Let’s Return to the True Purpose of Marketing for SMB

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Many believe marketing is: Paid advertising. Seminars or workshops. In today’s global economy, no longer can businesses ignore how they attract attention and believe only one or two marketing channels are sufficient. Why do small businesses engage in marketing?

Sales Training Advice with Where to Find the Great Sales Jobs

Customer Centric Selling

Advertising. Selling advertising services (print, broadcast, and Web) earns an average of $55,000 a year. Instead they''re heavy on knowledge about how companies can coordinate complex campaigns through multiple channels. Sales Training Article: Where Are the Great Sales Jobs?

2-5x Your Revenue With These 9 Sales & Marketing Alignment Steps


The work has resulted in meaningful shifts in their marketing budget allocation, with more funds [being] distributed to marketing channels that are delivering appointments, not just leads.”. I then ran workshops to document and optimize all our sales and marketing processes.

Dogtopia: Everything You Need to Know About This Franchise

Hubspot Sales

Plus, Dogtopia boasts multiple revenue channels including daycare, boarding, training, spa, grooming, and retail, with about 65% of total sales come from recurring daycare revenue. Marketing guidance is provided by Dogtopia, as well as advertising and promotional materials you can choose from.

Sales Hacker’s 35 Most Influential Women in Sales

Sales Hacker

She has a strong background in SaaS, psychology, visual communication, design, advertising, along with modern sales practices and neuroscience principles. Jill Rowley is a social selling evangelist, keynote speaker, and workshop leader.

The definitive guide on how to write a business plan (free templates)


Your advertising: Are you advertising already? When you have more funding, where do you advertise? How will you use advertising to retain customers? Host a free workshop? This can include your slogan, images, logos, website, social media channels, etc. A business plan is essential to your company’s success. After all, seven out of ten businesses fail within five years.