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Medical sales training – something different vs. more of the same

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If you are a company selling medical devices, equipment, consummables, software or other medical market products/services, a piece of the puzzle for being among the winners is making the investment in your sales team commensurate with the need for change and the opportunity to benefit. Lesson 4 – Spotlight the Pivotal Job. Medical sales training. Getting the foundation right.

Sales middle managers – what motivates them the most?

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The importance of middle managers can be especially significant in industries and fields that value innovation, like computer games, software, consulting, biotech and marketing, according to Mollick. Although these responsibilities often are perceived as bureaucratic, routine and less than glamorous, they are pivotal for bring innovation to life. Sales Middle Managers.

Sales directors – competencies for the job hunt

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We have consistently labeled the front-line sales manager as the pivotal job for developing and sustaining a superior sales force. We just had a conversation with the folks from Software Advice a company that evaluates sales enablement tools. 29% requested experience with CRM software. Sales Directors. What does it take? Here are a few of the key findings: Industry Experience.

Guest Article: “TEAM SELLING–Lone Wolfs no longer reign supreme,” by Dr. Richard Ruff

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Today, salespeople have available easy-to-use and powerful CRM systems and software applications that allow them to share information and insights to a degree that was hard to image even 5 years ago. The frontline sales manager has always been the pivotal job for achieving sales excellence.According to the CEB authors, today’s sales managers are operating differently. Team selling – lone wolfs no longer reign supreme by Richard Ruff. Team selling continues to be on the rise. We’ve heard this from clients and colleagues – and now from the research front. Availability of Technology.

IoT Culture Strategy as Digital Transformation Lynchpin

Babette Ten Haken

Business and human capital strategy models pivot from assembly-line mindset where workers are told what to do. Task complexity catalyzes IoT culture strategy and business model pivots. Executing digital transformational strategy is the ultimate test of converging people-processes-software-equipment within your organization. Develop an IoT culture strategy. The U.S

PBTO3: What Matters is Execution, Not Ideas

Mukesh Gupta

We had a very interesting conversation about entrepreneurship, his journey from making software to how he got a job at the local Israeli radio, his iPad only magazine –“Inspiring Innovation” and his current role as the host of “Inspiring Innovation” podcast. He also talks about the pivots that he has had to make from being an editor for the online magazine to being a podcaster.

The Secret Path to Successful Sales Calls

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Many reps will ask questions until they get a response that allows them to (prematurely) pivot the conversation toward their solution. As President of Smart Selling Tools , she consults with many of the top sales productivity software vendors as well as end-user organizations looking to select the right tools. Tweet Sales calls are conversational journeys. Recording Conversation Maps.

Team selling – lone wolfs no longer reign supreme

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Today, salespeople have available easy-to-use and powerful CRM systems and software applications that allow them to share information and insights to a degree that was hard to image even 5 years ago. The frontline sales manager has always been the pivotal job for achieving sales excellence. Team Selling. Team selling continues to be on the rise. Transformational Market Change.

Avoid Becoming an Obsolete Sales Leader

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Social selling, big data, mobile, contextual content marketing , personas, gamification, buyer focused selling, software, software, software. Marketing and sales are having internal battles on who is less responsible for the lack of leads and blaming a piece of software. #2 These major interactions are the pivotal meetings over the life of a sales campaign.

Realistically delivering Credible Customer Experience

Babette Ten Haken

Will customer expectations be sustained, in actuality, once products, services, equipment and software interfaces are designed, installed and in production? What percent of the workforce operating the equipment and software will retire during the course of the customer lifecycle? Realistically delivering credible customer experience is challenging. So might your client’s organization.

Five Important Microsoft Dynamics Themes From Convergence 2014

Brian Vellmure

The maturation of Azure and Office 365 is enabling Microsoft to bundle ERP software with their traditional productivity apps. Spread out across downtown Atlanta, in the blustery shadows of CNN World Headquarters, Microsoft Convergence 2104 took place last week. In general, the event was well executed. Please feel free to contact me directly for additional details. Major Themes.

Sales management and the tyranny the clock

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CRM software and other online systems require attention. Front-line sales management is the pivotal job for driving sales success – and time management is a core skill. Sales managers and the time trap. For sales managers Public Enemy # 1 is time. The more successful a sales manager, the more demands on their time. Emails and VMs abound. Text messages keep coming. Scale the important.

Product launches – tales of preventable misfortunes

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In general, the front-line sales manager is the pivotal job for developing and sustaining a superior sales team and coaching is a primary tool. Covocative ) that have developed easy-to-use customizable software tools that can be of tremendous help for getting it right. New product launches and your sales force. Every year B2B companies market develop a dazzling array of new products.

Are Sticky Customer Lifecycles Really Dead in the IIoT?

Babette Ten Haken

However, the software and sensors generating machine data will morph thousands of times during that lifecycle. Even the most “sure fire” loyal clients may elect to defect to another software solution because that interface generating machine data becomes more valuable than the equipment. Sticky customer lifecycles are the “norm” for many sales professionals. What can go wrong?

Cool Start-up Interview Series: Zingtree

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We were seeing a lot of inefficiency in supporting Applian’s software products, and as such the first Zingtree-like troubleshooters were hard coded into the support path. Applian has been around for 20 years, first as a Pocket PC software company, and then migrating to a desktop software business revolving around online media recording products. How does that work for you?

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What Business Are You In? Are you sure?

Brian Vellmure

As an aside, it’s also interesting to note that earlier this year Howard Shultz said that he believed there was a chance that they’d be able to license their software and technology for profit. Professional services firms are wrapping their IP into products and becoming software vendors. Hold that thought for a minute and join me for a quick coffee break. Film died. Today?

The Criticality of SPM Technology


Technology is pivotal and there are a number of perspectives that provide us with a strong impetus to make sure that SPM technology selection is both well-informed and based on a strong foundation of business case value, future state design considerations including processes and organizational governance, and ultimately a successful implementation tying it all together. The answer is simple.

Connected Internal Teams retain Connected Customers

Babette Ten Haken

Also, machines and humans connect with and to each other, courtesy of software and applications interfaces. While your organization pays a lot of attention to selecting interoperable software platforms and systems to operate production-related equipment, how does that strategy play out on the people side of the corporate equation? Who are these teams and individuals? Sad but true.

Philosophy of Pipeliner CRM

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The Austrians are central to the philosophy of Pipeliner CRM, because they are the only economic school of thought that assigns entrepreneurship a pivotal role in economic development. The Austrian School has played only a negligible role in its country of origin but has enjoyed unbroken popularity in the United States since the 1970s with the work of Friedrich August von Hayek, Israel M.


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Software (1035). There is little doubt that front-line managers are the pivotal job for sales success and that coaching is one of their critical contributions. Topics Major Topics. Sales (12918). Marketing (6398). Training (4995). Prospecting (4539). Tools (2872). Sales Management (2614). Customer Service (995). Inside Sales (849). Channels (799). Advertising (694). Incentives (379).

Conflict is Good

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We work with sales organizations to solve voids in the sales process and to guide companies to pivot in the marketplace based on changing market conditions. Conflict resolution can be a hot topic in today’s corporate world. Of course, many speakers and trainers camouflage the topic by referring to it as team building. And that my dear friends, is why I believe that conflict is good.

Broken Windows Sales Training

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And based on experience and wisdom, I’m able to help them ferret out issues early and expose bad news early… so that we can pivot the opportunity or move on. wilson james wilson los angeles speaker negotiation training orange county sales training sales training software sales training ucla sales trainingAs tribute to James Q. To me, the theory goes well beyond crime and enforcement.

Why your Upselling Strategy does not make sense

Babette Ten Haken

You manufacture and sell capital equipment and software platforms, you create and sell systems of interrelated components, you build monumental creations. Included is a valuable Buyer Skepticism Checklist you will find helpful in pivoting your upselling tactics into a relevant customer retention strategy. If this sounds like a sleazy sales technique, you are right.

Heavy Hitter Sales Blog: The Wrong Stuff (Drunken Astronauts.

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IT Sales Strategy: Software, SaaS & Hardware Sales. Martin: The Real Story of Informix Software and Phil White: Lessons in Business and Leadership for the Executive Team. It is the pivotal event where all the vendors are asked to present their advantages and why they should be selected over everyone else. Heavy Hitter Sales Blog. Recent Posts. A Salespersons Most Important Competitive Weapon. Closing Techniques Using Sales Linguistics. Top 7 Critical Sales Trends for 2012. Why Year End Deals Dont Close: THE CESSPOOL! Best New Sales Book of 2011. Books For Heavy Hitters.

Ad Sales Blog: If you had seen the "media correction" of 2009.

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