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That’s why I founded my own company, Performance Based Results, in 2006. In order to connect, he’ll talk with a “gatekeeper,” the executive assistant or a fellow sales rep within the […]. What’s the secret for achieving sales success?

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December 29, 2006: Kobe Bryant and the Lakers are playing the Charlotte Bobcats. But you’ll have to call through the switchboard, so you’ll get a gatekeeper whose job is to make sure that you’re not going to waste that decision-maker’s time.

Five Places To Be To Remain Top Of Mind With Your Customers! By Colleen Francis

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Florida shares a great anecdote to illustrate this point, recounting how the Rolling Stones decided to add Shanghai, China as a first-ever stop on their 2006 world tour. It’s quieter then, and you’re less likely to have to tangle with a gatekeeper before getting direct access to the person you wish to speak to. Finding new ways to connect what you sell with those who are ready to buy is a constant challenge in sales.

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