5 Ways Your Sales Team Can Get More Out of CRM

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billion by 2023. Author: Xavier Musy CRM platforms are already firmly ensconced within the sales technology and strategies of most small and midsized businesses. Sales teams have been using their CRMs for basic, day-to-day-functions -- such as managing customer information and tracking purchase history -- for decades. In that time, CRMs have faithfully served as a place to store data, log notes, and manage contacts.

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You Are the Ultimate Sales Technology!

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I must admit that I was hooked on Joanne Black’s new book the moment I read the line… “Whether you read this book in 2013, 2023 or 3013, you will witness much change throughout your lifetime.

The Future of Sales: Predictions from the “Nostradamus's” of Selling

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So, what does that look like in the year 2023? Chatbots, AI, machine learning -- sales, like other industries, is changing rapidly, thanks to technology. But, at the end of the day, you still need to nurture prospects, close deals, and hit your quota.

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