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7 Key Responsibilities of Sales Managers


Armed with a territory, price structure, and targets, they could roam, free-range style, so long as they managed their territory and produced results. Sales management provided oversight, bridged with […]. The post 7 Key Responsibilities of Sales Managers appeared first on Pipeliner CRM Blog. Until lately, salespeople had a lot of control.

The Territory Optimization Revolution


A critical element that is relatively new is territory optimization and we will examine the case for this in this article. In the same way, salesforce effectiveness is made up of different elements – the right go-to-market strategy, salesforce organisation design, role definition and candidate selection, the right incentive design, and the right sales processes. seconds. seconds.

Uncover the Blind Spots in Your Territory

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When your territory is changed, it opens a lot of questions for Sales Reps. Good Managers can provide answers, but typically from the “big picture” perspective. But can you, the Sales Rep, make a living in this new patch? To answer those questions, we built a Territory Evaluator. Account management time as required to maintain the business already established.

Sales Management World Class Best Practices around Territory.

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The #1 Reason Why New Sales Managers Fail

Steven Rosen

Why New Sales Managers Fail. Are you a new sales manager , or have you just been promoted into a sales manager role? I am going to share the number one reason why new sales managers fail. Time and time again companies promote their best sales reps into managerial roles. For new sales managers, things got worse in 2016.

Sales Ops Resolution: Build Market-Focused Territories in 2013

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As the Sales Operations leader, you’re out of a job without customers. Make a New Year’s resolution to build territories that are market-centric in 2013. Doing so will help the sales team make their target and increase your value. This will make life easier for you and your sales VP’s. How Market Focused Are Your Territories? Without the customer, nothing happens.

7 Ways to Become the CEO of Your Territory

Modern B2B Sales

Author: Chris Gillespie When your sales management team gathers to talk about their salespeople, they’re going to discuss two types: problems and stars. They’re viewed as a liability and management talks about mitigating their risks. They’re the people who don’t have to be micromanaged and take the weight off of their managers’ minds.

Sales managers – it’s time to assess your performance and adapt!

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Sales managers. A few years ago we published a blog on the importance of sales managers assessing their prior year’s performance and incorporating the results of that self-assessment into their plans for the new year. If you believe front-line sales managers are still the key to a team’s sales success, as we do, then the points raised in that post are as important today as when they were first posted and are worthy of another look. Sales managers are starting the new year setting sales goals and reviewing their territories for opportunities.

Hacking Sales Management

Partners in Excellence

As with the prior articles, I get huge numbers of requests from sales manager to help Hack their jobs. “What are the short cuts?” ” “How do I manage my time better?” Having said that, here’s a few of my favorite hacks to sales management. Coaching (If I have to explain this, you shouldn’t be a sales manager).

Sales Manager Or Sales Person?

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Sales manager, or sales person—-choose, you can only be one! While it seems so obvious, too many managers make the wrong choice–that is they try to be both. There are several devastating scenarios: Sales manager as super sales person. ” This is a manager with a hero complex. This sales manager micromanages everything.

Sales managers – 6 tips when transitioning to a new sales team

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Sales manager with a new sales team. As most in sales leadership would share – the front-line sales manager is the pivotal job for building and sustaining sales success. And, perhaps the most critical time for any sales manager is when first taking over a new sales team. Talk with senior management.

Part II The Territory & Quota Management Revolution


The Territory & Quota Management Revolution – New Incentive Compensation Platforms Blazing the Trails to Greater Efficiencies. Gone are the simplistic days of sales reps simply “having a patch” to cover for selling their goods and services. Growing up, my father was a career sales person that seemed to cover a broad array of industries and products.

Sales Managers Only Have One Real Goal!

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There’s a lot of stuff written about what sales managers have to do and their key job responsibilities. Some of the laundry list items include: Make sure the team makes the number, develop the strategy, manage the forecast/pipeline, manage performance, recruit, train, coach, and on and on. There lots of ways we see managers behaving. No related posts.

Sales Management TV Tip #1

Steven Rosen

Welcome to Sales Management TV. I am Steven Rosen author of 52 Sales Management Tips and executive sales coach. You have a vacant territory and you have narrowed your search down to two candidates. He has some sales experience but will require some work. I have worked with many sales managers who feel under the gun to hire. I like Rob.

Why You Can't Fill Your Open Sales Manager Positions

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A post for Sales and HR Leaders to find root causes of Sales Manager (SM) vacancies. The Sales Manager position is the fulcrum between sales leadership strategy and sales force execution. Teams without effective sales managers lack morale and discipline. Included in this you will receive the Causes of Sales Manager Vacancies tool.

Sales Management Review Cadence

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I’m not sure anyone looks forward to the Sales Management Review (sometimes these are called QBR’s, but there are other reviews). It’s unfortunate, because there’s a huge amount of value in the review process–both for sales people and managers. No value to the sales person. These are the most critical reviews a manager can have.

Hiring a Sales Manager - External or Internal?

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"Should we hire an external Sales Manager or promote from within?". Open Sales Management positions are bad for sales organizations. Having the wrong Sales Manager (SM) is worse. This post helps you decide between hiring an internal or external Sales Manager. Let''s say Hanna, Sale''s HR Business Partner, must find a new Sales Manager.

Sales person to sales manager transition – A STC Classic

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A Sales Training Connection Classic. Sales people often are promoted into sales manager positions – primarily based on their sales success. Just because a sales people excelled at face-to-face selling doesn’t mean they will excel as a sales manager. Sales managers responsibilities extend far beyond face-to-face selling.

You Just Got Promoted to Sales Manager – Now What?

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Most organizations believe that their most successful sales people will make great sales managers. A recent study showed that only 11% of organizations train their sales managers. If you are a new manager, you are asking, “What do I do now?”. As a newly promoted manager, you need a guide so you do not thrash. Sales Manager Killers.

3 Emerging Metrics for Today’s Sales Manager

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Buyers are more self-directed and demand a different sales person. And this requires a different sales manager. CEOs that have terminated Sales VPs recently state performance is only part of the reason. The other is the inability to get consistent performance from sales managers. Sales VPs pressed for time ask what an ‘A’ Sales Managers look like today. ‘A’

My Top 8 Reasons Why Sales Managers Hire the Wrong People

Dave Stein's Blog

Sales leaders don’t contact me when they are successful and consistent in their hiring efforts. After years of working with sales leaders and HR, building, installing, and implementing a hiring process this is my top seven list of the reasons why sales leaders and sales managers hire the wrong people: They are behind their territory coverage plan and are in panic mode.

Sales Manager—Business Manager Or Coach?

Partners in Excellence

The responsibilities of a sales manager are very broad. Frontline managers have to work to make sure each person on the team is performing at the highest levels possible. At the same time, there’s the “business management” aspect of the job: Are we going to make our numbers? Are we managing our budgets effectively? Too many sales managers spend too much time focusing on the business management aspects of their jobs. Too often, we forget, the core of the manager’s job is to get things done through our people.

Sales Managers, More Important than the Head of Sales?

A Sales Guy

They spend more time with your sales people than anyone else in the company. They manage to the quotas. They resolve territory disputes. They sit next to, talk with and are closer to the sales people than any other person (role) in the company. Sales managers are the lynchpins to success in sales organizations. They create buy-in with the sales team.

7 responsibilities sales managers must own

Sales and Marketing

If you want to thrive in this new era of sales, it is now up to you as a sales manager to view territories, customers and products as if assessing a financial portfolio that you are responsible for investing. Issue Date: 2015-03-16. Author: Tom Searcy. Teaser: Shifts in the business-to-business buying process have transformed selling as we know it. read more

Sales managers – it’s time to assess your performance last year and adapt!

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Sales managers. A year ago, we published a post on the importance of sales managers to assess their prior year’s performance and to incorporate the results of that self-assessment into their plans for the new year. So, as we being the new year, we thought it may be a good time for sales managers to take another look. 2013 Sales Horizons, LLC.

Sales Manager, How Are You Performing?

Partners in Excellence

I want to have a heart to heart with Sales Managers/Executives. Sales people and others can listen in if you want. After all, the data on sales management turnover is pretty disturbing—the average longevity in the job is 20 months. Sales management, at every level, is a tough job. They start issuing orders to each sales person.

Sales person to sales manager – making the transition

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Sales people often are promoted into sales manager positions – primarily based on their sales success. Sales Coaching. Just because a sales people excelled at face-to-face selling doesn’t mean they will excel as a sales manager. Sales managers responsibilities extend far beyond face-to-face selling. 2011 Sales Horizons, LLC.

The Sales Manager New Year’s Resolution: 3 Do’s & 3 Don'ts

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Each recommendation addresses the biggest obstacles every sales manager faces to making the number: Not enough ‘A’ players on the team. Every sales manager is time starved. Sales Managers should be spending 75% of their time coaching their team. I have worked with sales organizations where managers spend up to 65% of their time on admin.

Hey Sales Managers: This Interview is for You!

Dave Stein's Blog

At dinner the evening before the event, I spent some quality time with Sharon Daniels, their CEO, as well as other members of the management team. For those of you who aren’t aware, Sharon participated in two panels hosted by ESR last fall: What Sales Management Needs to Know Today About Inside Sales and Cold Calling. Sales. sales organization.

Announcing Our 3rd Annual Guide to the Best Sales Acceleration Tools #TopSalesTools

Smart Selling Tools

If you’re seeking smart tools to drive sales performance, I’ve got great news for you. We’ve just released our 3rd annual Top Sales Tools of the Year Guide. Find the best sales tools to: Help salespeople convert more calls into appointments. And a lot more… The Goal of this Guide is to Enable Modern Sales Leadership. Sales Enablement.

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Sales Manager Survival Guide – Book Review

The Pipeline

One of the great things in what I do is the opportunity to meet a range of thinkers and doers involved in sales and helping others sell better. Brock writes a book on a critical subject like sales management, it is an opportunity to learn and share with others in my circle. From there he goes into great detail about the difference between managing and coaching.

Give Them Confidence (A Note to the Sales Manager)

The Sales Blog

Give Them Confidence (A Note to the Sales Manager) is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. Your success as a sales leader depends upon the success of the individual salespeople that make up your team. There is no reason to allow your sales force to make sales calls without planning for that call. Confidence Sales 3.0 Anthony Iannarino. They study.

Sales managers – assess your performance last year and adapt!

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High Performing Sales Manager Puzzle. Sales managers are starting the new year, making plans to meet (and hopefully exceed) sales goals and reviewing their territory for sales opportunities. Sales managers must take a look at their past performance to determine what did and didn’t work – and why. 2012 Sales Horizons, LLC.

Sales Management is not Cloning – Sales eXecution 266

The Pipeline

There has been lots written about the common mistake companies make in selecting new sales managers; specifically the habit of promoting some of their best sales people to the management ranks, whether they are suitable or not. While not isolated to the new managers above, cloning is a common and costly problem. Sales Execution Sales Success Tibor Shanto

Sales management – pitfalls and perils of power

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Sales Management. The implications of these findings are evident for most managers – but are there some unique implications for front-line sales managers? For example, sales managers can never know all of the issues inside every account in their territory, which by default means relying on others’ assessment of a sales situation.

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Sales Managers Don’t Produce Revenue, Sales People Do!

Partners in Excellence

Unless you are a sales manager with your own territory (which is an untenable position), you don’t produce revenue. It’s an important point that too many in sales management don’t understand. It’s their jobs to find the deals, qualify them, and manage them to closure. It’s their jobs to develop and execute winning sales strategies. Undoubtedly, as a top sales performer, you made your numbers. Managers who think of themselves as “super closers” take note!). Think about it for a moment.

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What’s it Like in “Me Only Territory?”

Jonathan Farrington

The very best consultative sales professionals operate exclusively in “me only territory” and that demands an explanation, so let’s begin by examining the traditional sales environment …. These people are all operating exclusively in “me-too territory”. Now we are entering “only-me territory” – the most hallowed turf of the sales world.

Key Sales Management Actions to Prepare for 2015

Fill the Funnel

If you lead a sales team or are in a senior level role at your company, you are probably actively engaged in the planning process to ensure you have a successful 2015. A few key questions that sales leaders need to be considering include: Is the sales compensation plan providing the results expected? You get the idea -these are key sales management actions to be thinking about.

Why Sales Managers Need the Sales Manager’s Survival Guide From Dave Brock – Episode #73

The Sales Blog

Sales managers are one of the least equipped roles in business.”. That is what Dave Brock says when he looks over the sales landscape. That’s one of the main reasons he wrote “The Sales Manager’s Survival Guide,” available now on Amazon and other Bookstores. Why Sales Managers Need the Sales Manager’s Survival Guide From Dave Brock - Episode #73 Click To Tweet.

Grab The Right End of the Problem For Effective Sales Management

Anthony Cole Training

However, once I got into sales, sales management, sales training and became a president of a company, I think I finally understood. Not Hiring – We are not hiring better sales people AND we don’t have replacements, therefore we feel trapped in a bad situation. “I’m Bottom line is that it comes with the territory and job title. Okay, get the idea?

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