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Top Software Verticals to Promote in 2017

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There are several reasons why the Software and Digital Goods category has long been among the top choices for affiliates when choosing what products to promote: An “evergreen” perception. Software products are updated frequently and new companies come out with winning products all the time. But not all software products sell as well as others. High payouts. Constant cash flow.

Good Customer Relations – Why Bother?

Jonathan Farrington

They may not know how to make grommets, or how to merchandise goods, or how to write software, but they do know what they want from you. No one’s going to get anywhere with customer relations until they recognize that customers are valued assets, not dumb milk cows for money. Customer relations is a strategic understanding, not a departmental name. And you?

Enterprise Software Chronicles: A synthesis of the rapidly evolving customer technology landscape

Brian Vellmure

The messaging from Marketo at its recent Marketo Summit seemed to be well positioned to make a run as an independent software vendor as they began to expand their messaging from being just a marketing automation vendor towards a complete marketing platform. They have nearly 4,000 software products and introduced more than 270 new ones during the last 4 quarters alone. Billion.

Three Online Selling Capabilities Software Firms Need to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

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Subscriber engagement matters because it’s a relatively reliable indicator of how satisfied your subscribers are with your software. How you manage your individual subscription and software capability levels also plays a crucial part in determining and maximizing your CLV. Undoubtedly, customer lifetime value (CLV) is a core success metric for any SaaS company.

What will CRM look like over the next 5 years? Software Advice Interview Highlights

Brian Vellmure

Special thanks to Ashley for the conversation and for providing the edited snapshot of our discussion below: Ashley: You’ve talked a lot about how the importance of advancements relative to contextualizing CRM — such as Mobile, Big Data and Social – are a little over amplified (though still important). They work under an industrial age model which requires relatively static models of research, investments, and feedback loops, a stark contrast to a real time, agile, flat organization model that is continually in a state of evolution. Where we are. What we are doing.

Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence in Ecommerce

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We’re extremely proud of how far we’ve come and how many customers we’ve helped to easily sell software and digital products globally since those early days. It might be hard to believe that when we setup the first Avangate entity in 2006 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, shareware and electronic software downloads were popular, and physical CDs were still the main way to back up your software.

4 Key Takeaways from Avangate’s 2016 Yearly Digital Commerce Benchmark

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The period between August 2015 and July 2016 indeed saw a number of interesting findings that are both relevant and valuable to software providers around the globe. Consumers of software—from all around the globe—are placing a distinct emphasis on security in their purchase decisions. In all, seven of the 10 leading countries show security software as the most popular product.

Share your Views in the Transition to SaaS & Subscriptions Survey

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The software business is a constantly changing industry (right, like we didn’t know!) We see at Avangate a steady increase in subscription-based transactions, either from SaaS, online services or downloadable software that comes with a subscription attached. More precisely, 42% of sales volumes passing through the Avangate platform were subscription-related in 2011, compared to 48% in 2012, 55% in 2013, 63% in 2014, 70% in 2015, and a whopping 73% in H1 2016. Please take part in our survey and share your thoughts regarding transitioning software to SaaS & Subscriptions.

Get Ideas for Accelerating International Sales at the Avangate Global Software Selling Conference

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More and more companies are moving toward providing their software as a service— in fact, 8 out of 10 new startups are using SaaS. And China is becoming more central to the software industry, despite the piracy issue, being home to dozens of high-profile companies such as CDC Software, HiSoft, Neusoft, and certainly to thousands of companies selling software and SaaS on the international market. Put SaaS and China together and you get a new edition of Avangate’s Global Software Selling Conference in Shanghai, China, on October 27.

Cloud CRM: What About Cloud Security?


2013 survey by 451 Research of enterprise IT professionals and decision makers revealed that security remains the primary concern relating to cloud-related activities. CRM Sales Software Sales Effectiveness When considering a cloud CRM solution—or a move to the cloud in general—many companies still have a concern over security. The post Cloud CRM: What About Cloud Security?

Ambitious SaaS Start-ups – MochaDocs

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The solution won Avangate’s Business of Software scholarship competition in 2013. Finally, SaaS is quick to get up and running – users can activate the software within seconds. We can deliver software across borders on the fly. Of course, that would be valid for any electronically distributed software. Why SaaS – what attracted you in this business model?

4 Ways Email Marketing Can Help Convert Your SaaS Trial Users

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And send an email letting them know you’ve extended their trial, so that they have more time to use the software and realize its features. offer related information). Avangate powers modern Digital Commerce, solving the complexity of online commerce, subscription billing, and global payments for Software, SaaS and Online Services companies. Include a compelling CTA.

Industry Buzz – September 2016

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Fall is here and businesses are back in full swing, the conference circuit is heating up and companies are seeking better ways to sell software and digital goods (aren’t we all, always?). Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to take advantage of dedicated resources that’ll help you grow your software and services business globally. Hi sellers!

Determining the right number of sales leads for reps and vice versa


Leads360’s guide includes formulas and tables that take into account lifetime value, cost per lead and commission per sale for a more accurate lead assignment recommendation per rep, per day relative to these key factors. CRM Dialer Software Lead Management Sales Automation Inside sales lead management software lead to rep ratio leads360 sales automation sales CRM sales leads study

When You Should Be Pushing Your Upgrades To Maximize Sales

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Lastly, the timing of your upgrade pitch needs to relate to the needs of your customers. Avangate powers modern Digital Commerce, solving the complexity of online commerce, subscription billing, and global payments for Software, SaaS and Online Services companies. “Timing is everything” is more than just a cliché in the world of SaaS. Balance Messaging With Timing.

Affiliate Success Story – Michael Robichaud Interview

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He has a network of over 300 websites in a variety of niches, many of them targeting the software and digital downloads niche. Michael’s most recent project is a network of software discount sites including Can you make a prediction of the Top 3 software related affiliate marketing niches with the highest growth in 2016 & 2017? good example of software in this niche is Wondershare Dr. Fone for IOS. This software will recover lost data from an iPhone or iPad and is in high demand. PPC as an affiliate is not for newbies.

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How Leveraging Inbound Marketing Can Increase Your SaaS Sales

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Inbound marketing and SaaS are a natural fit, because most SaaS providers market on a relatively rational level. That audience will be more likely to become leads if they see that the service is solving a problem they have rather than simply promoting their own software. Its core tenets can be used for nearly any business or industry, including and especially SaaS.

Black Friday Is Here!

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We have our long-term partners for you to join – Bitdefender, IObit, VSO Software, AVS4YOU, Movavi, IOLO, ABBYY, but also fresh offers from relatively new merchants like: Norton – 30% payout. Affiliates affiliate network Avangate affiliates black friday 2016 black friday compaign ecommerce sell digital goods sell more online sell software online software vendors

Affiliate Success Story – Dmitrii Nikolaev

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My first website was devoted to backup and recovery software reviews and software comparisons with competitors and coupon codes; it was made with a simple CMS. noticed that providing a detailed product review with screenshots and your own opinion attracted good attention, and different software promotions brought even more page views. Tell us what kept you on this path.

How to Keep SaaS Customers Engaged With Great, Targeted Content

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By explaining the more in-depth features of your software, you not only avoid regular customer-service interaction on the same type of issues, you also delight your audience with features of your software that they may not have even known existed. Explainer videos or even customers-only webinars can be just as effective. 2) Creative Uses Of Your Software. Tweet. Tweet.

CRM Solutions: The New Paradigm


But there is a new paradigm with relation to CRM, and that new [.] CRM Sales Software Traditional CRM solution has an increasingly mounting number of drawbacks, including length of time for training, implementation runway, cost of administration and lack of user benefit among others. The post CRM Solutions: The New Paradigm appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog.

How To Effectively Cross-Sell With A Subscription Model

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Discovering these limitations and contacting your customers as they arrive at these points offers a great opportunity to promote related products. Remember, when cross-selling you should position your new software as a solution to a customer’s problem or limitation, not simply another service that costs more. Map The Customer Journey  . Gather Feedback  . Stay Relevant  .

Why getting the right leads to the right reps matters


For many sales organizations the goal is to get new leads into the hands of available reps as fast as possible, often without regard for the characteristics of the lead and related selling expertise available on their team. sales automation sales intelligence sales optimization sales performance sales process sales software sales techniques skill-based routing

Savings on Both Sides: Vendor and Client Perspectives on the Financial Advantages of SaaS – Part I

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As new trends transform the software industry, it can be hard to stay on top of changing technologies, much less their impact on company finances. While software-as-a-service (SaaS) is often seen as a technical and marketing/ business endeavor, the model has major implications for finance as well. SaaS speeds up interactions and gathers more detailed data for professionals at all levels of the organization, changing every aspect of how software companies operate. The model makes renewals less painful and less expensive than in the traditional software model.

“Mobile Is The Next Internet”- The WebAppTool Vision

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SaaS business model allows our customers to use professional software without high upfront investments in licenses, implementation, etc. Related to how you approach and interact with buyers, what would you say is your biggest challenge today and what are you doing to solve it? If you were to give one piece of advice to your fellow software/ SaaS entrepreneurs, what would that be?

Why Knowing Your LTV is Vital to Growing Your SaaS Company

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If 20% of your budget is marketing-related, and your average customer’s lifetime value is $400, that means you should spend less than $80 on marketing per new customer to get a positive return on investment. Are you interested in the ins and outs of marketing and selling subscription software? What Is Customer Lifetime Value? Why Does Customer Lifetime Value Matter?

Putting lead scoring to work for sales


This week, we are launching Lead Scoring  to further our initiative to deliver intelligent sales software for high-velocity sales teams. Our lead scoring feature is specifically designed to calculate a relative quality score to help sales decide how to prioritize and optimally move a lead through the sales funnel. Take control with Leads Scoring from Leads360.

The First Rule of Sales: Leverage

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In other words, leverage is an advantageous-condition of having a relatively small amount of cost yield a relatively high level of return. However, paying a relatively small fee to have access to that information should be a good investment. Product Reviews Sales Effectiveness Sales Management DiscoverORg leverage org charts sales software sales tools sellingLeverage: The ability to influence a system, or an environment, in a way that multiplies the outcome of one’s efforts without a corresponding increase in the consumption of resources. Who reports to who?

3 Strategies That Will Increase Customer Acquisition and Retention

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Know what your target clientele like, what they find relatable, and what they want from your product to tailor your message specifically to the right leads. Avangate powers modern Digital Commerce, solving the complexity of  online commerce ,  subscription billing , and  global payments  for  Software ,  SaaS and Online Services companies. Take full advantage of customer analytics.

Celebrating 10 Years of the Avangate Affiliate Network

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Back then, the network was described as ”a sales and marketing tool benefiting shareware and software authors and publishers looking to expand their online sales and take advantage of new markets. Throughout the years, we’ve developed a consistent content marketing flow, rolling out hundreds of content pieces related to affiliates, from blog posts to webinars, case studies and even eBooks.

Cool People Interview Series: Andy Brice

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well-respected man in the world of software start-ups, I wanted to get his perspective of how this world has changed in the past seven years and what’s predicted to come next. Andy: My main business is PerfectTablePlan , a software product that helps people planning seating for events. also run a 2 day training course for developers who want to start their own software business.

OpenSymmetry Releases 2016 SPM Vendor Guide


The goal of the vendor guide is to help organizations evaluate all options available as it relates to SPM technology selection. Sales Performance Management Strategy Anaplan CallidusCloud Compensation Software eRewards IBM IBM ICM ICM Incentive Comp Incentive Compensation Sales Compensation Sales Compensation Vendors sales performance management SPM SPM Footprint SPM Vendor Guide Xactly

Best Tactics to Boost Average Order Value

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By implementing some very basic strategies for boosting the AOV, even a company with a relatively small customer base can increase its revenue. If you’re a software company, for best results, compare your AOV to the the global AOV of all transactions passing through the Avangate platform, which is $48 according to data compiled from Aug 2015 to July 2016. First, some basics.

Affiliate Summit East ’14 – Wrap-Up

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But now, more than ever, we saw an abundance of digital goods-related companies from the affiliate ecosystem: software and services merchants, many software monetization solutions, etc. In my opinion, one of the best conference events was the Avangate Software Networking Dinner where more than 50 lead representatives across the software and services verticals gathered together for great networking, great food, and great fun. Speaking of the show itself, according to Shawn and Missy, it’s the biggest one on the East coast so far.

Help your Customers be Security Aware

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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month in the US and this brings up people’s attention towards the security issues related to their devices – computers, tablets, mobile, etc. This, along with the fact that the security software market is constantly growing turns NCSA into a great opportunity to push security software to end-users – antivirus solutions, antispyware, firewalls and so on. Both merchants and affiliates related to security software products and services can benefit from this moment of the year to increase their sales.

How to Maximize ESD Revenue with Effective Cross-Selling

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In its relatively short existence, the SaaS model has obviously gotten many things right. For instance, if you’re selling website design software, you can offer an SEO package. Note: You can also explore up-selling here, by proposing a higher-priced ecommerce software platform with SEO, analytics and email management. Propose complementary products.

10 Costly Mistakes Sales Teams Make With Sales Acceleration Technology

The Sales Insider

There is nothing sweet about a software implementation fail. After multiple mishaps directly related to a new software installation, Hershey failed to deliver $100 million worth of Hershey Kisses during the 1999 Halloween season. Just ask The Hershey Company. When the news hit, the company’s stock slid 8 percent, according to an article in CIO. [.].

How Do You Incentivise SaaS Sales?


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is generally thought to be a challenge for incentive plan designers – but is this true – why is it important and what are some of the key considerations in getting the design right? The actual value of the business contract will depend on the relative value of the elements within it. once all the relative values have been calculated. Renewals.

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How a Welcome Email Can Boost Your Business

Vertical Response

Parsons leads the marketing team at Palo Alto Software, an Oregon-based company. For example, encourage the customer to watch a video, read a blog post, check out related items, register his or her new product, fill out a profile on your company site or direct them to other helpful resources. “The ‘do not reply’ email sends a message. Act like a human.

Give Your Sales A Fresh Boost – Transact at Every Touchpoint with the Avangate ‘13 Spring Release

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This is what the latest release from Avangate is about – helping software and cloud services companies unify siloed cross-touchpoint commerce experiences. We’ve expanded the service resolution process with Extended Refund Management, offering you more control over resolving issues related to reimbursements. How do you bring commerce into the equation? Transact at Every Touchpoint.