Allocating Sales Territories For Maximum Revenue Growth

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Account-Based Everything: Is it Time for a New Territory Analyst Manager Role?

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As a newly hired sales rep, I began the way I did at every new company, spending the first several weeks typing furiously into a growing Excel spreadsheet. My manager liked the approach and asked me to present the process to the entire sales team. How about Territory Analyst Manager?

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The Territory Optimization Revolution


A critical element that is relatively new is territory optimization and we will examine the case for this in this article. The territory optimization and alignment element of salesforce effectiveness is vital for three reasons. New Concepts Driving Greater Performance .

Part II The Territory & Quota Management Revolution


The Territory & Quota Management Revolution – New Incentive Compensation Platforms Blazing the Trails to Greater Efficiencies. Gone are the simplistic days of sales reps simply “having a patch” to cover for selling their goods and services. Territory Definition and Modeling.

7 Must-Have Automated Documents for Sales Success

don’t move as quickly as they’d like--especially when it comes to sales teams. Sales teams, in particular, waste precious time and resources on repetitive tasks and manual data. entry when preparing quotes, proposals, and contracts--so much so that sales reps. Sales reps have.

Why Sales Org Design is Critical to Your Sales Strategy Success

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Any sales leader’s success is dependent on two things. Ensure that you have the right sales strategy by aligning your sales resources correctly. . Do you have the Right Rep in the Right Territory? Article Sales Strategy

The Easiest Person To Lie To Is Yourself

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I hear a lot of talk in sales about lying, not so much about how they may lie to win business, but in broader terms. While there are probably liars in both camps, undoubtedly in the same proportion and distribution as in the general population, and likely less among successful sales people.

How to Change a Crappy Sales Compensation Plan to a Better One

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Nearly every company gets to the point where they must realign territories, accounts or roles. Let's take John, who is being paid a $75,000 base salary and earns commissions of 10% on the revenue generated in the territory. Dave Kurlan sales compensation sales commissions dunkin donut

Sales Manager Survival Guide – Book Review

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One of the great things in what I do is the opportunity to meet a range of thinkers and doers involved in sales and helping others sell better. Brock writes a book on a critical subject like sales management, it is an opportunity to learn and share with others in my circle.

Social proximity account plan

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A great point highlighted on the Linkedin Sales Blog yesterday. Redefining Sales Territories: From Geographic to Social Proximity. That’s right, not even you, sales territories. Sales ManagementI hope to be saying more about this soon.

Discover Which Ego Is Costing You Business, Relationships and Results?

Bernadette McClelland

Bernadette McClelland is Director of Sales Leaders Global Pty Ltd , an international sales leadership agency with a focus on helping mid sized businesses and non-traditional sales environments become both purpose driven and commercially profitable.

5 Proven Ways To Blow A Sales Meeting – Part 3

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In the last of this series on proven ways to blow a meeting , we’ll look at two related opportunities that many sales people love to take advantage to derail a meeting. Great sales people can switch between structured and abstract and can fully function in both.

The Complete Salesperson?

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I witnessed an interesting exchange the other day, two Sales VP’s were exchanging views on hiring, on=boarding and development of sales people. The key value any sales person bring is customers who represent new revenue streams. appeared first on Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.

Bubble in the Funnel


At the start of 2016, we were brought in to support a group of sales reps who did not make their numbers in 2015. To date in 2016, these same territory reps have exceeded their numbers. Inside Sales Sales Process B2B Sales

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Best practices for improving sales process

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Sales Process. Listen to a conversation about the need for improving sales process and it usually begins like this: “We have very aggressive sales targets and we’re just not getting there.”. “We’re 2016 Sales Momentum ® LLC.

Like Leaving Flour Out of a Cake


If you leave laws and a judicial system out of marketing and sales departments, you have a recipe for disaster. The following is from a SiriusDecisions blog published in March of this year: “In a recent SiriusDecisions Consulting engagement, we asked our client, “Have marketing and sales agreed to the definition of a qualified lead and established an SLA for action by the sales team?” The judicial branch handles exceptions: A lead is passed to sales and not accepted.

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The Leads Are Weak: An Intro to Finding & Working Good Leads

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There’s a famous quote from that seminal 1992 movie about sales, Glengarry Glen Ross , in which Jack Lemmon’s character, Shelley, contemptuously dismisses the contact data he’s been given: “The leads are weak!” I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the movie to those just starting out in sales – it’s not exactly a flattering portrayal of the profession. So, what is a lead in a sales context? This is where sales intelligence can play a very important role.

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Which Thoughts Affect How Successful You Will be in Sales?

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Read them and imagine sales instead of baseball and entrepreneurship, and both books will help shape the ideal thought process to support selling!

What Should You Do When You or Your Company is Disliked in Sales?

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If you are in territory sales, is there a competitor salesperson gunning for you? sales assessment Dave Kurlan competition Motivation Apple objective management group selling power microsoftI know. Everyone loves you.

Sales Tips: How to Determine WHERE Your 2017 Revenue Will Come From

Customer Centric Selling

Sales Tips: How to Plan Your 2017 for Success. By Gary Walker, EVP of Channel Sales & Operations, CustomerCentric Selling® - The Sales Training Company. If you were thinking you were going to rely on what you didn’t close in 2016, you are a little late to the party.

Sales Incentive Optimization


The Journey to Sales Incentive Optimization. The recent e-Reward conference in London (May 12 2016) had a number of important messages for the Compensation and Benefits community. Sales Incentive Design. The post Sales Incentive Optimization appeared first on OS Blog.

Is Anyone Leading Lead Management?


Sales Lead Management is a complicated process. Sales lead management is a tough subject to truly get your arms around. There are dozens of outside vendors who say they manage some portion of the sales lead process and more than two dozen internal departments that contribute to the process and the decision making. My point is this—you need a Sales Lead Manager to pull all of the competing departments and managers together to obtain the best revenue per lead for your company.

"Everyone" is Not Your Prospect: Boost Sales Success with a Segmentation Strategy

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A common mistake made by sales leadership is not including segmentation in their territory planning process and overall sales strategy.

How to Scale a Sales Team In The 21st Century – Part 1

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But there ain’t no growth without a highly functioning sales team. This series is gonna break down how to scale a sales team in today’s modern sales world. I’m not gonna start this series with how to hire more sales people or how to add new processes, or how to change the culture or hire a CRO or, or, or. When it comes to scaling a sales organization, the first question that must be answered is, why? Why do you want to scale the sales team?

Improving the Sales Organization’s Change Readiness


Sales organizations face a constant challenge responding to changing selling techniques and markets. In meeting this external change readiness challenge, businesses need to effectively manage internal changes to their organization, technology, and sales behavior.

The Secret to Making Your Number: Sales Coverage Model

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Bottom line, a sales coverage model is how a company makes their number. A sales coverage model enables companies to set achievable revenue goals then reach them with thoughtful placement of sales and marketing teams/individuals in the best territories and highest value accounts.

A 2026 excursion to the future of sales training

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Sales Training – 2026. As a way of exploring the future of sales training, let’s time travel to the year 2026 and examine the major trends of the day. The presentation was developed as a comparison to what is happening in 2026 versus ten years earlier in 2016.

The Criticality of SPM Technology


How critical to sales success is the right SPM technology? Sales Performance Management (SPM) solutions are a critical component of an organization’s core business, as it is the linkage between behavior and strategy. The 2016 Sales Performance Management Vendor Guide.

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Rio Olympic Games – The Road to Gold


It’s hard to believe that the 2016 Rio Olympic Games are coming to an end. In order for organizations to create that ‘medal-winning’ sales team, they must first understand the mix of influences that will drive sustainable success. This doesn’t mean mimicking Steve Jobs and getting a tearful response to your sales pitch. Evolving Sales Behaviors. However, the buyer journey is evolving those typical sales functions into a more customer-centric scene.

How to optimize your sales training investment

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Sales Training Investment. How much money are companies spending on sales training? ” There are several avenues to attack the question: How do you optimize your sales training investment? When we first founded Sales Momentum we followed the crowd.

The Etch a Sketch Sales Force

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Etch A Sketch Sales Force. This toy of yesteryear is a perfect image to use in framing a discussion about the need to revamp a sales force to be better aligned with ones customer base. In a classic white paper – The Adaptive Sales Force – Booz & Co addressed this alignment issue.

Optimal Incentive Compensation Plan Design for Successful Implementation


In the first scenario, the eager software sales rep wants to expedite the project start and does not want to introduce any delays in their sales pipeline. Finance, Sales and HR all typically have different perspectives.

Sales training: it isn’t about – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

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Sales Training Investment. The strategic “it” in this case is the decision about whether you should make an investment in sales training. The sales training discussion needs to be updated and reframed. Hence considering an investment in sales training is clearly warranted.

You're Standing on Whose Sales Ground?

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Have you ever thought about this concept of “sales ground?” Territory – The Most Common Ground. Of course with social media and depending upon your solutions (products or services), that sales territory may be much larger than just local.

Hunters In Major Accounts?

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This mindset isn’t different from the hunter assigned a geographic or industry oriented territory. Hunters, in this scenario, are aggressively looking to find and qualify new opportunities in the territory.

An Ode to Sales From St Valentine

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They key to lasting sales success is: Love what you sell Love who you sell it to Love who you sell it with Love who you sell it for Love the markets and territory you serve Love the results your client’s receive from what you sell Love sharing the love testimonials […].

Rethinking The Sales Organization

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In the “old days” the structure of the sales organization was pretty simple. Hire a bunch of people, give them territories with goals and turn them loose to sell. Customers order products from the web, not needing much sales engagement.

Managers, How Are You Investing Your Time?

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It was a frustrated sales person looking for help. Others have the analysis and reporting requirements imposed on them by higher levels of management–in and out of sales. This division sold high end B2B solutions, with sales cycles in excess of 12 months.

Sales, The Unproductive Workforce and Motivation - Part 2

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If you are a SMB owners or executive, have you ever had one of these three thoughts when your sales were down or not where you wanted them to be? Possibly you implemented one of these solutions without noticeable or sustainable improvement in your revenue: Assigning sales goals or quotas?

Are You Obsessing Over Your Front Line Managers?

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There are endless discussions about sales people and their performance. Thousands of blog posts with hints, tips, instructions focused on sales people, whether SDR’s or Corporate Account Managers. For help in doing this, get our Sales Competency Model.