that’s it, you’re done. There are no more chances. When this happens a cycle begins. What’s the cycle?