The Criticality of SPM Technology


How critical to sales success is the right SPM technology? Sales Performance Management (SPM) solutions are a critical component of an organization’s core business, as it is the linkage between behavior and strategy. The 2016 Sales Performance Management Vendor Guide.

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End of Year Software Discounts: Savvy Cost Saving or Short-Sighted Business Move?

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This is an example of a nice incentive to shop that is attractive to a buyer and provides a little extra perk. On the other hand, Chad Dyar , Director of Sales Enablement of OnDeck , recommends saving on new technology so you can splurge on upgrading your current tech stack. “

Beyond bonuses: How to motivate your sales team

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Motivating a company sales team is an inherently difficult task. You can’t depend on what motivated you as a sales rep to also motivate your team. Start by being genuinely positive and authentic on the sales floor. What made them want to work in sales in the first place? Make sure your sales managers also understand what motivates their team members. Use nonmonetary strategies to motivate your sales teams.