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4 Simple Questions That Can Re-vitalise Growth for Your Cash Cow

Mukesh Gupta

Innovation Apple Carmax Competitive advantage Complimentary innovations create sustainable competitive advantage David Robertson Disney GoPro Lego product promise SAP The Power of Little IdeasIt is also inevitable that at some point in time the growth in the cash cow would slow down. Go out to acquire a product that can provide the growth for the organisation.

Is Your B2B Brand a “Me Too” Pretender?

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Article Marketing Strategy accenture b2b brand b2b marketing brand planning brand strategy fedex ibm joe derosa sap upsAre you building a “me too” brand? Your competitors are making the same claims and promises as you. They are even using the same words. Brands that are built on “who you are” and “what you do” do not result.

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Rethink Commerce – SAP to Acquire Hybris

Software Business Blog

SAP to Acquire hybris to Deliver Next-Generation Customer Experience” – the recent consolidation is reflective of maturity in key software markets such as commerce, and the need for unified solutions to tap into eCommerce growth across the globe. We have seen companies like Oracle and Netsuite acquire commerce systems, and now, SAP with the acquisition of Hybris.

Reinvent or Die: Retailers Assess Obstacles to Innovation at SAP's Retail Forum

The 1to1 Media Blog

Keeping up with customer expectations and the speed of change are timeless challenges that retailers face but the answers or solutions to these challenges are more varied than ever, said Pat Bakey, general manager of global retail at SAP, at the company''s Retail Forum in New York City this week. Customer Experience Marketing homepage

Fighting Complexity By Embracing Simplicity

Mukesh Gupta

According to the “Simplifying the Future of Work Study,” a survey conducted by Knowledge@Wharton and SAP, fighting complexity has become a strategic corporate imperative. Strategy #INDUSConclave #Simple Embracing SIMPLE Fighting COmplexity INDUS Community Knowledge@Wharton Run SIMPLE SAP Simplifying the future of Work Fight Complexity, Embrace SIMPLE.

Updated thoughts / probabilities of SFDC acquisition $CRM

Brian Vellmure

SAP potential; not likely. SAP – 4%. In addition, SAP already has a complex array of CRM offerings, a large install base, and ongoing investments in CRM, Hana, and analytics. All Posts Apple cisco enterprise software facebook HP IBM Microsoft Oracle salesforce SAP(Note: This is 100% pure speculation and is based on only publicly available insider information). Upon initial rumors, I shared some brief thoughts on Twitter about a potential SFDC acquisition. SFDC speculation: ORCL is 1st to come to mind. IBM makes sense. MSFT a stretch. Fortune.

Starwood's Rules for Social Listening

The 1to1 Media Blog

Customer Engagement Customer Service Customer Strategy Social Media sap sociallistening socialtrends starwoodresorts Digital and social trends are the key factors driving the evolution of retail marketing today. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit

The Mental Model of a Growth-Focused CEO

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SAP CEO Bill McDermott offers this advice to business leaders in a recent Harvard Business Review article: “Give the people a compelling vision and find a way to hit the accelerator harder.” Corporate Strategy Magazine Sales Strategy Bill McDermott ceo CEO sales leader growth CEO market expansion market exposure market share gain revenue growth driver sales strategy SAP CEO

#NRF16 Shows Omnichannel, Mobility Top of Mind

The 1to1 Media Blog

Customer Engagement Customer Experience Customer Loyalty Customer Strategy Customer Service Data Analytics accenture customerexperience demandware nrf16 sap toshibaFor retailers, strategies for engaging with customers continuously change. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit

Divergence at Convergence? Is it a Resurgence?

Brian Vellmure

It’s not as simple as being fully dedicated to SAP, or Oracle, or Microsoft. Bundling their product offerings across their entire suite, AND simultaneously decoupling them to be available across multiple infrastructure and data platforms, with users accessing from a wide and varied slew of devices both offer compelling opportunities for Microsoft (and similarly for the incumbent enterprise software giants SAP and Oracle). Microsoft Dynamics CRM just became, or will shortly be iOS, Android, Blackberry, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox friendly. What Customers Want.

Finding the Right Sales Performance Management Vendor


For the past decade, OpenSymmetry has published the Sales Performance Management (SPM) vendor guide to help organizations understand what options they have as it relates to implementing solutions to help improve the performance of their sales organization. We are excited to announce the release of our newest edition of the SPM Vendor Guide on the resource center of our company website.

Brent's Social CRM Blog: What is SAP to the SME?

Social CRM

What is SAP to the SME? Last week I was in Boston where I attended this year's SAP Business Influencer Summit.    I was really eager to check out what was going on with SAP, because quite frankly it had been years since I've taken a close look at what they've been up to. Another piece to the SME puzzle for SAP is the partner channel.  About.

PBTO52: Good Marketing Opens Minds and Good Sales Closes Deals – Krishnan Chatterjee

Mukesh Gupta

He heads marketing for SAP Indian sub-continent. He heads marketing for SAP Indian sub-continent. Who is on the show: . In this episode, we host Krishnan Chatterjee. He is a musician and a marketer. He stumbled his way through IIM-A into the corporate jungle. Became the Head of Marketing for a large IT Company-a journey in which he used his voice in keynote speeches and such like.

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PBTO31: Insights on B2B Selling and Leading a B2B Sales team with Alok Goyal

Mukesh Gupta

In this episode, we host Alok Goyal, Partner at Stellaris Venture Partners and until recently, he was the Chief Operating Officer of SAP India Pvt. In this episode, we host Alok Goyal, Partner at Stellaris Venture Partners and until recently, he was the Chief Operating Officer of SAP India Pvt. Ltd., a large global software company’s India subsidiary. Leadership in General. Ltd.,

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Hoffman's Hot Seat: Examining the Future of CRM

The 1to1 Media Blog

1to1 Media's Tom Hoffman speaks with Vinay Iyer, Vice President of Marketing at SAP, about the evolution of customer relationship management. Customer Experience Customer Loyalty Customer Service Customer Strategy Emerging Trends Marketing crmexcellence customerjourney sapThere’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit

The Changing Face of Retail

The 1to1 Media Blog

customerexperience customerloyalty customerservice customerstrategy retail sap It is human nature to want to be treated as an individual. Armed with data, savvy organizations have been able to turn online interactions into truly personalized communications that cater to the individual needs of each customer.

3 Ways to Trick Ourselves to do What We Hold Most Important

Mukesh Gupta

It could be your biggest competitor (Apple vs Google or SAP vs Oracle or Coke vs Pepsi) or could be an imaginary one. One thing that I have understood very clearly after reading the research from various behavioural scientist is that, we as a race still haven’t developed the ability to decide when presented with complex choices. So, find your nemesis. These create a sense of belonging.

How SaaS Metrics can help you Drive Explosive Growth like

The Sales Insider

This industry has been led by companies such as, SuccessFactors and RightNow Technologies (the latter two recently acquired by SAP and Oracle, respectively). Software as a Service (SaaS) is a relatively new but thriving industry. Much of their success can be attributed to Read more. Execution KPI - Key Performance Indicators Performance Reporting SaaS KPI

PBTO5: Innovation, Design Thinking and Solving Complex Problems

Mukesh Gupta

In this episode, we host Lakshman , who heads the innovation practice for the consulting division of SAP, based in India and also a visiting faculty at the Hasso Plattner Institute, Potsdam, Germany. . Lakshman Pachineela Seshadri. In this conversation, we talk about the importance of defining the right problem to solve, as the first step in any innovation practice. link].

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Are Digital Distractions Slowing Your Sales Productivity?

No More Cold Calling

Distractions come at us at warp speed in this multi-screen, technology-driven world—and they can sap our sales productivity before we even realize it. Your team might be too connected to focus on sales. Sales has always required a fair amount of multi-tasking. It’s even harder in the digital world. My phone pings constantly with Twitter feeds and LinkedIn updates. It’s never quick.)

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The Importance of Branding in Today's B2B Customer Acquisition

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Later as a global CMO at SAP, he was the catalyst for SAP’s brand value rising $2.8B, or 46% during his tenure. You might remember ‘The Best-Run Businesses Run SAP’ series of campaigns that repositioned SAP from an exotic solution to significant adoption. Most importantly, SAP revenue and profit surged along with worldwide installations increasing by 255%. You can read more about the specific SAP branding efforts through a Columbia Business School case study. There’s intense pressure to show a return. Doing so will hamper your company’s growth. Summary.

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PBTO2: Changing Role of Marketing and The Importance of Building a Personal Brand

Mukesh Gupta

Today, we host Sunder Madakshira, who heads marketing & communications at SAP in India. Today, we host Sunder Madakshira, who heads marketing & communications at SAP in India. Sunder Madakshira. This is episode No 2 of “Pushing Beyond the Obvious”. He was recognized as “The Marketing Thought Leader” by Stars of the Industry Awards, constituted by the ABP group in Feb 2014.

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Lead Nurturing: How a social business strategy can help you move from selling to helping your prospects

B2B Lead Blog

Tweet At MarketingSherpa Lead Gen Summit 2013 , I had the privilege of sitting in on a session with Todd Wilms, Head of Social Strategy, and Adriel Sanchez, VP, Demand Generation, both of SAP , as they discussed how they use a business model called “social business” to help their teams across the globe engage local audiences. So, what is social business exactly? From strategy to practice.

Brent's Social CRM Blog: and SAP Present the.

Social CRM and SAP Present the Soaring with the Cloud Virtual Summit.   On Tuesday September 28 th , and SAP are holding the On Demand: Soaring with the Cloud Virtual Summit. Listed below are links to weblogs that reference and SAP Present the Soaring with the Cloud Virtual Summit : Comments. and SAP Present the Soaring with the Cloud Virtual Summit.   On Tuesday September 28 th , and SAP are holding the On Demand: Soaring with the Cloud Virtual Summit. September 24, 2010.

PowerViews with Michael Brenner: The Battle for Customer Attention


My guest today is Michael Brenner, Vice President of Marketing and Content Strategy at SAP and Managing Editor for the SAP Business Innovation site. At SAP, Michael’s challenge is to transform social business and content marketing to reduce cost-per-acquisition of new customers. Due to technical difficulties only one side of the video will display.). Sales is Still Important.

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Guest Blog: Unstoppable Business Performance throughDynamic Planning


Prior to Causata, Ram was a Senior Director at SAP’s Analytics Center of Excellence. In his 7 year tenure at SAP, he drove product strategy and go-to market activities for several SAP portfolios. From my perspective, planning is all about determining how a business can achieve its goals. But reality is strikingly different as this blog highlights. About the Author.

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What’s a 21st Century Selling System?

Smart Selling Tools

There will be a session from Shawn Robertson, Global Vice President of Selling Excellence, SAP to talk about how to answer the question “What’s in it for me?” The theme of Salesforce’s annual Developer Conference, Dreamforce, was “The Customer Company Revolution.” Who is the customer? How do you sell and market to the customer? What does a 21 st century selling system look like?

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Increasing Revenue: The ONE Measurement That Matters Most

Smart Selling Tools

It’s also the frequent task-jumping distractions that sap focus and momentum. Sellers have only 8 hours a day, 215 (selling) days a year. Time is a finite commodity. We can’t get more of it. The ONLY thing we can do is make better use of our time. For salespeople, the best use of time is to spend it talking with a quality prospect. Unless the prospect says, “Holy-smokes!

Empathetic Marketing: How To Connect With Your Customers

B2B Lead Blog

Most recently, about ten years ago, was hired by SAP as their first head of digital marketing. I’m going to go back to my former company, SAP. SAP is number 10 on the list, and I’m proud to see them make that kind of recognition. He was superb at motivating SAP to hit the number, hit the number. If not, you should. Michael: Yeah, sure. Thanks, Brian.

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Something in Common: The Key to Connecting with Your Sales Prospects

No More Cold Calling

” Jonathan Becher, chief digital officer of SAP, talks about the research behind this phenomenon—and what it means for salespeople—in his post, “The Science of Social Selling.” Your birthday, favorite sports team, or hometown could help you seal the deal. My birthday is January 19. When is yours? What about meeting someone with the same name? There is an affinity, a connection.

NRF Reports: Mobile to Shape Customer Experience in 2014

The 1to1 Media Blog

Customer Experience Customer Loyalty Customer Service Customer Strategy Mobile Marketing hybris mobileapps mobilecustomerexperience mobileshopping nrfsbigshow retailtrends sap Today kicks off The NRF 103rd Annual Convention & EXPO at the Javits Convention Center in New York City and more than 30,000 retail professionals from around the world are expected to attend. I also look forward to attending the conference tomorrow to learn the trends and to see firsthand the technologies that will shape customer experience in retail this year.

Your Customers Are Talking About You – Are You Listening?

Sales and Marketing

Author: Tim Minahan, CMO, SAP Cloud. Issue Date: 2014-10-06. Teaser: Social media is big and it’s only getting bigger. By recognizing and embracing its power, marketers can transform the very nature of business and engagement and deliver their customers to new worlds of excellence. Social media is big and it’s only getting bigger. read more

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Top Priority: Retaining Top Sales Reps

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Although the process protects margins, it saps valuable selling time from his day. Top sales performers share a common trait – relentless time management. This is the story of my day last week with the #1 sales rep for a B2B technology firm. It started at 6:15 a.m. with an email from Jerry confirming our rendezvous at Starbucks. This post will reveal what makes Jerry successful.

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Accelerating Revenue: The ONE Measurement That Matters Most

Smart Selling Tools

It’s also the frequent task-jumping distractions that sap focus and momentum. Sellers have only 8 hours a day, 215 (selling) days a year. Time is a finite commodity. We can’t get more of it. The ONLY thing we can do is make better use of our time. For salespeople, the best use of time is to spend it talking with quality prospects. Salespeople do other things besides selling.

Fine Tune Your Sales Force as You Optimize Your Computer

Understanding the Sales Force

First, I evaluated the problem, and identified the biggest memory hogs and performance sapping programs. Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan I love my Macbook Pro. It''s four years old which means I''ve had it for three years longer than any Windows laptop I ever owned. That said, it was beginning to under perform, slow down, and choke. The cost? That''s easy!

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Power Opinions - Experts Select Top Three Social Media Tools


My social media tools are Triberr, Buffer and HootSuite.” ( Michael Brenner, SAP — interesting that neither LinkedIn or Twitter made his list ). We have had over 30 PowerViews interviews in the past year and I thought it would be fun to ask our PowerViews alumni a question about social media. The question was: What are the top three social media tools (ranked in order) and why? Mirroring Jonathan''s enthusiasm, Craig Rosenberg calls it "the greatest place on earth for salespeople right now." But that’s the point—increasingly, it’s the place where business gets done.”. Four listed blogs.

How Do You Know that Your Sales Force is Structured Correctly?

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Avoid a structural crisis before it saps your organization’s power. The wrong structure for a sales organization kills performance. The power of the sharpest sales team is dulled by an overly complex organization. As the Sales leader or HR business partner to Sales, you understand the dynamics of sales effectiveness : Success = 50% Talent + 50% Performance Conditions. It creeps up on them.

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The Importance of Social Proof in Building a Movement #DF13

Smart Selling Tools

They can’t be sure whether they are the only sap that’s accepted your phone call, or signed up for a trial. Think of the last time you were in a social situation and you weren’t sure what you should do or how you should behave. Did you take your cues from those around you who appeared comfortable and experienced in the situation? I along with 120,000 other people (talk about a herd!)

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Know When to Say When

Your Sales Management Guru

Deals that aren’t going anywhere not only sap your energy and emotions, but they keep your eye from the deals that matter. Salespeople: Know When to Say When. Ken : Today we have are offering a guest blog from Adam Honig who is the co-founder and CEO of Spiro Technologies. There are many skills a salesperson needs to perfect to become a legendary seller. Bite your tongue and stop selling.

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European courts allow online re-sale of Oracle software

Mukesh Gupta

What does this mean for other software makers like SAP or Microsoft? Business Model Microsoft oracle re-sell licenses SAP In a landmark decision, the European Court of Justice dealt a major blow to Oracle on Tuesday, ruling that the software maker cannot block the resale of its software online. More information about the news @ [link]. I am truly surprised by the ruling. This does not answer many questions like. How does the vendor keep track of who is the current user of the software? What happens to the Support fee? A new order will be created with new leaders emerging.