They Actually Said My Sales Lead Generation Is Old School

No More Cold Calling

Instead, I prefer to focus on sharing insights and tips for referral sales lead generation. I joined LinkedIn in March 2004 and Twitter in May 2009, and I often write about the benefits of social selling (and the pitfalls). A sales lead generation technique like this easily expands.

How to Build Rapport With Customers (A Step-by-Step Guide)

Sales Hacker

In the digital era, customer rapport rules the day. I’m going to show you — step-by-step — how to build rapport with customers at each stage of the customer lifecycle. This also means that being upfront and honest with your customer is extremely important.

How to Be One of the Few to Avoid Business Failure

Increase Sales

Back in 2004, the SBA identified the launch of 580,900 new employer businesses and the closing of 576,200. Dan Kennedy, a renowned marketing and sales expert said that there is no business success or failure, but rather people success and people failure. Why do small businesses fail?

To Build a Sales Culture

The Brooks Group

Part of our mission statement at The Brooks Group is to help our clients build Sales Cultures. What’s a sales culture.” It’s adapted from my father’s 2004 best-selling book, The New Science of Selling and Persuasion. The sales department must be or have the potential to be profitable. If there's no profit derived from the sales department, it's hard to justify its existence. A sales effort is only one of many ways to generate revenue.

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing the Best VoIP Providers

Sales Hacker

They’d come in and run wiring, then assign phone numbers to each sales rep’s desk. billion customers will be hooked up via VoIP. The good news is businesses no longer have to rely on one local utility provider for their phone service. Benefits of VoIP for Sales.

How I got to 1004 Blog Posts.

A Sales Guy

I was at the Sales 2.0 conference and got caught up in all that sales information goodness. In addition to getting caught up in the Sales 2.0 I look around other sales blogs and you just don’t see the interaction and engagement you see here. Sales blogs aren’t known for their over the top engagement and slue of comments. The responses to Kimberly’s letter and her sales growth was the s**t. Sales is at the heart of everything.