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In 2001, Daniel Goleman published a book called Primal Leadership. In it, he posits that there are six leadership styles –Visionary, Coaching, Affiliative, Democratic, Commanding, and Pacesetting.

We Lead with Sales Leadership

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In 2001 we were all rocked by 9/11 – a horrific time in Boston that I’ll never forget. The year 2002 seems like such a long time ago, yet with memories etched in my brain forever it seems like yesterday. A month and a half later, I left my corporate job as Director of Education for a SaaS company and did contract work until launching Score More Sales in early 2002. B2B sales leadership


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Are you suffering from B.S.O.S.?

Sales and Marketing Management

Google’s Timeline marks its first occurrence as a syndrome in March 2001: “The annual report has long been disdained as a bright shiny object unworthy of attention from the serious investor. Google’s Timeline marks its first occurrence as a syndrome in March 2001: “The annual report has long been disdained as a bright shiny object unworthy of attention from the serious investor. Issue Date: 2014-01-01.

The Day That America Changed

Grant Cardone

September 11, 2001. The day that America changed. It’s been 20 years since New York City was shaken by several coordinated terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of 2,996 people including those at the World Trade Center in NYC, The Pentagon in Washington, and Shanksville, PA.

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7 Must-Have Automated Documents for Sales Success

The 7 must-have automated.

Darn. It’s Here Again

No More Cold Calling

We survived tough economies in 1873, 1929, 1982, 2001, 2008, 2009, 2018, and 2020, and we’ll survive 2023. Times are tough, but a sales success mindset will help you survive this economic downturn. Darn, it’s here again.

Season 2 Of Demo-litions! (The Show Where Two Sales Nerds Review Real Sales Demos)

Sales Hacker

In 2001, when Tom Brady was just 24, his backup QB, Damon Huard, asked him how he stays so confident on the field. Okay. I might catch some heat here but bear with me.

Video 77

What Kind Of Sales Year will 2018 Be?

The Pipeline

Currently the longest is the 120 months, from March 1991 to March 2001. By Tibor Shanto. As we head into 2018, we are heading into a year that could make the current economic cycle the longest since the great depression. This could well mean that there is more than a real possibility that the next 12 – 18 months will see an economic slowdown, at the same time many market pundits also point to age of the current bull market, and real possibility of a pull back.

Reflections On 9/11 In 2020

Partners in Excellence

Pardon me from diverting from my normal writing on sales, leadership and business to reflect for a moment on September 11, 2001. First, on the evening of September 10, 2001, I arrived home from a 3 week business trip to Africa.

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What Masterful Presenters Do: President Zelensky

Anne Miller

Remember September the 11th, a terrible day in 2001 when evil tried to turn your cities, independent territories, in battlefields, when innocent people were attacked, attacked from air, yes. When the stakes are high, strong presentation strategy is a necessity, not a luxury.

Learn To Self Manage For Sales Success

Sales Gravy

Events that qualify for crisis management include September 11, 2001, the stock market crashes of 1929 and 1987, a child in the hospital, death and serious illness A crisis is an event that is urgent and important. Crises require immediate response.

Wanna get lucky? Wanna make more sales in less time? Then I seriously want you to meet someone….

Bernadette McClelland

In 2001 I left my sales role at Xerox Australia and decided to go out on my own as a speaker – because back then coaching was only for sports professionals and not yet viewed as a method of peak performance for sales professionals. If you want to get lucky in your sales career, then I seriously want you to meet someone. Jill Konrath. Many in the sales world know of Jill through her writings, the series of books she has written and her desire to help those around her.

How Marketing Fails by Failing to Market Itself

SBI Growth

True Story – How I learned to execute Sales Enablement on a field ride in 2001. In 2001 I was an Account Supervisor at VML, a marketing agency. One of the most difficult responsibilities for a B2B marketer is sales enablement. What makes it difficult is the lack of adoption and rejection by sales. The sales field is often critical of any marketing effort. Marketers can feel like they are in a can’t-win position.

How Salespeople can avoid “Customers from Hell”

Selling Essentials RapidLearning Center

2001). Ever have a “Customer From Hell”? You know, the kind who constantly pesters you — often unpleasantly — for additional service that wasn’t in the original deal, or attention to issues that they consider life-or-death but you know not to be serious at all?

Positive Influence and Heartfelt Resilience in a Time of Adversity (video)


Elias and the rest of the passengers spent five days in Gander as guests of the Salvation Army because the day in question was September 11, 2001.

Headline, Headline, Read All About It: Women on the Quarters

No More Cold Calling

In 2001, they founded Sally Ride Science, with the goal of ensuring that girls and boys of all backgrounds had access to role models who looked like them. Get those quarters and celebrate women! I was over-the-top excited to learn that the U.S.

Not the “R” Word Again…

No More Cold Calling

What a roller coaster—this up and down economy—2001, 2002, then the Recession of 2008-09. The same “8 Killer Steps” that I talked about in 2001, 2002, and again in 2008 and 2009 still apply! The economy is fickle, but No More Cold Calling’s 9 “killer” steps will boost your sales in any economy. I promise. Now we hear that recovery will be slow, and we might even experience a double dip. How do we sell in this volatile economy? As a salesperson, my head is spinning.

Welcome to SMS ? We'll Help You Grow Revenues ? Score More.

Score More Sales

© Score More Sales 2001 - 2012 Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues. About. Consulting. Training. Press. Speaking. Welcome to SMS – We’ll Help You Grow Revenues. by Lori Richardson on November 3, 2010. Are you looking for real ideas – and perhaps a sales strategy for growing your revenues ? Score More Sales is a sales organization that helps B2B companies add 15-65% in “net new” sales.

How Many Salespeople Can Fit In San Francisco? ? Score More.

Score More Sales

© Score More Sales 2001 - 2012 Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues. About. Consulting. Training. Press. Speaking. How Many Salespeople Can Fit in San Francisco? by Peter on August 31, 2011. Score More Sales is at Dreamforce in San Francisco today and tomorrow learning about ways that Salesforce – the industry leader in Cloud based computing – is helping small business and non-profits.

Motivation: Let your people see who benefits from their work

Selling Essentials RapidLearning Center

2001). Employees want their work to make a difference in the world. Unfortunately, research shows that most don’t feel that sense of higher purpose. The result: Their motivation to be great at their jobs isn’t as strong as it could be.

Bulls, Bears, Bernanke and BtoB Lead Generation


Here are the results for Q1, 2001 through Q2, 2012: The numbers say the following to me: Leads trend in the direction of GDP. In February of 2010, Ben Bernanke began his second term as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. That same year he said: "I wish I'd been omniscient and seen the crisis coming" (referring to the recession he predicted would not occur).

Is a Lost Sale Better for Salespeople Than a Win?

Understanding the Sales Force

The two that excited me the most were the Red Sox' 2004 World Series victory and the Patriots' 2001 Super Bowl win. Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan In the past decade Boston's sports teams have won a number of championships. When I reminisced about those long-awaited championships, I was suprised at how little time I spent savoring those wins, compared with how much time I spent mourning the huge losses.

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How to Value the Pessimist

Anthony Iannarino

We recovered from the 1991 recession, the DotCom Bubble in 2001, the Great Recession that started in earnest in 2008, even though warning lights were flashing in 2007. The great value of the pessimist is that they remind us of what is at stake, what we value, the things that matter most.

Talking or Writing Too Much in B2B Sales ? Score More Sales

Score More Sales

© Score More Sales 2001 - 2012 Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues. About. Consulting. Training. Press. Speaking. Talking or Writing Too Much in B2B Sales. by Lori Richardson on February 16, 2012. Just a quick post to share a tip posted today over at Jill Konrath’s Fresh Sales Strategies Blog encouraging sellers to be more succinct , and to communicate in the way that your prospective customer wants.

Emotions Are Your Customer Experience Reality

Increase Sales

According to Yu and Dean in 2001, they determined that “The impact of emotions is the best predictor of customer loyalty in the customer interaction process.”. Emotions are the common thread that bind humans beings. And it is those very same emotions that are guiding each and every customers experience specific to the points of connection. Again, points of connection are everything your customers see, hear, touch, smell, taste and feel.

6 Ways To Make Sure Your Customers Get The Message

SBI Growth

What was true when I first founded buyer persona development back in 2001 is still true today – buyer personas not grounded in buyer research and insights are useless. I’ll send an SOS to the world. I’ll send an SOS to the world. I hope that someone gets my. Message in a bottle. Sting (Song: Message in a Bottle). Does your messaging strategy feel more like an SOS strategy? Is it a strategy built on hope? We have all been there. Your team has developed a messaging strategy.

This Is What Has Made B2B Sales More Challenging

Anthony Iannarino

It started with a downturn in 2001 and gained more momentum during and after the Great Recession. Not too long ago, people believed the most significant changes in business-to-business sales were the internet and the social channels.

B2B 95

How Sales Jobs Will Change in the Future

Janek Performance Group

So why do so many sales reps continue to sell like they were in 2001? We’ve all heard and read…and heard and read….and and heard and read how selling is changing. Because no company wants to think they are behind the times.

September 11, 2021

Partners in Excellence

On September 10, 2001, I returned from a 3 week business trip in Sub-Sahara Africa. Today, we will read dozens of heartfelt remembrances of 20 years ago. I’ve already read a few from friends who were supposed to be in those buildings at the time.

Time to Drink from the Glass of Sales Optimism

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since August of 2001. 2017 appears to be one of optimism if we believe a recent poll by Morning Consult. Consumers have expressed the strongest confidence at 113.7 All these positive indicators should also spur drinking from the glass of sales optimism. Credit Of course, if you as a salesperson are not feeling confident all the good news, positive indicators will not change your sales optimism. Maybe you are a half empty drinker? Some Reflection Questions.

Conflict management training: A frequently missed opportunity

Selling Essentials RapidLearning Center

2001). If you could cut employee turnover by 50%, reduce wasted managerial time by one-third, shrink absenteeism, and remove a critical impediment to performance, would you do it? Of course, you’ll say.

Tale of B2B Mobile Websites – Webinar Platforms

Score More Sales

No more 2001 stuff, please. I have spent some time ranting a bit about how poor many B2B websites are when it comes to utilizing them on a mobile platform, such as a smart phone or tablet. We know that according to eMarketer, “more than 59% of B2B purchase decision makers and influencers use their smart phones to gather information when purchasing products or services”.

B2B 180

Meet the Spiff Team: Chapter Six

The Spiff Blog

While working on the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta (yes, he’s that old), Matt met and married Kelly Gandhi, after which the two relocated to Carlsbad, CA in 2001. Welcome, or in some cases, welcome back to our meet the team series.

PODCAST 139: The Science of Becoming a Better Sales Leader with Luke Rogers

Sales Hacker

And back then at that time, this was around 2000, 2001, everyone was freaking out about the millennium bug, if you remember that, I’m sure you do. If you missed episode 137, check it out here: From Marketer to CEO: The Power of Brand as a Growth Amplifier with Jake Sorofman.

Build Sales with this Summer Reading List ? Score More Sales

Score More Sales

© Score More Sales 2001 - 2012 Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues. About. Consulting. Training. Press. Speaking. Build Sales With This Summer Reading List. by Lori Richardson on June 21, 2011. For those business builders reading this post – you know who you are. You don’t have time to read mindless fiction, lounging at the beach this year. Full disclosure: I read very little fiction in general – there, I said it.).

Sales Tips for the End of the Pipeline ? Score More Sales

Score More Sales

© Score More Sales 2001 - 2012 Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues. About. Consulting. Training. Press. Speaking. Sales Tips for the End of the Pipeline. by Lori Richardson on January 31, 2012. You’ve listened online and are following your prospective customer – the one you are about to close a big deal with- socially via every means possible. If they have a Twitter account, you’re there.

B2B Sales Audio Interview with Nancy Nardin on Tools to Grow.

Score More Sales

© Score More Sales 2001 - 2012 Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues. About. Consulting. Training. Press. Speaking. B2B Sales Audio Interview With Nancy Nardin on Tools to Grow Business. by Lori Richardson on January 5, 2012. Smart Selling Tools. 2012 is a year of new things, and so we are pleased to launch for sellers and sales leaders a weekly audio (and sometimes video) interview with people who have made, or are making an impact in B2B professional selling.

B2B 147

B2B Sales Podcast with Ziglar on Football and Goal Setting ? Score.

Score More Sales

© Score More Sales 2001 - 2012 Sales Tips and Strategies to Grow Revenues. About. Consulting. Training. Press. Speaking. B2B Sales Podcast With Ziglar on Football and Goal Setting. by Lori Richardson on February 3, 2012. Since the beginning of my sales career I knew of Zig Ziglar – the Southern, memorable motivational speaker that sales people loved to hear preach about life, about setting and attaining goals, and creating the life of one’s dreams.


Braveheart Sales

It was already tough to do this in some large cities due to security measures that were enacted in 2001, such as guards, visitor monitoring, etc. Ch-ch-ch-changes…for the past year salespeople have dealt with plenty of them because of the pandemic. And more ch-ch-ch-changes are on their way.

2 Entrepreneurship Principles That Make The Difference Between 10% Better And 10x Better

By the end of 2001, eBay’s market cap was $18.54 Consider a relay race. For each team, four runners run 100-meter legs. If one team’s runners each take 10 seconds to run their leg of the race, they get a cumulative 40-second time.