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Why 80 Percent of Companies Lose at Customer Retention

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by Dixon, Toman and Delisi, the authors discuss their research on how customer loyalty is built on meeting rather than exceeding expectations. The post Why 80 Percent of Companies Lose at Customer Retention appeared first on Score More Sales. Every day you can see examples of how big brands and small brands are blowing it when it comes to getting new customers and then retaining them.

Customer Retention: A Critical Selling Capability

Dave Stein's Blog

Matthew is an expert in customer retention, a critical, but often under-appreciated selling capability.  Minnesota Life’s Client Relationship Advisor team is so effective, the company’s retention rate is significantly ahead of their closest competitor.  What’s different about sales in a customer retention context? So in that context, here my interview with Matthew.

Why I Don’t Trust The Research

The Sales Blog

Why I Don’t Trust The Research is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. Sales research shows one part of a picture. The people that did the research in both cases are good and thoughtful people. But the research doesn’t jive. Sales research is sometimes conducted by surveying sales managers. That research gives you some insight into what sales managers see, hear, and feel. Other sales research is conducted by surveying customers. Still other research studies the entire sales organization. Use the Research. Anthony Iannarino.

How To Improve Customer Retention and Your Bottom Line


Customer retention is becoming more of a focus in the digital age – what with all the marketing channels, analytics options and automated systems. Customer retention begins with superior customer service. Forrester Research). The cost of not improving customer retention can ruin your ability to become more profitable. Sure, customer retention affects top line growth.

How to Protect Your Star Performers: Retention and Management of Your Best Employees

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Hiring How To's Inside Sales Inside Sales Tips Inside Sales Training Sales Tips Uncategorized Better Sales Performance Inside Sales Best Practices research Sales Leadership Sales ManagementWithin every company there are always a few standouts that would be classified as ‘stars.’ Because of their consistent high performance, they are highly visible and everyone knows them. It’s these types of employees that we spend all our time Read more.

17 Seconds, Brain Research and Increase Sales – Friday’s Editorial

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During a mastermind discussion this past week, one of the members shared the first step for cognitive retention is a window of 17 seconds according to ongoing brain research.  Finally, to ensure retention within the long term cognitive memory, another review at 8-10 hours is required.  The world of brain research is fascinating when it comes to marketing, selling, the sales process and overall productivity.  In the book Buyology by Martin Lindstrom he shared a wealth of brain research specific to how the brain works within the buying decision process. 

Successful Internal Customer Communication is Your 1st Priority

Babette Ten Haken

Recently I coached an absolutely brilliant researcher who is CEO of a startup. Babette Ten Haken is a management consultant, strategist, speaker and coach focused on customer success for customer retention. How would you rate your own internal customer communication capabilities? Let’s start with the basics. How about everyone else in your company with whom you collaborate? Context.

Smart Selling Visions: Up-Close with Top Revenue Leader Greg Sherrill, CEO of @ChannelRocket

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And Forrester Research’s findings show that “78% of executive buyers claim salespeople do not have relevant examples or case studies to share with them.” And are you aligned on revenue, customer acquisition and retention goals and metrics? This post is part of a series of Executive Interviews of top sales and marketing solutions company executives.

How to Make Your Sales Enablement Roar Like a Ferrari

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You likely have targets for customer retention, as well as for converting anonymous visitors. Marketing Sales Effectiveness Sales Tools/Product Reviews Forrester Research Peter O''Neill Sales Enablement by Rebecca Bell Ellis. You’re proud of your Sales Enablement capability and programs but you’re smart enough to know it’s not a trophy to place on your shelf and admire; right?

How Social Technologies Contribute to a Better Customer Experience

Brian Vellmure

Each year, Forrester Research compiles their Customer Experience Index , where consumers are asked about their preferences and experiences with brands. Other research suggests that growing numbers of senior executives and boards are placing customer experience as a top strategic priority. This post is on behalf of the CIO Collaboration Network and Avaya. ’s Executive Programs.

A Story About Learning Retention and Sales Skills Transfer

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Disclosure: TACK-USA subscribes to ESR’s research.). The research began and we conducted countless brainstorming sessions with diverse groups, taking ourselves through the same process we take clients through when searching for an identity. You mentioned how few training companies there are that acknowledge learning retention, let alone skills transfer.

Customer Relationship Innovation for the Emergent Social Business.

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Why You Need Full-Circle Sales at Every Stage in the Buy Cycle

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She researches to decide whether she prefers you over your competitor. Action Alignment Buying Process Guest Post High Value Activities Retention Sales Strategy Sales Success Attitude Buy Process Play to Win Sales Process Upsell Value The Pipeline Guest Post - Megan Totka. You’ve just earned your company a big contract and you’re about to look amazing in front of the boss. Purchase.

Four Email Marketing Myths Debunked

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We sat down with Jerry Jao, the co-founder and chief executive of Retention Science , to clear the myth-filled air. By combing though 100 million online transactions, 20 million user profiles and 100 email campaigns, Retention Science found that the afternoon is actually a better time to send an email. Other research supports this. Myth: More frequent email is better. Wrong.

Optimizing the Full Spectrum of Customer Interactions

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Rather than resign ourselves to undifferentiated, massive multimodality, future research may begin to contemplate the strategic and interpersonal signification possibilities it presents as its users exploit the vast relational potentials of CMC (Computer Mediated Communication).” Make no mistake, the research and analytics to undertake such an effort would be significant.

Brick Walls and Customer Focus

Jonathan Farrington

However there is ample research, which proves that their primary concern is reliability. General Account Management Customer Focus Customer Retention Key Account Management In a recent post I highlighted the need to focus – and I mean really focus – on your existing accounts, for a reasonable percentage of your scarce selling time. Today I want to share with you a few actions that you need to consider if you are planning on taking my advice to consolidate the relationship you have with your important customers. The motivation to do this should be strong. Of course.

What are the Ideal Qualities of a Modern Day Salesperson?

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A sales management team needs to have an ideal candidate in mind when trying to hire a salesperson, as research and thorough examinations up-front during hiring can help to limit the resources that are wasted on training people who are out of place in the role. Hiring & Retention Hiring Salespeople Sales Management sales management training sales people sales reps sales training managementThe sales training process is important for the development of a representative, but there has to be the right foundation for the manager to work off of.

Five Bottom-Line Benefits for Incentive Compensation for Retailers


With retailers making a shift to omnichannel structures, organizations must find solutions and develop strategies that help drive the desired behavior, improve customer service, and increase customer retention. Enhance the customer experience with increases in cross-selling/up selling opportunities, as well as customer retention. The reason? Register for the Webinar today!

If Only Sales Management Would Do the Math – Part 2

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Sales management does some research and learns a good salesperson can close 4 loans per month. Workforce retention. Sales Management cycle time reduction employment acquisition executive leadership sales goals sales managers sales mangement workforce retention The problem is many of these sales managers have failed to do simple math to learn if these goals are realistic.

Why Off Site Leadership and Sales Training Misses the Mark

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The HOW is 100% about application.  If the knowledge gained is never applied, then it is lost as learning research suggests. Two plus weeks down the road, your cognitive retention dropped to under 10% and by some research reports to 2%. These learning engagements are directed to much larger organizations that can afford the $2,000 plus fees for these classes and seminars.

A Kick in the Teeth to Channel Critics?

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At least ChannelBiz boldly commented along these lines – pointing to research that proves channel critics wrong – in any case, those “who have longed for the day when resellers are cut out of the equation”. This may make it seem like the only way to distribute SaaS products is to sell direct. Sign up now to learn how channels can revolutionize your SaaS revenues.

Sales Tips: Is Your CX Program Driving Metrics or Revenue?

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This happens when you help customers realize specific benefits from your solution. I’d like to suggest the goal of a Customer Experience program is not to improve metrics like NPS , CSAT , and Customer Retention. successful Customer Experience program delivers gains in four core pillars: Customer Retention, Revenue Realized, Revenue Retention, and Revenue Growth.

Jonathan Farrington's Blog ? We Need Our Leaders to be ?Firm but.

Jonathan Farrington

These conclusions came from research by The Industrial Society, carried out among 3000 business people. Clearly ” the Industrial Society said, “ those around successful leaders, or the observers in this research, do not have difficulty equating supportive leadership behaviour with decisive action to maintain standards… above all; they appear to admire the combination of the two. ”.

Is Account-Based Marketing the Holy Grail for Lead Generation Nirvana? [PowerOpinions Part 5]


The responses I received were from Megan Heuer, Vice President & Group Director, and Matt Senatore, Research Director. ABM is “RAD” (helps with Retention, Acquisition and Development)! I consider SiriusDecisions to be the gold standard when it comes to best practices in B2B marketing and sales processes. Click here for part 1 , part 2 , part 3 , and part 4 ). It doesn’t have to.

Top Sales Performers Know What Cards to Hold

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Reduce customer loyalty and retention. They have invested the time to research the demographics and psychographics. These are people who may not be direct decision makers, but can influence the buying decision or make recommendations to those within their spheres of  influence. #3 – Invest Time to Research. Imagine for a moment you have a deck of cards. Growth rate.

Are You Ignoring Attitude in Your Sales Training?

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Learning research suggests after 16 days only 2% is remembered. By listening to the audio CD at least five times, long term memory retention is dramatically increased. Having experienced numerous sales training programs in my previous life, not one of them really explored positive attitude in the learning engagement. The Disconnect. The Bridge. Emotions the Planks. Share on Facebook.

Six Things Customers Want ? Value Creator (

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Customer Experience, Acquisition, and Retention. Filed Under: All Posts , Featured , Finding, Acquiring, and Delighting Customers Tagged With: customer acquisition , Customer Experience , customer retention , what customers want. Constellation Research Blog. customer retention. March 9, 2012. Posts. Comments. Topics. All Posts. Social Business. World Impact. Resources.

10-Point Inspection for Top Sales Performance

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Top Sales reps become a retention risk when they recognize that the plan will not support achievement of their income goals. Otherwise, the manager''s compensation plan will dictate strategic decisions on hiring and retention. Retention Holes: Research substantiates the fact that January and December are when most sales turnover occurs. January is over. Or have they?

Beware the danger of false precision and over expectations

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This is confirmed by a significant body of research that show how little customers believe organizations know about them. We are living in an era of of titanic shifts ; an era where significant changes happen in comparatively short amounts of time. 10 years ago, smartphones didn’t exist. Now we can’t live without them. Navigating Monumental Transformation. Map their journey.

Internal Changes Deliver External Sales Results

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Yet, when we look at the research is this where the focus should be? Read many of the postings about sales and business growth, you may find a common theme that being providing more additional knowledge and skills to improve sales results. Source: National Sales Executive Association). When we start applying that knowledge, we begin to see progress and even failure. Share on Facebook.

How to Make the Number with Less People

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Sign up for SBI’s 7th annual research tour: " How to Make Your Number in 2014: A Sales Strategy You Can Execute." It is an onsite session with you and your leaders. It will help you answer the question. “Do I need a retention plan or do I need a productivity driver?”. Sign up for the " How to Make Your Number in 2014 " research tour. All hiring is on hold until further notice.

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How Top Sales Reps Stay on Top

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You can access it when you sign up for SBI’s Sales & Marketing Research Review here. This no-cost tour presents findings from SBI’s research in 2013. Retention: What do top performers need to be productive and successful? Top sales reps share a common trait. They are determined to keep getting better. The post offered advice for top sales reps to avoid becoming obsolete.

HR Strategy for Tech Workforce Collaboration

Babette Ten Haken

Large-scale research published recently heralds the importance of workforce engagement in reducing employee churn, especially within the increasingly millennial workforce. One of the best studies I’ve read is the comprehensive Deloitte 2016 Global Human Capital Trends research, due to its breadth, depth and global focus. Engagement is critical for tomorrow’s workforce.

Youth, Lead Quality, Social Selling, Inside Sales and Outbound Marketing


Dave Stein, ES Research Group, How Much Social Selling Should Sales Reps be Doing? Dave Stein, CEO and Founder of ES Research Group Inc. Ruth Stevens , who is an expert in customer acquisition and retention. Each quarter I review my recent PowerViews shows and select one outstanding talking point from each expert (five this past quarter) who joined me. Their comments will surprise and enlighten you. The interviews are available on our blog and YouTube channel. Nick Stein, Vision Critical, Youth Meets Experience in Sales Force. That has pros and cons, Nick said. agree.

Remove Friction from Online Buying with Self-Service Tools

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According to research done by Nuance, 67 percent of customers surveyed said they preferred self-service to having a phone call with a customer service representative. While website usability is important for all businesses, it’s especially critical for SaaS companies that rely on the web for their sole source of income. Develop an intuitive interface that addresses common issues.

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Why Sales Coaching Reinforces Skill-Based Learning

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We have all seen the studies about how ineffective sales training is on its own  – only 12% retention 30 days after a training session of most any type. ES Research states that “A good or bad experience with sales training often has more to do with matching offerings to needs than with the “quality” of the training or provider. When do we make time for that? It is very simple.

How Loyal Are Your Customers?

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Loyalty programs help bolster retention, but they're not a magic bullet for fostering attitudinal loyalty. Earlier this week at Loyalty 360's Loyalty Expo 2012 several speakers shared research findings that reveal just how fickle consumers can be. Gaining and retaining customer loyalty is no easy feat. Customers are often "loyal" based more on convenience than emotion, which means given a better option their loyalties will change as quickly the weather on a Florida afternoon. They also shared challenges and opportunities in building and maintaining customer loyalty.

Trust: It matters (more than you think) ? Value Creator.

Brian Vellmure

Customer Experience, Acquisition, and Retention. Filed Under: All Posts , Featured , Finding, Acquiring, and Delighting Customers , Social Business Tagged With: customer acquisition , Customer Experience , customer retention , Edelman , Edelman Trust Barometer , Marketing , social crm , Stephen M.R. Constellation Research Blog. customer retention. March 9, 2012. Posts.

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Important LinkedIn Action To Take Now

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It might be worth your while to understand LinkedIn’s Data Retention Policy and how to close your account if that ever becomes necessary. have been doing some deep research and learning in between jury duty assignments about the impact of “Big Data” and analytics, specifically as they already have and might impact the sales profession in the years ahead. All Rights Reserved.

Jonathan Farrington's Blog ? Moving the Focus Away From the.

Jonathan Farrington

Some researchers prefer to move the focus away from the leader altogether and to examine instead what makes others prepared to follow these individuals. Occupational health services including stress at work and employee retention advice. Moving the Focus Away From the Leaders to the Followers. Published by Jonathan Farrington at 3:20 am under General. No responses yet. Comments RSS.

Trick or Treat? Dreamforce Goodies for B2B Marketers

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This data-driven action will help you improve your retention rate which will translate into profitable revenue for your company. Both retention and acquisition metrics improve with this degree of timely, actionable insights. This tool replaces manual research, excel jungles and cumbersome list consolidations. Rebecca is a Sr. Predictive is Everywhere. Learn more here.

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Hey Sales Managers: This Interview is for You!

Dave Stein's Blog

Note: AchieveGlobal subscribes to ES Research Group’s research.). Sales representatives also recognize those efforts undertaken on their behalf and it improves morale and retention. Research has shown that more than half of customer loyalty is directly attributable to the sales person. Enhancing Customer Relationships Through the Integration of Sales and Service.

CMO: Is Your 2014 Marketing Plan Obsolete?

Sales Benchmark Index

Developing the game plan involves multiple groups and huge amounts of research about your customers. This research includes accurate buyer personas and buyer process maps. Retention campaigns focused on reducing churn in the existing customer base. As CMO, you’re constantly trying to answer these 2 burning questions: Are customers responding to our marketing campaigns?

Improve Sales Communication with Images and Video

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Recent research supports the idea that visual communication is more powerful and persuasive than verbal communication, suggesting in many instances that people learn and retain information that is presented to them visually much better than that which is only provided verbally. Other studies by educational researchers suggest that 83% of human learning occurs visually. Click to tweet.

A Sales Leader’s Blueprint for 2014

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Sign up for SBI''s free onsite research session here. Increase base pay by 7-9% across the board to help with retention. Your Sales Strategy. It is one thing to have a sales strategy. It is entirely different to have one you and your team can execute. You know you need to begin planning for 2014 now. VPs of Sales are asking the question “What have I done before?”. This is flawed.

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