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Stop Leading The Witness

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By Tibor Shanto – . One of my favourite genres is court or trial based stories, could be a movie, play, TV program, but especially novels, where the author has room to fully explore elements and take one to unexpected places.

What’s Your Buyer’s Closing Ratio

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By Tibor Shanto – . While it is important to understand your personal metrics, mostly as a means of improving your use of time, and to develop an ongoing improvement process.

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The Levers Of Sales Success

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By Tibor Shanto – . Proactive Prospecting Summer – Part 3.

The Lost Art of Closing

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Back in October of last year, I reviewed Anthony Iannarino’s The Last Sales Guide you’ll Ever Need. Not one to rest on laurels, Anthony is about to release his next epic, The Lost Art Of Closing.

Accelerate Your Sales Performance

While most business is digital, and business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions - and the work that supports them -- are almost entirely digitized, most organizations still rely on paper for the “last foot” of the process - the sign-off.

Hypothetically Speaking

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By Tibor Shanto – . It is easy to understand why some, especially in business, don’t like hypotheticals, they want to deal with facts, and tangible things that impact their business.

You Are Where You Are By Choice

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By Tibor Shanto – . I had a couple of interesting conversations with two reps recently during a break in a workshop. Both centred around where each of the reps were currently, both in terms of quota in the current year, and their over all sales career.

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Best Way To Motivate Your Reps: Take Away EXcuses

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By Tibor Shanto – . Managers always ask, “How can I motivate my reps?” Of course, what they are asking is “How can I get them to do their jobs?”

When All Else Fails

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By Tibor Shanto – . I recently had the pleasure of recording a podcast with Jeb Blount , as part of the addition of Proactive Prospecting Program to Sales Gravy University.

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The Playbook for Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Account-Based Marketing is a Strategy, Not a Solution | Get this step-by-step playbook to implement an ABM strategy that fits your company’s objectives and resources.

A Stranger In Your Own Deal?

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By Tibor Shanto – . It’s interesting to see how different sales people and organisations deal with lost deals.

Don’t Just Do Something – Sit There!

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By Tibor Shanto – . All too many people confuse activity or action with productivity or results. Think of how many times the best thing you can say about a movie or a game is that it was “action filled”.

Deadlines Drive Deals

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By Tibor Shanto – . People generally have one of two relationships with deadlines, they either love them, and use them to be more productive. Or they hate them, ignore them, avoid them, or are terrified by them. The former is usually the more productive group.

Success Breeds Prospects

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By Tibor Shanto – . Most sales people tend to ease off on their prospecting when they have a healthy pipeline.

Answers Are Only As Good As The Question

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By Tibor Shanto – . Communication, which at the core selling/buying is, will always be a mutual exercise, which why monologues work well in theater, but not in delivering revenue or quota.

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Sales Training Playbook by Lessonl

A step-by-step guide for building a comprehensive training playbook for your sales team.

Confusing Choice with Decision

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By Tibor Shanto – . We all know the expression “ Often a bridesmaid but never a bride ”, we see it playing out in sales daily.

Let’s Make A decision!

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By Tibor Shanto – . We’ve all been there, a real-life version of the popular game show. You’ve done your work, and have arrived at that final fateful stage of the sales. Three possibilities, three doors: A positive Decision. A negative Decision. No Decision.

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The Best Sellers Are Cheaters

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By Tibor Shanto – . You can slice it six ways from Sunday, the best sales people are the ones who maximize and do most with their time.

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Enough With The Time Management BS – Please!

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By Tibor Shanto – . Time is the most valuable resource sales people, or any people have, it is the only none renewable resource, once it is spent, it is gone forever, except for the memorise, and for many in sales the memories are not that happy, and not worth reliving.

The Art of Social Selling -- Summarized by getAbstract

Find and engage customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

Are your prospecting calls a long run off a short pier?

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By Tibor Shanto – . Sellers are a wonderfully optimistic lot, having drank the Kool Aid about their “solution”, believing that they are indeed the cavalry coming over the hill to heal all that pains their potential prospects.

March Sadness

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By Tibor Shanto – . I recall reading Skip Miller’s “ProActive Sales Management”, where he states: “If you, as a sales manager, do not know if you are going to make the year after the first quarter, the battle is over. Now you better be lucky.”

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3 Reason to Establish and Mine The Gap – Part I

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By Tibor Shanto – . Sales people are always trying to create urgency, or figure out how they can accelerate a decision. The conventional approach has been to either focus on a “pain point” the buyer may want to solve with haste.

Why Make The Call

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By Tibor Shanto – . One reason many give me for not wanting to prospect, is the fact that fewer people are answering their phones, and as a result it is not as effective as other forms of prospecting.

Secrets to Successful Inside Sales Management

Learn a variety of best practices, techniques and ideas to both tactically and strategically increase the efficacy, success and impact of your inside sales organization.

Difference Is In the Eyes Of The Prospect

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By Tibor Shanto – There is a lot of talk about differentiation in sales, whether that is at the product level, sales technique level or other factors. Some difference is good, some goes a bit far, unfortunately most of seems to fall short.

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Objections Are Only Negative IF You Allow Them To Be

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By Tibor Shanto – . Not everything prospects say that does not align or agree with your view is an objection, and more importantly, you shouldn’t react to everything as if it was.

Time To Change The Sales Rhetoric

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By Tibor Shanto – . You know it’s getting bad when the pundits are spending more time picking at each other, than dispensing advice to the masses who clearly yearn for knowledge and means to achieve quota.

3 Reasons Your Voice Mails Fail

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By Tibor Shanto – . Voice mail is not going away, mostly because people will have to answer their phones rather than being able to screen calls and preserve their time and sanity for things other than bad prospecting calls.

Successful Selling

Matt Heinz explains how to attract, manage, close and keep more business in a buyer-centric world.

The “Dog Days” Of Sales

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By Tibor Shanto – . There is no denying that summer brings a different rhythm, energy and cadence to sales. Vacations, kids out of school, longer sunnier days are but a few contributing factors.

Where’s You Next $1,000,000 Deal Coming From?

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By Tibor Shanto – . To do something right, you need to set time aside to understand things, to come up with a plan, and then finally doing it. All of these are elements of success, and they all require time to complete.

Cooking With Sales

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By Tibor Shanto – . I am not sure if it truly qualifies as serendipity, but I had a couple of experiences one day recently that confirmed some sales basics that we choose to ignore at times.

Prospecting? – “Not As Much As I’d Like To”

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By Tibor Shanto – . Why Not? I never understood why sales people and sales leaders who have anaemic pipelines and matching sales results, think they solve their issues by focusing on everything but. They need to stop symptoms, and work on curing the cause.

Objections – Cause – Effect – Resolution

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By Tibor Shanto – . Telephone prospecting is hard, in fact so hard that most people spend a disproportionate amount of time and energy trying to avoid it.

3 Reason to Establish and Mine The Gap – Part II

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By Tibor Shanto – . Monday, we looked and the need to establish a “Gap” , and gave an example that you can use to start the process with in your sales.

What’s The Difference Between A Cold Call and Warm Call?

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By Tibor Shanto – . The simple answer is that one is scheduled, and the other is not. Some may add that in a warm call the recipient may be aware of the person calling and the reason for the call, usually in the form of a referral.

New Quarter – Same Approach?

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By Tibor Shanto – . On Friday, I dropped a tongue in cheek, some might say sarcastic (or cynical) thought/comment on LinkedIn , observing how the last day of the quarter, month, and the week, made for B2B sales version of “ Triple Witching Hour ”.

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Proactive Prospecting Summer – Part 1

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By Tibor Shanto – . Many in sales look at summer as a time where they can slow down a bit, reflecting what they believe to be the pace of things around them.