B2B Programmatic Advertising for Beginners


As with nearly every other aspect of business— automation, predictive learning, and artificial intelligence have drastically changed the advertising landscape. Programmatic advertising. What are the benefits of programmatic advertising?

6 Compelling Reasons Your Business Must Try In-App Advertising

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Mobile advertising is leading the digital advertising industry right now and it’s not slowing down any time soon. Advertising on mobile apps has far more reach than desktop ads as mobile users consume more digital minutes compared with desktop users.

45 Top YouTube Channels for Marketing Professionals


For this reason, we recently published comprehensive lists of helpful YouTube channels for recruiters and YouTube channels for sales professionals. Up first on today’s list is a channel called Social Triggers TV. Go browse their channel for inspiration and advice!

6 Types of Mobile Advertising (When and How to Use Them)

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The prominence of mobile devices has also made mobile advertising an excellent channel to market your business. Mobile advertising easily puts your message in front of your audience at the right time—and more often than not, it’s on social media. Banner Advertisement.

5 Companies That Use Data to Fuel Their Creative Strategies

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Data plays an essential role in providing excellent customer service. Digital Advertising – 63% of consumers said that they are annoyed when brands send out generic messages repeatedly. Data is the fuel of creative strategies.

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I cut our Facebook spend from $20,000 to zero and nothing tragic happened


Data, Data, and More Data—Where Do You Really Begin? First, successful digital strategies depend on a blended, multi-channel approach to engaging, capturing, nurturing, and converting potential users to customers. Note: There is a 14-day lag to consider in this data set.

Increasing Channel Partner Engagement by Creating a Better Partner Program Experience


In a previous Allbound Podcast , Diane Krakora , Principal at PartnerPath , discussed partner profitability, structuring a channel program, and three things that partners care about. As she claims, many SaaS companies share a similar challenge: They're fast-growing, and because of their successful—and obviously attractive—product, many companies have a strong value proposition for why a channel partner should work with them.

The Ultimate List of YouTube Channels for Sales Professionals


Not too long ago, we compiled a list of top-notch YouTube channels for HR and recruitment professionals. Now, on to the ultimate guide to the YouTube channels producing the best sales content today! If you’re in need of a sales reboot, check out the Criteria for Success YouTube channel.

Increasing Channel Partner Engagement by Creating a Better Partner Program Experience


In a previous Allbound Podcast , Diane Krakora , Principal at PartnerPath , discussed partner profitability, structuring a channel program, and three things that partners care about. As she claims, many SaaS companies share a similar challenge: They’re fast-growing, and because of their successful—and obviously attractive—product, many companies have a strong value proposition for why a channel partner should work with them.

15+ Helpful YouTube Channels for HR and Recruiting Professionals


Keep reading as we uncover the top 17 YouTube channels for HR and Recruiting personnel! The Recruiting Blogs YouTube Channel offers a comprehensive library of content including relevant news, tools, webinars, and conversations from the RecruitingDaily and RecruitingBlogs team.

2018 Top MarTech Trends: Top Pain Points and Spending Priorities for CMOs

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This wealth of data comes from DiscoverOrg’s own primary research based on surveys conducted with mid- to high-level professionals in the Marketing Department. Marketing pain points: Bad data, consistent customer experience, and tracking campaign results. CASE STUDY] Data-Agnostic?

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7 Ways Dirty Data is Hurting Your Bottom Line


Using dirty data to fuel your business initiatives is akin to putting the wrong type of fuel in your car. Consider these statistics ( source ): 40% of business objectives fail due to inaccurate data. Bad data costs U.S. Key Takeaways on the Consequences of Dirty Data.

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Here’s Why Your Mobile Ads Aren’t Converting

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It’s the perfect channel to grab their target audience’s attention. With the everyday noise online and advertisers fighting for peoples’ attention, mobile display ads now need to use creative tactics and novel methods to reach their campaign goals.

What is Sales Channel Marketing Management and Strategy?


Achieving that may be straightforward for small organizations with a clear, single sales channel. However, complex businesses with many sales channels can benefit from a more inclusive approach. To reach the ultimate goal of more sales, managers should have a solid understanding of sales channel marketing and its many components. Sales Channel Marketing Responsibilities. So what is channel marketing? What role does it have in a sales channel strategy?

PODCAST 10: Using Data to Align Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success

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On this episode of the Sales Hacker podcast, we talk with Cassie Young , Chief Commercial Officer at Sailthru about how data driven decision making can bring sales, marketing, and customer success all on the same page. The Rule of 40 – Using data to measure your business.

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Top Lead Generation Statistics for 2018


For B2B software marketers, however, the top sources of new business are organic search, SEM/PPC advertising, and word of mouth referrals ( source ). 42% of organizations believe email is one of their most effective lead generation channels ( source ).

6 Partner Marketing Trends to be Excited About in 2019


One of the fundamental benefits of engaging with partner marketing is that it allows you to extend your reach to varied and unfamiliar channels. However, finding ways to expand your influence across multiple channels hasn’t always made life easy when it comes to analytics.

The Domination of Mobile Ads: Statistics and Trends

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This makes mobile advertising a good revenue-generating channel for businesses. It goes without saying that advertising on these networks can put your brand, products, or services in front of billions of people. More Advantages of Mobile Advertising. Mobile advertising is unlike any other marketing strategy when it comes to geo-targeting and data-matching capabilities. These days, it’s hard to imagine consumers without a smartphone.

How to Write a Winning Direct Mail Sales Letter

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Author: Warren Fowler Sales teams and marketers focus on digital communication so much that they seem to forget the power of offline promotion channels. According to the study, almost 40 percent of customers try a business for the first time because of direct mail advertising.

Marketing Attribution: Keep It Simple


That difficulty can have marketers sticking with tried and true, even as marketing channels saturate and returns shrink while dollars expand. What is helpful is to get enough data to make reasonably smart business decisions. Marketing attribution is no buzzword.

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Investing in Marketing Tech: 7 Key Considerations


Market intelligence is an umbrella term for tools that provide, organize, and manage the data your company needs to run its sales and marketing programs. Think B2B data companies, corporate contact database services, sales prospecting tools, data maintenance services, and much more.

Mission Impossible: Making Hard Choices as a First-time CMO (Part 2)

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This means creating a vision and a plan, setting goals, building relationships, understanding your product, and implementing analytics so your marketing strategy is data-driven. Some quick wins: Simple A/B testing in channels you’re already using regularly to optimize low-hanging fruit.

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Radio As a Marketing Tool in B2B


Paul Brenner, President of Dial Report, the only first-party data attribution and listener intelligence platform measuring the performance of broadcast radio shares his insights on how radio can prove to be a valuable marketing tool for B2B sales. Future of Radio Advertising in Promoting B2B Sales. Paul and his team looked at different radio formats, days and dayparts and tied them to audience behaviors and location data to uncover which stations fit their target profile.

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Is Account-Based Marketing the Holy Grail for Lead Generation Nirvana? [PowerOpinions Part 4]


Simply, marketing is much more involved in revenue and customer generation, and the marketing tools and available data now allow marketers to contribute in tangible ways to delivering customers within a defined set of companies. 4) Customer data standardization is critical for ABM.

The Startup’s 4-step Guide to Building Strong Sales Pipeline

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But here’s the good news: In spite of your small size, you have access to resources and data on your target buyers that, just 5 years ago, could be found only in the rolodexes of the most experienced sales reps. The availability of data is truly democratizing growth.

Campaign Attribution Models


Attribution modeling is a way to analyze which marketing channels are accredited with lead conversion. The first-touch model pays attention to just one part of the customer journey and disregards the impact of multiple channels and additional contacts.

Good Reads for B2B Marketing - Advantages of LinkedIn in B2B Marketing


Weber Shandwick is creating a new unit to capitalize on content marketing --a channel which advertisers have been increasingly interested in investing. Among the capabilities Weber Shandwick will market via MediaCo are native advertising and digital media buying.

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7 Quick Wins for Sales and Marketing Alignment

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You’ll learn how to align your sales and marketing teams around data, to boost results in the following scenarios: Agree on “good fit” criteria. Kill lead generation channels that don’t convert. 4: Kill lead channels with low conversion.

The Beginner’s Guide to YouTube for B2B Marketing


Now that you understand the business benefits of YouTube, let’s get into some best practices to make your YouTube channel a success: 1. Build your channel. Your YouTube channel is more than just a collection of videos– it’s just like any other social media platform.

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Generating Leads at Trade Shows: The A-Z Guide for 2019

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Even so, trade-show events are still one of the best ways to get your solution in front of a crowd of likely prospects: 41% of companies consider event marketing to be their top channel for lead generation. If you can find this data, look for: who you already know.

The Economic Collision of Customer Service and Social Media

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This past week I reached out to a local small business through a website that advertised handyman services. From all the data, social media is not only another marketing channel, it has become an economic customer service channel.

Account-Based Hype: How ABM Makes Outbound Sales Cool Again for B2B


Most of the initial account-based marketing hype originated from companies selling programmatic advertising technology. There are multiple “account-based” terms (account-based marketing, account-based sales, account-based advertising, etc.). All Channels Open.

Why Successful Marketing is Equal Parts Art and Science


It’s no secret, data has revolutionized marketing. Where marketers once relied on instinct, they now rely on insights gleaned from careful data analysis. Here on the ZoomInfo blog, we’ve laid out the benefits of data-driven marketing time and time again.

3 Proven Sales Forecasting Methods for Greater Accuracy

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Unsurprisingly, the data also shows that 25% of sales managers are unhappy with their forecast accuracy. Concept: This forecast model involves analyzing historical sales data from each of your lead sources. Make sure your data is fresh and the opportunities are updated regularly.

57 Essential Multichannel Marketing Statistics


Think about it, the internet has given modern buyers an expansive list of options to choose from—what brands they buy from, what content they consume, which products they purchase, what channels they use, and so much more. 91% of retail brands use two or more social media channels ( source ).

8 Important Recruiting Metrics for the Modern Staffer


Thanks to technological advances and the widespread use of social networking, job applicants have a wide variety of channels and platforms at their disposal. In today’s day and age, all aspects of business are data-driven—including recruitment.

4 Essential Marketing Roles for the Modern Marketing Team


Data Analyst. The marketing world has undergone several changes in recent years, but the most important development is an obvious one—the rise of big data. Businesses have started to adopt data-driven strategies to inform their marketing initiatives.

The Beginner’s Guide to B2B Marketing Attribution Modeling


In a prospect’s path to become a customer, they often engage in a number of digital touchpoints—social media posts, paid advertisements, email promotions, blog posts, webinars, and eBooks to name a few. 78% plan to adapt or increase their use of cross-channel attribution.

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7 Steps for Creating a Scalable Social Selling Strategy

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You won’t be able to engage with customers or leads on social media if your channels and targeting are wrong in the first place. Hook up your data sources for better sales management. For eCommerce merchants, multi-channel selling is a must.

How to Evaluate a Prospective Partner: the Method of Website Traffic


Accurate data will always be more reliable than anyone’s promises, or even your professional intuition. The ratio will give you an idea of a prospective partner’s digital marketing mix: whether they focus on SEO, SMM, and paid advertising, or invest in referral programs.