Think For Yourself

Anthony Iannarino

I have been called to account for the conflicts between earlier work and later work, but if you don’t change what you believe, you are not growing. One of the most dangerous changes, and in some ways equally great, has been the elimination of gatekeepers.

Hey SDR Leaders! Meet Cold Call Central by Chorus: The ONLY conversation intelligence platform for cold call optimization

One inevitable request from Account Executives will be a deceptively simple one: more pipeline. Reps claim the contact data isn’t great and that their connects are mostly voicemails, phone trees or gatekeepers who won’t let them through to the real prospect.

The Ultimate Guide to Cold Calling

Print and customize the below template to adapt your cold-call to different personas and accounts. Here are some resources you should have in place before you ever make a cold-call: Dedicated account lists , including strategic and named accounts with owners.