Sales in a Digital World: Adopting an Omni-Channel Approach

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Author: Chanan Greenberg The sales landscape is shifting – customer service is becoming the most important factor for buyers, expected to surpass both product and price within three years, according to the Customers 2020 report. What Is Omni-Channel? Omni-Channel Fundamentals.

The 4 Types of Channel Marketing Partners


The 4 Types of Channel Marketing Partners. Navigating the world of channel marketing can be tricky, especially when common industry terms overlap. Channel Partnerships, Untangled. There are four different types of channel-marketing partnerships: 1. billion by 2020.

Privacy Policies: 5 Questions Channel Partners Should Be Asking to Avoid Disaster


Five Questions Channel Program Leaders Should Be Asking. It was quickly followed by the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) that was signed into law on June 28, 2018 and becomes effective on January 1, 2020. Changing Privacy Requirements.

What Do the IDC Predictions Mean for the B2B CMO?

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By 2020, the Marketing function in leading companies will be radically reshaped into three organizational "systems" - content, channels, and consumption (data). Multi-channel coverage becomes an opportunity and a challenge area, as CMOs integrate media silos.

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Artificially Intelligent Selling

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There are 1,000 channels but there’s nothing on. The sheer volume of content, channels and workload is killing quality. By 2020, could the majority of salespeople be replaced by AI? This is future for the most successful sales people… the ones who will prosper beyond 2020.

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How to Scare Your Top Sales Reps

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There may be an overarching theme to tie to, like $20B by 2020. Have different senior leaders communicate via different channels throughout the project. Completely plan communication content, dates, channels, and communicators. It never fails.

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How Will DiscoverOrg’s Acquisition of ZoomInfo Affect Sellers?

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For those who are less experienced though, or overly reliant on database tools and single channel outreach, you’re definitely losing your edge and you will continue to struggle. Gartner just recently predicted that by 2020, 50% of European marketing lists will have been reduced by 30%.

2019 Best Sales Tips from the Vengreso Leadership Team


By 2020, Gartner reports that 85% of the buyer’s journey will be completed without interacting with a company. Practice makes perfect, and when it comes to sales, the leadership team at Vengreso has a lot of practice under its belt. Even so, they continually strive to be better.

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50 Sales Champions: Winners of the Sales Hacker Top 50 Awards 2019!

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He single-handedly built our partnership sales channel and created huge opportunities for the company.”. Join us next January for the 2020 Sales Hacker Top 50 Awards! Last year, we started a new Sales Hacker tradition: the Top 50 Awards.

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3 Most Effective Ways to Further Engage Your B2B Leads

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Author: Jason Kulpa Successful B2B marketing is all about saying the right thing through the right channel at the right time. By 2020, consumers will mainly engage with companies they already know and trust, according to a report by Walker Information. In fast-paced marketing, the right time usually means right away.

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Rise of the Video Star: Building a Brand in the Digital Era


For B2B marketers, video remains more powerful than any other medium or channel. Cisco says that 80% of the internet traffic will be video by 2020. Brands should adopt video across all communication channels. Brands should be thinking about producing more content on IGTV, as this is a channel where your content is going to live and be curated. For example, I would never suggest a client take one piece of content and share it across all channels.

92% Of Top Sales Performers…….

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For example, there is a famous recent research report of several 100 participants that suggests 5 million sales jobs will be lost by 2020, bringing total sales employment to around 10-12 million. Yet BLS data show sales employment in 2020 increasing and exceeding 20M in 2020. Through 2016, we’ve conducted extensive research on sales performance, trying to understand the differences between top performers and everyone else.

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Are “Traditional” Selling Skills Even Relevant Anymore?

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We all know the story—buying has changed profoundly, complex buying is chaotic, we need to be customer focused/driven, we need to create value in every interaction… At the same time, customers have many more sources/channels for information to help in their buying decisions, AI/ML technologies will make many transactional sales roles less necessary (tough this isn’t new news). Categorize this post as “thinking out loud.”

How to Personalize Your Outbound Approach According to Your Market and Persona

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By 2020, the customer experience will surpass both price and product as the key brand differentiator. Indulge me for a moment, because I want to quickly remind you why email should be your go-to channel for outreach. 89% of marketers list email as their top channel for lead generation.

Three Challenges that will Impact Your 2016 IT Sales and Marketing Plans

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Are your sales reps / channel partner sable to emotionally, logically and credibly convince more frugal buyers to allocate shrinking budgets for your solutions over other projects?

Ten ways Artificial Intelligence is helping shape highly successful seller behaviours

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According to a study by Narrative Science 61% of businesses using AI believe they are spotting opportunities in data that would otherwise have been missed, and by 2020 they could be stealing as much as $1.2 Ten ways Artificial Intelligence is helping shape highly successful seller behaviours.

Sales Hacker’s Top Sales Trends & Predictions You MUST Be Aware Of In 2018

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YoY Increase in CAC leading to increased reliance on channel partnerships. The role of text messaging and other unconventional communication channels in sales prospecting and customer success. Outbound Gets Tougher With GDPR Regulations: SaaS Goes Channel Sales For The Win!

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Why customer experience is business critical


However, customer experience consultancy Walker predicts this is about to change, with customer experience set to overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020. Where once businesses only had basic customer information at their disposal, the proliferation of channels and devices available means companies can build a 360-degree view of the customer.

What is Customer Success — A Smart & Actionable Guide

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Here are some eye-opening facts: Customer experience will topple the product itself and its price tag as the key brand differentiator by 2020, according to a Walker study. The processes, channels, and resources needed to effect the desired change.

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5 Insights for Scalable Customer Service


As customers increasingly prefer mobile, search, and web channels over traditional ones, it’s important to offer—and optimize—digital channels to reduce customer effort. Market changes, technological innovations, or new channels and more all impact the customer experience.

Frugalnomics in Effect - Gartner predicts low IT spending growth for 2016

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And Gartner is predicting that by 2020, as much as 90% of IT spending could be driven by the business. Many organizations are relying more and more on channel partners and inside sales to drive growth.

Want Sales Success in 2018: Here Are the 7 Surefire Skills of the Sales Sherpa

Hyper-Connected Selling

The path to success that worked in 1990 or 2000 (or even 2010) isn’t going to work in 2020, and it’s not going to work today. Reach out through text or social media channels. The sales profession has a problem.

Deja-Vu All Over Again, Death Of Sales People

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Million by 2020. The infographic ends with “There’s no survival, just evolution,” with an argument for relevant digital channels and the piece of data, “80% of buyers know what they want before they even contact a vendor.” My friend Kelly Riggs got me all wound up on this topic I hope had died, but apparently hasn’t had the sense to die.

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Volume And Velocity—What’s Missing?

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We can send out endless emails, we can generate content, we can leverage social channels. Take sales tools as an example, by 2020, some surveys put total sales people at 20M. There’s a huge amount of discussion focusing on Volume And Velocity in sales. SaaS companies trying to build traction and subscriptions person by person, department by department–at least until the confront the enterprise.