The Worst Sales Call of 2012

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In 2012 our consultants attended 438 live sales calls. Humans are far too complex for some simple tool like this. Two weeks ago, we participated in the worst sales call of the year. I thought I would share this story with you. I hope to help you avoid some mistakes. The story begins with the EVP of Sales of a large technology company. He hired our firm. The purpose of the engagement was to understand why The Challenger Sale was not working.

The One CEO Sales Strategy Tool to Use in 2012 Before It Is Too Late

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The Pipeline ? Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2012

The Pipeline

RTV - High Execution TV Archive Select Month March 2012. February 2012. January 2012. Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2012. B2B sales is not different, the good folks over at OpenView Labs , have put together a list of Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2012. Sales Tool.

Same Sales 2.0 Tools, Different Outcome

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tools something odd happens: you start to do things marketers do. We ask you to use tools that your marketing colleagues have been probably been using for quite a while. Many of the tools you use in executing Sales 2.0 tools do you use? Tools

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A Sales Enablement Tool for the CEO

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To get an understanding of how prepared your sale force is for a launch, register for one of these sessions here to receive the Sales Enablement Gap Tool. If you don’t have these sales enablement tools to launch successfully, this is where you should focus your efforts.

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Most Frequently Used Web Tool In My Tool Kit

Fill the Funnel

The most frequently used web tool in my tool kit currently is TimeTrade. As I began writing this series, I lined up a list of the newest, most interesting web tools that I have come across in the last few months.

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5 Marketing and Sales Lessons from the Inbound 2012 Event

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I’ve spent time at Inbound 2012, Hubspot’s summit for marketers – an event which is growing dramatically year to year. Users will now have more tools in a convenient location to do everything they need to draw more prospective customers their way.

Dreamforce 2012: A Spectacular Spectacle #DF12

Smart Selling Tools

Dreamforce 2012: A Spectacular Spectacle. I just returned from Dreamforce 2012. Luckily, I wrote and published a cool-tool recap on Saturday, before it kicked in.

Twenty Web Tools To Improve Your Performance eBook

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The only way to get it is if you are a subscriber to the Fill the Funnel Web Tools newsletter. If you would like your copy of Twenty Web Tools to Improve Your Performance , simply register before Friday morning and you will be on the list.

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Hiring Sales Talent: A Tool to Help CEOs Get It Right the First Time

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A Tool for You. Download the CEO’s Time Management Tool to get started. Diagnose the root causes of the problem using the CEO Time Management Tool. Effective growth CEOs can balance working on short-term sales tactics and long-term business strategies.

A CEO Tool to Spot a Sales Problem Before It Happens

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Stop wasting time trying to predict the future with yesterday’s forecasting tools. Get this tool for free when you sign up for this. An example of its use: The purpose of this tool is to assess the health of your customers. Their accuracy is 95% in 2012.

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Scrivener Is A Surprising Tool for Sales

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When I started to finalize the list of the twenty tools that I wanted to highlight in this series, Scrivener kept jumping off the screen at me, demanded to be added to the series. For that type of written communication, Scrivener has proven to be a powerful tool.

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A Time Management Tool for Sales Managers

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Achieve Greater Sales Success in 2012

Anthony Cole Training

sales tools (25). Achieve Greater Sales Success in 2012. Posted by Tony Cole on Thu, Jan 05, 2012. What are the key focus areas for sales success in 2012? How do we utilize and leverage the CRM tools that weve invested in? © 2012

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Innovative New Web Tool Combines Video and Powerpoint

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Traditional online presentation and video tools lack something very important to a successful delivery – You! An innovative new web tool that adds you and your wonderful presence to your story is now out of beta and ready for you to explore. There is at least one Fortune 500 company already deploying 9Slides and I anticipate you will be seeing more innovative companies and individuals sharing their information with this tool.

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9 Sales Prospecting Tools and Tips that Make a Difference

The Sales Hunter

“What are the sales prospecting tools you use?” Here’s my list as to what I see are the top 9 sales prospecting tools and tips that you need to be successful. The telephone is the #1 tool. Use multiple tools and targeted message.

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Confidence as a Sales Tool

The Sales Hunter

Copyright 2012, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Are you a confident salesperson? I love asking salespeople this question, and the majority of the time people respond with a “yes.” ” The problem in my eyes is that people are responding with a “yes” only because they know that’s how they should respond. Let’s now phrase the question a little different.

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B2B Sales Audio Interview with Nancy Nardin on Tools to Grow.

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B2B Sales Audio Interview With Nancy Nardin on Tools to Grow Business. by Lori Richardson on January 5, 2012. Smart Selling Tools. ” From there, she says, you can better identify those roadblocks that are slowing you down – then find tools that solve them.

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Business Ethics, Performance Appraisal Tools and Malfeasance

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Yesterday I had an positive conversation with a representative from Profiles International ( a business that supplies performance appraisal tools) who was conducting a sales follow-up call regarding a webinar I had attended on emotional intelligence.

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Stay in Sync with Your Buyers with 1 Proven Tool

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2013 will NOT be better than 2012! Unless you do this…

Smart Selling Tools

There are lots of sales tools to help you. There are lots of sales tools! We’ll each be recommending 6 sales tools for B2B sellers. That’s a lot of ‘tools’ to cover in 60 minutes so you can expect this webinar to be informative, fast-paced, and full of energy.

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Top Sales Books To Read in 2012

Fill the Funnel

My list of top sales books to read in 2012 consists of books that were published during 2011 and contain innovative, fresh ideas about selling, customer expectations, and how to improve your ability to win new business customers. Social media platforms are now your best tools.

Your 2012 Sales Plan

Your Sales Management Guru

Your 2012 Sales Plan. It’s a little late to begin planning your 2012 Sales Plan, but in a conversation last week with a reader of this blog, I realized there maybe others who have not formalized their 2012 plan. facing in 2012? • What assumptions are you making about the market in 2012? • What assumptions did you make about your. b. Launch (Kickoff meeting), move to Tools to execute.

Using Cash Flow as a Sales Prospecting Tool

The Sales Hunter

Copyright 2012, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Everyone is looking for a discount. Far too many salespeople are willing to give in and give a new customer a discount thinking it’s what is needed to close a sale. Don’t get me going regarding what I think of discounting.

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2 Sales Tools and Productivity Webinars on December 13th

Fill the Funnel

As you wrap-up what I hope was a successful 2012 and begin preparation for 2013, I think you will find some great ideas about sales tools during two Webinars to register for. Minimize Your Workload and Maximize Your Sales with Web Tool Automation.

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Voicemail as a Prospecting Tool

The Sales Hunter

Copyright 2012, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Let’s not kid ourselves. The vast majority of phone calls go to voicemail. Because of this reality, if you intend to use the telephone to develop sales prospects, then you have to be able to use voicemail effectively. The biggest mistake people make when leaving a voicemail message as part of their prospecting strategy is they leave a message that has zero value to the person receiving it.

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2012 and The Next Level of Personal and Business Success

Increase Sales

Today is the first day of 2012. This is a trending tool and is one way I can determine overall Internet market penetration. Goals that were not achieved and been revisited, reworked and are on my 2012 action plans. What do you want to achieve in 2012?

13 Tools to Create and Share Your Presentations

Fill the Funnel

When that need arises the following tools can not only ease the creation process but save you some time, and allow you to create a presentation masterpiece. They have an included set of robust design tools to help you expand your creative powers. ©2012 Fill the Funnel.

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PowerViews with Brian Carroll: The State of B2B Lead Gen & 2012 Recommendations


Click to start video at this point — Asked about new social media tools and recent findings that senior executives are using them to connect rather than research and purchase, Brian says too many companies are focusing on technology in hope of creating a process.

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The “Take-Away” Can Be A Great Tool To Close Sales

MTD Sales Training

For some reason, an intrinsic part of human nature is to desire that which is forbidden. It seems that whatever it is that we cannot, or should not have, are the very things we want most. Take anything, and deny someone of their right, ability or choice to have it, and they will want it

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New Sales Web Tool Each Weekday in September

Fill the Funnel

Start each morning with a new sales Web Tool! Original article: New Sales Web Tool Each Weekday in September ©2012 Fill the Funnel. Web Tools sales Web Tools. Sales web toolClick here to view the embedded video. Beginning September 4th and each weekday throughout the month. All Rights Reserved.

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What do you Know about your Prospect?

Sales 2.0

tools in general). Circa 2012 it’s so easy to find out some information on your prospect that the prospect expects that you’ve done it. We increasingly have the tools to know more about our prospects right at our fingertips. Tools

CRM isn’t enough: 6 Sales Tools to Drive Revenue in 2012

Smart Selling Tools

When I started Smart Selling Tools five years ago, I focused mostly on CRM. There were (and still are) more than 100 different CRM tools on the market. The good and bad news for sales leaders is this; while there are a lot of great tools now to choose from, you have to take the time to learn about and budget for them. I encourage you to enter the sweeps for a chance to deploy powerful software tools at no cost.

New Web Tool Generates Impressive Diagrams for PowerPoint

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©2012 Fill the Funnel. Tool tips Web Tools Chart Diagram Duarte powerpoint presentation Resonate Slideology SlidesWe can all use some help with our presentations and PowerPoint slides. One of the presentation guru’s that I follow closely is Nancy Duarte.

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Social Selling – This Could Take a While

Sales 2.0

tools? And putting those tools in place will change behavior? Tools Sales ManagementA few things happened to me this week that remind me how long It can take for new sales techniques to be adopted – and become a habit with sales people.

The Evolution of Sales Tools and the Efficiency Paradox

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The reason I’m using this absurdly outdated example is to make a point about the drivers behind the evolution of tools and the importance of investing in new tools. The biggest advancement in the development of sales tools was the telephone.

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3 Places Sales Leaders Should Look if You Missed the Number in 2012

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Don’t waste time worrying about 2012 anymore. But you can excel in 2013 because of your shortcomings in 2012. Did you generate enough leads in 2012 to make the number? Can you analyze your 2012 Lead Generation using top down and bottom up approaches?

30 Seconds Matter: How Sales Tools Deliver Revenue Growth

Smart Selling Tools

Linda wanted to get my thoughts on sales tools and the role they play in today’s sales organizations. The first sales tool I used (other than a rolodex) was the GRiD Systems laptop. It was an exciting time, and it is where my love for sales tools began.

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Top Social Selling Tools

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The Postwire page (one of my favorite tools for curation) has all ten of the tools mentioned, plus links to the presenters, moderator, and sponsor pages. What tools are you using to grow sales? ” What tool could you not work without?

Powtoon Adds Engaging Cartoons To Your Presentations

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One of the early providers of a solution is a web tool called There are too many innovative new tools and services available to spice up your message. PowToon is a brand new Do-It-Yourself animated presentation tool that can jazz up your tired old presentations.