Are You Making This Professional Practice Advertising Mistake?


However, there is something many businesses, especially professional practices, are guilty of in their promotions, websites, and advertising that makes them appear just that. In professional advertising, ethics guidelines talk a lot about truth and trust in advertising.

3 Internet Marketing Truths You Should Know To Make Money Online


In the past 12 months alone, I have BUILT successful marketing involving online media for a high-end financial advisor targeting 55 to 70 year old clientele, a group of health care practices, a non-profit, and, of course, a number of info-marketers.

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Give Your Business This “Special Advantage”


For example, it can be: (1) a market in chaos, in trauma, in transition, like, right now, the health care professions (fearful of the negative impact of managed care on their futures). (2) 2) It can be a market where everybody is in pain, like insurance salespeople (hamstrung by over-sensitive parent company enforced restrictions on advertising and. Below is Gary Halbert’s verbiage, to give credit where credit’s due. It is profound.

Three Ways to Jump-Start Your VoC Program

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While it won’t be a quick process to get your entire organization to care about VoC, here are a few ideas to kick-start this process. “How can my company accelerate its Voice of Customer program to meet rapidly changing customer needs, constant innovation and diminishing resources?”.

When Are We Being Manipulative? When Is It Just Best Practice?

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The mortgage and related scandals of a few years ago, some of the health care scandals we read about daily, even respected people like Brian Williams of NBC News find themselves having gone a step too far, too often. I’m sure the company doesn’t believe it is unethical–it’s a feature they, in fact, advertise. ” Should we even care? Few would promote blatant manipulation of the customer to achieve our goals.

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