Proper 2021 Planning Will Require a New Level of Focus

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No more bets, please. Have you ever been at a roulette table next to the person who bets on nearly every number? They practically cover the board betting the majority of the 38 numbers, 0 & 00 included, not realizing.

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How Software Leaders Pragmatically Prepare for 2021

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The software industry has experienced more disruption in the last 6 months than in the previous 10 years. With an increased need for online purchasing, content management, payment processing, and more, leading software CEOs have navigated changes in demand drivers.

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Designing the Ultimate 2021 Virtual Sales Kickoff

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The post Designing the Ultimate 2021 Virtual Sales Kickoff appeared first on Sales Hacker. Marquee Outreach Sales Enablement Live Events

Book Mike Brooks for Your 2021 Virtual Sales Event!

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All the best for 2021! The post Book Mike Brooks for Your 2021 Virtual Sales Event! 2121 Sales Kickoffs are going to be different this coming January. Many will be held virtually—but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be impactful and motivating.

Closing the Social Distance with Virtual Selling

Speaker: Amy Huseth, Vice President of Marketing & Sales Enablement at CDK Global

During this session, Amy Huseth will talk about the strategies she and her leadership teams put in place to maximize sales enablement. Despite the distance, their strategies resulted in record sales for the organization during these tumultuous times. In moving forward, Amy and her team have also created initiatives that will help teams excel in a post-pandemic environment. With these tips, you should feel confident about how your sales team will look in 2021 and beyond.

Evolving Your Revenue Strategies for 2021 Growth

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The post Evolving Your Revenue Strategies for 2021 Growth appeared first on Sales Hacker. Sales Operations Live Events

Preparing to prospect in 2021: What we already know

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There’s been uncertainty around every corner in 2020, and the organizations that are still standing strong and successful today must prepare to adapt their approach on a strategic level in 2021. What happens when everything sales leaders know about the industry dramatically changes in a matter of months?

7 Things to Consider When Designing Your 2021 Comp Plans


Yet the impacts of major events from the year will inevitably trickle into the early part of 2021. Lessons Learned from 2020. 2020 was a bumpy year for obvious reasons.

How to Lead a Digital-Oriented Sales Strategy

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At this point in 2020, all your competitors have undergone some variation of a “digital transformation” to supplement an end-to-end data-driven, Customer Experience (CX) focused digital sales strategy. A recent study conducted by KPMG found that over 90% of companies.

Sales Goals: 35 Tips for Setting & Achieving Sales Performance Goals in 2021


What about for next year - do you have clarity on 2021 sales goals? The SalesHood [ ] The post Sales Goals: 35 Tips for Setting & Achieving Sales Performance Goals in 2021 appeared first on SalesHood.

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Sales Enablement Platforms

According to Gartner, 15% of all technology spending in 2021 is predicted to go toward sales enablement technology. When identifying a platform that bridges the gap between sales, marketing and customers while staying within budget, the selection process quickly becomes overwhelming. So, what features do you need to consider? What questions should you ask? Our buyer’s guide will help you evaluate your options and find the sales enablement solution best suited to your needs.

Navigating the Digital Disruption to Your Sales Channel Strategy

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If you are reading this article and you work in the B2B space, you have most likely been inundated with buzzwords surrounding Digital and how it is disrupting your industry: Digital strategy, digital transformation, eCommerce, big data, IoT, AI, and.

Sales Goals: 35 Tips for Setting & Achieving Sales Performance Goals in 2021


What about for next year - do you have clarity on 2021 sales goals? The SalesHood [ ] The post Sales Goals: 35 Tips for Setting & Achieving Sales Performance Goals in 2021 appeared first on SalesHood.

Reopening in 2021: Are Smart Buildings The Future?


All my life, I’d dreamt of moving to a city. Never did I imagine that dream would first come true in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating A Top Lead Strategy in 2021


We’ve compiled a list detailing the top lead strategy approaches for 2021, coupled with impressive statistics that will make you want to get started using them today. The post The Ultimate Guide to Creating A Top Lead Strategy in 2021 appeared first on LeadBoxer.

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CMOs: How Are You Aligning With Sales to Execute the Annual Plan?

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No one disputes the importance of Sales and Marketing alignment, especially in today’s uncertain environment.

How to Leapfrog Competitors With Your Digital Customer Experience

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Having a full comprehension of customer experience in a digital world is crucial to revenue growth today. This motion requires not only active market listening, but communicating actionable insights across product, service, and channels — all while reducing friction in.

Weekly Roundup: More Productivity Predicted in 2021, Accelerate Virtual Selling + More

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> Workers Will Be Way More Productive in 2021 Than in 2019– Inc. - MOTIVATION -. Obstacles don't have to stop you. If your run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.". Michael Jordan. AROUND THE WEB -. >

Data Science and Sales Operations: Driving Greater Predictability Together in Uncertain Times

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For Sales Operations leaders on a calendar year, we are rapidly approaching annual planning season. As if it wasn’t difficult enough to identify where your organization’s growth will be derived from next year while trying to forecast the back-half of.

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How Leading CMOs Develop a Strong Messaging Architecture

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You are to the point where you have built the ideal go-to-market strategy, completed a thorough buyer segmentation, and you even pulled together a Rockstar sales playbook. You have clearly defined buyer personas and even a well-defined buyer’s journey.

Should You Be Planning for a Virtual 2021 Sales Kickoff?


Though it may seem early yet, given the current circumstances, now might be an ideal time for your leadership team to start discussing your 2021 sales kickoff. If you need support in planning for your 2021 virtual (or not) sales kickoff, reach out to the experts at Mereo.

The Closer | Let’s talk $$$ like it’s 2021

However, if you’re in sales leadership, you’re running out of time to talk about 2021 sales compensation plans. Fortunately, Gartner analyst Dave Egloff has spent a lot of time thinking about how 2021 compensation plans may need to change. Politics, religion, and money.

How CEOs Drive Impactful QBRs

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Usually, QBRs look at the past and use it as a way to guide the future, but that needs to be different now. Looking at the past and recapping the news is not as relevant right now, things are changing.

How Oracle Thrived in the 2008 Recession, Even with Missed Revenue Opportunities

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The year is 2007. The real estate market is flush. Stocks are booming. Getting a loan has never been easier. Companies are investing in themselves, growing their businesses, and increasing shareholder value. Now fast forward to 2008. The real estate bubble.

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Survey Results: How CEOs Are Leading Their Sales Transformation

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Great leaders know how to navigate these choppy waters, but the economic uncertainty has created a new layer of challenges. While many are still struggling to survive, others feel that recovery is fully in place and are on the upswing.

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Real Marketing Plans Have a SWOT, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

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Don't click the replay button for a sales plan for 2021. Create a plan that will ensure your salespeople can make quota. Marketing and Sales Planning Marketing Metrics

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What’s New With Guru: Facilitating Better Cross-Company Knowledge Sharing


With companies like Slack and Facebook working from home until Summer 2021 , and Shopify and Twitter working from home indefinitely , the challenges that accompany remote collaboration aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Our Top 5 Sales Kickoff Resources

Force Management: The Command Center

Sales leaders are considering what makes sense for this year's SKO event, and how it can be used efficiently to align sales organizations around what’s needed for 2021. SKO season is quickly approaching.

Why Leaders Are Shifting from SKOs to Virtual Sales Training Initiatives

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Done right, the switch can get companies moving faster and help them bridge critical gaps in achieving their 2021 goals The typical sales kickoff event is going to look different this year.

#81: Max Altschuler of Outreach — Setting Goals That Work in 2020


As we start this year, use Max’s tactics for taking stock of what is important and beneficial for you, and plan out where you want to be in 2021 and beyond. Max Altschuler joins Rob for the second time in the Sales Leadership Podcast to share his excellent method for creating goals and having a growth mindset. podcast goals growth success

Addressing the Impact of COVID-19 on Sales Compensation


Unfortunately these disruptions will likely will continue well into 2021. The effects of COVID-19 on the business; including travel restrictions, loss of clients, and furloughs, have had a noticeable impact on sales. Sales operations professionals are having to adapt across many industries. In the interim, many companies are asking sales employees to do more with fewer resources. Customers have experienced negative impacts, and thus buying patterns have been disrupted. sales

Better, Faster, Cheaper in the Data Intelligence Space


Companies with bad data will simply not be able to keep up with their competitors as we navigate 2020 and 2021. Quality data in sales has always been important.

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8 Tips for Onboarding Gen-Z Sales Reps in One Week

And by 2021, they will make up ? Chances are, you already have a member of Gen-Z on your sales team and at least a few of your SDRs are likely “post Millennial.” The oldest members of Gen-Z are already 22 and were born between 1995 and 2010. In 2019 they will be 24. of the workplace. When onboarding this new generation of sellers consider these eight tips. Conversation Intelligence Sales Discovery Calls

5 Things to Know About Gen-Z: The ‘Kids’ Taking Over Your Sales Team

And by 2021, they will make up ? Chances are, you already have a member of Gen-Z on your sales team and at least a few of your SDRs are likely “post Millennial.” The oldest members of Gen-Z are already 22 and were born between 1995 and 2010. In 2019 they will be 24. of the workplace. But what unique strengths, opportunities, and challenges will this new generation of sellers bring to the table? Conversation Intelligence Sales Discovery Calls

Bloomberg Technology Anchor Emily Chang Interviews Groove CEO on Salesforce's Record Q2 2020 Earnings

Watch Emily and Chris discuss several key factors that enabled Salesforce to beat analyst expectations and increase 2021 guidance during a global pandemic. Salesforce announced record Q2 2020 earnings on August 25, 2020, with its first-ever $5B quarter.

Awesome Virtual Coaching Creates Master Virtual Sellers

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We are probably looking until the end of 2021 where we will hopefully be in a position to confidently go back to pre COVID selling. Awesome Virtual Coaching Creates Master Virtual Sellers. COVID has impacted everyone.

2020 – An Emotional Slingshot

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With many prospects lacking visibility in 2021, forecasting will be more of a black art than ever. By Tibor Shanto. There is no denying the collective shock we all experienced when asked to lock down in spring. But in many ways that the “ Re-Opening ” may end up being more stressful for many.

5 Ways You Can Leverage Sales Leadership to Close the Sales Gap

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Even though we are still social distancing and face to face selling may not resume until 2021, you are still responsible for sales results. Unleash the 10X Factor to Close the Sales Gap. Do you want to close the sales gap? Doing nothing is not an option! Businesses are starting to open, which hopefully is a good thing. You are still responsible for generating your company’s revenue, and your colleagues are counting on your efforts and that of your entire team.

Group travel is down, but not out

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2020 is done, and a there’s a lot of hesitancy about the first half of 2021,” says Philip Eidsvold, vice president of strategic alliances for One10 , a provider of sales incentive programs and other performance improvement programs. Eidsvold says the company’s incentive travel clients have either pushed planned group travel events to the second half of 2021 or pivoted to an online platform where salespeople earn points that can be redeemed for rewards of their choosing.

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Las Vegas may get Musk-designed people mover

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Currently in the midst of an expansion, the Las Vegas Convention Center will span 200 acres when completed in time for CES in 2021. Initial goals are for the Boring Company’s transit system to be fully functional before the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2021. Author: Staff When it comes to putting heads in beds for conventions, corporate meetings or incentive travel trips, few destinations can match Las Vegas.