3 Things I Did at Dreamforce 16

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Dreamforce 16 was my 10th – yes 10th -including the first one way back in 2003. Dreamforce is the top Cloud-Computing Conference, a giant hug-fest for all Salesforce.com and the place to meet up with as many people as possible all rolled up into one crazy week. B2B sales strategy

Revisiting the Buyers Journey


I can still remember the powerful inspiration I gained from my first reading of Hugh Macfarlane’s “The Leaky Funnel” – the 2003 book that first drew the B2B sales and marketing community’s attention to the concept of the buyer’s journey. Sales Process Sales Methodology

Buyer 48

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Restaurant Results // In Our Backyard

Sales Result

Sales Result has been in business since 2003, so it comes as no surprise that we’ve established some lunch and dinner favorites by now. Our team ranges from foodies to less-experimental eaters, but despite our preferences we’ve found some great restaurants that have something for everyone to enjoy! In this Restaurant Results blog, we’re sharing our favorite spots in Seattle and Bellevue for lunch, happy hour, and dinner. Bon Appétit! Restaurant Results

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Top 10 Sales Coaching Quotes

Steven Rosen

If the players don’t trust the coach, it is a problem, and vice versa.” – Bill Parcells – Dallas Cowboys Head coach, 2003–2007.

What is Spam? The Truth About Unsolicited and Cold Email


The CAN-SPAM Act, enacted in 2003, establishes requirements for commercial messages , gives recipients the right to have you stop emailing them, and spells out penalties for violations. What is spam? What is a cold email? And when is your email against the law?

New ReferenceEdge Release Completes the “Final Mile” by Coordinating Sales Reference Calls


Since 2003, Point of Reference has been powering B2B customer reference programs that fuel business growth and fortify brands. New ReferenceEdge Release Completes the “Final Mile” by Coordinating Sales Reference Calls. Denver (PRWEB) February 26, 2021.

Sales Pipeline Dried Up? The #1 Way to Land Top Prospects Now

No More Cold Calling

It’s not 2002 and 2003, or 2008 and 2009. Don’t panic—here’s how to get your phones actually ringing again. It’s a very scary time, with lots of uncertainty as we stay shuttered in place. We see deals in our sales pipeline postponed or disappearing. So, what do you do?

How to Build Your Social Brand

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I started blogging with a Typepad account in October of 2003. LinkedIn was new in 2003 and I put my profile on LinkedIn in October. Online visibility helps build your personal brand as a seller, and your company brand as a trustworthy and helpful organization. Building a positive brand in the B2B world is the first step toward the idea of a virtual pipeline where content and ideas convert into prospects and ultimately, clients.

How To 201

Episode #069: Persistence Pays with Jeff C West

Jeff Shore

Free PDF to creating Fusion – How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling by Bettger, Frank (2003) Paperback. In This Episode of The Buyer’s Mind with Jeff Shore: Jeff C West, author of The Unexpected Tour Guide, talks with Jeff about the importance of persistence. When a sales professional first starts in this business of sales, there are lots of things you don’t know. Learning how to connect with your customer’s emotions is one of the more important lessons.

Best time to ask for a referral? Listen for warm words from your buyer

Selling Essentials RapidLearning Center

2003) Factors associated with customer willingness to refer leads to salespeople. Journal of Business Research, 56 (2003) 257–263. When’s the best time to ask your buyer for a referral? During the honeymoon phase right after you close the deal?

Metaverse Stocks You Should Watch Out

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The company was founded in 2003, and it has grown significantly over time. Metaverse is the new name for what was previously known as Facebook. The rebrand came at a time when the tech world has reinvented the tech space to include the trading of virtual coins and company stocks.

Episode #095: The Problem of Friction in Sales with Nir Eyal

Jeff Shore

Nir founded two tech companies since 2003 and has taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford. In This Episode of The Buyer’s Mind with Jeff Shore: Nir Eyal, author of Hooked, discusses with Jeff what great companies do to get people addicted to their product. What is amazing, is that any sales professional can do these same things.

To Show Connections on LinkedIn or Not – 2 Ways to Grow Business

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I was an early adopter of LinkedIn (October, 2003) – connecting with people I knew in real life, and it is still the strategy I use today. In using LinkedIn since 2003, I have *NEVER* done that – most likely because I am in sales and can pick up the phone and call anyone I want to connect with. photo courtesy of Socialkickstarter. How do you use LinkedIn to grow business?

LinkedIn Celebrates 10 Years with Big Enhancements

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I opened my LinkedIn account on October 3, 2003. I’m an early adopter because I had moved 3000 miles and didn’t want to lose connections with the great friends I made at CCBN (my last corporate employer) so I reached out to hundreds of my former co-workers in 2003 to connect via LinkedIn. Click here to view the embedded video. They say time flies when you are having fun – especially in sales.

Social Selling Via LinkedIn

Janek Performance Group

Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has grown to over 774 million users worldwide. Is your LinkedIn social selling strategy based on FOMO (the fear of missing out)? FOMO is rarely a good reason to do anything in business. Especially if we are talking about social selling on LinkedIn.

Don’t Forget Your Old Tech Tools – Skype Is Alive and Well

Fill the Funnel

Skype has been around since 2003. It provides even more value now than it did in 2003. I have just published an updated 34-page Skype Jump-Start Guide for Business that is available as a free download. You get the guide and a 3 page cheat-sheet to keep handy while you dust off your Skype skills. I hope you discover, or as in my case re-discover the ease of use and benefits of this grandfather of the tools world.

Skype 93

Top 10 Sales Coaching Quotes

Steven Rosen

If the players don’t trust the coach, it is a problem, and vice versa.” – Bill Parcells – Dallas Cowboys Head coach, 2003–2007. Sales is a team sport and like in any sport, a sales team without a great coach is a team that will never win, regardless of the talent and skill of its individual members. Effective sales coaching is about helping your sales people get better at what they do. Below you will find 10 Sales Coaching Quotes that I find insightful and inspirational.

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas?

Grant Cardone

” “What happens here, stays here” began in 2003 when ad agency R&R Partners were trying to come up with something more than just gambling to get people excited about Las Vegas. THIS POPULAR PHRASE JUST ISN’T TRUE. Every day, everywhere, what you do matters. We’ve all heard the phrase “ What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. ” This slogan has become one of the most famous tag lines in the history of tourism marketing.

How the Baylor Bears Won a National Championship With a Culture — and Coach — Committed to JOY


When Drew came on as coach in 2003, like a good leader, he identified a need first and foremost for healing the program that had faced some past obstacles and failures. In the world of college men’s basketball, let alone any sport, players are in the game to win.

Is a Lost Sale Better for Salespeople Than a Win?

Understanding the Sales Force

I was on cloud nine the day after the big wins, but speechless, depressed and generally miserable for weeks after the big losses - especially the 1986 World Series loss to the Mets and the 2003 Playoff loss to the Yankees. Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan In the past decade Boston's sports teams have won a number of championships. The two that excited me the most were the Red Sox' 2004 World Series victory and the Patriots' 2001 Super Bowl win.

Sports 184

Build Sales with These LinkedIn Resources

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In fact, this month marks my 9th year as a LinkedIn member – October, 2003. LinkedIn is the darling of the B2B selling world right now, for a number of reasons. As a seller and someone who trains and coaching sellers, I’ve always liked LinkedIn and was an early adopter. At that time I had built up a network of amazing people at a Boston startup technology / financial services company where I created a corporate university.

How you manage makes a difference

Sales and Marketing Management

The research, completed in 2003, details how happiness extends up to three degrees of separation (for example, to the friends of one’s friends’ friends). Author: Tim Houlihan Dispensing with sales manager myths. What’s your sales manager mythology? In a recent conversation with a sales vice president, he noted that leadership is not about being engaged, it’s about the willingness to take risks. He was talking about his sales managers.

How Will You Sell With A Restrictive US Privacy Policy Act?


2003 - LinkedIn launched in May 2003, and it quickly became known as a place to find jobs and/or find candidates. Even with the launch of Facebook and LinkedIn in 2003 and 2004, this had virtually zero impact on the sales community yet! Since the year 2000, we’ve witnessed the rapid evolution of new technologies, government policies and global economies that have had a serious impact on how companies do business today.

Remote Selling Viewpoints with David Sroka of Point of Reference; a Customer Reference Management Platform


David has been an über advocate of customer advocate programs since 2003. Remote Selling has become an important focus for every sales organization. Digital sales technologies, by default, are what enables remote selling.

Memorial Day: A Veteran’s Story of Remembrance and Military Transition to Corporate Life


I joined the Army in 2003 after graduating from high school, as it was the option available to me to help pay for my college. Memorial Day is a holiday that we recognize in the United States that honors the sacrifice of military members who have lost their lives.

Combine LinkedIn and Outlook To Improve Productivity

Fill the Funnel

In order to use this new web tool, you must have Outlook 2010, 2007, or 2003 installed. LinkedIn has provided a free, easy to install web tool that connects your LinkedIn connections with Microsoft Outlook. Think of the convenience this adds by being able to: Build your network from frequent contacts. Manage your LinkedIn contacts in Outlook. Stay connected to your network. To download this free tool directly from LinkedIn, click the button below.

MindTickle and Halifax Consulting: Driving the Future Sales Readiness In Europe Through a Unified Enablement Approach


Based in Paris, Halifax has been offering consulting and training services to organizations since 2003.

3 B2B Books You Need to Read This Summer


Scott Drew became the head basketball coach of the NCAA National Championship–winning Baylor Bears in 2003. The summer is a great time to learn something new or to deepen your knowledge where it matters most. Crack open a cover while vacationing at the lake.

How to Lose Your Sales Leader in 10 Days

Jeff Shore

Remember the 2003 romantic comedy “How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days” starring Mathew McConaughey and Kate Hudson? By Amy O’Connor. You know the one where her job assignment is to write an article for her magazine on all the things girls unknowingly do that make guys bolt? It’s cute to watch if you find yourself with nothing better to do on a Friday night, but I digress. The key sales lesson in the movie is our need to recognize what we unknowingly do that drives people away.

Metrics to Drive Lead Generation Performance


Jim Lenskold is President of Lenskold Group and author of Marketing ROI, The Path to Campaign, Customer and Corporate Profitability (McGraw Hill, 2003). Jim has published articles and presented internationally on the topics of marketing ROI, marketing strategies and business growth strategies.

Maximize Your "B Player" Sales Talent in 2013

SBI Growth

Harvard Business Review published Let’s Hear it for B Players in 2003. Welcome to the final SBI blog post of the year! By now, HR and Sales leaders have solidified their common 2013 goals. A comprehensive talent management plan is essential. Before you get deep into the New Year, consider some unexpected advice about B players. Also, take advantage of a downloadable tool to make the most of your human capital. Time for Topgrading.

Looking for Good B2B Leads? Get LinkedIn!

MTD Sales Training

Launched in 2003, LinkedIn reports to have more than 120 million registered members in over 200 countries worldwide. With the influx of social networking sites flooding the Internet, LinkedIn has emerged as the premiere resource for business professionals. Business professionals around the globe use LinkedIn to establish a professional profile, reconnect with colleagues, share information and look for jobs or hire talented professionals.

In Sales Are You Doing the RIGHT Math?

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In 2003, McKinsey released some valuable information regarding pricing and discounting. Doing the math is essential in sales. What I have learned is sometimes salespeople fail to do the “right math.” ” What is the right math you may be thinking? Actually the right math involves these 3 factors and 3 separate computations: Return on investment (ROI) for the customer or client (financial impact of the solution compared to the dollars invested).

ROI 120

How A Career In Umpiring Helped Me Develop My Sales Strike Zone

Sales and Marketing Management

John spent the last four years of his professional umpiring career at AAA and was invited to the MLB Arizona Fall League in 2003. Author: John Bennett, Sales & Business Development Leader with Peak 10 Sales success is about much more than converting prospects to customers.

Marketing is More than Automation


In 2003, Bev Burgess , SVP ITSMA Europe, was the host of a get-together in London. There is a back story to the development of the process called Account Based Marketing and that story was published in this blog by LeanData, Inc.: “In As she sat between two senior-level marketing executives for global companies Accenture and Unisys, the conversation took a fateful turn. They discussed an intriguing idea – creating campaigns specifically tailored toward individual accounts.

The ‘mom jeans’ of sales tactics: 3 old-school strategies that still work


I’m willing to bet you’re already confused, and images of Tina Fey in the 2003 SNL skit are dancing through your head. Or you very well could be reading this while your rib cage rests on the top of your very own pair of mom jeans. Whether your belly button is in close proximity to your pants or not, you’re most likely wondering where I’m going with this. Fashion works in cycles. Things that were once outdated often come back around slightly reinvented.

The Surprising Benefit Of Social Selling The Best Are Leveraging

A Sales Guy

Society is creating more information every 2 days than we did from the dawn of time until 2003. Yeah, yeah, we all know about the value of social selling for top of the funnel selling. How it’s great for engaging your prospects, and potential clients. We know it’s awesome for sharing information and insight. We know it’s great for listening for prospect needs and complaints.

3 LinkedIn Power Tips for Sales

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If we are not connected, and I don’t know of you otherwise, chances are I won’t want to put you in my valuable network which I have been building on LinkedIn since 2003. Inside sellers are very interested in more LinkedIn tips on ways to build their networks and ultimately grow revenues, so we are working to do weekly posts on tips and ideas specific to LinkedIn.

What to Do When Life Goes Up in Flames

Grant Cardone

This is Blockbuster thinking Netflix was a fad in 2003. Big news was made recently when the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris caught fire. . Over 8 centuries of history was nearly destroyed in a few hours. As the flames roared on, people from around the world were captivated watching it happen on live TV. One question that came to mind immediately for most: Is it possible to rebuild? What do you do when something gets damaged or ruined—how do you start over?

4 Ways to Use Insights for More Effective ABM

Sales and Marketing Management

Prior to Owler, Jim founded Jigsaw in 2003 and was CEO until it was acquired by Salesforce in 2010 for $175 million Author: Jim Fowler Buzzwords don’t get much buzzier than account-based marketing. Marketers in the B2B space are all about it, and there’s data to back that assertion up. SiriusDecisions’ 2016 State of Account-Based Marketing Study found that 27 percent of respondents invested between 11 and 30 percent of their total marketing budgets into ABM.