The Crucial Channel Sales Strategy You Can't Get Wrong

Understanding the Sales Force

We don't have a sales force - we sell through a channel. They sell through a channel is very easy to agree with. They don't have a sales force becomes easy to agree with because channel salespeople are quite often among the weakest salespeople we see anywhere!

Where is Marketing Going. and Growing. in 2015? [PowerViews LIVE Highlights]


On March 3, 2015, Direct Marketing Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Ginger Conlon, joined me on PowerViews LIVE to talk about “Where Marketing is Going … and Growing … in 2015.” Take this opportunity to find out how you can direct your marketing and sales organization’s course for 2015.

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Top Technology Companies to Sell for in 2015

HeavyHitter Sales

Based upon my experience, here’s my list of some of the best technologies to sell in 2015. Calabrio frees the “voice of the customer” in today’s multi-channel contact center for better, faster decision making at all levels of the organization.

Sales in a Digital World: Adopting an Omni-Channel Approach

Sales and Marketing Management

These factors converge to present an opportunity – and challenge – for B2B merchants: adopt an omni-channel sales approach or miss out on significant revenue. What Is Omni-Channel? In order to effectively establish an omni-channel approach, it’s vital to understand what that entails.

Why Your Marketing Plan Will Fail in 2015

Sales Benchmark Index

New tactics, content, channels and the next big ideas are on their list. For most marketing leaders, the annual planning cycle is upon us or will be soon. Your teams are most likely putting together their wish list for next year.

Sales Tip: Be Consistent Across All Customer Channels

Engage Selling

Are all of your channels and platforms reflecting this? Consistency is key! It could mean the difference between attracting or repelling potential clients. Learn real strategies to make boom & bust sales cycles a thing of the past. Pick up Nonstop Sales Boom today!

What Does It Mean To Be A Channel In An Omnichannel World?

Partners in Excellence

New tools and analytics enable manufacturers to more effectively engage customers regardless of the channel they choose at the moment. The tools enable us to have consistent conversations that build on each other as the customer engages us in different channels.

Talking Sales Strategy – Sales eXecution 292

The Pipeline

You can view and excerpt below, and watch the entire program on my You Tube channel. By Tibor Shanto - . Earlier in the month, I was invited to sit in with Executive coach and Sales Coaching Expert Steven Rosen, and Emma Foster of

Are You A Pompous LinkedIn Stink Bomber?

The Pipeline

Long before it was fashionable I joined as many groups as possible and sought discussion, rebuttals and other reactions to my posts, now we can add LinkedIn Publisher as yet another channel to debate and discovery. By Tibor Shanto – .

Don’t Treat Sales Channels as Poor Cousins | Sales Tips

Engage Selling

Are you treating the development of your resale channels exactly as you would your own sales team? For in-depth strategies for creating sales success, get your copy of Nonstop Sales Boom. Sales Tips client attraction closing Colleen Francis Engage Selling Solutions motivating employees optimizing sales Pipeline Management sales quota

Is Account-Based Marketing the Holy Grail for Lead Generation Nirvana? [PowerOpinions Part 4]


Develop and deliver an integrated, cross-channel communications plan. From your demand generation systems through to your marketing automation and CRM platforms, you should have a standard customer ID and customer ID process that will ensure coordination of all channels.

Smart Selling Visions: Up-Close with Top Revenue Leader Greg Sherrill, CEO of @ChannelRocket

Smart Selling Tools

This week I interview Greg Sherrill, CEO and Co-Founder of Channel Rocket. Nancy: What does Channel Rocket do? Channel Rocket is a SaaS sales enablement platform that helps manufacturers grow sales through their direct and indirect sales channels.

Nancy’s Sales App of the Week: @ChannelRocket

Smart Selling Tools

This week, Nancy profiles Channel Rocket, a sales acceleration tool that lets all your sellers deliver pitches tailored to any audience, in any vertical, any time. ChannelRocket is a mobile sales enablement platform designed for both direct and indirect channels.

Is Account-Based Marketing the Holy Grail for Lead Generation Nirvana? [PowerOpinions Part 5]


First, here’s the question we’ve been asking our experts: According to a report by SiriusDecisions, 2015 State of Account-Based Marketing (ABM), more than 60 percent of companies plan to invest in technology for ABM to better align sales and marketing over the next twelve months.

Is Account-Based Marketing the Holy Grail for Lead Generation Nirvana? [PowerOpinions Part 2]


This is the question I posed: According to a report by SiriusDecisions, 2015 State of Account-Based Marketing (ABM), more than 60 percent of companies plan to invest in technology for ABM to better align sales and marketing over the next twelve months.

The Why, What & How of a Lead-to-Revenue Assessment, Part 1 - The Why & What


Instead, they embrace trendy marketing and sales concepts, ever-evolving marketing channels and the promise of technology to deliver the revenue results they need to grow. Think about all you’ve done in 2015 to improve sales and grow revenue: Launched a new website.

Three Key Metrics for Your 2015 Selling Effectiveness

The ROI Guy

Customer facing sales tools can be implemented to guide better three foot and on-line meetings -providing sales reps and channel partners with the right value messaging, insights, storytelling, insights, case studies and financial justification for each unique prospect and selling situation.

Sales Management Book of the Month

Steven Rosen

One widespread definition of leadership speaks to this clearly, describing leadership as “the ability to make things happen by encouraging and channeling contributions of others, taking a stand on and addressing important issues and acting as a catalyst for change and continuous improvement.”

The Skinny on Lead Nurturing - 11 Experts Weigh In (part 1 of 2)


The best programs vary up the messaging, but using multiple channels (not only email!) This year I've been talking a lot about Nurturing. It's a critical component in the sales and marketing process; yet, most companies aren't implementing it effectively—that is, if they are at all.

Nine Reasons Salespeople Discount When They Shouldn’t

The Sales Heretic

One of the most frequent complaints I hear from sales directors, VPs, and CEOs is that their sales team—whether it’s internal or their distribution channel—discounts too much and too often.

Frugalnomics in Effect - Gartner predicts 5.5% decline in IT spending for 2015

The ROI Guy

These are the trends of Frugalnomics, and as a result we expect that IT spending growth for 2015 and beyond will remain significantly challenged, with little reason for optimistic spending growth predictions from Gartner or anyone else.

The Next 'Can't Miss' Game Changer for Salespeople

Anthony Cole Training

Would you like to have your own YouTube channel? There are 4 billion YouTube views per day - that''s a lot of people watching videos, but how can you possibly get their attention when there are millions of YouTube channels for them to watch?

How to Avoid the Trash Folder

No More Cold Calling

Launching an owned-media site or supporting a visually rich Pinterest channel does not make your brand instantly accessible and trustworthy. If you’re sending mass emails to prospects you don’t know, don’t be surprised when you get deleted.

Sage 289

The Problem with Marketing, It’s an Ongoing Decision Making Process

Increase Sales

With all the types of marketing channels available from paid advertising to social media posts such as content marketing to referrals, chaos can quickly take over. Marketing Channel of Paid Advertising. Marketing Channel of Social Media Posting Through Content Marketing.

10 Digital Commerce Capabilities that Drive Sales Success

Sales and Marketing Management

Teaser: To drive sales success, automation of sales channels requires a combination of 10 digital commerce capabilities to further facilitate initiatives from personalization and pricing excellence to multi-tier partner networks. Issue Date: 2015-09-03.

How to Gain Attention on Instagram and Boost Your Business Presence

Sales and Marketing Management

Teaser: Instagram has rapidly become one of the best social media marketing channels for businesses that wish to launch their digital marketing campaigns and build an engaged audience around their brand. Issue Date: 2015-12-02. Author: Josh MacDonald.

6 Reasons Why Online B2B Advertising Is Important

Sales and Marketing Management

Teaser: We may take digital advertising channels for granted at this point, having seen them around so much, but that’s a dangerous attitude to take. Issue Date: 2015-07-22. Author: Tuan Nguyen.

Cincom to Showcase Latest Configure-Price-Quote Solution at Microsoft Convergence 2015

Cincom Smart Selling

Cincom CPQ™ delivers enhanced guided selling, mobility and multi-channel capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and Microsoft Dynamics AX. This includes the Cincom CPQ Sales Portal to support seamless sales and fulfillment across all channels.

Are You Ready for 2015 Business Planning?

Your Sales Management Guru

Are You Ready for 2015 Business Planning ? Last week I did a web cast for a vendor that was designed for their channel resellers. What are some of the specific factors you will be facing in 2015? What assumptions are you making about the market in 2015?

Beware The Rise Of The Instant Expert

Fill the Funnel

What are some of the implications of these new “experts” and their distribution channels? Original article: Beware The Rise Of The Instant Expert ©2015 Fill the Funnel. Beware the rise of the instant expert, typically self-proclaimed.

Missing the Obvious in B2B Marketing Actions

Increase Sales

A relatively new research report (April 2015) between KoMarketing Associates, Buyer Zone and the Huff Industrial Marketing, revealed credibility and trust are the two most important attributes that surfaced throughout this report.

B2B 183

New Video Tool Creates High Quality Results

Fill the Funnel

YouTube channels are exploding and most every training program I am using or creating is based on video. Original article: New Video Tool Creates High Quality Results ©2015 Fill the Funnel. Video is the most effective format for communicating your ideas online.

Tools 132

Incenting the Reseller of the Future

Sales and Marketing Management

Author: Dan Hawtof, Vice President of Business Solutions, Global Channel, Blackhawk Engagement Solutions. Issue Date: 2015-02-27.

Email Is Still The Powerhouse!

Fill the Funnel

From the comments and questions coming at me in every presentation and broadcast I have done already this year, customer acquisition is the #1 goal for sales leaders in 2015. For the record – Email is still significantly more effective than all social media channels combined!

Sales Tips: How to Setup Your 2015 for Success

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: How to Setup Your 2015 for Success. By Gary Walker, EVP of Channel Sales & Operations, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company. Still, other than those opportunities you bring with you, where will your 2015 business come from?

3 Keys to Survival in the Sales Jungle

Smart Selling Tools

Man vs. Wild – on the Discovery Channel – brings seasoned adventurer Bear Grylls to the most difficult terrain where he shows how to survive in grueling and dangerous environments.

How to Make Your Sales Enablement Roar Like a Ferrari

Smart Selling Tools

Today, your Sales Enablement inputs are anything but homogeneous and can differ based on channels, sales skills, buyer journeys, content, and so on. You might be dependent on more than one channel for acquisition. by Rebecca Bell Ellis.

Can Case Studies Help Your Business?

Fill the Funnel

Share a link to the case study on your social media channels, and encourage others to share. ©2015 Fill the Funnel. There are many content tools and devices that you can use to help build your business.

The Economic Collision of Customer Service and Social Media

Increase Sales

From all the data, social media is not only another marketing channel, it has become an economic customer service channel. The customer has evolved from being King or Queen to being an Internet socially connected King or Queen.

Prognostications And Wild Ass Guesses For 2015

Partners in Excellence

It’s the time where you start seeing various pundits dusting off their crystal balls guessing what the big issues facing sales and marketing professionals in 2015. Go To Customer/Sales Deployment Models/Inside/Outside/Channel/Web/Hybrid.