Marketing Goes Way Beyond Paid Advertising

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Back in the Mad Men days, marketing was just paid advertising. Pay big bucks for some high price advertising firm to get you recognized and you will achieve success. You no longer have to pay big bucks for paid advertising to attract attention.

B2B Programmatic Advertising for Beginners


As with nearly every other aspect of business— automation, predictive learning, and artificial intelligence have drastically changed the advertising landscape. Programmatic advertising. What are the benefits of programmatic advertising?

6 Compelling Reasons Your Business Must Try In-App Advertising

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Mobile advertising is leading the digital advertising industry right now and it’s not slowing down any time soon. Advertising on mobile apps has far more reach than desktop ads as mobile users consume more digital minutes compared with desktop users.

Stay Relevant During an Industry Shift

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Many industries are shifting. The definition of an industry shift is perhaps best understood by looking at a few examples. Here are three: Here is a New York Times article discussing how the trade show industry is getting flipped on its head.

Time for the Residential Real Estate Industry to Leave the Stone Age – Part 02

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In the real estate industry this is truly a Stone Age practice and has not kept up with the evolving marketplace. Now marketing the home may include the payment by the realtor into the Sunday classifieds, the local realtor magazines, or in any other paid advertising channels.

Email Open Rates By Industry: See How You Stack Up

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Hopefully you have some idea of what your open rate is -- but do you know how you rank against the rest of your industry? Find out how your email open rate compares to your industry. The overall average open rate across all industries is 32%. Email Open Rates by Industry.

What Does ZoomInfo’s Acquisition of Datanyze Signal to the Sales Industry?

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Beyond the obvious though, this is an important acquisition which signals and reinforces other trends for the sales industry: RELATED: Artificial Intelligence: The Sales Renaissance is Here. The post What Does ZoomInfo’s Acquisition of Datanyze Signal to the Sales Industry?

Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson and the Sales Assessment Industry

Understanding the Sales Force

In my opinion, the only components of these assessments that were built for sales are the marketing and advertising pieces they use to convince you that they created sales assessments! Understanding the Sales Force by Dave Kurlan Throughout the 60's, Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson were not only prolific hit-makers with their popular bands the Beatles and the Beach Boys , they actually competed against each other.

How an Inclusive Storytelling Culture retains Customers

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Yet, most organizations and associations lump storytelling under the advertising and promotional umbrella. Developing an inclusive storytelling culture is a tremendously timely way of spanning pay grades, job titles, levels of education and generations.

8 TED Talks All Salespeople Should Watch

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And it’s an excellent reminder for salespeople, no matter what industry you’re in. You could try to advertise every single possible service for every possible industry you sell to. At DiscoverOrg, we’re a bunch of self-proclaimed gluttons for learning.

7 Quick Wins for Sales and Marketing Alignment

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Industry, company size, location: Is the company in an industry that you’ve had success with before? We hear a lot about sales and marketing alignment: How important it is for B2B, and how so few of us are doing it right. SALES: Marketing leads are crap. MARKETING: Sales is lazy.

Low MQLs? 7 Digital Marketing Tricks to Keep Leads Coming Back for More

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We’ve all seen advertisements show up on our Facebook feed for a product we recently viewed, with updated ads offering 20% off, a special checklist, or a free trial. Perhaps the best way to keep leads coming back for more is to produce and advertise free content on your website.

3 Ways Sales Can Help the Marketing Team (and Help Themselves)

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Industry scoops, trends, and shake-ups. Share industry scoops. Any hot tips or industry scoops gleaned from sales intelligence tools such as DiscoverOrg can also enable your marketing team to help you close more sales.

Low MQLs? 7 Digital Marketing Tricks to Keep Leads Coming Back for More

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We’ve all seen advertisements show up on our Facebook feed for a product we recently viewed, with updated ads offering 20% off, a special checklist, or a free trial. Perhaps the best way to keep leads coming back for more is to produce and advertise free content on your website.

TechTarget Accelerates Brand Consideration and Account Engagement with Latest Update to Priority Engine Purchase Intent Insight Platform

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With brand performance visible within Priority Engine’s ROI Dashboard, B2B marketers can quickly and easily assess their effectiveness and understand the direct impact their advertising has on demand and consideration.

Why It’s Time for Marketing to Bring Some Substance to the Table

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It will be their job to provide sales with deep, robust industry information including; where the market is headed, what’s influencing the market, what’s changing, what’s getting old and what’s coming down the pike and more. This role will need to be THE company’s industry thought leader. Do a study or survey regularly to get the pulse of the industry or it’s clients and publish the results on your website. Marketing needs to change.

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Why Exit Interviews provide a Customer Experience Reality Check

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One of my clients, a local advertising agency, began losing accounts at an alarming rate. Customer Experience, Success, Loyalty, Retention Professional Development customer experience customer retention CX engineering exit interviews IIoT Industry 4.0 OK, exit interviews are tough.

Clarity Required in Media Opportunities by Christina Hamlett

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As someone who is involved in many media opportunities, one of my favorite scenes in The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984) is when the amnesiac Kermit accidentally wanders into Mad Avenue Advertising, a frog-centric firm that has been trying to come up with a glam campaign and a catchy slogan to sell a product called Ocean Breeze Soap. Marketing Christina Hamlett closing the sale industry jargon media opportunity media opporturnities

The Sales Association: Industry Trade Shows: Pot of Gold or Money.

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Industry Trade Shows: Pot of Gold or Money Pit? At most regional water industry shows that I go to, I hear the same complaint from my fellow exhibitors …the show was dead… the organizers didn’t do enough to get people into the hall…there were too many competing events… we had a horrible spot in the hall.” On your ad you will also have your booth number advertised. Industry Trade Shows: Pot of Gold or Money Pit?

Engagement and Effectiveness Go Beyond Digital Marketing

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Today’s SMB world is one that abounds in digital marketing (paid advertisements). For those who buy and sell digital advertisements, engagement and effectiveness are both required.

Leads are Hard 


According to Wikipedia: “a reader service card or bingo card" was a reply card inserted in a magazine and used by readers to request free samples and literature from businesses who advertised in the issue. Many advertisers were listed on the reply card. Readers circled the advertisers they were interested in and mailed back (or faxed back) the card to the publisher which then provided their advertisers with the appropriate leads.

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How to Write a Marketing Plan in Six Easy Steps

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Choose from among publicity, advertising, website, social media and personal selling. He teaches his popular Strategically Aimed Marketing (SAM 6) process to business leaders and those working within the marketing industry

Investing in Marketing Tech: 7 Key Considerations


Using industry terms—these tools provide you with the information you need to create buyer personas. Advertising. 3. Advertising. Although we’ve already discussed social advertising, that only covers a fraction of the available digital advertising platforms.

Looking For Your First Job? Consider A Job In Sales

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It can get you into any industry. If you want to go into advertising or public relations, you’ll need to know how to sell clients on services or to pitch to media companies for coverage.

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How to Develop an Effective Elevator Pitch

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Elevator pitch example #5: “ _, at XYZ advertising, our small business clients get the most comprehensive online exposure, the certified highest traffic and the most qualified leads in the industry – all at the guaranteed lowest rates. Where are you currently advertising online now?”.

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Need a Shot in the Arm to Drive More Leads? Crush it with LinkedIn Ads

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Marketing leaders can finish the year strong by shifting ad dollars to LinkedIn Advertising. This time, they added a 30 second video ad format to their advertising platform. Industry. Banking” or “Manufacturing” industries.

Good Reads for B2B Marketing - Advantages of LinkedIn in B2B Marketing


Online content in the sales and marketing industries is dynamic and constantly changing. Weber Shandwick is creating a new unit to capitalize on content marketing --a channel which advertisers have been increasingly interested in investing.

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Competitive Advantage In Sales


It includes the top three things that customers value about companies in your industry. When we go into a company, we ask what they think their competitive advantages are before we reveal the findings to the industries,” said Smith. “95%

The Future of B2B Sales

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A large number of customers make their purchasing decisions very early on in their customer journey, such as when visiting the company website, skimming a product brochure, or seeing advertising materials.

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4 Alternate Ways to Promote Your Business

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Marketing, advertising, and finding innovative ways to promote your business are all part of a strategy to acquire new customers. In a traditional sense, there are lots of ways to advertise your business, and you probably feel like you are doing all of these regularly.

Generating Leads at Trade Shows: The A-Z Guide for 2019

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PRO TIP: Create a list using the primary industry audience of the trade show within a 50-mile radius. We sort by: Industry : Which industry or industries do you usually sell to? Target your prospects with paid social media, advertising your presence at the event.

The Startup’s 4-step Guide to Building Strong Sales Pipeline

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Regardless of your industry, your deal size, your sales cycle, or your buyer, here are 4 simple steps that will get you to that next chapter – wherever you are in your growth journey. Look for a pattern: Industry. Sales and marketing event season just ended.

How to Adapt to the Well-Educated Modern Buyer

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CEA Marketing Group is a full-service advertising agency that focuses on digital marketing and building inbound marketing strategies for clients in numerous industries

The 5 Most Highly Paid Sales Jobs of 2017

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The most recent report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics divulges the top five most highly paid sales jobs of the year -- along with projected industry growth over the next decade, and qualifications for employment. Advertising sales agents - $50,380.

Contact Should Mean Contact

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Author: Paul Nolan “Game changer” is a term you hear often when people talk about how technology has changed their industry. There is no doubt technological advances can make every company in any industry more efficient and effective. If you want to get in touch with us, please email,” states a note above three different target audiences: General, Advertisers (they produce podcasts) and Press.

Go Have Fun Disrupting Something

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We have all watched industries go through major disruption. Recently, I was reviewing a chart detailing the cliff the newspaper industry has gone off with advertising. People who disrupt things simply have more fun than those who have disruption happen to them.

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A Guide to Choosing the Best Digital Channel for Your Business [Infographic]

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Display Advertising. Display advertising is the process of creating and publishing ads through various online channels such as third-party websites, search engines, or social networks to increase brand awareness and generate traffic. Mobile In-App Advertising. In-app advertising or “appvertising” is one of the fastest-growing forms of mobile advertising, as smartphone users spend almost 90% of their total time on any media, on mobile apps.

Sales Tips: 7 Best Practices to Increase Competitive Win Rates

Customer Centric Selling

No matter which industry you’re in, sales evaluations play a major part in your company’s success. Highlight and demonstrate your company’s deep expertise in the customer or prospect’s industry. Because experience in the client’s industry is critical to buyers from an overall company perspective. Ensuring that your company has solid customer references will help to assuage any concerns customers may have about your experience in and commitment to their industry.

7 Examples of Social Ads That are Just Plain “Woke”

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Woke content has made its way to mobile advertising trends , as more businesses are starting to see the value in investing in well-thought out and socially relevant ads versus traditional, hard sell techniques. Seen any other great examples of “woke” advertising lately?

Nancy’s Sales App of the Week: @MyBuzzBoard

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For instance, if you sell advertising, you might want a list of companies that have a website and advertise with a competitor. The platform can be customized to deliver precise prospect searches for any industry. Get to know your sales tools in just 2 minutes a week.