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Trade Shows and Trade Offs


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Trade Shows Can Work!-new idea!

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Trade Shows Can Work-new idea ! NOTE: Several weeks ago I wrote a blog on “ Why Trade Shows Don’t Work” , shortly after a good friend, Todd Schnick, wrote me a note to discuss how he makes trade shows work! But if your trade show strategy is built on walk-up traffic, you are better off saving your money. The blog below is Todd’s. Shame.

Trade Shows Don’t Work

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. Trade Shows Don’t Work. I have heard that phrase and similar comments from people about why they don’t include trade shows in their marketing programs, when in reality the reason many organizations do not gain a payback from their trade show investment is “they” don’t work the trade show. Last week while working with a client we discussed this topic in great detail and when I reviewed our Trade Show Planning tools from our Sales Management Tool Kit they were amazed at what they were not doing in planning and executing at their events.

The Trade Show Follow Up Process


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Why Your Candy Dish is Killing Your Trade Show Sales

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“When I attend a trade show, I only stop at booths that have candy dishes. Sales booth candy exhibit exhibitor prospect trade showBecause, if you have candy, you must be a terrific company. And the greater the variety of candy you have, the more likely I am to buy your product or service.” This sentiment has never been expressed by anyone, ever. [.].

Top Ways to Maximize Trade Show Opportunities

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Can you remember back to that time, perhaps not so long ago, when you had an amazing trade show booth opportunity to showcase your company and for whatever reason you did not capitalize on it? Many mid-market technology and distribution companies exhibit at trade shows for 3 key reasons: 1) An industry show brings together the latest ideas, tools, and products.

3 Ways to Break Through the Noise at a Trade Show

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We recently attended and exhibited at a retail trade show in Las Vegas. It was a large, multi-day event with over 14,000 attendees and tons of booths on the show floor – a daunting experience if you don’t exhibit at trade shows regularly or can’t afford a huge, flashy booth. The very nature of trade shows demands that you have personality.

Twelve Ways to Get People to Your Trade Show Booth

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I registered to attend an upcoming trade show, so naturally I’ve been deluged with postcards and letters from exhibitors beseeching me to visit their booth. Sales attendees books booth business CD's DVD's exhibit follow up prospect seminar trade show trainingMost of the messages have been along the lines of “Come learn all about our super-cool, revolutionary, state-of-the-art, game-changing, mega-awesome product or service.” News Flash: I don’t care about your product or [.].

Trade Show Smackdown

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Teaser: The death of trade shows has been forecast since the days of dial-up modems, but whenever budgeting time rolls around, many companies are hesitant to cut exhibiting out of the mix. We asked sales and marketing managers whether they continue to derive value from their trade show marketing investment. Issue Date: 2015-03-20. Author: SMM Staff. read more

Event and Trade Show Etiquette: 4 Tips to Make Your Booth a Success

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As the new year approaches, are industry events and trade shows part of your marketing plan? Here are four tips to think about the next time you’re on the show floor: 1. Pre-populate your browser with specific pages you want to show from your website. Many trade shows and events have less than ideal internet service. Be aware of your body language.

Trade Show Follow-Up: 5 tips to optimize response

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Tweet For the past seven years, trade shows have surpassed websites, email marketing and paid search to secure the top spot as B2B marketers’ biggest investment, according to the MarketingSherpa 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report. I can’t help but wonder given my own trade show attendance experience. Trade Show ? They dump this list into their database.

9 Must-Attend Retail Trade Shows for 2015

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Whether you’re a one man-or-woman run business just starting out, or a 20-year-old company of 50+ employees, one should never underestimate the power of attending a trade show. In a recent article on Forbes , Georganne Bender, a retail speaker, consultant and recognized industry expert, and her partner Rich Kizer both stressed the importance and value that businesses of all sizes gain from attending trade shows. With that, we’ve compiled this list of nine must-attend retail trade shows in 2015 – Feel free to add and share your favorites!

Working a Trade Show is a Job

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Working a Trade Show is a Job. I have been speaking at a variety of industry trade shows delivering keynote programs, educational breakout sessions and general networking opportunities. They have invested time and money to fly here and yet I see this at the 20 or so trade shows I attend each year. There are plenty of reasons to believe that attending trade show or association event is fun and exciting because it is! Best Practices for Attending an Industry Conference. Its 1:45pm. Many events, post the PowerPoint’s on a central site.

Inside Campaigner: How trade shows can help you build a quality.

Inside Campaigner

How trade shows can help you build a quality opt-in email list. What I’ve learned at trade shows as an attendee and an exhibitor. How trade shows can help you build a quality email list. I will always remember my first trade show. I only ever had good results if I had a solid email marketing plan and an onsite lead score system to judge if it was worth continuing the conversation AFTER the trade show. Adding the winner to my post show lead nurturing program would have revealed my post show conversion strategy.

Selling at Trade Shows: A Lesson From a Hot Shot High Tech Company

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

Last year I spoke at Dreamforce with my client (If If you sell into the IT area, check them out.) Over 130,000 customers, developers and partners were there. After our talk, I went to DiscoverOrg’s booth for a book signing. The exhibit hall was a zoo. When all my books were gone, I spent time observing their salespeople in action. It was fascinating.

Get the Most Out of Trade Shows with Pre & Post Show Prospecting Strategies

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Trade show season is here. With some pre-show negotiation with the contact list and investigation on your end to see who is going, you can begin nurturing contacts prior to the show. This is equally as important as the post-show follow-up. Instead of reading a two-page description of what the most effective strategies are, I want you to watch a short, 45-minute webinar that shows successful trade show strategy, messaging, cadence, and methods that increase conversions. Timing is everything!

Event Marketing: How a technology start-up made a trade show splash booth-free

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The best opportunity to kick off that effort was at the NRF Big Show. It combined these elements to promote the new brand at the trade show. These buttons directed them to the blog site where a running clock showed how much time is wasted by waiting. When the CEO put the pants on and showed them off around the office, that sealed the deal,” she laughed.

The Sales Association: Industry Trade Shows: Pot of Gold or Money.

The Sales Association

Industry Trade Shows: Pot of Gold or Money Pit? Do you find yourself doubting if all of the time and expense you put in to exhibiting at trade shows is worth it? I want to let you in on something – trade shows are an extremely valuable opportunity to strengthen existing customer relationships and to bring in quality new leads – but you only get out of a tradeshow what you put in! I cannot emphasize enough the importance of putting in some effort before the show to draw people to your booth. Labels: booths , conferences , Trade Shows.

And You Call Yourself A Sales Professional?

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Every year I attend about 200 or more exhibitions and trade fares around the world and it doesn’t matter what country I am in or what market the exhibition is representing I always meet with the same. [[ This is a content summary only. Trade Show Tips exhibiting tips exhibiton tips how to get the best out of exhibitions types of exhibitor

14 Ways For Sales Managers To Improve The Quality Of Leads At An Exhibition

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Trade Show Tips exhibition training As a sales manager, you probably have the responsibility of manning your company’s exhibition stand. But like most sales managers I have met with over the years, it’s unlikely that you have received. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. The 12 Commandments of Incredibly Successful Trade Shows

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At, we are proven pros at going to trade shows and generating leads. B2B Better Sales Management Forbes Inside Sales Ken Krogue Trade show tradeshows I often get asked what our secret is and I want to share a few of them with you. In fact, I’m on my way to Read more. Inside Sales Tips Sales 2.0

Nine Simple Tactics to Drive a Higher Return on Trade Show Investment

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Tweet In his most recent post , Dave Green pointed out how marketers invest most of their budget on trade shows even though it ranks fourth in effectiveness. He went on to explain how to get a better return on your trade-show investment through lead scoring. Trade shows often reward people if they visit as many booths as possible. Are they interested?

How Technology on the Trade Show Floor Can Help Your Sales Team Work Smarter and Sell More

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Tweet Trade shows and conferences are still the biggest areas of investment for marketers, according to the most recent MarketingSherpa B2B Marketing Benchmark Report. Yet, many companies still measure marketers on cost-per-lead metrics when such metrics are inadequate for measuring face-to-face interactions at trade shows. The real value of trade show interactions. Trade shows and conferences are a great way to have many face-to-face meetings in a short time. Optimizing face-to-face conversations at trade shows.

How to Make the Most of a Conference or Trade Show

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How to Make the Most of a Conference or Trade Show is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. The trick to a successful conference or trade show is to get the attendee list as soon as you possibly can. How do you ensure you get the most of attending a conference or trade show? Anthony Iannarino. If you are the one manning the booth, you are doing it wrong. One: Get Your Hands on the Attendee List. You want to get your hands on that list. Most of your competitors won’t worry about getting the list. Yet, it is what salespeople and sales organizations do.

3 Quick Important Trade Show Tips

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After a recent visit to a trade show, I felt I had to point out a few of quick thoughts that we all need to keep in mind. I am going to make this short and sweet and not going to give you too much, because that is the problem—TOO MUCH! #1 1 – Too Much

3 Trade Show Strategies That Maximize Sales Potential

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

When it comes to the trade shows, Susan Friedmann says that most companies have the wrong attitude. Companies, and individual employees, see trade shows as a necessary evil,” Friedmann, better known as The Trade Show Coach , said. They don’t view a trade show as part of an overall marketing plan.”. Go for the right reasons. Prepare.

How Effective Are Trade Shows?

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The effectiveness of trade shows depends on the type of company and what you are selling. Read full story → Sales Management

Is your Trade Show Follow-Up Repelling Leads? | Sell More, Word.

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How to Use Lead Scoring to Drive the Highest Return on Your Trade-Show Investment

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Tweet In the 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report , 1,745 marketing organizations revealed that trade shows took up the biggest chunk of their marketing budget – over 21%. They need to do the same with trade shows. I recommend ranking trade show leads using the point-system outlined below – the higher the ranking, the hotter the lead. Image: AAPEX Shows.

Save Me – Share Your Convention Booth Ideas

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I am going to be spending time in a Trade Show Convention Booth next week in St. I haven’t worked a show floor for almost 10 years so I am thinking that things have changed in the interim. Customer Acquisition Overview Marketing booth convention HeatMap Magic shutterfest trade show What are your best convention booth ideas? Louis. What are your recommendations and secrets for a successful booth experience? Why am I going to the ShutterFest convention in the first place? One of my first offerings out of the chute was HeatMap Magic. I need your help!

Do trade shows work?

Buyer Zone's Lead Generation Blog

I was thinking this morning about trade shows and how successful they are for businesses. What spurred my thinking was our upcoming attendance at Leadscon , the semiannual show all about the lead generation industry. BuyerZone has historically attended the show, and will again in a few weeks in New York. While we certainly derive value from the shows, it got me wondering about how successful trade shows can be as a lead generation source, especially for companies who spend considerable money exhibiting. So, naturally, I did some research. false.

10 Must-Attend Food and Beverage Conferences

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Why they say you should attend : “Natural Products Expo West continues to be the leading trade show in the natural, organic and healthy products industry, attracting over 67,000 industry professionals and 3,000 exhibits to the Anaheim Convention Center. ” New England Food Show Boston Convention Center – Boston, MA March 15-17, 2015 14,000 Attendees.

Trade Show Marketing: Tips for increasing prospect engagement

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Tweet It’s easy to get ahead of ourselves trying to promote products and services before we’ve given the prospect a reason why they should learn more, and trade events can exacerbate the issue. However, trade shows can do so much more by creating opportunities for more meaningful engagement for everyone. Trade Show Follow-Up: 5 tips to optimize response.

6 Sales and Marketing Lessons From Dreamforce 2013

The Sales Insider

I’ve attended multiple trade shows in the past, but true to the advertisement, Dreamforce was bigger and better than anything I’d seen. Having spent the full four days on the trade show floor, I wanted to share some of the Read more. Sales Tips dreamforce 2013 trade show tips

3 Great Tips To Cultivate Trade Show Leads

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The prospect stops by your booth. You make a connection and engage in a productive conversation, discussing possible interests and developing some rapport. Then a few days, a week or more later, you call the prospect back, only to find that the situation is the equivalent of a cold call. If you have ever returned

Lead Nurturing: You can’t automate trust

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Both of us attended Dreamforce 2014 (Jill was a featured speaker) and we stopped by number of trade show booths to see the different vendors and learn what’s new in their companies. My research shows that executive buyers choose the salesperson who has been a resource and developed a trusted relationship with them regardless of their timing to buy. Lead Nurturing automation Dreamforce lead gen trade show As you might guess, we both experienced lead nurturing follow-up after those visits. It was fast. But two things were missing: relevancy and trust.

How To Maximize Your ROI At An Exhibition

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Peter had some really interesting information about the benefits of exhibiting and how to get the best out of your place at the show, so I have invited Peter to share his insights with you all. What are your objectives for the show? Do your research about the show. Invite your customers and prospects before the show using social media, your web site and direct mail.

Get the Most Out of Trade Shows with Pre & Post Show Prospecting Strategies

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Trade show season is here. With some pre-show negotiation for the contact list, and investigation on your end to see who is going, you can begin nurturing contacts prior to the show. This is equally as important as the post-show follow-up. Instead of reading a two-page description of what the most effective strategies are, I want you to watch a short, 45-minute webinar that shows successful trade show strategy, messaging, cadence, and methods that increase conversions. Timing is everything!

Networking Dos and Don’ts from an Event Pro

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Small Business Marketing Business Pitch Don''ts event marketing Facebook follow up Impression linkedin networking networking dos and dont''s networking events small business marketing Small Business Week Social Media social networking trade show tradeshows Your Business Cards A bad first impression not only reflects on you, but also on your business. Have a great handshake.

The Science and Art of Selling by Alen Mayer ? Blog Archive ? Ten.

The Science and Art of Selling

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