Sales Prospecting and the Slumping SDR

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After having one of the longest championship droughts in baseball history (86 years) the Sox (finally) won the World Series in 2004. Slumps suck. I can say this as a fan of the Boston Red Sox. My friends out in the InterWebs who are Cubs fans know how bad slumps suck, too; it took them 108 years to win one. I can say this, too, as a former Sales Development Rep: slumps really suck.

Two different approaches to getting in-the-door

Sales 2.0

I’ve spent many years selling in startups and small businesses and every time the biggest issue cratering the sales pipeline is getting enough meetings with appropriate prospects. Back in 2004 I ran an outsourced calling firm like Vorsight.

Cold calling math

Sales 2.0

I collect data on cold calling whenever I see it, as I am fascinated by trying to figure out if there are better ways to prospect. Back in 2004 I ran an outsourced calling firm like Vorsight. ProspectingToday’s post is going to include a few numbers.

Use Email to Discover Your Best Prospects

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. Gmail was launched as an invitation-only beta release on April 1, 2004, and I note from my records that I became an early-adopter in June 2004. For salespeople, this creates “prospect paralysis” because they don’t know whether to follow up and, if so, when and how.

How Will You Sell With A Restrictive US Privacy Policy Act?


In 2004, I got bit by the entrepreneurial bug and started Sales for Life to help the sales community solve its some of these problems. 2004 - Facebook launched in February 2004.

Keys to Successful Sales Negotiations

Understanding the Sales Force

However, when your salespeople fail to uncover the compelling reasons to buy from you, then YOUR PROSPECTS have leverage - you want their business. Schilling helped them win the 2004 World Series.

Sales Lessons from Baseball's 2013 World Series

Understanding the Sales Force

It all started in 2004 when I began writing my best-selling book, Baseline Selling - How to Become a Sales Superstar by Using What You Already Know about the Game of Baseball. Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan I love comparing baseball with selling.

They Actually Said My Sales Lead Generation Is Old School

No More Cold Calling

I joined LinkedIn in March 2004 and Twitter in May 2009, and I often write about the benefits of social selling (and the pitfalls). Equally important, they need to know the business reason to refer you—that you have something valuable and relevant to offer the prospect.

So Tell Me Why You Are On LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn continues to grow as one of the top go to social media sites to find sales leads, sales prospects, colleagues and centers of influence for those especially in the B2B world. A Good Example of Why I Am on LinkedIn Since April of 2004.

Episode #076: Creating Great Customer Sales Environments with Eric Chester

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If you know your product and take the time to know your prospect, it's the difference between - I hope this goes okay and feeling 10 foot tall and bulletproof.

“Consistency Selling” by Weldon Long [Book Review]

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all clearly explained in the book), is designed to walk your prospect down the sales hallway which takes them from the beginning of the sale to the end. Throughout this process, you are minimizing the risk that is associated with your prospect making any purchase.

The Challenge of the Challenger Sales Model - The Facts

Understanding the Sales Force

To achieve SOB, the prospect or customer is paying more attention to the salesperson than his/her competitors and achieves that by asking good, tough, timely questions; questions that other salespeople are not asking, questions that lead to better and different conversations; questions that challenge the prospect''s thinking. Questions that challenge the prospect''s thinking is the essence of the Challenger.

How many inquires does it take to make quota?


i Obermayer, James, Sales and Marketing 365, Racom Communications, 2004, page 17 Number 12. iii Obermayer, James, Managing Sales Leads, Turn Cold Prospects into Hot Customers, Thomson South-Western, 2007, pages 9, 10-14, 26. iv Donath, Obermayer, Dixon and Cocker, Managing Sales Leads, How to Turn Every Prospects into A Customer, NTC Polishing, Americana Marketing Association.

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The ROI of ROI

No More Cold Calling

The whole process, if done correctly, should be as natural as asking prospects about their budgets. Qualify a prospect? There are typically questions you can monetize against a minimum number of something to determine if the prospect is worth pursuing.

ROI 219

Account-Based Hype: How ABM Makes Outbound Sales Cool Again for B2B


Businesses should produce quality content to win over prospects on their terms, long before they have any purchase intent. The term “ account-based marketing ” is thought to have been first used by ITSMA around 2004.

A Conversation With Doug Davidoff Part I: Understanding and Optimizing the Concept of Sales Playbooks


After spending eight years at Merrill Lynch as a Wealth Management Advisor, Doug started Imagine Business Development in 2004 to address the growing need of targeted customer acquisition management. These are creative ways to enter into meaningful discussions with prospects.

12 Must-Read Sales Books For Beginners

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Jeffrey Gitomer wrote The Little Red Book of Selling back in 2004, diving into what he believes are the 12.5 He teaches readers how to pick up on the small details to infer what prospects are thinking.

Beyond Financials: VC & IPO Due Diligence on Sales & Marketing Metrics


Because PointClear provides outsourced prospect development services —lead generation, lead qualification and lead nurturing—to clients in the technology and SaaS sectors, I was particularly interested in Lauren’s findings on sales and marketing expenses as a percentage of revenue for three publicly-held cloud application companies:, SuccessFactors and NetSuite.

The Fastest Growing Companies in Boston Hiring For Sales


Drift provides a conversational sales and marketing platform that allows businesses to better connect with prospects and customers. Founded 2004. Founded 2004. Boston is emerging as one of the hottest startup cities in the country, which is great news for sales professionals.

Ethical Selling


The Wall Street Journal reported ongoing sales chicanery at the company, and traced its roots back to 2004 ( American Express Gave Small Business Customers One Rate, Then Secretly Raised It ), July 31, 2018). When it was publicly called out, an AmEx manager got nervous, and “told salespeople they would need his approval before offering prospective clients a margin of less than 0.70 American Express Offers a Teachable Moment in Ethical Selling.

PODCAST 31: How a World Series of Poker Winner Uses ‘Bets’ in Decision Making to Improve Outcomes w/ Annie Duke

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In 2004, she won the world series of poker. And, Outreach , a customer engagement platform that efficiently and effectively gauges prospects to drive more pipeline and close more deals.

20 Blog Posts to Guide Your Event Marketing Strategy


Trade shows offer a unique opportunity for organizations to form real, human relationships with their prospects that other marketing tactics just can’t provide. Since its inception in 2004, Facebook has constantly upped the ante, adding several new useful features every year.

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing the Best VoIP Providers

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You’ll be able to set up local numbers for each of your employees to help them better connect with prospects in their own markets. RingCentral has an A+ BBB rating with accreditation going back to 2004, plus 29 positive reviews.

Fifteen Reasons for Fifteen Years: Why W-Systems Loves Sugar


I love demonstrating our marketing workflow and having prospects tell me, “We want the same thing!”, I remember when I first used Sugar back in 2004, and had never seen a drag-and-drop interface on a web app.

Is It Time to Get Real About Social Selling?

Jonathan Farrington

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan of LinkedIn since I became member number 874,098 on July 22, 2004 , and am thrilled that my company was recently selected as one of seven to join LinkedIn’s Sales Solutions Certified Partner program.

Technology Sales & Marketing - Party Like its 1999?

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For historical perspective, in 2005 technology marketing spending was up 6.4%, in 2004 spending was up 5.8%, while in 2003, tech marketing spending was down 1.7%. of spending on programs, a migration of more spending on people from a mix of 66% in 2004. Vendor analysis is so important that prospects view the ability to justify solutions as a key differentiator, with over 61% rating solution providers value assessment ability as important in the selection process.