Cartographic’s Favorites of 2017

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RG 45: Drawings of Ship Construction and Equipment, “Grice Plans” Drawing 85, Plan for Dry Dock. . All of the drawings are available to view and/or download at the following link: Drawings of Ship Construction and Equipment. Co-written with Amy Edwards.

Why Go Along to Get Along Isn't Effective Leadership

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Another impediment is the inability by those in leadership roles to provide constructive criticism without personally attacking others. Business Ethics Business Leadership communication skills constructive criticism effective leadership emotional intelligence go along to get along misplaced loyalty personal ethicsRegardless of organization, many in leadership roles embrace the “go along to get along” philosophy.

Are You Developing Managers Or Leaders?

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With all the talk about Account Based Management, perhaps we should extend the concept to how we construct a successful sales team, put some focus and energy in to Role Based Hiring and Development. By Tibor Shanto – .

March Sadness

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Sure everyone has a strategy, but your architects aren’t gonna build your building, you need construction guys to do that, with their tactical plan and skill to translate the architect’s output to a viable structure. By Tibor Shanto – .

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Riddle Me This Please Sales Leaders…

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If there is only ONE thing that is THE most important task salespeople have to do well, that MOST are not doing at all, it is asking carefully constructed questions with a purpose. Here’s a riddle for you? We explore without traveling. We make a point without telling. We discover the pain and the pleasure, the truth and the lies. We are not to be judged by our sound or our size. We are what salespeople need, want and hardly use. We are what buyers expect to share their views. What are we?

The Power of Denial

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But as they enter the school system, things change; a small minority maintain their constructive curiosity, not settling, they continue to push the envelop to discover more, discover “how” things work, and “why” things have to be the way they are, “why” not different.

33 Sales Tip & Techniques

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They will be able to give you constructive feedback in a safe environment. Here are 33 tips and techniques that I believe will help every salesperson to improve their overall sales figures and create more motivation and drive. Take a look and let me know what your favourites are, and what other tips you would share with others. 1) Focus on what you can control , not on what you can’t. That focus will drive you forward instead of holding you back.

The Best Way to Sell Is With a Story

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Nearmap, the company I work for, captures, manages and delivers high-resolution aerial imagery to engineering and construction firms, governments, property and real estate companies, solar installers, telecoms, and others. That line of storytelling works well to help close a solar installer, but might be lost on a construction company. Author: Tony Agresta Most salespeople could teach a course in rejection.

How A Career In Umpiring Helped Me Develop My Sales Strike Zone

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A lesson I learned in umpiring is that if you’re willing to ask the question, you need to be willing to accept honest feedback and process constructive criticism in a positive way. Author: John Bennett, Sales & Business Development Leader with Peak 10 Sales success is about much more than converting prospects to customers.

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Maybe The Answer Is Not An Action Plan to Increase Sales

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Having any plan to achieve that goal would suggest having a thorough understanding of the goal setting process is a requirement before constructing said plan.

Do Generational Differences Matter in Account Based Sales?

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It’s time we chose our own category based on shared values and passions and break out of the faux constructs behind an age-based system of classification. Stop fretting about Millennials and embrace your inner Perennial.

The Handshake That Can Rock the World: Sales and Marketing Unite

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Here’s what two industry leaders who excel at their craft have to say on the forces of data, parlaying their experience to expand on what has proven constructive and valuable for sales and marketing. Volpe and Kosoglow will be among more than 25 expert speakers at the ZoomInfo 2017 Growth Acceleration Summit in Boston, Sept. Author: Anna Fisher There’s no going around it. The tug of war between sales and marketing is real, and it cripples productivity.

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Know The Prospective Buyer

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You should have a presentation that requires feedback and answers from your buyer so you can construct a proposal or a price. Know The Prospective Buyer. Understanding and dealing with different personality types. Buyer Traits. While every person is different, you will find that most prospective customers fit into certain categories. We will examine how to recognise each one, and then provide tips on how to deal with them.

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Take your competitors’ clients (It isn’t stealing if you earn their business)

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Holding constructive conversations during these weeks —  especially with your competitors’ customers — is the easiest way to differentiate your company. Author: Paul Nolan, Editor, Sales & Marketing Management.

5 Rules of Megavalue Selling

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Understand the buy – Knowing the customer’s buying process, timeline and decision influencers is like having the blueprints for constructing a building. Author: Mark Holmes It is challenging to sell and differentiate value for any product or service, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Here are five rules of megavalue selling: Verify value drivers – Accurately identifying each customer's value drivers is the chief priority for sales professionals.

How To Hire The Sales Talent Behind A $3.7 Billion Sales Organization

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At Forecast 2017, we sat down to chat with sales leader Dali Rajic, the man responsible for managing the team that transformed AppDynamics from a $100 million company to a $3.7 How open are they to constructive criticism?

Another Monday Morning and Your Sales Game Plan Is?

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Not really sure how to construct your sales game plan? Mondays come and go along with all the sales opportunities they hold. When you have a sales sale game plan, there is a far greater likelihood of capitalizing on those sales opportunities. Possibly, you may wish to consider having a checklist as you begin your sales week. Check your calendar for today’s activities – 30 seconds. Check your calendar for the forthcoming week’s activities – 15 seconds.

Account Based Marketing for Lead Development Quality, Not Quantity

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With an ABM methodology, personnel in marketing work in tandem with those in sales to identify key prospects, and then together construct personalized programs and messages targeted to specific accounts. Author: Senraj Soundar, ConnectLeader Founder and CEO ABM – account based marketing – is the most-talked-about strategy right now in the B2B world. Yet, ABM has been around forever. “I I was using basic ABM principles at Dell 25 years ago,” said John Ellett, CEO nFusion. So, what changed?

Leaders and Followers, Why We’re Both Failing

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Active followers are the people who take constructive coaching well and are open to feedback because they recognize if they get better, they can help the cause more. Leadership is hard. I mean real leadership. Not many people are good at it.

How to Build an Army of Virtual Sales Assistants to Help Grow Your Business

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It means that everyone is getting constructive criticism/feedback along with some praise every week. Ever since the 4-Hour Workweek where Tim Ferriss wrote about using virtual assistants (VAs) as a way to outsource your inbox – hiring virtual sales assistants has hit the mainstream. What is a Virtual Sales Assistant?

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16 Brain Training Books That Will Dramatically Boost Your Thinking

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The Undefeated Mind: On the Science of Constructing an Indestructable Self " by Dr. Alex Lickerman. Wish there were a gym for your brain? Your muscles need exercise to increase energy, strength, and dexterity -- and so does your brain.

Dust Covered Strategic Plans Reveal Failed Leadership

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After the values and the vision statements are constructed, the mission statement is created along with the critical success factors or critical goal categories. The thick dust on most strategic plans is quite common. Even though strategic plans are a valuable tool for SMB owners, executives and even salespeople, they continue to be filed on shelves collecting dust. Then executive leadership appears to be suddenly confused because results are not being achieved.

The 4 Types of Business Etiquette

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Accepting constructive criticism: Throughout your career, others will offer feedback. The first time I went to dinner with a business partner, I was terrified. What if I accidentally brought up a sensitive subject or committed a faux pas? What if it was hard to eat my meal gracefully?

Find Your Joy; Find Your Success in Doing

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Until we dismantle the current system and construct a new system based on what motivates people to learn we will still have a poorly educated and unmotivated workforce. “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Your joy is found not in finishing an activity, but doing it.” ” Greg Anderson. How often do we fail to find joy? What would happen if our joy was directly connected to our doing something, whatever?

Your Commitment to Your Professional Growth Is?

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” If you are unsure of how to construct a good goal statement or lack your own action plan for professional growth, then CLICK HERE. Yesterday, I made this short update at LinkedIn about professional growth for executive coaches, business coaches or sales coaches: If you are not continually expanding your knowledge, testing your own boundaries, how can you ask your coaching clients to do the same?

Stop Reading (Just) Sales Books!

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The client is a construction company, and Peter is responsible for the construction of $100’s of millions of buildings. Reading is important to our professional development and growth (not to mention the scientific evidence of how it improves our cognitive capabilities).

Forms Follow Function

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We definitely knew we wanted this to be a constructive meeting. We definitely knew we wanted this to be a constructive meeting.”. Successful Formula D.C. residents — helped by behavioral scientists, design experts, and others — cut through red tape.

18 Empathy Statements That Put Your Prospect at Ease

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They’ll appreciate you’ve noticed the difficult position they’re in, and you’ll encourage them to continue dealing with it constructively. Sales is evolving. The days of fast-talking, railroading salespeople is gone. Today’s buyers won’t stand for being bullied into a deal.

You May Wish to Add this to Your Sales Fact Finding Process

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Possibly any SMB may wish to begin to construct their own social history through their CRM. Most sales training programs look to the sales fact finding process. This process usually involves asking open ended questions as well as doing some research before actually meeting with the sales lead or prospect. Today through the Internet, there is a wealth of information available to assist salespeople in this fact finding research.

Sales And The Zombie Apocalypse

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In-boxes are filled with poorly constructed emails, customers are robo dialled endlessly, customers are inundated with “helpful” offers on every social media channel. Recently, I was having a conversation with Robert Racine about the state of sales management.

Pick Up The Damn Phone!

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I can take my time, constructing the right response. Unconsciously, I’ve fallen into a terrible trap, all of it has been a result of trying to maximize my efficiency, managing my time more effectively.

When Will We Stop Thinking Our Customers Are Stupid?

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Instead, we pummel them with 10’s of thousands of meaningless, poorly constructed emails, messages, and calls. I’m beginning to think far too many sales and marketing people think customers are stupid. What else could it be?

Prepare Yourself AND Your Prospect!

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Your carefully constructed Valid Business Reason along with persistence paid off and the prospect has agreed to meet with you. You finally secured that all important meeting with a prospect you’ve been trying to reach for weeks. You are on an adrenaline high as you think about the possibilities. Now what?! Give yourself a pat on the back and begin to prepare! Remember, the prospect is taking time out of their busy schedule to meet with you.

Does Your Presentation Have One of These Bad Movie Endings?

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Whether they’re poorly constructed or executed, bad presentation endings leave a bad taste in the mouths of prospects and can undo all your hard work. Have you ever sat through a good movie, only to leave disappointed or confused by a bad ending?

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Have My Robot Talk To Yours!

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The only useful ones are from our city government informing me of road construction/traffic delays, or our garbage collection company, informing us of a shift in the pick up schedule. Recently, I’ve become fascinated with Amazon’s “Alexa.”

3 Strategies to Making All Salespeople Top Sellers


Instead, companies that devote the time and effort into enhanced sales training and a work to construct more uniform system can continue to weather the variability of the marketplace and don't have to worry so much the next time a star seller departs. 3 Strategies to Making All Salespeople Top Sellers. A company that relies on only a few customers for most of its revenue entertains a risky proposition.

I’m Not That Good of a Salesperson

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I decided that the first thing that I need to do was to inventory the area for opportunities and, in my case, that was based on new commercial construction. I tore the whole damn list up and instead began a coordinated effort to get in front of every commercial real estate, commercial developer, architecture, and construction firm that would see me. I started B2B selling in 1977. As a salesperson, I hated cold calling and I regularly chased elephants and pixie dust.

Incentives and bonuses aren’t the cure alone: Encouragement, listening and support are free


Remember to provide them constructive feedback, to keep their skills sharp and their career moving forward. Incentives and bonuses motivate sales professionals for good reason. But great sales leadership calls for more than monetary rewards. A Gallop study revealed that 50% of employees leave their company to get away from their bosses. So, unfortunately, it is safe to say salespeople leave their job to get away from their chief sales officer.

Where Should Sales Managers Spend Their Time Coaching?

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On the flip side, a salesperson who doesn’t have the drive to improve or the willingness to take constructive direction isn’t going to respond well to coaching. Time management is one of the most important priorities for a sales manager.

Quote Configurator Answers the Question: How Much Does It Cost?

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If they can’t supply you with basic usage information, your answers should be constructed in an open-ended fashion using terms like our models start under fifty thousand or our base unit with no add-on options starts at between five and ten thousand depending on capacity. And, they will facilitate the construction of realistic estimates of cost for each milestone that is defined. Quote configurator technology helps you answer the inevitable question: How much does it cost?