Top Sales & Marketing Influencers 2014

Steven Rosen

Top Sales & Marketing Influencers. For the second year running, I was honoured to have made the list of The Top Sales & Marketing Influencers. . I am humbled to be in such great company.

SiriusDecisions Summit 2014


Last week I attended the SiriusDecisions Summit in Orlando. This was my third summit and I have enjoyed them all. Author Malcolm Gladwell opened the session with a witty and insightful presentation on the concept of transformation.

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2014 B2B Marketing Trends That Work


The Content Marketing Institute recently released the annual North American report titled B2B Content Marketing: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends—and the findings are impressive.

Trends 277

The Top 5 Post of 2014

The Pipeline

For the last post of 2014, I thought we would look at the top five posts of 2014; not saying they are the best of what I did in 2014, but it seems that these were the ones that got the most looks. By Tibor Shanto -

7 Must-Have Automated Documents for Sales Success

The 7 must-have automated.

Makeover Your Business in 2014

Jeffrey Gitomer

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First Post 2014 – Let’s Cut The S*#T – 1

The Pipeline

As the first post of the years, I thought I would set the tone for the blog and hopefully sales in 2014. By Tibor Shanto - Buying Vs. Selling.

Wide Awake at Dreamforce 2014

No More Cold Calling

Get out of your office to reignite your passions. If we’re not learning, we’re dead. I didn’t coin that phrase, but that’s my belief. Learning is exciting and transforming.

2014 Annual magazine with “Top Universities for Professional Sales Education” listing

The Pipeline

In 2014, the number has grown to close to 100, evidence of the success of sales programs in educating the next generation of sales professionals. In 2007, fewer than 30 universities had recognized sales programs.

The Top 10 Sales Blogs Of 2014 As Voted For By You!

MTD Sales Training

Another year has sailed by and what a fantastic 2014 it has been. Top 10 Sales Blogs Of 2014. The post The Top 10 Sales Blogs Of 2014 As Voted For By You! Sales Tips top sales blogs 2014

Sales Motivation Video: End 2014 on a High Note! List Successes!

The Sales Hunter

You’ve reached the end of 2014! This is how you wrap up 2014 on a high note. Check out the video to see what I mean: Copyright 2014, […]. That means it’s time to list your successes! Yes, no matter how you feel the year went, look back and find what went well.

5 Steps to Kill Your Number in 2014 – Without Killing Yourself

Sales Benchmark Index

2014 is upon us! Interviews that we have conducted with top sales reps around the world support these 5 steps to set yourself up for a strong and meaningful 2014: Target Your Time : Time is the one resource that we cannot get any more of.

What Are You Changing to Make 2014 Successful?

The Sales Hunter

How can we expect things to be different in 2014 if wind up doing things the same way we did them in 2013? Copyright 2014, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Personally, I’ve been struggling with this the last month and here’s what I’ve noticed.

Meeting at DreamForce 2014

A Sales Guy

K, I’m gonna be at Dreamforce the week of October 13th. If you’re gonna be there let’s connect. My favorite part of Dreamforce isn’t the Keynotes, or the sessions. My favorite part of Dreamforce is connecting with the attendees. Today’s world is more virtual than ever.

Your 2014 Marketing Budget Roadmap

Sales Benchmark Index

As a marketing leader, the CEO is going to measure your 2014 success in three ways: Leads – Number of Sales Qualified Leads delivered to Sales. Get a peek at what the best in class marketing leaders are planning in 2014 and why. CALL TO ACTION: 2014 is fast approaching.

A Different Approach to 2014

Sales Benchmark Index

As CEO, you feel like you have seen this movie before. Sales gets off to a fast start at the beginning of the year. Come Q4, that lead has evaporated and now sales is threatening to miss the number. They struggle to close deals. Excuses come from every direction.

Is Your Team Suffering from Process Overload?

Sales Benchmark Index

Sales Process Sales Leader 2014 planning Small Company Sales Leader Resources “I should have been a stenographer,” the sales rep told me. He was punching in results from a sales call. “How long does this typically take you?” ” I asked.

[Top Sales Lesson of 2014] You Control the Technology

No More Cold Calling

Guest blogger Phillip Twyford encourages us all to put the phones and tablets aside, and take time to connect with the people around us.

Are Your Reps Focused on the Wrong Opportunities?

Sales Benchmark Index

Buyer Persona Account Management 2014 planning Sales Manager Sales Manager Resources You’re half way through May. You missed the Q1 number and Q2 isn’t looking too good. You’re worried. And you should be.

2014 Planning Metrics for B2B Marketing Leaders

Sales Benchmark Index

The Holy Grail of 2014 Planning: Marketing Contribution as a % of Total Revenue. The metric of choice in 2014 is centered around Marketing Contribution to revenue. Find out how your 2014 plan stacks up against world-class plan outcomes.

B2B 338

A Sales Leader’s Blueprint for 2014

Sales Benchmark Index

You know you need to begin planning for 2014 now. Steve asked us to stress test his 2014 sales plan. Steve told us he was going to build 3 elements into his plan for 2014. Complete the Strategy Blueprint Tool for 2014. Your Sales Strategy.

4 Keys to a Fatter Wallet in 2014

Sales Benchmark Index

How will you use them to top the Leader Board in 2014? You want to maximize your competitive edge going into 2014. Execute your plan and reap the rewards in 2014! Any ‘A’ Player will tell you that success is built around 3 main concepts: Possessing the right skills.

The Top Sales Tool for 2014

Sales Benchmark Index

As a Sales Operations leader, you have 3 major challenges heading into 2014. It has never been more necessary than it is heading into 2014. It may serve as inspiration for your 2014 strategic planning. It’s low hanging fruit for 2014.

Tools 312

CMO: Is Your 2014 Marketing Plan Obsolete?

Sales Benchmark Index

Download the 2014 B2B Demand Generation Planning template here to get started. As CMO, you’re constantly trying to answer these 2 burning questions: Are customers responding to our marketing campaigns? What are we doing to adjust to the market demands?

How Realistic is your 2014 Sales Quota?

Sales Benchmark Index

Gain access to guides and tools to help you make the number in 2014. This will then inform your thoughts about your 2014 quota. My last blog discussed how to Make it Rain in Q4 and close the year strong. Today I have shifted the focus to next year.

Quota 317

How to Build your 2014 Marketing Strategy

Sales Benchmark Index

Are you ready for 2014? To maximize your chances at a successful 2014, you need a good strategy. Sit down with your sales counterpart and talk through each other’s 2014 goals. If you haven’t already, it’s not too late to draft your 2014 marketing strategy.

Inside Sales Accelerate 2014 Speaker #ISA14

A Sales Guy

I love speaking engagements. They are a blast and my most recent was no exception. I had the honor of being asked to speak at their first annual Accelerate Conference.

A Sharp Focus on Basics Will Boost 2014 Results

Sales and Marketing Management

Issue Date: 2013-01-17. Author: Gregg Schwartz. Teaser: These are complicated business times that we live in, but some simple rules that have worked since time immemorial will help you tay on track no matter your sales goals.

Sales Motivation Video: Use Olympics as Conversation Starter!

The Sales Hunter

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi are in full swing! Copyright 2014, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Blog Professional Selling Skills Sales Motivation 2014 winter olympics olympics sales motivation

Sales Planning for 2014

Your Sales Management Guru

Sales Planning: Sales Leadership and Sales Execution. At this time of year all the planning, budgets and compensation plans are done or should be.

Is Your Team Ready for 2014?

Sales Benchmark Index

Have you started thinking about 2014? Want to know what your peers are planning for in 2014? Have you started planning for 2014? If not, you should be. The best-in-class marketing leaders have already started planning for next year.

2014?s Not Over, But These #TopMarketingTools Have Already Won

Smart Selling Tools

You’ll find them and more in our new Top Marketing Tools of 2014 guide. Want to accelerate your revenue marketing with tools that let you identify, prioritize and nurture leads? Perhaps you want tools that deliver rich content that lets you convert more prospects into leads and leads into opportunities. We’ve scoured the marketing landscape to identify what we believe are top tools for B2B marketers. And you can learn all about them in this multi-media guide!

Media 108

And You Resolve in 2014 to…?

Increase Sales

So the question is really is not about your resolutions for 2014, but more importantly “how you will resolve” your desired results. Yes resolve is incredibly powerful and may be the missing piece for you to achieve your 2014 desired results.

Surviving Frugalnomics: Top 5 Articles in 2014

The ROI Guy

From our Frugalnomics Survival Guide, the articles you voted as the most popular and important in 2014: 5 Tips for Crafting Provocative E-Mails That Work! 2014 Alinean Aristotle CEB Frugalnomics Gartner neuroscience Pisello SiriusDecisions Value Marketing Value Selling

March Marketing Madness 2014

Leading Results Rambings

March Madness has become a US cultural phenomenon for groups of (mostly) men in office pools around the country. Sometimes the outcomes are predictable, but in the NCAA tournament, nothing is ever 100% certain. Just like most marketing tactics. Marketing tactics

Top 50 Sales & Marketing Blogs 2014

Engage Selling

It’s an honor to be added to the Top 50 Sales & Marketing Blogs 2014 list! Observations from the real World Sales Success in the Trenches client attraction Colleen Francis Engage Selling Solutions optimizing sales sales success selling The Sales Leader Top 50 Sales & Marketing Blogs 2014 Top Sales World Thanks to readers and followers just like you, Engage Selling Solutions is once again among the most trusted sources for salespeople all around the world!

Medical Sales – Blog Round-up – Winter 2014

Sales Training Connection

Medical Sales. If you missed some of our medical sales and medical device blogs posts, here’s a chance to look at some of our most popular posts – in the Medical Sales – Blog Round-up. Click here to take a read.

Countdown to 2015: Top 5 Smart Selling Tools posts of 2014

Smart Selling Tools

They’ll all be participating in this year’s Dreamforce 2014 event at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. 2014’s Not Over, But These #TopMarketingTools Have Already Won. You’ll find them and more in our new Top Marketing Tools of 2014 guide.

Tools 129

CMO: Are you going to have a job in 2014

Sales Benchmark Index

You’re completing 2013 and building your marketing strategy for 2014. Poorly executing one of these major initiatives will cost you your job in 2014. Sign up for SBI’s 7th annual research tour: " How to Make Your Number in 2014: A Sales Strategy You Can Execute."

Eloqua 326

What Your ‘A’ Players Want From You in 2014

Sales Benchmark Index

Additional suggestions to stress test your 2014 sales plan. Why Your ‘A’ Players are In High Demand in 2014. Companies are investing in growth for 2014. They are the difference between making and missing the 2014 number. ‘A’ player sales reps are a unique breed.