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Sales strategy coaching – maximize your investment

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Sales strategy coaching. In most cases a majority of your sales reps will not be able to effectively and efficiently fine-tune their strategies for winning in their major accounts.  In times of disruptive change a new group of winners and losers emerge – upping your sales coaching efforts is a great way to be among the former. 2015 Sales Momentum, LLC. How many accounts? 

Sales Management–Pragmatic Selfishness

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Perhaps it’s ambition, perhaps it’s ego, but many seem to capture their self worth in statements like, “I have thousands of people working for me…….”   This classic hierarchical approach with the implicit idea of the power managers have over subordinates no longer works (if it ever did).  We can no longer expect to tell our people what they need to be doing and expect them to immediately comply. Then there’s the “servant management” theory of leadership.  Managers know they have to step up and take action.  Great managers remove roadblocks and barriers for their teams.  

Sales Enablement Versus The Front Line Sales Manager

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Mike Kunkle is leading an important discussion about a new trend in Sales Enablement.  Mike identifies the issue: “I’ve been reading Sales Enablement leadership job descriptions lately. And the front line managers are doing what, exactly” Like Mike, I’m seeing the same trend.  But isn’t that what front line sales managers are supposed to do? 

11 Actions Sales Management Must Take Now!

Your Sales Management Guru

11 Actions Sales Management Must Take Now! Sound investment portfolio-management advice ranges from “hold firm with your existing stocks” to “take advantage of a great opportunity to buy at today’s basement prices”. Sales leaders must continually keep their sales teams focused on goals and activities that make their teams and companies successful. Take Action.

Should Sales Managers Coach?

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Perusing my news feeds this morning, an article entitled, “Should Sales Managers Coach” caught my eye.  My knee jerk reaction was , “Duugggh, isn’t the answer obvious?”  Is it a super closer/sales person? The job of the front line sales manager is to maximize the performance of each person on the team!  Is it a coach/teacher?

Hacking Sales Management

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I’ve been writing a short series on Hacking Selling–( Hacking Selling , Hacking Selling Part 2 ).  As with the prior articles, I get huge numbers of requests from sales manager to help Hack their jobs.  “What are the short cuts?”  ”  “How do I manage my time better?”  Managing up the food chain:  Great managers manage their managers

Let’s Start Talking About Sales Manager Enablement

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There are 1000’s of articles, dozens of books on sales enablement.  In  the US alone, between training, technology, and tools, over $25Billion is spent each year on enabling sales people.  There are dozens of software tools/platforms, with new one’s springing up every week that focus only on sales enablement. What about sales managers?  But front line sales managers are the single biggest influencers of sales performance.  It’s the front line sales manager’s job to maximize the performance of everyone on their team.

New sales managers – 6 questions to help avoid the granular trap!

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New sales managers. New sales managers face a lot of new challenges.  As they seek to develop the skills to work through new challenges, there is a tendency to gravitate back to what they know how to do – in the case of new sales managers , it’s usually selling. When this happens what are these new sales managers doing? They’re going granular!

Why Sales Managers Hate Performance Management

Steven Rosen

Performance management can be a dirty job. Many managers shy away when having to deal with performance issues.  My approach says “bring it on.” I believe that non-performing players need to get their act together or there is no place for them on the team. Here are a few considerations when addressing sales performance issues. Managing a PIP is time consuming and stressful.

Sales Management Review Cadence

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I’m not sure anyone looks forward to the Sales Management Review (sometimes these are called QBR’s, but there are other reviews).  It’s unfortunate, because there’s a huge amount of value in the review process–both for sales people and managers. No or poor coaching.  No value to the sales person. Mixed confusing objectives.

Bridging the abyss – From sales rep to sales manager

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Transition from Sales Rep to Sales Manager. Now, you’re a newly appointed sales manager. The good news is you have the pivotal job for improving the sales effectiveness of your organization. The Let’s take a look at 7 best practices for making the transition from sales rep to sales manager a little bit easier. 2015 Sales Momentum, LLC.

Maximizing Sales Management Impact

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Sales management is one of the toughest jobs around—particularly that of the first line sales manager.  Fundamentally, our job is to maximize the performance of our sales teams–both tactically and strategically.  I read a post, How the VP of Sales can Inspire their Sales Team with 4 Simple Habits.  It got me reflecting on how managers maximize their impact, and where managers should spend their time, not just the Vice President of Sales, but all levels of sales management.

Sales Manager—Business Manager Or Coach?

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The responsibilities of a sales manager are very broad.  Frontline managers have to work to make sure each person on the team is performing at the highest levels possible.  At the same time, there’s the “business management” aspect of the job:  Are we going to make our numbers?  Are we managing our budgets effectively?  Too many sales managers spend too much time focusing on the business management aspects of their jobs.  Too often, we forget, the core of the manager’s job is to get things done through our people. 

Sales management and the tyranny the clock

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Sales managers and the time trap. For sales managers Public Enemy # 1 is time.  The more successful a sales manager, the more demands on their time. One simple answer is enough is enough when there is not enough time left to manage and coach your sales team. How can sales coaching be scaled to minimize time constraints? Team coaching.

How Sales VP’s are Maximizing Span of Control in a Virtual World

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78% of Sales VPs during our research tour asked us the same question. What is the optimal Span of Control for their sales managers and themselves?” But what should you now do about the burdening task of managing all these sales people virtually ? Workload Analysis - This analysis measures the time managers take to complete all activities. Seems complicated?

Sales Manager, How Are You Performing?

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I want to have a heart to heart with Sales Managers/Executives.  Sales people and others can listen in if you want. After all, the data on sales management turnover is pretty disturbing—the average longevity in the job is 20 months. In the last year, I’ve seen all sorts of reactions to the challenge of managers improving their own performance.

Sales Management Isn’t Simple!

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Being a top performing sales manager or executive isn’t an easy job.  Sales managers live in a world of constantly shifting priorities, crises, and challenges. Simultaneously, sales leaders must balance their responsibility in executing the company strategy in the markets and with customers.  They have to maximize the performance of the organization–in the face of few resources, less funding, increasing expectations and no time. Given the challenges, it’s no wonder the average tenure of a sales manager is approaching 18 months.

Band Aid Management Or Sales Management Operating System?

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The job of the sales leader is to maximize the performance of the organization.  It’s the leader’s responsibility to make sense of the various pieces/parts that impact individual and organizational performance.  The sales leader has to make sure the organization is working as effectively and efficiently as possible, executing the corporate strategy with the customers.

How CEOs Can Help Sales Managers Beat the # in 2013

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This post is about how CEOs should invest in sales managers to improve revenue growth in 2013. As part of our annual Q3 Research Tour, SBI surveyed over 10,000 sales reps. 66% of the respondents “agreed” or “strongly agreed” with the following statement: I believe increasing the time invested by my sales manager in coaching, training and development activities will have a positive impact on my performance. Reps crave training from their managers. Better managers will help your reps deliver results. Develop a custom sales management program.

How Today’s Sales Manager Needs to Change their Field Coaching

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Sales VPs need to train their Sales Managers differently. Coaching sales people has changed. 77% of all Sales Managers reported fewer sales calls in 2012. Download the Sales Manager Situational Coaching Tool to immediately change your coaching.). Mapping your sales process to a buyer process is the foundation for better coaching.

Sales Managers Don’t Produce Revenue, Sales People Do!

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Unless you are a sales manager with your own territory (which is an untenable position), you don’t produce revenue.  It’s an important point that too many in sales management don’t understand.  Our people are responsible/accountable for producing revenue.  It’s their jobs to find the deals, qualify them, and manage them to closure.  It’s their jobs to develop and execute winning sales strategies.  It’s their jobs to make their numbers. Managers who think of themselves as “super closers” take note!).

Listen Up, Sales People: Two Big Things Your Customer is Telling You


Like you, your customers are crazy busy and trying to maximize their time. And, as sales people, we have to understand where they want to spend their time in order to maximize our time. Aligning with your customer’s priorities is a great way to manage your time and a big key to your, and your customer’s, success. Dear sales person, Each and every day, I have a lot to do.

Sales Leadership Dysfunction —“Super Hero” Sales Managers

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My last pose in this series was Disconnected Sales Execs.  This week, I continue focusing on the “Super Hero” Sales Managers.  We know who these types of sales managers are:  They’re the people who swoop in on deals, taking them away from the sales person, closing the deals themselves. Of the differing types of Dysfunctional Sales Managers, this is probably the worst, for a number of reasons. They think it’s about closing deals–that’s the job of sales people, not sales managers

Why Great Sales Managers are Almost Impossible to Find?

A Sales Guy

This question was posed over at the small business question and answer forum yesterday; What are the essentials to become a great sales manager? Here are a few excerpts from the some of the answers: A great sales manager understands that her salespeople are unique individuals. mistake sales managers make is trying to force a process on their sales people; a process they can’t do effectively. Great managers make sure they equip their people with the right strategies, processes, systems, tools, training, and resources to succeed.

Rehearsal Is the Work in Sales Presentations


Imagine my surprise when the national sales manager said to 60 of his top associates, “At lunch the sales team and I decided we have no idea how we managed to sell anything before we met Patricia.” He told me, “It takes a year for us to have the opportunity to deliver an hour presentation to a small group of executives from the company of one of our prospects. They often stop short in preparing their associates to design and deliver persuasive sales presentations that focus on what their prospects are interested in hearing. This is disgusting. Want clarity?

Build Your 2017 Pipeline NOW!

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At this time of year it is not unusual for salespeople and sales managers to simply focused on closing business to achieve their yearly objectives, maximize their compensation plans and unfortunately drain their pipelines.  January can be a good month with leftover sales opportunities but many sales teams face a weak February/March.

Start 2017 Sales With This Aim Small, Miss Small Focus

Increase Sales

” I only wish those seeking to increase 2017 sales would heed this advice. Then and only then can they truly maximize these words of wisdom “aim small, miss small.” ” With the new year fast approaching, some salespeople are probably setting 2017 sales goals or receiving sales goals from their SMB owners or sales managers.

Developing Deeper Customer Engagements in the Digital Age


We already invested time talking about how smarter sales content analytics impact and improve your business in our article “ Sales Enablement in the Digital Age.” While we certainly see how analytics play a huge role in driving businesses forward, the digital age of sales management allows us to do much more. For Sales Pros Sales Management

7 Benefits of a Prescriptive Sales Process

Your Sales Management Guru

7 Benefits of a Prescriptive Sales Process. By spelling out the steps that great sales performers use intuitively, you can develop the rest of your sales staff. By taking the time to document what each salesperson should at each step of the sales process you will ensure higher levels of performance. This was important because the sales team was generally inexperienced.

The 21.5 BEST Places To Network | Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Blog.

Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Blog

Tweet Share To maximize your networking effectiveness, you must follow one simple rule: Rule A1A — go where your customers and prospect go, or are likely to be. Both industry specific and general business shows are excellent places to get known, get sales, and get ahead. Places where you frequent and know the owners and managers. It’s in my book The Sales Bible.

The Toughest Job In Sales

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Sales is tough.  If you are a sales person, you’ve got to hit your numbers.  As the top sales executive, you have the challenge of maximizing the capabilities and capacity of the entire organization to achieve it’s goals.  You have to translate the business strategy into sales strategies your team can execute. Where do these managers turn to for help? 

Sales Leadership Dysfunctions — Sales Managers As Desk Jockeys

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I’ve written about a couple of dysfunctions— Anti Sales Attitudes and the Need For Clarity and Direction.   One of the more common dysfunctions is sales managers leading from behind a desk. Increasingly we find sales managers either trapped behind or hiding behind a desk.  It comes about in a number of ways. There are endless reports (odd when many of the tools are supposed to save us time on reporting) and urgent internal meetings requiring sales management participation.  Alternatively, managers think they can manage by the numbers. 

Losing Your Highest Performing Salesperson!

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No one wants to lose their highest performing sales people.  We promote them into sales management! Somehow we have the mistaken impression that top sales performers make great leaders.  These top individual contributors are terrible managers and leaders.  Being a great sales person, most often, is not the critical success factor in being a great sales leader.

Top Sales Enablement Priorities

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Rightfully, sales enablement gets a lot of attention these days. Dozens of articles and studies talk about the importance of sales enablement in developing the capabilities of sales people. Organizations like the Sales Enablement Society is bringing the discussion and frameworks for sales enablement to the front and center of our collective attentions. Talent management. What about Front Line Sales Management development/enablement? Yet only a few $100 million is spent in Front Line Sales Manager development. Content.

7 Critical Sales Leadership Challenges

Steven Rosen

That could crush your sales organization. Let’s face it, being a sales executive has become increasingly more difficult. Chances are next year’s sales objective is going up and your budget is being reduced. Challenges: Needs Alignment – Customer relations and maintaining client satisfaction lies at the heart of nearly every facet of sales.

Get out and Coach!

Steven Rosen

Most first line sales managers manage between 6 and 12 sales reps. They are the ones responsible for bringing in the sales numbers in their district or area. Sales managers are constantly adjusting priorities depending on their urgency and work extremely hard in this new economy. Sales Generating Activities. These managers need to wake up.

The Power of Responsibility

Jonathan Farrington

Together, involvement and empowerment create an environment in which sales people can have responsibility for their own actions. Responsibility cannot be given – it can only be taken; therefore a Sales Leader can only give sales people the opportunity to take responsibility for their work demands. High performing sales teams require clear objectives so they know exactly what they must do and why, good communication and trust so that having created such a situation, a Sales Leader will let sales people get on with things.

7 Benefits of a Prescriptive Sales Process

Your Sales Management Guru

7 Benefits of a Prescriptive Sales Process. By spelling out the steps that great sales performers use intuitively, you can develop the rest of your sales staff. In most sales organizations, the majority of salespeople are B or C performers. There are never enough A performers in any organization, and they’re generally already maximizing their productivity.

Why Top Sales World CEO Never Makes Cold Calls

No More Cold Calling

Sales guru and guest blogger, Jonathan Farrington, explains why he’s never made a single cold call. and France, has enjoyed a longer, more successful sales career than most, and he fully understands the power of referral relationships. have, instead, maximized my valuable selling time and enjoyed a highly-successful sales career. You don’t cold call? Really?

Accelerating Revenue: The ONE Measurement That Matters Most

Smart Selling Tools

That means, of the total number of 215 selling days (our available sales capacity) 140 days are used for something other than talking with a prospect. The most important measurement that determines revenue growth is the percentage of sales capacity that’s utilized for sales interactions (and whether that percentage is increasing or decreasing). Scheduling sales calls.