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Differentiation, Dissimilarity, Disruption

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What was selling in competition to Oracle/Siebel, wasn’t really a competitive CRM system, it was selling a different way of viewing the implementation/installation/support problem. Recently, I was being interviewed on value creation and differentiation. I was asked the question, “What’s the difference between differentiation and dissimilarity?”

This weeks best content – Jan 19 thru 24, 2014

Brian Vellmure

Salesforce’s ascent and Siebel’s demise has long been characterized as a classic Silicon Valley tale of the little guy triumphing over th… Fortune Editors. Hello and a happy Friday to you. Please find the best articles from the past week. Please feel free to share and comment. To your success, Brian. Storify by. Brian Vellmure. Fri, Jan 24 2014 12:14:02. link]. link].

CRM: 15 Years Later, now a friend

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Sales force automation (SFA) systems hit the market in the 1980s, but it wasn’t until Siebel’s release in the mid-90s that they gained a foothold in the enterprise. SFA/CRM 15 Years Later: Now It’s Every Rep’s Best Friend. This week, I thought you might like to read someone else’s article and my comments regarding the article. My comments are first. As a Sales Leadership consultant, I think the article below hit on many valid points; the Cloud and CRM usability are key elements in the acceptance of CRM, as is the price/cost issue, especially for the SMB market. by Lauren Carlson.

Getting CRM to Deliver for Salespeople

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I was with a sales training firm called OnTarget when we were acquired by Siebel. A significant factor contributing to sales performance improvement is the employment of technology that will enable more effective and more efficient selling. Out of the box CRM will not get the job done in the cases we’ve seen. Develop and maintain the software themselves. have done, among others.

Behind the Cloud – Part 7 – The Global Playbook

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Started with telesales again and recruited from Microsoft, Oracle, and Siebel in Bangalore, Hong Kong, China, and Korea. Whenever I read a great book, I summarize it so I can learn better and recall it later. I have been asked to make some of my “Ken’s Notes” available. Here is part 7 of ”Behind the Cloud” by Marc Benioff, the founder of Scroll to the bottom for links to the other Parts – Ken Krogue. How to Launch Your Product and Introduce Your Model to New Markets. Play #75: Build Global Capabilities into Your Product. Going Fast?