Time To Upgrade Your Webinar Tools?

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Is it time to upgrade your online meeting tools and capabilities? Do you have any other technology tools ten years old? I have been buying most every tool that has come out in the “webinar” category for several years now.

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The ROI of ROI

No More Cold Calling

This rubbish comes from people looking for headlines or who really don’t understand the concept of client relationships and how sales tools can help identify issues and monetize value. Economic-impact tools help sales professionals gather qualifying data.

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Everything You Need to Know About Choosing the Best VoIP Providers

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Related: 32 Omnichannel Technology Tools to Sell Anywhere, All the Time. Related: 36 Best Lead Generation Tools to Increase Leads by 300%. RingCentral has an A+ BBB rating with accreditation going back to 2004, plus 29 positive reviews. Sales Technology Tools

3 Ways to Grow Sales Inspired by Olympians

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She had competed in 2004, winning Silver, and 2008, also winning Silver. This post was written as part of the IBM for Midsize Business program, which provides midsize businesses with the tools, expertise and solutions they need to become engines of a smarter planet.

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They Actually Said My Sales Lead Generation Is Old School

No More Cold Calling

I joined LinkedIn in March 2004 and Twitter in May 2009, and I often write about the benefits of social selling (and the pitfalls). Technology is an important tool. But here’s what they’re missing on referral B2B lead generation.

OpenSymmetry Named in the First-Ever Inc. Best Workplaces Awards


Founded in 2004, OpenSymmetry is head quartered in Austin, Texas with offices in London, Sydney, Chennai, and Kuala Lumpur. Magazine Introduces the Inc. Best Workplaces Awards. OpenSymmetry was named in Inc.’s

The Fastest Growing Companies in Boston Hiring For Sales


Acquia helps companies achieve great digital experiences through its developer tools and cloud solutions. Founded 2004. OpsGenie is a SaaS platform that serves operations teams by streamlining alerts generated by different monitoring tools. Founded 2004.

Executive Coaching Can Bring You BIG Results!

Steven Rosen

In 2004 the Harvard Business Review, reported that Executive Coaching is a $1 billion industry. Executives are in need of new tools to develop and tap into the power of collective human behavior.

99% of Businesses are Being Stiffed! And You’re Probably One of Them.

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Since scouting out sales tools is my full-time job, I see first-hand the favoritism being shown to large businesses at the expense of small businesses. Consider this; according to the 2004 U.S. For small business owners, shopping for sales tools is like going to a flea market. There’s no Googling for tools either. I’ve yet to see any sales tool that’s priced right for a company under 100 turn up on the results pages of a Google Search.

20 Blog Posts to Guide Your Event Marketing Strategy


Events are a great tool to have in your marketing arsenal. You start with a shoestring staff and limited tools, but as your event gets bigger, so do your needs. Since its inception in 2004, Facebook has constantly upped the ante, adding several new useful features every year.

Is It Time to Get Real About Social Selling?

Jonathan Farrington

The misguided assumption that the use of social tools ( LinkedIn , Hootsuite , Twitter or Facebook ) on their own is the strategy that will increase sales and cure sales performance problems.

Although it’s not time to Party Like its 1999, There is Plenty to Celebrate

The ROI Guy

IT spending has experienced a healthy three years of budget increases since the beginning of 2004, giving many IT execs plenty of reasons to celebrate. Consolidation, standardization, virtualization and management tools all contributed to the efficiency and productivity increases. of revenue in 2004, to only 3.3%

Business Value Selling and Sales Turnover - Continuous Working for Change

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Account intelligence tools to help understand customer issues and engage on a consultative basis 4. Dynamic ROI / TCO sales tools to make the case for specific projects and initiatives We have seen many of these programs reap early rewards, but for some vendors, these initiatives seem to lose steam. The program included tools to help engage customers on value opportunities and also help in developing ROI business cases.

Drive Budget Planning with the “IT Hierarchy of Needs”

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Comparing IT spending versus revenue, we see that since 2004, IT spending as a percentage of revenue has been declining. Technologies and techniques typically incorporate tools for knowledge systems, scorecards, dashboards, portals, and data warehouses.

Technology Sales & Marketing - Party Like its 1999?

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For historical perspective, in 2005 technology marketing spending was up 6.4%, in 2004 spending was up 5.8%, while in 2003, tech marketing spending was down 1.7%. of spending on programs, a migration of more spending on people from a mix of 66% in 2004. Third party research and tools seem to help with the skepticism, as well as vendors providing the analysis in a collaborative and cooperative fashion. Technology Sales & Marketing - Party Like its 1999?

CIO to CFO: Extreme Makeover

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Although the economy is showing signs of modest recovery, analysts predict IT budgets will remain flat again in 2004. Finding the IT spending and TCO metrics for competitors is more difficult, but can be obtained from analyst firms, benchmarking specialists and tool providers, or commissioned studies. Everyone loves a good makeover. Perhaps the CIO could benefit from one.

The ROI of Business Intelligence

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In 2004, while most IT spending was flat, the BI market grew 11% to reach $4.3 Better leveraging important and valuable data currently being captured by ERP, CRM, SCM and other systems, that previously has been locked in these systems due to inadequate and difficult mining and reporting tools. As a result, it's common for organizations to have five or more BI analysis and reporting tools, escalating the ongoing costs of supporting multiple solutions and vendors.

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