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Delicious Sales

Sales (12918). Prospecting (4539). Sales Management (2614). Inside Sales (849). Advertising (694). Outside Sales (81). Sales Process (1775). Advertising (694). 2009 (1040). THE SALES HUNTER AUGUST 12, 2013 Is Your Sales Process Slow or Fast? Is your sales process slow or fast? Brian, CMO of Lattice Engines, recently presented a session on predictive analytics at the Inside Sales Virtual Summit.

Endless Referrals – Bob Burg

Hyper-Connected Selling

Ask any salesperson or business owner what their three biggest challenges are, and one of them will be “finding new prospects.” Millions (if not billions) of dollars are spent every year in order to market, advertise, and sell products and services. Much of this is wasted, though, because it doesn’t actually lead to the relationships that create sales. In fact, I think the book should be called Endless Prospecting, because it covers way more than just referrals.